Chapter 9 - How to Create a Character (9)

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Author: lipzoldyck


I heard murmurs around me. That guy? Nonsense! Those kinds of words.


No need to mind them. I threw down my gun and ran at Scammer.


“We won! We beat Class D!”


“I know.”


“Yuhan, it’s thanks to your strategy!”


Awesome! The best! Whoa! As expected, Yuhan!


I show that my trust in Scammer has reached the MAX by sending sparkling eyes.


Considering what I read in the appearance part, it seems that he’s planning to make me an official party member soon, so the more I show that I believe in him, the more he will see me positively.


But you Scammer, why are your cheeks red? Are you intolerant of skinship with girls?


I need to do more.


I deliberately hugged Scammer tighter and pressed my cheek to his arms.


Ugh, it’s hard to make a living…




Scammer blushed slightly and pulled me away.


…Is he really intolerant of this?


He stroked my hair well earlier, though.


I! At that time! Thought I would die of shame!


“Um, ahem. Anyway, you did a good job too.”




“Excuse me…”


While creating a sweet atmosphere, a thick, low voice interrupted. He was the ghost instructor.


“Other students also have to take tests, so I would like you to move.”


“Ah, I apologize!”


“…I apologize.”


Looking around, other students were watching what we were doing live. I was a bit ashamed.


In unison, we moved at a brisk pace and took a seat in the corner.


“Eeeeey~ That’s great!”


“Class F’s hope!”


Everyone seemed excited that we had defeated class D.


I also lightly dismissed friends from class F who were jokingly talking to me as if they were trying to make fun of our affection.




Na Yuri’s stare at us bothered me, but let’s move on.


After the fuss was over, I decided to check the meta system while waiting for other support students to test it.


[Meta system]


* A system for you as a reader!


* Characters can’t see the meta system.


* Meta points are provided according to the frequency and importance of the story appearance of the character ‘Kang Nahyun’.


* Meta points are provided according to readers’ reactions and interest in the character ‘Kang Nahyun’.


* Strengthen yourself in various ways with meta points!


[Current meta point: 250]


[ > Meta Point Shop]


[ > View Appearance Part]


[ > View Reader Reaction]


The point increased. Is it because of the previous act of affection?


First of all, let’s check the readers’ reaction to the sparring part.


< Comment



She’s a one deal that flies later, so he’ll have to take it lol


     > ㅇㅇ

        Late bloomer? In games, if you train well, you get a 5-star. Ah hahaha 5-star is precious hahaha



Ah haha sparring cliché is here~


     > ㅇㅇ

        I can see it…

        “We won!” “Thanks to you!” “As expected, main character-chan!”


     > ㅇㅇ

        Ah IK IK hahaha that guy?! Wow, that’s unbelievable! (whispers)



Oh, is Kang Nahyun a confirmed party member now?


     > ㅇㅇ

        Now I think he needs to collect melee, tank, and healer



Kinda cute haha



It’s a megadere heroine, I know.



Going to Kang Nahyun stock market


     > ㅇㅇ



     > ㅇㅇ



That’s right, if he doesn’t take me, he’s the one who’s blind.


But when he suddenly asked for a favor and dragged me as a party member to the sparring, I thought he was crazy.


You gambling addict… … I mean, take the safe route! Don’t drag me on, who hasn’t even been trained, and play weird games!


Anyway, I seem to have succeeded in being clearly recognized as both a heroine and a party member, both by Scammer and the readers.


Now, it can be said that I have become a stable supporting actor in <Academy’s F-Class Commander>.


What follows… Is it the part on the way home from the training hall?


The way home part. It reminded me of my dirty look yesterday.


…Can I not read that?


…Of course I can’t.


Yes, all of this is for the sake of Teacher and my younger siblings…!


I decided to hold on to my trembling hands and quickly skim through my appearance and readers’ reactions.


Read only what I need! Speed reading! I’m a genius! I can do it!


I gritted my teeth and unfolded the appearance part.


[Episode 7 Appearance Part]


* This is the part where ‘Kang Nahyun’ appears in this episode.


* Parts are continuously updated.


