The Imperial Hunter Chapter 7 - Search (3)

Author: Dawn

After sending Walker, the remaining task was to feed the two subordinates who had been waiting, skipping meals. When I ordered a new meal, Suyeon glanced at the discarded food with regret in her eyes. However, for my trusted aides, it was essential that no leftover food entered their mouths unless it was an unavoidable situation.

I removed the silicone mask that I had been wearing throughout my interaction with Walker. Silicone, resembling skin, peeled off with a slight sound. While this item was used whenever a disguise was needed, it was difficult to adapt to the stifling feeling. CIA agents were known to endure days wearing it, a feat that I found hard to comprehend.

During the waiting time, Kyung-tae held a warm cup of tea and asked, 

“Hyungnim, what was that Pepsi you mentioned earlier? Was it Pepsi the drink?”

“That’s right.”

I summarized the incident, and Kyung-tae looked amazed.

“It was quite an unexpected move for the second in command of the cola industry to do something remarkable in an unrelated field.”

“It happened because there was a shortage of vodka in the Soviet Union at the time. Can you believe there was a shortage back then? But then again, wasn’t there something else that wasn’t in short supply?”

“Oh? Did they originally pay for cola with vodka?”

“Yes, and it was Stolichnaya, just as you like.”

“Ah, Stolichnaya! That’s delicious! Pepsi had a good eye for choosing vodka.”

Kyung-tae praised Stolichnaya for its rich flavor, especially in high-quality vodka, where the alcohol scent resembled coffee beans. Meanwhile, the prepared table had become simpler than before, and the two people began to eat. Watching them enjoy their meals, it was evident that both of them were hungry. I remained silent, sipping my tea, lost in thought.


Walker had asked me if I was prepared for war, but he would never dream that he had struck a nerve in my dream. If he were to learn of my determination, he would probably try to break off our relationship immediately.

In this place, Camp Henry in Daegu, there was no room for the weapons thieves to engage in direct transactions with terrorists. Moreover, my target, the UK, was one of the “Five Eyes,” a core ally of the United States, so getting caught would likely result in being treated as a criminal far worse than a common felon. (+) [1]

The weapons secured here were unlikely to be used in the UK.

Getting them out of here posed a problem. As terrorist threats increased day by day, the UK strengthened its borders in the air and at sea. It also possessed the information-gathering capabilities of the first of the “Five Eyes.”

Hence, long-term airdrops were close to impossible, and smuggling via cargo or fishing vessels was relatively safe but still involved considerable risk. Even if we obtained the goods from elsewhere, transporting them would be a major challenge due to the large quantity involved.

However, if I were to engage with mages in London, eventually, I would have to confront London itself. A defensive battle alone would be unwinnable. Although the war that might break out was still uncertain, if I didn’t start looking for a solution soon after it began, it would be too late.

There didn’t seem to be a more certain route.

My train of thought naturally led to the South American cartels.

‘Perhaps using submarines like they do.’

The submarines they used to transport drugs were capable of sailing from the Gulf of Mexico to Europe through the North Atlantic currents. Given their small size, if the engines were turned off and they relied solely on the power of the currents, they could pass through the underwater surveillance network (SOSUS) near the British coast.

It might even be alright to order the construction of submarines for them. While entrusting the transportation itself would be the best option, if they were to modify the submarines to carry weapons instead of drugs, it would cost at least 300 million dollars per operation. That was as much as the expected profit from transporting cocaine. Even a nation couldn’t afford such reckless spending. It would be better to directly acquire submarines.

The problem was that it was not just about having money.

Their older semi-submersibles were estimated to cost around 2 million dollars, and even the latest fully submersible ones would likely not exceed 100 million dollars. However, not even outdated models past their disposal date have ever appeared on the black market, let alone the latest models.

I understand. Recklessly selling the most secretive means of transportation would invite new competitors one after another. Major cartels, who likely hold tens of billions of dollars in cash outside of personal assets, wouldn’t seem likely to sell their business’s foundation for a mere 100 million dollars.

How should I approach those whom I have no acquaintance or dealings with? To whom should I extend a hand? Are there other reliable paths to obtaining the submarines? These were the thoughts that deepened as time passed.


The two who were eating stopped and stared at me. Suyeon asked, 

“Why are you lost in thought? You even sighed.”

“…I sighed? Did I?”


It seemed my thoughts leaked unconsciously.

