Rainbow City Chapter 21

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Kwak Soohwan made a formal bow towards Lee Yeontae and then sat down next to Seokhwa.

“I heard about the situation from Dr.Seok. But I think I should also hear it from Major Kwak. Seven soldiers from the support-departed shelter in Gwacheon are reported dead. One lieutenant, three sergeants, and three corporals.”

“Lieutenant was only at the level of a trainee, wasn’t he? Is the Gwacheon company returning properly like this?”

Quite rude. Lee Yeontae, holding a teacup, muttered softly.

“Major Kwak, it seems like you don’t distinguish between what Major Jang and Captain Park find pleasing. I’m not that kind of sycophant. Moreover, isn’t it you who failed to ensure Dr. Seok’s safety? Very disappointing.”

One would expect some reaction to the disappointment from the superior, but Kwak Soohwan responded indifferently.

“I won’t make excuses for that. The attackers are presumed to be rebels. We don’t know their affiliation, but one thing is certain—Elite members of the Invincible Division had a hard time against them.”

Yeouido’s Invincible Division is currently the top class among Rainbow City’s forces, corresponding to the S-class. The fact that they struggled against the attackers also made Lee Yeontae nervous.

“Could it be… mutants?”

“Do you want my opinion, or do you want only objective facts?”

“Combine your opinion with the facts.”

“Yes. They seem to have A-class or higher, or S-class abilities.”

Lee Yeontae, holding the teacup, froze in motion, as if he had stopped in time. Seokhwa, with only his pupils moving, turned his gaze to Kwak Soohwan. His posture was straight, but his tone was impolite. It was not an attitude that a Major could take in front of a general. If the general of Rainbow City wished, he could have Kwak Soohwan rotting in Brig. for a lifetime.

“Were there any other peculiarities? I heard from Dr. Seok that he knows nothing about the kidnappers.”

“That’s correct. When I arrived, Dr. Seokhwa was alone inside the cell, and there was only Adam around.”

Hmm, Lee Yeontae, who couldn’t erase suspicion from either side, watched the two slowly. One guy was wearing a wandering smile, and the other had no expression to the point that you couldn’t tell what he was thinking. However, since neither of them showed signs of rebel temperament, it seemed unnecessary to worry about it.

“Regardless, you’ve been through a lot. And Major Kwak too.”

Lee Yeontae pursed his lips and set down the teacup.

“If the Gwacheon company is so concerned, Major Kwak, how about you go down and come back?”

“I’ll go if you send me,”

Kwak Soohwan raised the corner of his mouth and laughed. In any case, you can’t send me. That underlying thought was clearly expressed. In reality, everyone knew who the core commander of the Invincible Division, composed mainly of S-class and A-class personnel, was. Of course, anyone could give commands verbally while sitting at the top. However, when dealing with Adam, there was a variable, and recently, even rebels joined the fray.

There were not many officers who could lead from the front, command the unit, and boost the morale of the troops. Kwak Soohwan was one of them. However, even if he could raise his voice and say, “I’m a Major, so what?” the generals didn’t need to flaunt their temperaments. If any resentment arose and loyalty was lost, it could be troublesome. Kwak Soohwan, knowing this, kept his true feelings to himself. If not, you guys go to the scene. After all, the generals knew they couldn’t do that.


They were in the midst of a friendly fight, laughing at each other when Seokhwa, who had barely endured with mental strength, collapsed onto the table. However, the fact that a major disaster did not occur was because Kwak Soohwan reached his hand between Seokhwa’s forehead and the table.

“Dr. Seok?!”

Surprised, Lee Yeontae stood up abruptly.

“Don’t be alarmed. He managed quite well considering the circumstances.”

Kwak Soohwan chuckled and, with a sound, lifted Seokhwa into his arms. Unable to stand up, and too heavy to carry, he simply supported Seokhwa’s body with both arms.

“Well, I’ll take my leave now.”

As Kwak Soohwan walked away, Seokhwa’s arm shook as if he had fainted.

“Hey, wake up.”

It was before opening the door. Lee Yeontae doubted his ears. The rascal seemed to have definitely called Seokhwa “babe” after seeing him. Lee Yeontae stood dumbfounded, frowning. When he tapped the door with his foot, a soldier who was waiting opened the door instead.

“You said you’ll extract my sperm today.”

Kwak Soohwan teased Seokhwa, bringing his face close.

Hey, Hey! Lee Yeontae couldn’t bring himself to speak and gestured wildly from behind. Come to think of it, Lee Yeontae had heard some strange rumors. It was said that Kwak Soohwan had tried to force himself on Seokhwa.

“Major Kwak!”

As Kwak Soohwan took a step out, Lee Yeontae’s lion-like charge collided with his back. When he turned around, he saw Lee Yeontae’s face, now flushed red, spitting out words with flying saliva.

“Even if it’s you, I can’t stand rape! Release Dr. Seok immediately!”

How does he see me in his eyes? Kwak Soohwan chuckled and turned completely towards Lee Yeontae.

“Dr. Seok apparently will use my sperm as research material. Calling it rape is a bit much.”

It’s something serious. He clicked his tongue, pushed the door again with his foot, and walked out. Lee Yeontae wiped his cheek. There was no doubt that this was a result of the twisted investigation into the incident that led to his appearance.

“Major Kwak, as your superior, let me give you one piece of advice. If you keep living like this, your enemies will accumulate.”