* You can view both the records of the latest episode and the records of past episodes.


“You must have been fooling around! Get out of here right now! You don’t deserve to be here!”


Right. Get angry even more with me.


When I’m happy with things going according to plan,


“…I’ve been listening since before, but isn’t that a bit harsh?”


A brown light appeared before my eyes.


What is it? On the day of the entrance ceremony, the only ones at the training hall would be Na Yuri and Park Siwoo, though? My mind stopped at the sudden variable.


Kang Nahyun. An extra that didn’t even appear in the original game. I never thought that such an extra would invade.


Although I don’t know what your relationship is with Yuhan, he’s not trash.”


Isn’t she even doing me a favor?


“And all academy students have the right to use the training room freely.”


It was as if she was trying to protect me from Na Yuri.


“You can use it freely when you use it for a ‘legitimate purpose’! The training room is there for training!”


No, this is no time for admiration. Nothing much will change. Let the operation continue.


“I trained. It’s real! If you don’t believe me, do you want to check it out?”


“You’re lying!”


Because people who knew Na Yuhan before couldn’t believe Na Yuhan now. Such is the karma of Na Yuhan. It’s sad, but it’s a reality.


That’s why Kang Nahyun, this extra’s benevolent behavior is even more bewildering..


Even if you don’t know me well and have no prejudice, do you usually get into a fight for someone you’ve only met for a day? She fell naively.


…Still, it didn’t feel bad. Maybe it’s because I’ve only received hostile gazes the whole time, but it’s a bit new.


“You… How pitiful… You’re at the mercy of that human’s whim…”


Na Yuri, who was looking at this side in bewilderment, seemed to conclude that Na Yuhan had acted on a whim.


Because of her firm trust (?) in Na Yuhan, in a sense, she was rather trustworthy.


He’s literally an automatic anger inducing device, an automatic aggro itself!


Amazing, Na Yuhan!


< Comment



Eh? A kid who didn’t appear in the original story suddenly intervened? What?


     > ㅇㅇ

        Is she also a possessor?


     > ㅇㅇ

        Fr if she’s a player of the same game…



Even if there are people who defend him diligently, the former Na Yuhan who’s said to tease a lot… What kind of life has he lived…


     > ㅇㅇ

        Fr what kind of life have you lived, sensei…



Ah, but isn’t it a little cute for her to defend him hard?


     > ㅇㅇ

        Yep yep, she’s really naive and righteous, so maybe she’s trying to help.



First, gonna go to Kang Nahyun stock market.


     > ㅇㅇ

        It’s not a shoot down?


     > ㅇㅇ

        I’ll buy it too. I’m looking forward to the shoot up.



Author, Na Yuri isn’t the heroine, is she? That squeal type is kinda;;


     > ㅇㅇ

        I don’t think she is? Siblings are a bit.


This part was worth seeing.


Scammer must have been taken aback by the time I intervened. Thanks to him, I received the portion sweetly.


In addition, when an unexpected situation occurred, the readers seemed to be curious.


Some people hastily bought stocks, probably impressed by my actions to protect Scammer.


Thank you. Although it won’t be a shoot up, I’ll try to make it a middle shot.


…I mean, although it will be a bear market afterwards.


(bear market: a period of declining prices in a financial market)


There’s no way I’ll be the main heroine!


Besides that, there was a bit more of me in episode 7, though it was very short.



I sat on a bench with Kang Nahyun and Park Siwoo and had a conversation. As if Park Siwoo’s wall had been torn down a bit after all the compliments.


Easy fellow.




I decided to take Kang Nahyun.


I should also ask why she showed up at the training hall while taking her home there.



That was it, and the rest was Scammer’s monologue and plans for the future. This much?


The conversation between him, Calmy, and I was described to some extent.


But this bastard, he omitted all of the many lines I threw, and only described the contents of my confrontation and the questions I asked in the conversation between us three.


This ungrateful bastard. Didn’t you realize who it was that made two high school boys with no small talk skills able to talk for so long!


Let’s calm down. It’s not even a day or two that he’s being ungrateful.


