Tell Me That You Like It Chapter 11.1 - I have a partner

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The next day.


The two lined up in front of the Cathedral of Seville in the morning. Anna, who had a passionate night, overslept, so they had to wait a bit. However, the Seville Cathedral, the third largest in the world, was a historically significant place worthy of the wait.


“If this is the third largest place in the world, where are the first and second places?”


“The first is St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican and the second is probably in London.”


“I didn’t know the largest cathedral was in the Vatican. I want to go to both.”


“You can go. Come with me. One is in Rome, so I’ll take you when you come to Rome.”


Anna’s face was brightened by the promise of the future.


Every morning when she opened her eyes, she was nervous, knowingly or unconsciously, because the date when she had to leave Spain was approaching. But every time he said this, her anxiety eased.


“Should I? I have to stay another half a year before I can go on a vacation.”


“Then you can come to Rome next summer. Tell me if you want to do anything. I’ll listen to everything.”


“I’m so excited just hearing it.”


“I’m not just talking. I’m serious.”


“Thank you.”


Anna tightly held Luciano’s hand, gripping it with all her strength. It was disheartening to know that she would have to wait another six months to go on a vacation, but Lucino was so proactive that it made her feel good.


His words seemed to imply that he would eagerly await the day when they could meet again, even when she arrived in Rome. Anna smiled happily.


As they stood in line, chatting about various things, the wait quickly came to an end.


The interior of Seville Cathedral was as grand as it could be, being the third largest cathedral in the world.


While Anna was overwhelmed by the grandeur and splendor of the cathedral, Lucino didn’t show much interest in such cathedral-like structures. However, he found the tomb of Christopher Columbus, located inside Seville Cathedral, somewhat intriguing.


The tomb contained four statues holding the coffin containing Columbus’s remains, as per his last wish to never set foot on Spanish soil even in death. It was the stories surrounding this tomb that piqued Lucino’s curiosity.


“There is a story that anyone who touches the foot of the statue supporting Columbus’ tomb will return to Seville with their loved one. I’m not sure which foot is because I’m confused.”


People touched it so much that the feet of the two statues in front were shiny. All the tourists around the tomb were touching the statue’s feet.


“That’s an interesting story. Shall we touch it, too?”


Anna, along with Lucino, touched the feet of the statue supporting the tomb of Columbus.


At the cathedral, she took pictures of Lucino and her, and after looking at the central altar made of gold and the silver altar, she saw a procession of people lining up inside the cathedral. It was a line going up to the Giralda Tower.


Anna climbed the Giralda Tower with enthusiasm after hearing that it was made of ramps rather than stairs because horses used to climb the tower. If it were a staircase, she wouldn’t have dreamed of going up.


Following the ramp that continuously changed directions, Anna reached the top of the Giralda Tower. A chilly wind blew fiercely as she arrived. From the viewpoint overlooking the beautiful scenery of Seville, there were several large bells hanging, seemingly ready to ring when the time came.


While it was enjoyable to overlook Seville, the crowdedness of people at the viewpoint made it somewhat chaotic. Additionally, the constant gusts of wind made Anna shiver from the cold.


“Let’s go down now.”


Seeing her like that, Lucino asked to go down quickly.


She felt fine when going up, but when she went down, she felt a little dizzy, probably because the angle of the ramp kept changing to the opposite side. If Lucino hadn’t been by her side, the way down the Giralda Tower would have been more difficult.


She came down the tower and walked as fast as she could until she reached the orange tree garden inside the cathedral. The garden, planted with trees full of oranges, was a great place to take pictures. Anna took pictures while walking under an orange tree with Lucino.


“Can I eat this orange?”


“I think it’s just for the sake of seeing.”




Anna picked up the orange that had fallen on the ground out of curiosity. The orange had already split in half, exposing its flesh, as if someone had stepped on it.


The orange, which had a strong scent, did not smell sweet at all. Even as she dropped it to the ground again, her hand still smelled of orange.


“Your hands smell of orange.”


Lucino grabbed her hand and sniffed. Hee raised her hand and kissed the back of it.


“That’s true. It smells very fragrant.”


The light in his blue eyes was thickening.


Anna now knew what it meant when those bright blue irises sparkled like that. He was talking about her, not her orange scent. Her body felt hot because of his staring eyes.