Through the closing door, Lee Yeontae’s advice could be heard, but it was a statement that could be ignored. Kwak Soohwan, looking down at the peacefully closed eyes of Seokhwa, slowly walked down the corridor.

Kwak Soohwan lowered his head slowly towards Seokhwa’s face, which was turned slightly sideways on his shoulder. It was time for his lips to touch his forehead.

“What are you trying to do?”

Sighing, Seokhwa looked at Kwak Soohwan with clear eyes. Then, he covered his forehead with his hand.

“Well, should I wake Dr. Seok up with a Major’s kiss? But since you were already awake from the beginning, it was meaningless.”

“Do you know?”

Pretending to be unconscious?Of course, I knew. Kwak Soohwan laughed as if he was in a good mood.

“Not really, but Dr. Seok has a sinister side.”

“I just want to rest quickly.”

Seokhwa pushed Kwak Soohwan’s chest with his hand and stood on his own on the floor. The elevator was ascending rapidly, changing numbers.

“But how did you know?”

How did I know you were pretending to faint? I was sure when I hugged you. He smiled as if he was in a good mood.

“Well, it wasn’t that obvious, but Dr. Seok subtly wrinkled his forehead. Moreover, when you pretended to collapse forward, you barely put any weight on your forehead, so I could hardly feel it on my palm.”

Kwak Soohwan kept his thoughts to himself and didn’t respond. Seokhwa wiped only his forehead as if erasing the lingering sensation of the remaining breath. Because of that, his forehead temperature rose.

Seokhwa returned to the room and sat on the bed, staring at the wall. Despite the need to collapse and sleep for tomorrow’s schedule, his head was buzzing with all sorts of mixed information.

“Preservation of humanity, a new prosperity for humanity, that is our mission. At the forefront of Rainbow City, we are citizens of Rainbow City.”

“Noon, 6 o’clock.”

That was the time regular broadcasts came on. However, just before Dr.Oh left a will, that broadcast was playing. If so, the possibility that Dr.Oh died not in the morning but earlier, around 5 a.m., seemed likely. The recorded voice was at the time of Mother’s regular broadcast.

Why did the Guards think Dr.Oh’s time of death was 5 in the morning? If it was noon or 6 p.m., Dr. Kim would still be in the lab…

Seokhwa slowly turned his head and activated the computer on the desk.

[Researcher Code Number 310 Access Complete]

The sound of connection to the main server, Mother, flowed through the speaker.

“Mother, I request permission to access the records of the Guards incident for Researcher Seokhwa, Code Number 310.”

[Loading. Access denied. Code Number 310 does not have sufficient clearance for viewing.]

What? Seokhwa abandoned voice recognition and started typing on the keyboard. As soon as he entered the server for reviewing the Guards incident records, an ‘Inaccessible’ screen appeared. Seokhwa, who could access up to Grade 2 classified information as a senior researcher, couldn’t even approach the Guards data. So, all Guards data is now classified as Grade 1 confidential. Or maybe someone deliberately lowered his level.

“Mother, what is the confidentiality access level for Code Number 310?”

[The access level for Code Number 310, Researcher Seokhwa, is classified.]

‘Don’t trust anyone in the Shelter. Rainbow City is not normal right now.’

The words of the kidnapper flashed through his mind.

The development of a cure, not a vaccine. It had been several years since Seokhwa had conversations with Dr.Oh about it. They had even discussed it until the day before his mother passed away.

Something seemed off. Even the 7th vaccine research data of Dr.Oh was not properly preserved, and there was a complete absence of information regarding the cure.

Seokhwa disconnected from Mother and returned to the bed. He placed his bare feet on the cold marble floor and rolled a worn pebble in his hands. Closing his eyes, he began to reflect on the events before Kwak Soohwan came to rescue him. The conversation with the kidnapper was still vivid.


“Rebels… is that so?”

“In Rainbow City, that’s what they call us.”

The man, who laughed bitterly, moved his legs back and forth like someone lost in thought.

“As for the person who murdered Dr.Oh… Let’s put that aside for now. Doctor.”

He felt the approaching man kneel down. Due to the thick blindfold, his vision was obscured, so his hearing became more sensitive.

“We want to give you a choice, Doctor. Consider it carefully. Why Adam’s mutation is peculiar, why Rainbow City is indifferent to the development of a cure, just like Dr.Oh said. I want to believe in you, Doctor, just as Dr.Oh did.”

A choice? I was just faithfully following the role assigned by the higher-ups. There was never a sense of mission like Dr.Oh. I followed orders because they said they would harm Rainbow City if I didn’t, kicking my mother out of Jeju Island.

“I tried to buy time somehow, but it seems time is running out. This place is safe, so stay here quietly.”

The sound of tying something with a leather strap was heard.

“The person who murdered the doctor could be you… couldn’t it?”

It was not easy to believe everything the kidnapper said. Seokhwa lifted his face towards where the man might be.

“Do you think rebels could infiltrate Yeouido Shelter? If so, it would have been easier to contact Dr. Seok from the beginning.”

The voice sounded muffled, as if there was a veil over the vocal cords. Perhaps the kidnapper had worn a mask.

“It’s been a long time since the greetings. I am Serpent, responsible for Eden.”

Seokhwa shivered, shaking his bound hands.

“Is this your first time hearing about it?”

“Dr.Oh’s journal, briefly.”

“We don’t trust Rainbow City. Those who exploit Adam for selfish desires, wicked ones. Think carefully. Exactly one week from today, 9 PM. If you agree with us, we’ll meet at Dr.Oh’s residence in the 13th Red Zone.”

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