Tell Me That You Like It Chapter 8.1 - Even if it hurts

Author: CleiZz Editor: CutieBinkie

He placed his lips on the pale, sweaty nape of her neck and licked it with his tongue. He could clearly feel her flinching and shaking.


Her skin was as soft as silk and sweet as honey.


For some reason, everything about Anna was delicious. Skin, pussy, and even love juice.


He placed his arms around Anna’s thighs and tried to slowly push the glans into the small hole. He knew full well how tight and small her hole was, having tasted it with his hands and tongue.


“Ugh… kugh… !”


Anna’s gaze, fixed on him, suddenly had a peculiar glint. She seemed to be in a daze as the thick glans were digging into her narrow passage as if forcing it open.


“Ah… Ahhh! W-wait…!”


“Ha… Anna, ugh! Don’t tighten your pussy too much.”


Her pussy bit the glans as if begging for it to be put in quickly. The sensation of the soft muscles inside the vagina biting and sucking the penis was blinding.


He gritted his teeth as the feeling of ejaculation soared.


He strengthened his butt muscles and pushed his waist forward a little more. He tried to insert it slowly, however, the overwhelming and breath-taking tightness caused Lucino’s forehead veins to bulge.


“Ah! It hurts, it hurts…”




She was muttering in a language he did not understand.


“Ha! Lucino, please, please slow down… so painful…”


Sharp nails dug into the flesh of his forearms. Now she was groaning and sweating.


Although Korean is a language that Lucino does not understand, he now seemed to know what she meant.


Anna was in pain. Even though only the glans were inserted, it was painful.


“Anna? Are you okay? Anna?”


“Lucino, I… ”


The woman who had been sweetly melting in pleasure a moment ago was nowhere to be found.


Anna must have come to her senses after hearing the voice calling her again and again, and spoke again in English. Embarrassed, he hastily pulled back the glans from Anna’s vagina.




Even though it was only slightly pulled out, Anna was in a lot of pain. Her eyes were filled with tears.


“It’s been a while, hasn’t it? How long has it been…”


It may have been painful because it was so narrow. Because his penis was larger than average even among Westerners. However, Lucino, who was somehow possessed by an ominous premonition, asked her as if urging her.


“I actually… ”




“I’ve never done it before.”


She shyly confessed her secret in a low voice.


“Why… No, how so…?”


Lucino, who was confused for a moment, looked surprised.


“Why didn’t you tell me sooner, Anna?”


He spoke in a scolding tone.


“… I missed the right time to speak.”


Anna looked at Lucino with a stern expression before adding another word. Feeling that she had unintentionally disrupted the mood, her body tensed up.




“No, never, never apologize to me, Anna. This is my fault. I’m the one who should be truly sorry.”


“Why Lucino? It’s my fault for not saying it was my first time.”


Anna couldn’t understand him. Why was he blaming himself?


“It’s possible that you didn’t have any experience. It’s not something to be ashamed of. It was my fault for getting too excited and trying to insert too quickly, causing you pain. I should have started very slowly… I’m sorry.”


Her stern face wasn’t due to her inexperience. Lucino was blaming himself.


He apologized more for his hasty behavior than for his surprise at Anna’s inexperience.


“I was so excited and wanted to be inside you quickly. I’m sorry for causing you pain.”


Continuing to apologize, Lucino knelt down, cupping Anna’s face in his hands. His eyes, locked with hers, were filled with a warm tenderness.


“To think that I could have your precious first time… Thank you for granting me this honor.”


It was an incredibly sweet whisper. The romantic eyes and words made Anna as soft as pudding.


She never thought that the first time was precious. But when he said that, it seemed like it was really precious, and she felt like it was precious too.


The first time may be special, but it is also a rite of passage that everyone experiences. So Anna thought about how to say it in a non-awkward way and as if it was no big deal. That way, Lucino wouldn’t feel burdened by her inexperience.


Lucino seemed to have sensed all of those thoughts, including the tension and fear that she was experiencing.


Her heart felt a pang, as if something was tingling. How could this person say the words she didn’t even know she wanted to hear?


Lucino lowered his face and showered her with kisses. His lips touched her forehead, the bridge of her nose, and both cheeks, repeatedly in a rhythmic motion.


It was a light but affectionate kiss with no sexual intent.


The sensation of his lips against her skin felt as soft as cotton candy, melting her flesh with each gentle contact. Her body, previously tense with anticipation, completely relaxed.