Because he had lusted after her and talked about her body several times, she was now aware of the smell of her own flesh, which she had not been conscious of until now. Under the sunlight, Anna smiled shyly and pulled her hand out of his grasp.


After leaving the Cathedral of Seville, the two headed for Alcazar near the cathedral.


There were many carriages waiting for tourists to ride around the cathedral. Anna glanced as she passed by the carriage in a long line.


“Do you want to ride it?”


Lucino, who recognized the gaze, asked astutely.


“No. I don’t want to ride because I feel sorry for the horse.”


The fate of the horse, which had to wait aimlessly for someone to ride, blindfolded, and pulled a heavy carriage, caused the viewer to have an urge to ride at least once, but there was a pity.


“I think I’ve fallen in love with you again. Anna, how can even your heart be so beautiful?”


Lucino looked down at Anna and kissed her with a look in his eyes that made him unable to bear her loveliness.


“Lucino says everything I do is beautiful.”


“Because that’s true, Bella.”


Anna now knows what Bella means.


Lucino always called her by that Italian word for ‘beautiful.’ Even thinking about not hearing that nickname as often when she returned to Korea made her feel a sense of longing and regret.


The two quickly arrived at the Alcazar.


The Alcazar of Seville, a blend of Islamic and Spanish architectural styles, had a shorter line compared to the cathedral.


The interior of the Alcazar was uniquely beautiful. Decorated with intricate geometric patterns and delicate craftsmanship characteristic of Islamic culture, it truly showcased the essence of Islamic architecture.


The Alcazar itself sparkled because of the sunlight. The richly decorated Alcazar, with its Islamic atmosphere, was also the filming location for the famous American drama Game of Thrones.


The two of them who went out to the Alcazar Garden held hands and talked about various things. Smelling the scent of fresh trees and the smell of grass, they went for a walk in the sunny garden.


“Are you satisfied with what you’re doing now?”


“Work is just like that. The purpose is to make money.”


“Then what was your dream when you were young?”




“Mamma Mia! That’s such a wonderful dream. Were you originally a vocal music major?”


He looked at Anna with wide eyes in surprise.


“No, it’s not like that. Just, I liked singing.”


“Do you still sing now?” Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I want to hear you sing, too.”


“No. It was just a hobby and it’s been a while since I sang, so I can’t sing well now.”


After she lost her dream, she didn’t pay any attention to it anymore. It’s been a long time since she’s practiced and she’s ashamed to sing in front of Luchino, so Anna turned down his request for the first time.


When Anna refused again, Lucino was visibly disappointed. They ended their walk in the garden by changing the topic of what to have for lunch and which restaurant to go to, and talking about other things for a while.


Lucino suddenly said something unexpected while enjoying ink pasta, simple tapas and Shangri-La at the restaurant.


“Anna. I have a wish.”


“What is it?”


“This, only you can hear it in this world. Can you do it for me?”


He looked very serious.


“What’s that?”


“Promise me you will do it.”


He kept begging impatiently, like a little boy stopping in front of a candy store and begging. Unable to resist the persistence of the man who kept begging her to do something without telling her what she wanted to do, Anna eventually nodded that she understood.


“Sing me a song. I want to hear you sing.”




Anna shouted his name, at a loss.


“Please, it’s my lifelong wish. Just sing for me and I’ll listen to whatever you want.”


“You didn’t have that condition before. You told me to just say that you’ll listen to everything I want to do.”


“Anna. You promised to do it, didn’t you?”


She let out a long sigh, surrendering to his persistent gaze. 


Because of Lucino’s curiosity about Korean food, the two ate dinner at a Korean restaurant in Seville. Lucino enjoyed the bulgogi and japchae, saying it was delicious.


There was time left before they went to see Flamenco, so the two went back to their accommodation. And as he wished, Anna sang a song.


It was an Italian song, but Anna didn’t know Italian very well, but she listened to it so much that she thought she could imitate the pronunciation of the song similarly.


As Lucino took out his phone to record a video, Anna’s face turned even redder, but a promise was a promise, so she finished singing the song.


It was a song that she hadn’t sung in a long time. She was embarrassed and felt awkward to do it in front of Lucino, but she still sang hard until the end.




