Rainbow City Chapter 28

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“Do not eat the fruit that makes him know good and evil. On the day he eats it, he will surely die. However, there comes a time when he must know good and evil, even if his life is at stake.”

Seokhwa carefully examined Dr.Oh’s handwriting. One was a passage from Genesis, and the other seemed to be Dr.Oh’s personal opinion. Seokhwa had not paid much attention to Dr.Oh’s journal, excluding research materials, until now. However, with the involvement of Eden’s Garden, he revisited even the parts he had casually overlooked.

Among the hypotheses he had considered, the most plausible one was that Dr.Oh had questioned the structure of Rainbow City, collaborated with Eden’s Garden, and was subsequently murdered.

The time to know good and evil…

The day the abductor, or rather the one who claimed to be Serpent, spoke of was only three days away. Adam could go alone to the purged 13 Red Zones, but was it really safe for him to do so?

More urgent than that was the creation of the 7th vaccine. However, various unsettling thoughts did not escape his mind.

One had to cut out the protein causing infection from the Adam virus, insert it into the influenza virus, and then use equipment to recombine the genes. However, the resulting vaccine did not function properly.

One reason for the delay in vaccine research was the absence of a direct experimental subject in the laboratory. Using animals for experiments was not feasible, as the Adam virus was too deadly, and ensuring the safety of scientists against rampant animals was impossible. Due to virus mutations, it was even considered that it could now spread through the respiratory system rather than just mucous membranes.

Even the Ebola virus could only be handled in a BL4 (Biosafety Level 4) research lab, and sometimes there was only one such lab in a country. Therefore, the much more potent Adam virus had to be handled with extreme caution. It was because, just like when the Adam virus spread uncontrollably in the past, Rainbow City could collapse without a trace.

Currently, there was only one place where animal experiments were conducted. It was a research facility designated as a Red Zone, like a zoo, and the developed vaccine was transported there from the shelter for injection into test subjects. They tested the effectiveness of the vaccine and sent back the experimental results. They were usually researchers consisting mainly of soldiers.

However, not all animals were infected with the Adam virus. One of the entities currently not infected was birds. Of course, birds were also infected when the 1st Adam virus appeared, but they were excluded after the 3rd. Researchers repeated experiments, thinking there must be a reason, but there were no conclusive results.

No matter how talented individuals were born and supported by research, everything happened under the control of Rainbow City. There were times when research facilities fell into a paralyzed state due to insufficient research support funds. Similarly, exceptional individuals appeared physically, but just as Adam never completely disappeared from this Earth, neither did they.


Seokhwa, who had been staring at the gene recombinator in front of him, suddenly snapped back to reality.


Turning around, Dr. Kim was holding a mug filled with coffee.

“It’s the upper management meeting today.”

Seokhwa quickly recalled the news and let out a small “Ah.”

“What time is it now?”

“It’s 2:50. Shall we start moving?”

“Yes, let’s.”

Seokhwa took off his gown and grabbed his laptop. It was a laptop made before Adam appeared, but its performance was not bad, comparable to the ones released recently. Maybe Eden’s Garden was right. Humanity had declined. Seokhwa shook his head, dismissing unnecessary thoughts.

It was a different world from the time when the population overflowed, and each country functioned smoothly. Perhaps, for people living in the era of peace, this time could be called a dystopia. While other countries had severed ties, Rainbow City’s domestic market might barely be holding up.

“But I haven’t seen Major Kwak all day. He was following you around all the time, Doctor.”

Even though he went out to the field, Seokhwa didn’t pay much attention and didn’t know. After the conversation about Kwak Soohwan and Dr.Oh that day, he intentionally avoided mentioning that point. The mention of Mother watching and being summoned by the Royal Guards made him think it would only be a loss to act out of sight. Moreover, Kwak Soohwan would drink whiskey at night. He deliberately didn’t open the door to the man who came to his room, emanating the smell of alcohol.

“Since we’re on the topic, I’m not a fan of Major Kwak Soohwan.”

“Is that so?”

“He drinks too much, acts recklessly, and, well… he even flirts with Dr. Seok.”

Upon closer thought, Kwak Soohwan’s external image was exactly like that.

A strong and handsome rascal.

“Be careful. Getting involved with Major Kwak Soohwan won’t end well. Honestly, it’s the same with Dr.Oh.”

Listening with one ear and letting it pass through the other, Seokhwa couldn’t help but focus on Dr. Kim when Dr.Oh’s story came up. While walking down the corridor, Dr. Kim had already consumed more than half of his coffee.

“Why Dr. Oh?”

Seokhwa showed more interest than Dr. Kim, who was about to continue speaking.

“Well, Dr. Oh went to have a few drinks with Major Kwak Soohwan.”

Seokhwa had heard passing remarks about it.

“But even after Dr. Oh left like that, he didn’t seem sad or anything. He came into the lab and started rummaging around… Anyway, it doesn’t sit right with me. So, Dr. Seokhwa, don’t be too concerned. I wonder who spread those strange rumors as soon as he came back.”

Dr. Kim, always a laid-back person, was pleased to see Seokhwa reacting to his words and started chattering away without taking a breath. However, Seokhwa found it somewhat strange. He may be strong, but calling him a handsome rascal seemed a bit off.

At least, even if it was an act, he showed concern for him. He even came directly to the Royal Guards, fearing he might be driven to rebellion. Moreover, he knew the gap between his casual laughter and his true feelings. Just as Kwak Soohwan had scrutinized Seokhwa, he had also been observing him steadily.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry and get in.”

