Tell Me That You Like It Chapter 8.2 - Even if it hurts (2)

Author: CleiZz Editor: CutieBinkie

“I’m sorry for hurting you…”


“When I said it hurts, I meant that it feels so tight inside you that it makes me crazy, Anna. And don’t apologize in bed.”


He frowned as he tried to hold back the rising feeling of ejaculation, and spoke in English with a much more exotic accent than usual.




Two large hands grabbed Anna’s pelvis and gently caressed her, as if trying to comfort her. As his hands brushed her waist and pelvis, as if her whole body had become an erogenous zone, a thrilling electric current jumped from her skin.


Though unintentional, her vision became blurry. Her half-open eyes kept trying to close.


“Look at this. Half of it has already gone in.”


Upon hearing his words, Anna unconsciously lifted her head to confirm what was happening below.


As her gaze landed, it seemed like the penis embedded in her body was expanding in size. On top of the already stretched sensation, she let out a moan and lowered her head back onto the bed.


A sigh escaped her lips as the penis that had been inside slowly slid out. Even during the withdrawal, the feeling of the inner walls being caressed by the friction continued, causing her to emit a continuous sound of distress.


Gasping heavily, the swollen member pushed back inside once again.


It felt as if the hot shaft was forcefully prying open a hole that should not be entered. The discomfort below overwhelmed her senses, focusing all her attention on the connected area. Her sweat-drenched body was burning hot.


“Haah, it’s so tight, it’s driving me crazy.”


The blue irises, covered with excitement, were greatly dilated.


“Again… Does it hurt?”


“No, Anna. I like it so much I want to cum.”


“Then… Can’t you just cum?”


Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked up at him. In response, he grimaced and let out a hollow laugh. With a dismissive tone, he shook his head.


“After you cum first.”


Anna tried to ask, “Me? How?” But before she could, he leaned down, covering her lips with his own.


They kissed passionately, their lips and tongues entwined, while their bodies pressed against each other. They drank each other’s saliva, nibbling and biting their lips with fervor. Amidst it all, his hips moved slowly, steadily forward, and forward once more.


The kiss was deep, intense, and almost frightening, reaching even the root of their tongues. Their heavy bodies pressed against each other like a blazing furnace, causing their lips and teeth to collide painfully.


He sucked on Anna’s tongue as if he wanted to devour it completely. It was a kiss that revealed how much he had restrained himself, how much he desired her.


With one hand, he firmly grasped Anna’s breast, roughly kneading it. The excited nipple was crushed and distorted within his large grip. With his other hand, he clenched Anna’s hand, intertwining their fingers.


He held her hand tightly, exerting a strong grip, as he penetrated deeper inside her. His movements were slow, but his intentions were clear.


Like a writhing serpent, he moved his hips back and forth, steadily thrusting his penis deeper into Anna.


The warmth emanating from his pressed body, the sweat-drenched presence of this man, was beautiful. His efforts to alleviate her pain were endearing. Anna found herself immersed in a sense of happiness despite the discomfort she felt.


She wanted to fully embrace him.


If only she could get even closer.


Feeling the sensation of the thick penis slowly penetrating as she opened herself up, Anna lifted her hips upward, striving to meet him. With both hands reaching out, she firmly grasped his sturdy buttocks and pulled him closer.


With a resounding thud, their bodies collided, and he plunged deeply, in one breath, to the very end.






A sharp pain pierced through her, causing Anna to bite down on Lucino’s tongue. Simultaneously, their intertwined lips parted.


However, Anna didn’t release her grip on his buttocks. She tried to cling to his body, digging her nails in deeply.




Lucino, with a bewildered expression, shouted her name loudly.


“What… what are you doing? Doesn’t it hurt?”


His face turned pale, as if he himself were in pain. However, his massive erection remained unchanged.


Their bodies were completely fused together, like gears fitting perfectly. The sound of their heartbeats intertwined, resonating through their entire beings.


The fact that they were tightly connected, leaving no space in between, pleased Anna enough to endure the intense pain.


“I’m… not… in pain.”




His hand, which was caressing her chest, moved up and gently brushed against her reddened eyes. Wiping away the moist tears, he showered Anna’s face with kisses.


The sensation of his lips touching her forehead, cheeks, lips, and jawline was so tender and overwhelming that it made her feel loved.


