The Imperial Hunter Chapter 82 - Metamorphosis (9)

Author: Dawn

Before even hearing the details, Gao Shusen showed discomfort from the start.

“No, that won’t do. As you said, the triads in this region are the dirty errand boys of the party and nation. If we remove them recklessly without a plan, all the secret businesses using them as a buffer will crumble. How can you tell me to handle the aftermath? What’s more, they paid payoffs not just to me but multiple agencies and chiefs connected on the line, so how will I endure the wrath of the others?”

After this poured out in one breath, Gao Shusen whined like a bratty kid throwing a tantrum.

“I can’t do it. That’s the path to my swifter death!”

It was a natural reaction considering the esteemed intelligence agencies including the central party’s distant higher-ups, the Ministry of State Security, and the Joint Staff Department were outsourcing to the Guangdong triads. Even in the process of distributing heroin and fentanyl produced in Southeast Asia, the triads’ organization was an essential tool. If the triads collapsed, it would result in a minimum loss of tens of billions of yuan every quarter.

It would never be revealed aboveboard, but that was exactly why the anger of those whose pockets were lined would become even greater.

Knowing these circumstances, I threw out a cynical remark.

“You’re too frightened.”

Gao Shusen briefly failed at composure management.

“There’s a flaw in what you’re saying, Deputy Secretary.”


“The part about the businesses entrusted to them crumbling if we eliminate the triads.”

“That’s wrong?”

“Yes, wrong. Because those businesses have long been suspended, so there’s nothing that will suddenly float in the air and disappear.”

“What, what do you mean?”

It was understandable he wouldn’t know since he only indirectly scavenged crumbs. As an industry expert and polite business partner, I enlightened Gao Shusen about reality.

“First, let’s look at their biggest business and money line – drug distribution. You must know the US President declared China as the number one enemy in the war against drugs. There were complaints before, but the important point is they officially stated it this time.”

In my view, this was promoted by the reelected American President harnessing anti-Chinese sentiment to expand his support base while solidifying the justification for hardline diplomacy against China.

“As a result of the US mobilizing its military to crack down and repeating witch hunt-like trials, the North American triad branches, and their local partners were reduced to not even a root remaining.”

In the process, quite a few innocents were also imprisoned, but that wasn’t a particularly important matter to the American citizens whose bones were soaked in mad anti-Chinese sentiment. There were many other attention-grabbing interests like the Black protests and riots against racial discrimination, crime surge due to supernormals, Trembling Giant’s invasion, and so on.

“Then is the European market fine? No. Continuing to deal drugs in this situation is nothing but a moronic move begging Europe to hold America’s hand and punish China. It most directly assists America’s diplomatic business.”

In conclusion, all drug distribution through the triads was completely halted, even if temporarily.

“That’s, uh, certainly…”

Seeing Gao Shusen’s expression relax in acceptance, I found it amusing. The fact that this person in charge of security in a core southern city was completely unaware of the situation I described itself proved the central Chinese government’s control over the triads’ drug trade. Whether it was the Ministry of State Security or the Joint Staff Department, they had the Guangdong triads firmly by the reins.

If not, the triads would’ve kept selling drugs, the central authorities would’ve issued powerful crackdown orders, and working official Gao Shusen couldn’t have not known about the situation of carrying out those orders.

I changed my posture and continued speaking.

“What remains are miscellaneous businesses like human trafficking and arms smuggling, but the only one of use to your party is arms smuggling. However, weapons aren’t quickly consumed like drugs, and international arms trade in the black market is mostly through sporadic, one-time deals.”

“But it’s still needed, right?”

“Weren’t they just disposable tails you occasionally used? As long as new errand boys are prepared before it’s needed again, that’s it.”

Gao Shusen’s eyes narrowed.

“…Like, for instance, Chairman’s Nameless Company?”

“No. The triad trash’s vacant spots should be filled by those you hold the reins of. You’ll have to reserve some equity for our company too, but we don’t intend to be greedy.”

“Just that much satisfies you?”

“I said we don’t intend to be greedy. This China isn’t suitable land for foreigners to establish a fixed foothold and run long-term businesses. Every businessman should have the discernment to know what he can and can’t possess.”

Just look at the fates of the foreign corporations who jumped in to enter China attracted only by money. China’s shadows were an even more hostile business environment than its surface. Because, unlike the surface, they didn’t need to consider foreign gazes.


Gao Shusen sighed and apologized to me.

“Sorry. I overreacted.”


“But, even if they’re useless for now, their connections haven’t disappeared. How will you address that issue? Do you have some plan for that too?”

“That can just be resolved with money.”

“Money? What money?”

“Money from raiding your political enemies’ basements.”


After briefly pondering, Gao Shusen asked back in an incredulous tone.

“Chairman. Are you suggesting theft to me now? To a security bureau chief whose duty it is to catch thieves?”

“We’ll catch the thieves. Some of the stolen goods will be discovered in the triads’ businesses. There won’t just be cash in your enemies’ basements and safes, right?”