With each touch, it felt like his lips were confessing apologies and adoration, causing her heart to beat wildly, as if it might burst.


“Anna, Anna…”


He called her name sweetly and slowly lowered his lips. Anna’s body flinched as his lips moved down her jawline to the nape of her neck.


Hot breath flowed along her neckline, sending goosebumps all over her body.




“I guess Anna has a sensitive neck.”


He was carefully observing Anna’s reaction as she let out a faint moan and flinched.


Realizing that he was attentively observing every reaction of hers, her heart started to beat faster, and a fiery heat surged within her.


Anna’s moans got louder as he raised his teeth and bit the back of her neck, then sucked it hard.


Lucino, who saw red marks left on her pale skin, climbed on top of her body. He rubbed his still erect penis against her thigh.


He lowered his head to the crook of her neck and licked, sucked, and massaged her voluptuous breasts. Anna let out a hot sigh as she raised her blunt nails and scratched both of her nipples at the same time.






She snorted instead of answering.


“If it hurts, don’t hold back and tell me.”


Lucino asked, perhaps because he was very concerned about her pain a little while ago.


“It doesn’t hurt, Aah!”


A hot tongue touched the back of her neck, giving her goosebumps. She wanted to tell him to stop, but she also wanted to tell him not to stop.


As if kneading a bird’s egg, he grabbed her nipple with his index finger and thumb and began to gently press it up and down repeatedly.


An unbearable moan escaped from between her lips. A tingling sensation began to run across her skin, as if electricity had been turned on.


It didn’t hurt. Lucino was delicately stimulating Anna’s nipples as if she were a fragile porcelain doll.


With each gentle touch, her heart melted along with her body. Just as her body had tensed up from pain, it now responded in the same way to pleasure. He continued to play with her nipples and instead of penetrating her, he crushed her pussy with his hard penis.


Anna’s vagina was stimulated by the man rubbing her clitoris, and sticky love juice flowed out again.


It felt like her whole body was floating in the water due to the numbing pleasure. The lips that followed the neckline began to move down further.


The hot lips that had touched the nape of her neck gradually moved down and eventually reached the mound of her chest. He raised his teeth and bit the round curve gently.




The throbbing grew louder.


It wasn’t as stimulating as sucking the sensitive flesh between her legs, but the pleasure was definitely there.


Anna trembled slightly as soft lips took her left nipple into his mouth and sucked it. Without realizing it, her body flinched and her back twitched.


“Anna’s nipples are sensitive too.”


He sucked on the pink-tinted bud that he had tasted a moment ago. He bit down on Anna’s breasts as if he were going to devour them whole, using his tongue to flick at her nipples.




It stung a little, but strangely, she felt a tightening sensation deep within her lower abdomen. The slight pain seemed to enhance the pleasure even more.


Suddenly he started biting her nipple very gently with his sharp teeth.


A soft nasal sound kept coming out. As Lucino began to touch the right breast that he could not put in his mouth, Anna’s moans became louder.


A tingling sensation ran from the stimulation point on her skin and focused on a place below.


It felt like it was tickling, but the throbbing sensation was getting stronger. It was obvious that the hole was clenching as if protesting why no one was paying attention to it.


Lucino caressed her breasts so painstakingly that it seemed like he was persistent. Love juice flowed from the hole below as if a dam had burst. The gown underneath was completely soaked.


“Ah, please…!”


She couldn’t come to her senses because of the pleasure that was building up one after another. Anna was unable to exert any strength in her body due to the tingling sensation that had accumulated in her lower body all the way to her fingertips.


He lowered his hand and felt underneath.


“Anna, you’re so wet, like you’ve already come. Your pussy juice was delicious, but it’s a shame to spill it all.”


It was as if a devil was whispering, and the more he spoke in such a provocative manner, the deeper inside her body trembled.


Overwhelmed by pleasure, he used his hand to slowly tease the flowing juices from her opening. It sent shivers through her entire body. Even with gentle touches, it felt sticky, as if there was so much of it.


“Ah, ah!”


It was a moan melting in pleasure. The entrance, waiting for greater stimulation, wriggled on its own, contracting and relaxing repeatedly.


Lucino suppressed any desire for penetration and carefully inserted one index finger into her pussy. The tight passage stretched out as if it would swallow his finger.


