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“Ah… Ahh!”


Anna’s voice, which sounded like she was struggling to breathe, became louder. Her moans  resembled the sound of someone in pain, but suddenly it turned into a whimper.


Her slightly parted lips were unable to close due to the large penis that slowly penetrated her  wet hole, stimulating the pleasure point.


When her lips parted, Lucino, as if waiting, jumped onto her and plunged his tongue into the space between Anna’s lips, exhaling hot breath.


Lucino’s deep breath, which gently sucked the tip of her tongue, was mixed with Anna’s, and became one. Just like their lower bodies intertwined.


His clean golden hair was wet with sweat before he knew it.


The situation was the same for Anna. Her thin but voluminous body and long hair had long been sticky with sweat and body fluids.


It’s already been over five times.


The number of times Lucino changed condoms.


The hard penis, which dug slowly but deeply, did not know that the size should decrease after  repeated ejaculations.


Lucino’s muscular body, which looked like he had good physical strength just by looking at it, was muscular. During their time together, Anna experienced firsthand that Lucino’s stamina was usually superior to that of ordinary men, but today Lucino was very persistent.


It was the first time that he didn’t give her a moment to rest like this. Like exploding what had been suppressed, Lucino pushed her like an animal.


“Ahhh… agh.”


He entered her body with a loud sound as if he would pierce through it. His thick penis, like a baseball bat, forcefully stretched the narrow passage and filled her body.


As his heavy member filled her narrow passage, Anna was engulfed in peripheral pleasure. Her whole body tingled with sensation, as if static electricity ran from her fingertips to her toes.


It wasn’t an intense thrusting motion. Just his entry alone brought Anna so much pleasure that she couldn’t even properly moan.


“Huh huh … huh huh …”


The feeling was that her breath, which was about to burst out, instead, dried up inside her throat. Just holding onto Lucino’s thing made her so happy that she couldn’t even moan.


Lucino’s body was hot as if it were going to burn, as he  held her tight. 


With his lips removed, he looked down at her from above. His blue eyes looking at the woman underneath were so deep, they seemed as if they would swallow her in one bite.


After checking into a hotel in Barcelona, Lucino pounced on Anna.


He knew that he was aroused throughout the drive from Seville Airport to Barcelona after taking a plane, but he kept his expression stern and only looked straight ahead without touching anything.


The man who was constantly joking and showing interest in Anna seemed to have disappeared. With what was on his mind, Lucino could not even concentrate on Anna’s words.


Anna was nervous about the rigid atmosphere.


Why, what’s wrong with him all of a sudden? Did  I  make a slip of the tongue?


Anna looked back at her actions, but by any stretch of thought there was nothing wrong.


The bloated penis was stuck inside Anna. Anna’s head turned white even though she was doing nothing.


She felt her vagina contracting and wriggling on its own. Unconsciously, she repeatedly squeezed and released the object inserted by Lucino.




A hot sigh came out of Lucino’s mouth.


“Anna, Bella.”


The voice that called her name seemed to vibrate.


The ringing voice was lower and huskier than ever. ‘Bella’ means beautiful in Italian, and Lucino often called her that.


Calling her name in a sexy way with her body connected like this sometimes made Anna feel like she would go crazy with excitement.


If there was a temperature in his voice, it was clear that the temperature of the voice he called himself was higher than the boiling point of water.


“Why, why?”


“I love being inside you. Just putting it like this…”


His words shook Anna’s body as if she had chills. The lower hole also clenched his.


Her vaginal walls contracted, as if it was not enough to swallow everything from the glans of the penis to the base.


At first, he didn’t even put half of his penis in and it hurt.


But as the number of times she mixed herself with him increased, Anna’s body seemed to fit the size of Lucino. The greater the excitement, the more easily Anna’s vagina accepted Lucino’s thing.


“Anna, are you going to cut off my dick? Don’t tighten it too hard. It hurts when you tighten it hard like this.”


“I-I didn’t do this on purpose…”


“I know. Your hole is greedy. You want to squeeze out all the cum from my dick.”


Anna’s face turned red at the lewd words that aroused her shame. Anna could clearly feel her own vaginal walls vibrating and wriggling.


Strangely, the more shame she felt, the higher her excitement. Even though she seemed to be unable to do more because she was tired, her body’s reaction was different.


“I hope to stay inside you for a lifetime.”


The voice, mixed with a rustling sound, simmered intensely. Anna’s ears turned red as she listened to Lucino’s obscene confession.


“Wh, what… Ugh…!”


“Should I just cut off my own dick like this? Even if you go to Korea, keep putting my dick in your pussy.”


“What, what strange things… are you talking about?”