Anyway, the rest…




“What’s wrong?”


“Hmm? Nothing!”


Oops, I let out a sigh without realizing it.


It was a futile struggle. I opened my eyes as narrowly as possible. Postponing it won’t change anything, so let’s quickly read it.



“By the way, Kang Nahyun, why were you at the training hall?”


“Of course I came here to train. What, did I look like a lazy student from day one?”


Kang Nahyun puffed out her cheeks as if she was pouting. It was quite cute to see the pretty girl looking like a puppy acting coy.


“Isn’t it rare for people to be at the training hall from the first day? So I was wondering if there was another reason.”


You have been training since day one too! Kang Nahyun, who spoke playfully, smiled softly and continued.


“Well, but… Actually, I didn’t intend to work hard until I came to the training hall. It’s not like you can level up by defeating monsters, it’s inefficient.”


“That’s right. Usually, we think defeating monsters is the most efficient way.”


Truth to be told, it’s not.


Training is a kind of skill work. In other words, skill upgrade work. It helps increase skill proficiency.


Even if your specs are slightly lower than the enemy, if the proficiency is higher, you can easily deal with an enemy with a higher level than yourself.


The final conscience of this damned game’s development team. The most efficient way to get paid for your efforts.


That was training.


However, seeing that she says that training is inefficient, I don’t think she has hidden knowledge like I do.


Was she really just there by chance?


As my thoughts became complicated, unexpected words came out of Kang Nahyun’s mouth.


“Mmhm. But thanks to you, Yuhan, I changed my mind.”


“Because of me?”


“Yeah. You listened to everyone and thought about it wholeheartedly, didn’t you?”


No. I was just trying to make my reputation a little better. In line with the atmosphere, I told information that was in accordance with the common sense of this world*, and I jumped on the bandwagon of the atmosphere to cheer up together…


“You want everyone to study and develop together and become great hunters, right?”


Kang Nahyun, who had no way of knowing my dark inner thoughts, smiled broadly as she turned around.


…I’ve agreed for now. If you misunderstood me, of course I have to be thankful.


“Seeing you help others with such sincerity, I thought I would like to move forward faster as well.”


“…I suppose so.”


In the end, it was all because of me. I sighed inwardly.


“It’s all thanks to you.”


Even I didn’t expect that Irregular would act as a variable.


Or is it because this kid is purer than I thought?


“Did Yuhan go to the training hall to try his best? That’s cool.”


“It’s not a big deal.”


“That weird kid? The kid who uses fire said you didn’t practice, but I don’t think so. Because I saw you, a sincere person who said let’s all work hard together, helped everyone, and rushed to the training hall right after school!”


Eyes that are full of trust and goodwill meet.


This fellow’s trusting me with just that little act of kindness.


The girl clenches her fists and shakes them lightly ,making a cheer-cheer sound.


“Let’s do our best together starting tomorrow!”




A laugh came out.


It wasn’t a bad feeling. To the point where I thought it would be good to trust that innocence at least once.


“Oh, and that weird kid who uses fire is my little sister. Twin little sister.”




Before that, I’ll let her know what I have to tell her.


Kang Nahyun was at a loss for what to do, but then she said, ‘come to think of it, I think you two look alike’. It was so funny that I laughed out loud.


< Comment



Heroine? Heroine? Heroine?



Kang Nahyun stock shoot up


     > ㅇㅇ

        Yeah~ Shoot down later~


     > ㅇㅇ

        Dunno, the other heroines haven’t appeared yet.


     > ㅇㅇ

        Na Yuri appeared


     > ㅇㅇ

        Screw off, they’re siblings;;



Academy is harem, as expected. Looking forward to other heroines


     > ㅇㅇ

        Uh harem warrior…


     > ㅇㅇ

        Harem is the best


Perhaps because of the romantic atmosphere, most of the comments were discussing the heroine elements.


So it’s worth the trouble…


I congratulated myself in my heart for having been successfully recognized as a heroine.


Leaving behind the pain in my heart caused by having to see my cuteness again with an objective gaze.


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  1. It’s the secondhand cringe that she fears more than anything at this point 🤣