“I’ll stretch it by inserting my fingers first.”




He put his index finger in shallowly and took it out, put it in and took it out. Slowly, very slowly, his finger slid in and out of her vagina.


The shallow, slow feel of the piston was tantalizing and arousing. She wished he could put it in just a little bit deeper… 


As if he knew what she wanted, his fingers suddenly penetrated a little deeper.




Anna lifted her waist up without realizing it. The deeper stimulation felt sweet. The soft inner wall of her vagina clung to his index finger as if it were being sucked.


“Good? Deeper? Would you like me to make it faster?”




Anna responded with a long, continuous moan instead of words. Her cheeks flushed with heat, and her partially lowered eyelids trembled.


Lucino gradually increased the speed of his movements in and out of the vagina, looking at her face stained with pleasure. The sound of muddy water splashing echoed in the quiet room.


He subtly added another finger, using his index and middle fingers to piston inside her. As a result, Anna began to moan even louder.


Satisfied with the noticeable reaction, a ferocious light appeared in his blue eyes and then disappeared. The previously engorged penis, fueled by blood since earlier, had now become painfully rigid.


“Now there are two in. How is it?”


He asked because he knew she liked it but he wanted to see her reaction. The hazy, open eyes stared at him, panting.


Without taking his eyes off Anna’s face, Lucino slowly moved his fingers back and forth. He inserted them and then withdrew, repeating the motion. A bumpy knob was tightly wrapped around his fingertips..


The firm object entered the delicate inner membrane slowly, then swiftly retreated. It penetrated slowly, then rapidly withdrew, only to enter again at a leisurely pace before quickly exiting.


It was a strange feeling, as if a passage was slowly being opened, being thrust into her body.


As it entered deeper into the vagina, as if trying to gauge the depth, an exclamation erupted from her mouth.


It didn’t hurt, perhaps because it was smaller than the penis. Even though she wasn’t exercising, she felt out of breath. Every time he moved his fingers carefully, she could feel his consideration for her.


Her heart melted. Maybe that’s why her body seemed to melt along with her mind.


Each time the finger penetrated Anna, a moan of pleasure burst out of her mouth. The tingling sensation in the pussy seemed to increase as he thrust. A tingling sensation continued to flow down her spine.


“Anna. Ha-ha… I want to put it in.”


“Ugh, do it… It’s okay…”


“Not yet, Anna. You have to know how to eat three, so it hurts less if I put mine in.”


He sighed and stared at Anna. The gaze that looked like it was going to be eaten was overflowing with desire. The blue eyes were burning hotly.


What he was inserting was his finger, but he was breathing heavily as if he had inserted a penis.


He was enduring the desire to insert. He moved his hands rhythmically just for her pleasure.


The pistoning was getting faster and faster, but fortunately Anna didn’t seem to be in any more pain. He moved his face down and licked her clit with his tongue.




Anna felt like she was going crazy because Lucino was gently sucking and licking her clitoris. The tingling pleasure that started from below spread throughout her entire body.


As he thrust deep inside her, he simultaneously sucked on her clitoris, causing her vaginal walls to tighten involuntarily. She could feel the constriction as her body responded beyond her control. She was so lost in the sensation that she didn’t even realize he had added another finger.


“You, it’s too… ah, good… ah.”


She felt a pang of disappointment as the withdrawing finger left her. Her body, as if understanding her desire, tightened around the finger with force. Lost in arousal, she was taken by surprise when the finger was replaced by something larger and blunter.




Lucino stood up, spread Anna’s legs wide, gripping his penis tightly as he pushed it into her tight entrance.


Slowly and very carefully, he began to push himself into the entrance of the empty passage. Sweat ran down his sweaty back. It was hard to endure, but what Anna felt was more important.


He had only inserted the tip of his glans, yet the passage felt even narrower than when he had used his fingers.


Worried about causing her any pain, he carefully examined Anna, who was lying down. If she showed any signs of discomfort, he planned to withdraw.


“Anna Bella, are you okay?”


“Hmm… little…”


“Little? Does it hurt a little?”


“No. Little… I feel sore.”


Although her breathing was a little heavy, she seemed fine. She didn’t even mumble in Korean like before. The hazy eyes immersed in pleasure remained the same.


Blue eyes twinkled fiercely.

He wanted to bury it all the way to the roots like this.