At times like this, adding my thoughts was also the role of an aide. I shared my concerns with them and added, 

“It’s not an immediate problem, so finish your meal. The food is getting cold.”

As the head of the organization, my most important responsibility was to feed my subordinates. To feed, clothe, and shelter them. It was the task of taking care of the lives that had become mine. When the organization became one’s life, sustainable loyalty could be achieved.

Knowing me well enough, the two didn’t hesitate and resumed their meal. Their use of chopsticks and spoons showed that they were now eating more leisurely, suggesting their appetites were somewhat satisfied.

“About earlier.”

Suyeon, who had just put down her utensils, took a sip of water and spoke.

“Lieutenant Walker slipped in his words. Did you notice?”

“‘Our headquarters,’ you mean?”


“I had a hunch for a while that there were more conspirators, but if such remarks slip out carelessly, it probably means that the conspiracy is growing. It’s possible even the commander could have been involved.”

Suyeon’s dry anticipation was evident.

“I did say that 1 billion dollars was impossible, but if the insurgents did indeed take control of the support headquarters, we can anticipate a growing supply in the future. It’s time for the seniors who returned to the mainland to pay us back.”

Even units stationed in South Korea have a rotating roster of members. The conspirators at Camp Henry were no exception. Members were constantly being rotated.

Therefore, to maintain the organization’s functionality, new members needed to be recruited at regular intervals. On the other hand, leaving the organization didn’t mean exclusion. Cutting ties completely would lead to uncertainty. When I raised concerns in the past, they provided explanations. Regarding this matter, there was no need to worry, and they hoped for a continued positive relationship in the future.

Hence, my proposal for expanded deals would likely be a hoped-for outcome, despite its larger scale. It was ideal that the pie grows as the number of people increases.

I shifted my gaze.


“Yes, Hyungnim.”

“What’s Walker up to?”

Kyung-tae, who had finished eating and was patting his stomach, briefly checked his phone in response to my question.

“Other than a 47-second call with someone suspected to be a higher-up in the car, there hasn’t been any noteworthy activity so far. The call was about meeting tomorrow to report, and… he’s currently having drinks with a fellow tailor sergeant from the same unit. He seems to be in a very good mood. They’re at a bar they often frequent.”

“His good mood is probably because of the allowance I gave him.”

Since leaving the base today, Walker had been under constant surveillance. Even phone calls in the car couldn’t escape the long-range laser eavesdropping that detected vibrations on windows. The surveillance team even provided specially modified vehicles for remote listening during movement.

Kyung-tae commented in a joking manner.

“They say that you prepare for war to enjoy peace, but when you prepare this diligently and there’s no actual need to fight, it’s quite amusing. It’s as if the magic power concentration has skyrocketed compared to now.”


The concentration of magic power hadn’t changed today. It hadn’t become shallower or denser on average, although there might be temporary fluctuations in accordance with the flow.

But sudden changes weren’t guaranteed to happen in one go. If it did change abruptly, it was highly likely that the battle itself wouldn’t even take place. Regression or collapse of civilization was inevitable, and in such a world, the Londoners wouldn’t have the courage to reach this far.

Of course, we were preparing for such situations. Preparations for war and disaster readiness overlap in many aspects, so it was efficient to do a little more.

Kyung-tae continued. 

“If the concentration continues to rise, even if the world collapses somewhat, the value of stockpiled weapons might become something new.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I have a favorite novel. It’s called ‘Metro 2033.’ Have you read it?”


I gave a succinct response, and Kyung-tae chuckled with a somewhat disappointed expression.

“As expected. You’ve read every other type of book except novels, haven’t you? Anyway, it’s a novel set in a world where everything is ruined by nuclear disaster. In that world, they use bullets as currency. I thought, what if our reality turned out like that? For some reason, it doesn’t feel entirely bad. Maybe it’s because I’ve read a lot of similar genre novels…”

His last words were more of a quiet mutter to himself.

Bullets determine life and death. If bullets were considered physical resources for exchange in human lives, then bullets become a currency with a definite exchange value.

For some reason, I briefly wished for it to become like Kyung-tae described. However, that feeling only lasted for a moment. Living in such a world would mean living for survival in a different sense than living hunted by predators. In either case, it would not be a life of ‘living only to survive.’ Neither option appealed to me.

