Chapter 8 - How to Create a Character (8)

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Author: lipzoldyck




The ‘commander’ plays the role of a supporter, that is, leading the team and making them stronger.


And making the weak strong will be more impressive than making the strong stronger.


Reorganizing my plans in my head, I passed hostility, indifference, and a few friendly glances as I approached the old flag on the other side of the armory.


At that time, a big guy deliberately hit me hard on the shoulder and laughed meanly as he walked past me.


“I can’t wait to see how unsightly the view you will show.”


Judging by his face, he was originally one of Na Yuhan’s subordinates who was bribed with money.


As expected, the strong against the weak. Big Guy’s subordinates giggled as if in sympathy. Such restraint was expected.


I clutched at the old flag. Laugh all you can. I will make those smiles disappear today.


In the weapon aptitude identification time, time is first given to dealer-type students.


Numerous dealer reserve forces look for suitable weapons by attacking moving targets.


Students who already know the optimal weapon show off their proficient attacks as if they were boasting.


Kang Nahyun handled guns well overall, but of course, she showed a high aptitude rate in sniper rifles.


As if it was worth practicing at the training hall for several days, unlike that of a government-supported awakener, she showed off proficient skills and shot. Not bad.


As a result of observing for several days, Kang Nahyun has a higher proficiency with guns than expected. Since she has no shooting experience, is it a talent?


Anyway, I don’t think there will be any problem if I take her to ‘that’ dungeon today.


Meanwhile, Na Yuri put knuckles on her hand and slammed the target with splendor. Every time she looked back at me, her power grew stronger, but I want to believe that she’s not hitting the target thinking I’m the target.


Park Siwoo used all kinds of weapons freely according to his skill called ‘Weapons of a Thousand’. Swords, guns, bows, spears… Various weapons danced in his hands.


Numerous targets were torn, crushed, pierced, and tattered by various weapons, and their lifespan was different.


Even in the midst of that, he didn’t use that old sword on his back until the end.


As expected of the main character. Monster bastard.


In addition to that, various dealers such as Choi Soojung, the Child of the Wind, and Lee Hana, the Ice Maker, attacked the targets as if they were showing off their skills.


As expected, there were many people in Class D who stood out even without equipment.


After a while, the time for figuring out the aptitudes of the dealers ended and it was time for the tankers. Tanker, well, is there anything special? They’re beaten up by the dealers.


Big Guy was beaten excitedly as a tanker, but it was acceptable.


Lastly, it’s the time of the supporters.


The healer class recovers injured dealers or tankers and identifies their aptitudes.


Supporters aren’t evaluated alone. Pair up with a dealer or tanker and figure out how much you can buff or weaken them.


Since I’m also a supporter, I got up from my seat.


For my partner, of course…


“Please take good care of me!”


Kang Nahyun, this fellow.


“Next, Group D!”


Originally, students would attack moving targets and then measure how much damage they did to the targets.


However, if it’s simply that much, it can’t leave an impact.


“Instructor, we request a change in the judging method.”




“Because commander is a position that deals with people.”


A ghost instructor with a formidable impression. He’s hard to even talk to, and he teaches students more strictly than anyone else.


“Also, the equipment I chose, the ‘flag,’ is optimized for delivering orders.”


But I know the other side of him too.


“Now is the time to figure out my weapon aptitude. To know if this flag is really for meㅡ”


He’s merciful to students who ‘raise objections’ to ‘try’ for ‘good reasons’.


“ㅡas I command my teammate, we need to fight against creatures.”


Look. The corners of his lips go up. A hearty laugh bursts out.


“Hahaㅡ! That makes sense. Great!”


As planned.


He’s the type of person who isn’t affected by rumors. So he will evaluate me only by what he sees me now.


“Then which method do you want?”


“Sparring. It would be better if I lead the team and deal with a student.”


He gives me a friendly look. It’s a success.


“Great, I agree. Group D will proceed in a sparring way considering its uniqueness!”


The ghost instructor looks around at the silence. The children who were focusing their attention on the commotion on this side are startled.


“The opponent in sparring would be a tanker. Are there any volunteers?”


One second, silence. andㅡ




“I will step on that jerk’s nose!”


“I will kill him!”


“I’m worthy of beating him!”


It became noisy with applicants in an instant, as if it had never been silent. Their burning eyes were burning with the will to beat me.


“There are… a lot of volunteers.”


I smiled bitterly, avoiding the eyes of the ghost instructor who was glancing at me, wondering what kind of life I’ve been living. Na Yuhan’s karma is deep…


“…May I name the other person?”




I approached a tough-looking guy who boasted a particularly large size among class D.




My opponent, Big Guy, is you.


“Ha, do you have confidence, young master?”


