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Lucino’s mouth was watering at the scenery unfolding in front of him.


The curve drawn by the raised butt was desirable. Perhaps because of her narrow waistline, her round hips looked voluminous.


It was a wide open posture, as if asking for a quick fuck.


Sex with her was good in any position, but Lucino knew. He knew that if he fucked her from behind, Anna wouldn’t be able to regain her composure.


It was a sensitive body that easily felt orgasms, but her reaction was different when inserted from behind. Maybe her G-spot was easily stimulated.


He began to gently stroke the stiff and aching spine with his fingertips. Even though it was just a light touch, she felt as if an electric shock ran along her spine. The hole where the fluid flows seemed tightly sealed, as if it had been plugged.


“Ah, hmm!”


Contrary to expectations of intense pistons, he began to insert and retreat again slowly. Anna’s face, impatient with the slow movement, was distorted.


“Huh, ugh.”


She tried to lift her butt higher, but it didn’t work. Tastefully, as if he were teasing, he poked in slowly.


His penis finally entered the cramped passage and poked hard at the front of her vagina, but the speed at which he moved was so slow that it drove her crazy. Anna’s body contracted on its own as she sighed.


It seemed that his penis, which had been engaged at an insertion angle, was digging in where it shouldn’t.


As the heavily swollen penis pushed hard inside, not only her vaginal walls but also the intestines seemed to be leaning inward. Anna gasped for breath at the feeling.


She kept imagining that the big cock digging into her lower abdomen would pierce through her body and pop out of her throat.


It was an absurd fantasy, but Anna’s breathing was becoming more intense. Her feverish body was so hot that she couldn’t breathe properly.


Then, his hand dug underneath and grabbed her breast. Slowly but strongly pressed her breast.


He skillfully touched the large breast while sweeping the protruding nipples with his palm. Her slender body had unbalanced yet perfectly fitting breasts.




Anna’s vision blurred as Lucino, gripping her sensitive nipple tightly, applied pressure. She began to groan.


“Ugh. Whenever I touch your nipples like this, you always react so sensitively. Do you like it that much?”


The lusty voice was friendly but sentimental.


“Ahhhh… well.”


All her senses of nerves were focused on the hole he was pounding. Lucino slowly entered and exited her as if he was trying to carve his penis shape inside her. At the same time, he mercilessly touched her nipples.


Anna’s pupils, which were stimulated by his actions , were dimly loosened.


“Hu, aang! Hurr… Ah, ah, ah!”


She wanted to ask him to fuck her quickly, but somehow the words didn’t come out. Anna couldn’t pronounce it properly because of the constant moans coming out of her mouth.


She somehow wanted to do something, but because of her position, there was nothing she could do.




His voice was full of laughter. I felt like I was being teased.




“Please what?”


“Ha, ah, ah, agh!”


“Anna, Bella. You have to speak English properly so that I can understand.”


She moaned with a tearful face and finally reached out. The trembling tip of her hand barely touched the place right on her clitoris. As if pressing it with her fingers, she gently tickled the most sensitive spot among the erogenous zones she had discovered through Lucino.


“Ah, ahhhh!”




As if struck by lightning, a tremendous pleasure surged within the bodies of the two individuals. Anna felt her lower region heat up as if she had poured oil onto a blazing fire. At the same time, her vaginal walls clenched tightly around Lucino’s penis, craving to tear it apart.


It felt similar to when she sucked hard with her mouth, as if tightly squeezing.




Lucino’s face was distorted like that of an angry man. He called her name roughly and began to move his hips violently.


Puck puck puck.


The sound of flesh colliding was loud. His testicles quickly struck the front part of her body, and her buttocks crushing against Lucino’s fast moving body.


The hand that had been pinching her nipples was now overlaid on top of hers, stimulating her clitoris.


“Ah! Ha!”


“Did you want me to thrust that fast?”




Lucino’s eyes caught Anna’s other hand gripping the sheets as if they were tearing them apart. Her pussy of hers was also gripping his own cock hard.