Embarrassed, Anna stuttered her words. She was breathing heavily even as she spoke sparsely.


“Then it seems like we’re always together, right? Even if I’m not by your side.”


The blue eyes, which always held a gentle warmth, blazed. For some reason, Lucino, who was usually affectionate and considerate, seemed to have lost his sanity.


Anna’s body continued to vibrate. Even though the deeply engaged genitals had already entered all the way, he pushed into the deepest part of her vaginal as if he wanted to go deeper.




A moan burst out of Anna’s throat, stimulated by the climax of the sex. Lights flashed before her eyes.




In a harsh voice, Lucino called her name again.


He leaned forward as he continued to call Anna’s name as if trying to imprint his voice in her head. The muscular buttocks of the man, who was well-shaped, contracted and gained strength.


Raising his upper body, Lucino grabbed Anna’s legs, which were spread out on both sides, and lifted her up. The gathered thin ankles were draped over one thick shoulder.


As he moved her legs, the sensation from his penis, which had been tightly filling her inside, changed the stimulation point in her vagina, making it even more thrilling.


Lucino slowly pulled out.


As the pillar of his erect penis slowly slipped away, she could feel it rubbing against her  sensitive vaginal walls as clearly as if she could hold it in her hand.


Anna unwittingly tightened as if she were trying to catch the man backing away.




Lucino let out a suppressed moan. The moan of an excited man had a deep, rich tone to it. Whenever he made such a sound as if he couldn’t bear it and bit his lip, Anna was enveloped in pleasure.


The pillar, which had slowly come out, was now slightly bitten into the hole with only the tip of the glans. The thick pillar covered with the condom was stained with Anna’s love juice and glistened.


Looking down, Lucino touched the contraceptive. He raised his hand, which was stained with sticky bodily fluids, as if to show off.


“See? This is all you spilled.”


Anna’s face turned redder. However, she did not avoid his gaze. Lucino stared at her intensely as he sucked on his fingers stained with her love-juice.


It was Lucino’s own finger that he put in her mouth, and Anna had the illusion that her inside was being sucked.


Now she knew. What does this throbbing mean.


The cracks between her thighs were wriggling, wanting to be driven fast and hard. The body that yearned for the wild attack was shedding more crystals of desire.


Lucino, who was sucking the juice she spilled deliciously, was so erotic that she felt like she was going crazy.






“Put it in quickly.”


The moment Anna’s words ended.


Lucino, holding her legs on his left shoulder, started inserting it as if he had been waiting. He  was coming in slowly, like a snail moving.


Lucino breathed out enthusiastically as if the vaginal muscles were tighter due to her legs being gathered to one side.


“Ha, Anna, relax… Ugh… It’s too tight. Oh, God. How can it be… ”


He felt like he was losing his mind at the pounding pleasure. He dulled into Anna’s body, but the narrow flesh wall wrapped around the penis tightly.


He took a short breath and finally reached his destination, poking deep into her lower abdomen.


The trembling walls of the vagina were clinging to and tightening the hardened genitals. It was like a brain melting pleasure.


Lucino repeated his slow progression once again. The speed of going in and out of her pussy was anxiously slow.


Even though he moved his waist slowly, very slowly, the pleasure was great. When the genitals that had been pushed in slowly reached the end and all the way inside, the pleasure rang through their whole bodies to the extent that tinnitus could be heard.


Lucino’s piston speed, which was moving his hips slowly, began to accelerate little by little. Her voluptuous breasts also swayed to match the speed of his rise.


“Haaang! Aaaaa! Heupp!”


He could hear a mixture of screams and moans from somewhere.


Lucino, seized by the desire of insertion to enter between the narrow wrinkles, came to his senses and found Anna’s waist bent sideways.


Her body was twisted because she couldn’t resist the pleasure.


Her body bent sideways, as if trying to avoid the peg-like penis. Anna’s whole body was glistening with sweat dripping down from her heavy body.


Lucino easily rolled Anna’s body sideways. His own cock still stuck in her hole.




As her body rotated, his penis also stimulated her entire vaginal wall in turn. His penis was so thick and long that it wouldn’t come out even if he changed his position unless he intended it to.


Anna’s arms, which lay on her back, relaxed. Her upper body collapsed down without strength. Her fingertips were so numb that she could hardly support her body with her arms. The pleasure seemed to paralyze her hands and arms.


Anna waited for Lucino’s disposition, shaking intermittently and turning her face to her side.


This posture brought about fainting pleasure as much as it was shameful.


Doing it from behind was embarrassing no matter what, but Anna, who knew the ultimate pleasure, couldn’t refuse. Even without that, Lucino’s large member penetrated deeply and made her scream out in ecstasy.

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