The security bureau chief let out a tense laugh.

“So that’s what you meant earlier when you said we can manufacture the connection?”

“If stolen goods and other evidence are discovered along with them, who could deny the connection between the triads and the Black Children’s Party? The triads already have many members of the Black Sea, don’t they?”

As people without household registrations, the Black Sea people were inherently unable to engage in normal employment. Even if they somehow tried to work honestly, the higher-ups would always skim their wages, and they had nowhere to complain about having their wages skimmed. In their names, they couldn’t buy homes, or open bank accounts, and if injured or sick, their life and death depended purely on luck.

Therefore, Black Sea people whose very existence was unlawful often sustained their livelihood through unlawful businesses, as if it were an innate destiny. This was why those of Black Sea people accounted for a considerable ratio in the triads’ action squads. The triads used household registration scams and forgeries to attract the Black Sea people’s loyalty to the organization, understanding their hardships tied to lacking registrations. That is, it opened the way for them to legally become a person.

Thus, while the Black Sea people in the triads weren’t a group as desperate and hopeless as those involved with the Black Children’s Party, in the view of those above, they were equally wicked bastards. I planned to exploit the ruling class’s class unawareness for profit.

“Let’s say that’s true.”

Gao Shusen nodded repeatedly.

“What can I do to help with the most important ‘outlawry’?”

“Just provide intel.”


“Information on whose assets are hidden where. Although your uncle is currently imprisoned, before that he was the provincial Chief Inspector. He must have a dagger hidden away somewhere.”

If not, I’d have to track down one by one the villas officials had obtained under borrowed names with my own eyes, but there was no need to really go that far. What are the odds a power figure whose central party promotion was imminent didn’t have any insurance? Knowledge about the enemy’s weaknesses was outstanding insurance with no risk of disappearance.

Of course, to gain that information, Gao Shusen would first have to secretly contact his uncle Gao Ninghui, but he should somehow manage that much through his own connections.

“If you just pass on the intel, my company and I will handle everything else.”

“What if you get caught or your tails are stepped on in the middle?”

How could such a moronic question even come out? Concealing my contempt, I answered dryly.

“Do I have to guarantee safety that far? There’s no business without accompanying risks in the world. The only thing 100% certain is the conclusion of doing absolutely nothing, Deputy Secretary. I’m willing to assist in escaping abroad if need be.”

Chastised lightly, Gao Shusen pondered before nodding once more.

“…I’ll try. If we succeed, I may be able to pave an escape route for my uncle as well.”

“I hope it turns out that way too.”

“If we pull it off, you’ll be treated like a brother by me and my uncle.”

“That would be good too.”

Becoming brothers with both Gao Shusen and Gao Ninghui didn’t mean messing up the family tree randomly, but it signified treating me with the same consideration as blood relatives.

“How will you divide the profits? I mean, excluding what’s used as evidence, the remainder of the pure profits from raiding the Black Children’s Party. It’s only natural more of the percentage goes to you, Chairman, but this requires me to take considerable risks too.”

What considerable risks? Even with Gao Ninghui imprisoned, his faction must still be holding their ground. Reaching the position of provincial Chief Inspector, even if he was purged, all the legal trial procedures had to be followed, and he wasn’t confirmed guilty until the final verdict.

Therefore, Gao Shusen’s talk of risks was absurdly laughable, but I was fully willing to show favor to this ‘future brother.’

“Let’s split it exactly half-half.”

Hearing me, Gao Shusen, who probably hadn’t expected this much, wet his lips with his tongue.

“You’ll give me that much?”

“I value credibility. The entire work process will be recorded on video, and you’ll be able to verify my fairness through that footage. But.”


“I must be the one to fully decide what and how much of the stolen goods and valuables to appropriate as evidence, excluding the remainder. Do you agree?”

Simply put, I was saying I couldn’t trust his patience and moderation. With the amount of goods deemed as evidence directly becoming the crackdown results on the Black Children’s Party, things couldn’t properly proceed if he was reluctant to reinvest the stolen valuables deeming it wasteful.

“You underestimate me too much, Chairman.”

Gao Shusen agreed with a deflated air.

“Alright, let’s do that. I ask again for your care.”

“I’m the one who should say that.”

“If you need anything, please tell me. I will support you as much as possible within my capabilities.”

There was much support to be received. Equipment and weapons for security bureau hunting, vehicles, and license plates, forged IDs, access to the internal security net, intel, and unofficial control rights on the patrol squad’s personnel and facilities, etc. To smuggle out the stolen goods through the waters, an inspection authority would also be necessary, but that was too demanding for Gao Shusen’s current position.

Therefore, I first demanded the urgent needs.

“Just recommend one decent, nearby restaurant.”

“…A restaurant?”

“Waiting for you, I couldn’t even feed my men. Barring special circumstances, letting subordinates starve is a disgrace for one in a leadership position.”

“Uh, right….”

Some traces of blood rose in Gao Shusen’s somewhat stiffened complexion.

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