Dr. Kim urged Seokhwa as he pressed the elevator’s open button. The researchers’ meeting was held on the 58th floor, similar to soldiers, where they announced the progress of research and directives from higher-ups. The meeting dates and times varied each time.

[Researchers’ Conference Room]

Entering the room with a sign, no superiors were visible yet, and only a few doctors from other research buildings were present. There were research buildings in shelters other than Yeouido, but except for exchanging research results, direct encounters were rare. It wasn’t like the doctors from the same shelter maintained close relationships either. Seokhwa and Dr. Kim just nodded their heads toward other doctors.

“After Dr. Oh left, those kids wandered around for quite a while.”

Although Dr. Kim sat down snugly next to him, Seokhwa reacted most nonchalantly this time. Factional fights were always beyond his interest.

After waiting for about ten minutes, the inner door, not the one they entered, opened, and the upper management personnel started coming in one by one.

The upper echelons of Rainbow City consisted of generals, advisors involved in politics, and two masters who were the ultimate administrators. They decided and executed everything related to the city’s administration. The two masters were elected every ten years through a vote, and re-election was possible, making it practically a hereditary system. Since only shelter citizens had the right to vote for the master, it was said that the election of the masters was like a calculated game of Go.

Today, one army general and two advisors attended the meeting. The reason they determined the meeting time and date was because they came up from Jeju Island.

“All right, is everyone here? The preservation of humanity, a new prosperity for humanity, that is our mission.”

One general stepped forward and spoke with a commanding voice.

“We are citizens of Rainbow City.”

The doctors murmured the same words at a mumbling level.

“It’s been about a week since we last met. Dr. Seokhwa, I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your return to the Yeouido Shelter.”

This time, one of the advisors spoke and then applauded. The rest of the people started clapping as well. Seokhwa nodded his head without any expression.

“As busy researchers of Rainbow City, we can’t keep you for too long, so let’s deliver the Master’s message.”

The senior members stepped aside to make room for the researchers to see the message. Then, on the screen, the solemn face of the First Master appeared.

[Hello? This is the First Master of Rainbow City. Before starting the meeting, I express my condolences for the death of Dr. Oh.]

The recorded video, and the date were unknown. The Master’s face, seen after a long time, looked older than the last time he saw him. But it had been several years since he last saw him, so it was natural.

[As you all know, Adam has achieved the 7th mutation. We are waiting for a new vaccine. We understand that your research is being conducted in challenging conditions. However, you, doctors, carry a stronger sense of duty than anyone else.]


Seokhwa twitched his shoulders. One doctor sitting diagonally from him showed a deeply moved expression and nodded. Seokhwa and the other doctors present here were all citizens of Rainbow City from birth. From a very young age, they learned how much Rainbow City benefited its citizens and how safe it was.

They did not know that it was indoctrination. Seokhwa simply did not have much thought about such matters from the beginning, so he did not have emotions like a sense of duty. Perhaps his mother’s role was the most significant. He heard more about not sacrificing anything for any cause than from learning videos.

[Our enemies are not only Adam. There are rebels lurking, aiming for our carefully guarded safety. Our top priority is to protect the citizens from these rebels. We deeply regret that the circumstances do not allow us to provide extensive support to you, doctors.]

“I will cry, really, I will cry a lot.”

Dr. Kim glanced at the other doctors and muttered. Of course, his words were so faint that only Seokhwa could hear them.

[If you need materials or financial support for your research, please inform our advisors. We will prioritize procurement.]

The meeting was not much different from before. Most of it consisted of recorded messages of encouragement from the First and Second Masters, followed by the order to convey what the advisors needed.

“The First Master’s statement concludes here. Doctors, please write down what you need on the papers in front of you and submit them.”

Suddenly, Seokhwa raised his hand. Not only Dr. Kim but also the superiors showed somewhat surprised faces at Seokhwa’s impulsive action.

“What is it, Dr. Seokhwa?”

“Dr. Oh’s research data on the 7th Adam vaccine, which was being studied when he was alive, is scarce.”

An advisor who had been silent until now stepped forward.

“If it’s scarce, that’s all there is. Even Dr. Oh, who has passed away, couldn’t overcome the challenge of this mutation.”

Seokhwa replied quietly, “Understood.” He didn’t write down the necessary materials and amounts on the paper in front of him. Instead, he wrote a note asking for support for the development of the vaccine and treatment along with it.

[Dr. Seokhwa.]

Seokhwa lifted his head at the prompt. He then looked at the First Master on the screen who had called him. It wasn’t a recorded video; it was unexpectedly live.

“Your heart must not be in a good place. We’re doing our best to find out who killed Dr. Oh.”

“Yes, Master.”

Seokhwa responded firmly. The Master raised his lips, smiling kindly. By the way, there was a Master vote scheduled again in a year. Somehow, his expression seemed kinder than the last time he saw him.

Soon, the screen displaying the First Master’s face turned off, and the doctors submitted their papers to the advisors. Each advisor patted the shoulders of the respective doctors. As Seokhwa’s turn approached, the advisor also tapped his shoulder.

“Dr. Seokhwa. I’ve heard about the kidnapping incident. You’ve been through a lot.”

“No, not really.”

As the advisor glanced through the paper Seokhwa submitted, he smiled more warmly.

“We also consider the cure to be of utmost importance. We are willing to support as much as needed. However, please understand that research takes too long, and it’s not easy to proceed due to the enormous capital required.”

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