There was only one person in the audience, but he clapped his hands enthusiastically and even made a popping sound by putting his hand to his mouth.


“Anna, I think you are full of talent and great! Do you know how to sing other songs? I want to hear more.”


He genuinely admired her and pulled her close, showering her with kisses. Amidst the downpour of kisses, Anna couldn’t open her eyes.


“You promised to sing just one song.”


“What do I have to do to hear more of your singing?”


Anna laughed at Lucino’s expression of earnestness, with his appealing eyes.


“Don’t just laugh. Your pronunciation was so perfect. I even thought you might have learned Italian.”


“That’s not it. It’s just an imitation.”


Lucino praised her talent the whole time, until just before she went to see Flamenco. Anna even felt embarrassed because he praised her so much.


She was only a little good at singing, and he shined his eyes like a twinkling star in the night sky of Seville.




The time she spent with Lucino in Seville went by quickly.

They went to watch soccer together and spent their time leisurely in Plaza de España.


Although they didn’t watch a bullfight, Seville had more sights and attractions than Madrid. Anna, who had fallen in love with flamenco, watched flamenco performances every evening during their time in Seville.


Anna suddenly found herself in Barcelona, their final destination of the trip. As soon as they checked into the hotel, he undressed her and they engaged in passionate sex without a moment’s hesitation, postponing their plan to visit Gaudí’s architectural wonders.


“I have something to tell you.”


“What is it?”


His erect member twitched up and down. Lucino swallowed hard, unable to speak easily. His hesitant demeanor was unfamiliar, as he usually didn’t hesitate to express himself.


Seeing Lucino’s tensed expression, Anna herself became anxious.


What could he possibly want to talk about? No matter how much she thought about it, she couldn’t even begin to guess.


He behaved as if he were about to confess, but since Lucino had already expressed his feelings for her, it didn’t seem like it would be a confession.


She recalled his introspective moments during their journey from Seville to Barcelona. Could it be related to his strange behavior throughout the day? Why was he struggling so much to say whatever it was he wanted to say?




He called her name again. Then he raised one hand and gently caressed her cheek. Her heart was tickled by the man stroking affectionately as if he was tickling her with feathers.


Anna waited quietly for what he was saying.


“I’m going crazy with anxiety.”




“I have to break up with you soon. Will you keep in touch with me when you go back to Korea?”


He said goodbye for the first time. The breakup that Anna couldn’t even talk about because it was painful just thinking about it.


She said a lot about where she should go next and what she should do together, but after an endless wait, she could barely get there. And Anna wasn’t 100% sure whether that plan would actually work out or not.


She couldn’t have known, but now that she knew what it was like to be loved by someone she liked, Anna found it terrifying to imagine the time she would have to part ways with Lucino.


So she didn’t make an effort to bring it up as a topic, and she buried it and ignored it.


“Of course. I want to keep in touch with Lucino. I thought Lucino would want to do that too, didn’t you?”




He hugged her and kissed her. He kissed her breathtakingly deep. He strongly absorbed the root of her tongue and searched her teeth thoroughly. He hugged and kissed Anna so tightly that it seemed as if he would crush her body.


The hugs and kisses of a man who didn’t want to let her go were desperate.


After a long, long kiss, he reluctantly parted his lips from hers.


“I also want to keep in touch with you. If I could, every day, every day. But there will be a time difference, and you may not be able to hear from me because you are busy. If we spend that much time apart…”


He continued, hesitating with an uneasy look.


“I’m scared you’ll change your mind. I’m so afraid that I won’t be able to see you again. I’m worried that you’ll find it annoying to contact me.”


It was both a passionate and fragile confession.


Although he didn’t say outright that he loved her, he almost confessed that he loved her.


The blue eyes that always looked straight at Anna without shaking an inch were trembling. The eyes deep in anxiety were painfully beautiful. Her heart ached watching.


“Lucino. I was actually nervous, too. We don’t know what’s going to happen if we go back. Of course I want to stay in touch with Lucino. But I thought Lucino might change his mind.”


“I don’t change!”


“Lucino is so handsome… That’s why I feel anxious.”


“I’m anxious because you’re pretty. I think someone will steal it. Even in Consuegra, I only left you alone for a while and the bastard clung to you.”




This man was the only one who looked at herself so beautifully. But Anna felt a little relieved because the man had honestly confessed her misgivings. She, like him, did not want to break up with him.