He’s never put up with it this much, and he’s never wanted to do it so quickly. But he didn’t want Anna to be in pain.


He frowned and tried to go in as slowly as he could, but there was a hand on his thin thigh holding him. It was Anna. She held his hand tightly as if to cheer him up when he was nervous.


They maintained intense eye contact, without exchanging any words, for a while.


Little by little he came further in.


The feeling of the soft skin being pulled open and being pushed inside by something thick and different from a finger was really strange. It was strange, but it was erotic and provocative.


It was downwards that accepted it, but strangely enough, Anna’s breath rose all the way to her throat.


“Anna, take slow breaths. Good girl,” he said, reaching out his hand to her as her chest heaved and she gasped. He gently cupped her cheek, praising her for exhaling deeply. The tender touch melted her entire being.


From below, it felt as if her arousal was surging, wanting to pour out. As she wriggled underneath him, he could see that only the tip was barely clinging on. It seemed like it would feel even better once he was fully inside.


Even though it was just his hand, she felt like it didn’t hurt for some reason because she now knew the pleasure she felt when Lucino put it in her.


“Lucino… Please add more.”


Then he made a groaning sound.


“… I’m barely holding back, so don’t tempt me.”


“I’m okay even if it hurts. If it’s Lucino… ”


“I don’t like that.”


He gently rocked his hips backward and then pushed back into the tight entrance, teasing the opening with the tip of his penis. He repeated this motion several times, causing sensations akin to water simmering over a flame.


Sensing her body’s increasing heat, he spread the narrow passage and pushed further inside. The pressure against the inner flesh made Anna’s lips part involuntarily, and her head tilted back.


In that moment, she realized that there had been no empty space from the beginning, as she felt the tightness enveloping him, filling every inch without any room to spare.


It wasn’t easy to swallow his thick body even though she was wet and excited.


It felt like forcing a bolt into a nut that didn’t match the imagined volume and mass. It was as if her body was being split in half, even though there was no pain.


Despite the absence of pain, Anna’s breathing became increasingly rough due to the overwhelming sensation. Her breasts heaved, and her flat lower abdomen quivered up and down.


“Does it hurt? If it hurts, I’ll take it out,” Lucino said, though he didn’t want to remove himself at all.


“No… It doesn’t hurt. It’s just… ah, it’s so big, it feels strange…”


The engulfing sensation was ecstatic. The gentle pressure of the inner walls embracing his shaft felt unbelievably pleasurable.


Even though he hadn’t fully entered yet, the intense sensation of his penis being tightly constricted was overwhelming to the point of forgetting how to breathe.


He wanted to break through and go all the way.


He wanted to follow the urge to thrust deeper. He wanted to drive his cock all the way in. He could have fucked her a hundred times, a thousand times, he wanted to, but he suppressed the urge.


It was a struggle to hold back, and his mind was throbbing.


The hand that was caressing Anna’s face suddenly came down and was squeezing her pelvis, trying to resist the desire to insert it. Bright blue veins were sprouting on his thick forearms and the backs of his hands.




Sighing in pleasure, he slowly pulled his penis back.


Even when pulling out, the fleshy walls that pressed against the thick shaft seemed to suck him in, as if yearning to hold onto it. The sweet sensation made everything in front of him blur.


He thrust his hips forward again. Gradually, ever so slowly, he pushed his penis into the tightness, feeling the inner walls yield and embrace him, only to withdraw again. He repeated this motion several times.


Little by little, Anna’s capacity to accommodate him increased. Like a snail moving at a slow pace, he gently moved his body back and forth, inching his penis into her opening with some resistance.




The end of Anna’s erotic moans trembled. He had penetrated her deeper than ever before. Due to the relentless thrusting and the pressure of his penis delving into her depths, she felt a dull ache deep within.


“Anna, you’re good. Please relax…”


Meanwhile, his blue eyes were flashing fiercely as if they were going to chew her up and eat her up.


He knew he could thrust upwards and penetrate himself as deep as he wanted. However, he never moved his hips vigorously, not even once.


Anna endured the pain because of those eyes. It hurt less than before, so it was bearable.


“Ugh, I never gave you strength…”


However, she couldn’t hold back the whimpering moans.


“Damn it, it hurts so damn much with you squeezing me like this.”


After speaking in English about the pain, he suddenly burst out with incomprehensible, rough Italian. Judging by the tone and atmosphere, it seemed like he was using profanity.

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