A rough moan, like that of a beast, flowed through the tightly closed gaps and pierced Anna’s eardrums.


The pleasure made her body involuntarily react, whether it was because of the insertion angle or because she could feel it. Every time he thrust deep, Anna’s pussy tightened around the blunt tip.


As the rigid shaft vigorously entered and exited, Anna trembled. Each time the large object stimulated her sensitive inner walls, she felt a wave of pleasure wash over her, causing everything else to fade away.


Tears welled up in her eyes, which were brimming with excitement. Saliva flowed from her parted lips, but she couldn’t even think to wipe it.


The blood flowing through her body was boiling, but her head was getting more and more numb. The pleasure that started from the lower hole engulfed her entire body and surged up.


“A little, a little more…”


Anna’s body swayed forward as he thrust himself into it.


Suddenly he started to piston her at a maddening rate. He ran like a stallion. Anna’s eyes turned white. Even though she opened her eyes, she couldn’t see anything.


She could only feel Lucino’s penetration deep into her hole. The heavy mass that came in after hitting the contracting passage with difficulty made her head feel dizzy.


Anna screamed loudly and collapsed as if in pain, trembling all over her body. She gasped heavily, just like someone experiencing difficulty breathing.


It was an orgasm.


He repeatedly tightened, loosened, and tightened the penis that had been embedded deep into her lower abdomen. Her thighs trembled and her body tried to bounce forward as if trying to get away from him.


But Anna couldn’t do anything because of the man who was holding herself tight in the back.


The only thing possible is to pleasure and enjoy the penis that has entered inside the body.




With moans that resonated wildly in her ears and Lucino’s movements becoming more and more desperate, Anna knew that he, too, had reached a climax. Anna was seized with peripheral excitement from the man who moved violently, pressing on parts she couldn’t reach and digging in without hesitation.


She felt a wriggling sensation as the penis entered her body. Eventually, he thrust it in forcefully and reached climax.


Throughout ejaculation, he didn’t stop moving his hips.


During the intense pleasure that made her feel like she was going to faint, Anna’s body trembled with excitement. Despite being satisfied, his size had not diminished.


Slowly, he withdrew. As the thick pillar brushed against her vaginal walls, Anna’s body shivered in response.


Lucino laid her down as if she was crouching down.


He hugged her and kissed her lightly on the lips. And then from her cheeks and nape to her clavicle and forearm to her fingertips, her soft lips opened and closed repeatedly as she tried to catch her breath.


Finally, her breathing died down and returned to normal.


Anna lay motionless, feeling Lucino caressing her wordlessly. All her strength was exhausted and she couldn’t think of anything.




Lucino, who was slowly sweeping down her back, called her. He pulled her from her bed and sat her down. Now the two were sitting facing each other without a thread on.


Lucino couldn’t hide his hesitation.


He simply stared at her deeply, as if peering into the depths of Anna’s heart. His emerald eyes sparkled like sunlight reflecting on the turquoise sea.


When he looked at her like that, Anna only went into a daze.


“I need to talk to you.”


“What is it?”


His protruding Adam’s apple moved up and down. Lucino couldn’t easily speak, swallowing his saliva. His hesitant behavior was unfamiliar and unexpected.


Lucino’s expression, which seemed nervous, made Anna nervous as well.


What are you talking about? No matter how much I think about it, I still have no idea whatsoever.


He acted as if he were about to confess. But since Lucino had already said he liked her, it seemed unlikely that it would be a confession.


Could it be related to his strange behavior all day long?


She remembered him being immersed in his own thoughts all the way from Seville to Barcelona. 


What the hell are you trying to say?




He called her name again. And raised one hand and gently caressed her cheek.


Her heart tickled because the man caressed her affectionately. Anna waited quietly for what he had to say.


At last his lips opened, and Lucino began to talk.


Author's Thoughts

Hello everyone, how are you?
This is my first time doing the BG Smut series. I hope you guys enjoy it. 😉

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