For a man who has confessed his sincerity like this, Anna also seemed to need to bring out her hidden anxiety at least once.


Before you go back and regret not asking for it properly. Now was the time to talk.


“I want to ask Lucino something, too.”


“What is it?”


“Can you endure without sex while we don’t meet?”


Anna was worried. It is known in the world that men are more sensitive to stimulation than women. She was anxious about whether such a passionate man would be able to endure the time he was not with her.


She knew he was not a playboy, but she liked him, so she was scared to death because she loved him.


Moreover, even though it was only for a short period of time, she knew that Lucino loved sex very much. Of course, it was the same for Anna. But the sex was good because he was the one she was having sex with.


It was a physical conversation that only two people could have and a body-to-body connection.


Having sex with him felt like her body and mind were completely in contact. So, that was even better and she didn’t want to share that man’s body with anyone.


She wanted only her to know… 


How his penis looked, how he moaned, how his expression and gaze intensified during climax. She wanted to see it all for herself.


Anna was surprised by the possessiveness she didn’t know existed within her, but she felt like she wanted to consume him entirely.


However, Lucino was a trustworthy person who kept his promises. That’s why she wanted to hear his reassurance.


If not, if he were to mention an open relationship or that it wouldn’t matter if he was involved with someone else during their time apart… she…


“Well, what about you? Can you handle it, Anna?”


“I can handle it.”


“Anna, you’re the one who’s more anxious. You were the one who constantly wanted my penis. You’re so sensitive, and you get wet easily, and when I penetrate you, you tighten up so well. Of course, I wanted you a lot too, but do you know how much effort I put into satisfying you? It’s an erotic body that I feel every time we’re together. Now, just looking at you gets me hard.”


With his explicit words, Anna’s face turned as red as a peach. With Lucino’s words, she realized that she had not only fulfilled his desires but also received his vigor in return.


Sex became a deeper experience the more they engaged in it.


Anna, just as passionate as Lucino, could match his stamina and energy, allowing her to receive his strength and endurance.


“I’ve lived 29 years without sex.”


“You’re only late to start, you know now. Can you stand it without me?”


“I’m not a beast.”


“So am I, Anna. And I don’t want another woman. All I want is you. I’ll miss you while I’m away from you, but I don’t want to hold another woman. I don’t need a replacement. You’re the only woman I want to have sex with.”


Anna knew that Lucino’s words made her worry for no reason. But she had to check it like this and hear it for herself.


Sometimes words are unnecessary and meaningless, but when asked what to do, there was something that could only be known by words.


“Sorry. I guess I was worried like a fool. Lucino is not that kind of person.”


“No, Anna. This was something I was worried about too. Well said. I understand your anxiety. Because I did the same.”


Finally, she realized why he had mentioned giving himself up.


It wasn’t simply a statement made to heighten arousal during sex when he asked if she would continue to have his penis inside her even after returning to Korea.


The underlying meaning behind those words was a plea for her not to engage in such activities with other men. It was a statement filled with possessiveness, a desire for exclusivity where only he would be able to penetrate her.


Just as Anna had been anxious about Lucino finding another woman, he had also been anxious because of Anna.


The fact that both of them had shared the same worries without expressing them seemed ironic, and he felt sorry for being as anxious as she was.


He rubbed his forehead against hers. The texture of the hard bones under the warm skin felt like his promise and heart that he would not change.


Lucino whispered with a sexy expression and lustful eyes.


“You’re the only pussy I want to taste, Anna. I don’t want anything else.”


The danger and intensity of his voice grew. The suggestive whispers made her heart pound and her sensitive core tingle with sweetness. Her body, already tamed by him, and her awakened desires responded involuntarily.


“What will I do to fill the void when I return to Korea without you?” Anna provoked him.


“I should at least masturbate while looking at your pussy. Are you going to show it when you go back and video call me?”




Completely caught off guard by the explicit words, Anna shouted his name.


His intimidating penis forcefully entered her. From the very beginning with a deep penetration, Anna moaned loudly.


“When you go to Korea, if anyone asks, tell them you have a lover, Anna.”


As he thrust relentlessly, without restraint, Anna, at the end of her moans, answered him with a resounding “Yes.”


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