They stayed like that, fully joined, embracing each other tightly and exchanging kisses. It was a bit painful, but the satisfaction of finally being fully connected filled Anna with a sense of accomplishment.




The man who had been showering her face with kisses was already moving his lips to her ear.




He answered by putting the soft earlobe in his mouth and sucking it. The hot breath that touched her ear and the sensation of him sucking on her earlobe sent shivers down her spine.


Unconsciously, Anna clenched around his embedded member like a vice. As he delved deeper inside her, he pressed against a tighter spot, somewhere deep within.


“Eugh… huh…!”


Feeling her body quiver and tremble, Anna let out a moan. A current surged through her spine, tingling all the way to her scalp. The pleasure flowed through her nerves, overpowering any lingering pain.


She even forgot what she was going to say.


That was the beginning.


He, who had deeply embedded himself without moving, began to thrust his hips. The movements were shallow at first, but when he entered and firmly hit the spot, Anna’s body trembled involuntarily. When the blunt tip pressed against her deepest point, a tantalizing sensation bloomed.


The room, which had been quiet until Lucino entered, was filled with the sounds made by the two people.


As his penis swallowed all the way down, a muffled sound escaped from the corner of her mouth. It was a strange sound she had never heard in her life. It sounded like distorted speech, and at the same time, it resembled the sound of an animal whimpering.


With each thrust of his firm flesh, a squelching sound echoed. The two people’s thighs were shiny with love juice.


“Anna, you really… Ugh.”


“Ah! Ah! Ah!”


As he increased the speed of his thrusts, Anna’s moans became higher-pitched and shorter, resembling a staccato performance.


The rhythm of their bodies, pressed against each other, also quickened. As he thrust forcefully, their bodies twisted and contorted.


“Please, don’t tighten it too much. Relax, Anna.”


That feeling was already coming.


The orgasm wave she had first felt when he sucked and flicked her down below with his tongue. The insane pleasure that sent shivers through her entire body.


“Huh, Anna.”


The shallow movements had transformed into deep thrusts. Lucino, unable to hold back any longer, increased his speed.


He pistoned hard enough to make a popping sound, but Anna didn’t feel any pain.


Like playing a string instrument, his penis vigorously teased her insides. Going in and out, in and out, it rubbed against the narrow passage.


Anna found herself instinctively moving her hips, yearning for him to go deeper, even deeper.


It was an instinctual movement. Although it was her first time experiencing sex, her pleasure-drunk body moved on its own accord.


The sound of flesh colliding grew faster and faster. When had the pain subsided? Or perhaps it had been a slight discomfort from earlier? Regardless, the sensation of the hard penis thrusting deeply brought her immense pleasure.


As the long shaft spread her walls, fiercely rubbing and penetrating, her vision blurred with each entry and exit.


Love juice flowed endlessly from that throbbing place. It was as if a flood was escaping from a hole, continuously pouring out. But it was impossible to cool down the heated bodies.


“Anna, you… you’re so hot,” he breathed heavily.


“Aahh! Good! So good! Ahh!”


Anna didn’t even know what she was saying anymore. Her eyes, entranced by the sensations he was giving her, were wide open as if under the influence of some drug.


“Do you like it that much?”


“Yes. Do it more, faster…!”


Her pleasure-drenched, dilated pupils trembled. In that state, she looked beautiful as she moaned and urged him on.


“Does my dick taste that good?”


“Yes, yes! Ah!”


“Ugh. You’re going to break my dick. If you tighten it that hard…”


The feeling of being squeezed so strongly made Lucino almost cum. He clenched his teeth and held back his ejaculation.


“I can’t just let it go.”


He straightened his torso, which had been bent over, and gripping Anna’s bouncing breasts tightly as if punishing her, he moved his hips forcefully. Like a beast alive only in its waist, he thrust vigorously.


Satisfied by the sharpness of her moans, he grabbed her erect nipples and shook them.


The wet, squishy sound was getting faster.




No matter how hard he tried, an uncontrollable moan burst out of Lucino’s mouth. In a corner of his mind, a fuse had been ignited and was slowly burning out.


With a lustful gaze, he looked between the spread legs. Thankfully, there was no blood.


The enticing, pinkish-red folds of the vagina and the drenched pubic hair were begging for more. His mouth watered, yearning to taste it.


As Lucino’s hand moved downward, he lightly teased her clitoris with his fingertips. It was a gentle touch, but Anna’s reaction was intense. She arched her back and let out a trembling moan.