I sneered at him as I spread my weight up and down. I really like this face at times like this.


He’s easy to pull around.


“A guy like you is enough to deal with.”


“This brat…!”


I returned to my seat with the steam rising on my head as if I had never been relaxed.


“I’ve chosen, Instructor.”


We were given time to designate opponents and plan our strategy. I quietly conveyed my strategy to Kang Nahyun.


“Is it really going to be okay?”


The gaze that was worried about me was quite funny, so I stroked Kang Nahyun’s head.


“Trust me.”


Kang Nahyun’s cheeks slightly blushed and she nodded her head strongly.




I recalled the status of the Big Guy I saw through Insight Eye.




– Name : Kim Cheolsu


– Job : Shield Soldier


– Level : 10


– Physical Strength : D+


– Speed : F


– Stamina : D+


– Magic : E


– Mana Attribute : None



[Possessed Skills]


– Passive : Durable


– Active : Magic Shield


– Active : Berserk


Big Guy’s speed is F. My speed is also F.


But he’s wearing heavy equipment. So I can move more lightly.


Big Guy’s magic is E. the same as that of Kang Nahyun.


If the situation were right, even if Big Guy opened his magic shield, Kang Nahyun could fire a magic bullet and break it.


Then, even if there’s a difference in skill level, with my support, I can make up for it.


“Are you ready?”




Big Guy and us stood at either end of the reserved seats.


“I’ll crush you!”


“You will be crushed. Don’t worry, I’ll leave your face behind. Even though your face will be a plain rice cake.”


And I proudly walked out in front of Kang Nahyun. The murmur of the crowd intensified.


“The supporter stands in front?”


“What is he thinking?”


Big Guy blushed even more, as if he thought I was kidding him.


“This bastard…! Are you underestimating…!”


No, it’s a strategic choice after all. I lowered my body and watched Big Guy’s movement with my ‘Insight Eye’.




He puts strength into the muscles. As expected, he comes out as an attack.




“I’ll crush you!”


That way, it’s worth taking off the aggro!


I grinned when I saw Big Guy charging at me. And I was sure.


This match is my victory!




Like in slow motion, the approaching fist seems slow.




Poof, I dodged his fist by the distance of a piece of paper, and Big Guy gave me a puzzled look.


He would be shocked. Even at level 10, Na Yuhan, who had an all-F stat, avoided his fist.


But as long as I can see it, avoiding it isn’t a problem.


“Are you done, Big Guy?”


I waved the flag gently and laughed wickedly. Now, it’s the underdog’s rebellion.


“Eik, iiiiik!”


Big Guy swung its fists.


Our speed is the same, though. Although my body creaks, there’s no reason I can’t avoid it!


I strengthened my body using the [Enhancement] skill on the flag.


As expected, like an F-class, I used one skill and my mana ran out.




“Who said I’d die so easily?”


But it’s okay. It’s faster to avoid it.


And when it’s dangerous, there is Kang Nahyun’s support shooting. Having said so, she will take care of it.


For example, yes, nowㅡ




As if Kang Na-hyeon had read my mind, she accurately drove the bullet into Big Guy’s fist.


A magic bullet, a wise choice…! I feel good.




As if he had completely forgotten Kang Nahyun’s existence by concentrating on me, the damage to Big Guy, who couldn’t open the Magic Shield, was greater than expected. As if in pain, Big Guy grabbed his right hand, which had been crushed by a magic bullet.


And I pulled Big Guy’s aggro again.


“Why is it, you said you’d kill me?”


“This guy!”


Why, you ask?


Because this guy’s nerves can’t go to Kang Na-hyun.


Big Guy loses his temper in pain and rage and swings his fists wildly.


This sight…Skill, Berserk.


Yeah, I waited for this!


I grinned and waved the flag as if in a bullfight, provoking the Big Guy and avoiding it.




Big Guy gradually lost his rationality.


By the time he completely loses his temper. When he was completely immersed in me, I raised my flag to the sky. A signal set between us.




Then, following the wide open field of view, Kang Nahyun’s gun was pointed directly at Big Guy’s head.






The fight ended with the ghost instructor’s shield covering his body.


It was my complete victory.



If you’re a commander, lead from behind, you fearless bastard.


It’s a mess that I set my breathing in advance during training. Or else I could have put a bullet in your head, you brat.


I lowered the sniper rifle and sighed.


What did he believe in, entrusting the kill to me? In the original novel, didn’t he leave it to Calmy in this part and lead from behind?


What the hell is wrong with this gambling addicted masochist?


It wasn’t until long after the match results came out that I was able to relax and take a look at the meta system.




[Meta point: 200]


It wasn’t that bad from my point of view.


Thanks to the combination with Scammer, I gathered quite a few points both yesterday and today.


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