“Stop talking nonsense. Whether I win or the imperialists win, it’s a hundred times better than seeing the world crumble in a war with those bastards.”

“Haha, you’re absolutely right.”

Kyung-tae wore a smug expression.

Suyeon, who had been organizing her thoughts, spoke up. 

“You mentioned the difficulty of transporting weapons earlier, but even if we manage to transport them, won’t we lack the personnel to distribute these weapons? We have limitations on deploying our people to London.”

That was a valid point.

“That’s also a challenge we need to address.”

Dying and killing was a fight that benefits from having more manpower. However, if only my subordinates were to engage in this, even if we were to achieve victory, we’d be unable to avoid the intelligence agencies’ tracking.

“Why, did something come to mind?”

In response to my question, Suyeon gave a slight nod.

“It’s about the rebels in the Philippines.”

“Why them?”

“Besides the Liberation Front we trade with, there are four more Islamic extremist groups. Among them, apart from BIFF and its factions, ‘Abu Torayfiyah’ and ‘Abu Sayyaf’ could potentially serve as a contact point to reach the Middle Eastern Islamic extremist factions if handled properly.”

“Are you suggesting that we extend our hand to Islamic extremists based on the logic of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’?”

“Yes. If London is the target, they won’t necessarily dislike it. What they want is fame to take control after the collapse of IS, and we aren’t interested in that sort of thing.” (+) [2]


“Hyungnim, I know that you’re hesitant about dealing with extremists…”

“No, that’s not it. I said I wouldn’t discriminate against means and methods. You’ve explained it well. It’s worth considering.”

Abu Torayfiyah and Abu Sayyaf were both fanatical individuals who even shot fellow Muslims. Moreover, both groups have fewer than fifty members, making them irrelevant as trading partners.

However, their small scale could actually be an advantage, as they’d be more inclined to spill secrets if we just dangle a million dollars in front of them.

The problem was that there was no connection between us and them…

We couldn’t request introductions from our client, the Moro Liberation Front, as they have hostile relationships with both sides. Especially with Abu Sayyaf, their elite force called ‘Azang-Azang’ bombed a mosque and crossed a river of no return. (+) [3]

Kyung-tae expressed a skeptical opinion.

“Noonim. I doubt if these lowlifes can introduce us properly.”

Suyeon immediately replied to this.

“Abu Sayyaf also raises doubts for me.”

“Is that so?”

“But with Turaifie’s guys, we might have something to expect.”

“In what way?”

“They have close ties with the Pakistani immigrant community and actively recruit Pakistani collaborators. Unlike Abu Sayyaf, who risks their lives with kidnappings and piracy and has many unclear sources of operational funds… It’s suspicious how their organizational strength remains unshaken despite the leader’s consecutive deaths.”

Suyeon paused for a moment and then continued.

“When you consider various pieces of information, it’s highly likely that these guys are being directed by the Pakistani intelligence agency, just like the early Taliban days. If that’s the case, there’s still a clear channel to the Taliban even if the Daesh (IS) leader is dead.”


Kyung-tae admired Suyeon’s analysis, speaking in a rapid and flowing manner.

“Even memorizing information about such insignificant guys.”

“It’s my job.”

“Still, that’s impressive.”

Ignoring Kyung-tae, who was giving two thumbs up, Suyeon stared at me with a calm attitude.

“There’s one more thing. How about asking Chief Chu to contact the Latin American cartels?”

“Chief Chu? The one from the Diamond Casino?”


The “Chief” Suyeon mentioned was the unofficial owner of the casino where I issued the chips to Lieutenant Walker. Of course, he wasn’t a real chief representing the entire tribe. It was just a nickname that carried over into this world. Most of the figures among the Native American tribes had accepted modern political systems a long time ago.

Puzzled, I tilted my head.

“Why Chief Chu of all people? It’s rare to find someone in this world who hates drug dealers to that extent.”

The North American Native American tribes had suffered greatly in the past due to poverty and drug addiction. Therefore, the Chief of their tribe, the “People of the Desert” (Tahoenne Adam), despised drug dealers intensely. Even though their land was close to the Mexican border, he never engaged in any trade with drug cartels for that reason.

  • 1. TLN: The Five Eyes is an intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States
  • 2. TLN: “IS” refers to the Islamic State, a terrorist organization also known as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).
  • 3. TLN: I couldn’t find Azang-Azang/아장-아장. So maybe this one is fictional.
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