As he continued to stimulate the swollen clitoris with rapid thrusts, Anna’s thighs began to quiver.


It was the beginning of the climax.


Her walls clenched tightly, as if going insane. The pressure was suffocating, almost taking his breath away. He squeezed his penis, which was so soft and jelly-like, causing a slight ache before releasing it.


The pace was unbelievably fast, leaving no room for clear thinking. It was evident that he was in the throes of a raging desire, as it drew him in tightly from the depths.

But he couldn’t be satisfied with just that.


Lucino took Anna’s hand and placed it on her own clitoris. Then, he layered his hand on top, pressing it rapidly from side to side.


“If I thrust forward, you know to touch yourself here, right, Anna?”


“Ah! Ugh, ugh!”


“Say you like it, Anna. Do you understand?”


“Okay, okay… Ugh! Huh! Ah! Ah! Aaaah!”


Anna responded to his words without even knowing what she was saying. Her body trembled for a moment. Like a person suffering from a severe illness, she trembled and clenched him tightly as if she would break his penis.


But he, or rather Anna, did not take his hand off her clitoris.


She was engulfed in intense sensations, shedding tears uncontrollably. Saliva dripped from her parted lips. The same could be said for what was happening below. Hot love juice flowed out of the hole.


It felt like she was going to die. It felt so good that it felt like she was going to die.


She couldn’t think of anything. She didn’t even know how to breathe anymore. Gasping for air, she could barely manage to take shallow breaths, but Lucino began touching her lower region and sucking on her nipples.


Anna screamed like an animal in a fit of convulsions and tried to escape him. No, she tried to pull away.


But she couldn’t. The penis, deeply embedded like a stake, was unavoidable. It felt like it reached all the way to the entrance of her uterus with each thrust, which was terrifying. It felt like her body was going to break apart.


However, when he started sucking and biting her nipples forcefully, even her fear vanished from her mind.


“Uh! Ah! Ahh! Ah! Uh! It feels good! So good! Too good! Ahhh!”


The pleasure that originated from the fiercely stimulated vagina engulfed her entire body. It felt like an electrifying sensation from head to toe. She didn’t know if she was losing her mind or if she had already lost it.


Even though she reached climax, he didn’t stop. Her nerves were completely fried, and she couldn’t bear any more stimulation.


Yet, still, Lucino didn’t stop. His penis continued to thrust inside her. She couldn’t withstand the short, powerful, and rapid piston-like motion of a man’s strength.


There was no man she thought was a gentleman. He was a beast in bed. He was an animal. He was a devil who fell into primal desires.


As she was already experiencing climax, another wave of climax hit her. It was as if someone had flashed a bright light right in front of her eyes, and her vision turned pure white. Anna’s hips jerked, and she let out a scream of ecstasy. Trembling as if experiencing chills, she greedily accepted the penis penetrating her, the source of pleasure.


Her body felt like it was going to shatter due to the forceful penetration of the penis, tearing apart her contracting walls. She shook uncontrollably, as if the whole world was shaking, as if there was an earthquake.


It was frightening to feel like her entire body had turned into a clitoris.


She couldn’t bear the overwhelming sensation that surged through her like a tidal wave. It felt so good, yet it was so agonizingly pleasurable. She even had a strange thought, wondering if people who die from bad luck die like this.


“No, no, don’t… !”


No way, no way…


A sensation similar to excretion exploded from below. A stream of clear water flowed from the woman. Their legs were soaked. It was a different liquid from love juice.


“Finally, you came.”


Anna seemed to have heard him through her screams of pleasure.


Finally witnessing Anna’s release, Lucino was captivated by satisfaction. He embraced her tightly, like a savage beast, and moved his hips vigorously with a wild speed.


Their bodies collided with a loud, slapping sound, as he pounded like a drill, seeking her lips that screamed in ecstasy. Building up momentum, piston-like thrusts intensified until he reached a climax that couldn’t be surpassed.


Consumed by pleasure, he thrust his hips harder and faster, seeking even greater ecstasy. He buried himself into Anna’s body several more times.


With one final forceful thrust, Lucino’s waist movements came to a halt.


The sex that felt like it existed somewhere between heaven and hell had finally come to an end.


“Huff, huff, huff…”


Suddenly, Anna’s sobbing sound reached his ears. Startled, Lucino sat up and looked at her. It was clear that she had reached climax.


Given how forcefully he was thrusting, it was impossible for her not to experience an orgasm. But why was she crying?


He hastily withdrew his still-erect penis. Since he had filled her so tightly, there was a sound of air escaping as he pulled out from her vagina.


Even in the process of removing his genitals, her inner walls were still vibrating, tempting him to thrust again.


However, it was she who was crying.


“Anna, why are you crying? Did it hurt? Did I go too rough?”


He looked at her with a bewildered expression, trying to examine her lower region. As he reached towards her thighs, she cried out even louder and covered herself with her hand.


“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I messed up. Please don’t cry, Anna. It hurts me when you cry.”

Lucino immediately jumped off the bed and knelt down on the floor.


“You said no, but you keep doing that? Did I force you to do it when it hurt? Huh? Anna…”


But there was no answer from Anna’s mouth. She just lowered her eyes and sobbed. Lucino pulled out a tissue and handed it to her.


“Sniff… It was… me…”


“Yeah, yeah. So?”


He nodded eagerly, even though he didn’t really understand what Anna was trying to say.




Lucino knelt by Anna’s bedside and waited for her to stop crying. After a hell of a wait, she finally stopped crying.


“I’m sorry, Anna. It’s my fault.”


He guessed that he had hurt her too much. It was heartbreaking to think that he had continued despite her pain. He berated himself, calling himself a fool, and looked sympathetically at Anna, whose eyes were swollen.


“No, no. It’s not your fault, Lucino… Sniff.”


Tears poured down again.


“I-I’m so embarrassed, it’s…”


“What are you embarrassed about?”


Perplexed, he repeated her words. Could it be that she found it embarrassing to experience orgasm?


With a flushed face, she struggled to confess. Her voice was barely audible, so small and thin that it could be easily overlooked if one didn’t pay attention.


“I… Sniff… I felt like… I… urinated.”


Upon hearing her words, Lucino felt an instant relief. He let out a long sigh and began to chuckle. He gently pressed his forehead against hers, rubbing it against hers in a playful manner that stung a little.




“My beautiful fool. That wasn’t urine.”


“But there was so much…”


Lucino interjected before Anna could finish her sentence.


“You think it was urine because there was so much? No, Anna Bella. I told you. I said I would cum after I made you cum. Remember?”




“It’s a woman’s ejaculation. That’s what it is. It felt so intense that you ejaculated, not urine.”


He explained step by step. The gentle tone made her understand carefully.


With a belated realization, Anna felt another wave of embarrassment. She thought she knew about sexual intercourse in theory from the sex education classes at school. And she vaguely remembered hearing about female ejaculation at some point in the past.


But when it actually happened, the sensation of urination felt so vivid that she assumed it was a mistake.


“I feel so stupid. I’m this old and I didn’t even know about that.”


“You could have mistaken it. After all, today was your first time having sex, Anna.”


He grabbed her chin, making her face him despite her attempts to avoid his gaze.


“Bella, you didn’t hate it because it was cumming, right?”


In her trembling black pupils, he found the truth. She clearly enjoyed it.


“I really liked Anna because she was cumming. It was a shame that I couldn’t eat it all.”


His words, tinged with shame, ignited a spark in Anna’s eyes. A wickedly hungry smile curled at the corners of his lips.


“Would you like me to taste it even if it’s on your pussy?”


As he spoke, he rose from his kneeling position and forcefully spread Anna’s legs apart. Despite her screams and pleas for him to stop, he didn’t listen.


He placed his tongue on the secret area where the moist heat remained. Her drenched vagina had a rich taste and scent like well-aged wine.


As he carefully licked up and down with his tongue, he could clearly feel her entrance opening.


An ecstatic moan, like the song of a siren, was ringing in his ears. He was so satisfied that  he put his face down and ate her up.


As the night passed and morning came, Anna was fucked under Lucino countless times and came again and again.


“Look at what’s lined up here. Do you like it so much when I fuck you?”


Anna touched the clitoris herself as he had taught her, and tightened the penis that was deeply penetrating her as if she would break it.


It wasn’t a lie that he was going to fuck her pussy so hard that it would be all loose. Because it was so badly pierced, her delicate skin was swollen and sore. It was to the point where she had the illusion that it had been torn down.


She realized firsthand that he was a man of his word.


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