Tell Me That You Like It Chapter 9.2 - Say it’s good

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He just wanted to see her smiling face. He didn’t want to see her troubled or distressed expression.


Even if she were to return to Korea, he could visit Korea himself. If he continued to treat her well, wouldn’t Anna miss him even when she went back?


If only she allowed it…


He couldn’t understand why he liked her so much. But love wasn’t something that could be reasoned with. He simply followed his heart’s desires.


“It hurts a lot, right? I’ll give you a massage.”


He reached out his hand and grabbed the lotion that was placed on the side table. He lifted her body slightly and spread out the sheet that enveloped her. Her fair skin was marked with bite marks and hickeys.


Blushing, she hastily covered her chest with both hands and crossed her legs. Despite the pain coursing through her muscles, she hurriedly concealed herself.


“No, that’s fine.”


Despite having shown him every inch of her body just yesterday, she still seemed shy and embarrassed. His desire intensified because of her bashfulness.


However, Lucino gently comforted Anna.


“If you want to walk on your own two feet tomorrow, you’d better get a massage now. I’ll massage it very gently so it doesn’t hurt.”


“Wouldn’t it be okay if we just rest now?”


“A massage will help relieve the muscle soreness faster.”


“Are you planning something strange?”


“Absolutely not. Don’t misunderstand me.”


Still, the suspicion was not easily dispelled. Lucino, who kept fucking her even though he said he wouldn’t do it last night, had lost Anna’s trust when it came to sex.


“I will never touch your pretty tits or pussy. Wouldn’t that work, Anna?”


While speaking lewdly, he squeezed out some lotion and applied it to his palm. He gently massaged Anna’s shoulders with his slippery hands.




An exclamation burst from Anna’s mouth at the light pressure pressing her hardened trapezius muscle very gently.


“Feels good, doesn’t it?”


“Um… yeah.”


He pressed firmly on the sore spots, providing just the right amount of pressure. His hands gently kneaded her tense shoulders, providing a refreshing sensation as her shoulders began to relax.


At this point, Anna couldn’t resist any longer.


“Put your hands away and open your legs, Anna.”


Startled, Anna moved her hands that were covering her chest to the side. Then, she obediently spread her legs apart.


His heart swelled with anticipation due to her submissive compliance. His penis throbbed with desire, yearning to enter the gap between her spread legs.


But he calmly positioned himself between Anna’s legs, his face betraying no signs of his inner turmoil. He squeezed out some lotion onto her upper body, from her arms to her fingertips.


He gently caressed and massaged every inch of her skin. He attentively observed her reactions as he softly pressed on the tense areas.


The tense body, and the eyes that had been alert for fear of being attacked, were loosening up.


As his hand moved downward, it accidentally brushed against her swollen and sensitive nipple. 




“Sorry. It was a mistake.”


Apologizing quickly, he swiftly shifted his attention to Anna’s abdomen, generously applying lotion with his hand. From her navel to the lower regions, he caressed and pressed on the areas that had been yearning for his touch.


“When I insert it, it seems like the glans reaches up to here.”


A flush spread across Anna’s face, as if someone had dropped red paint on a canvas. In the glimpses he stole, he could see a glistening, dew-like liquid in the hole.




“What? Massage?”


“Such words…”


“You like it.”


Her face ripened like a cherry at those words. Lucino, annoyed, teased her even more mischievously. He now knew full well that Anna was easily swayed by these words.


“Your face is turning red, Anna. It’s hard to distinguish the color of your face from that of your vagina.”


“It’s crazy, really!”


“That’s right. I’m crazy about you.”


Even as he said that, he steadily massaged her.


From the armpit to the side, he gently slid his hand and pressed the skin. Finally, the thumb that touched the open thigh pressed down on the muscle.




It was a massage, obviously a massage, but his fingers were pressing the hidden erogenous zones on the inside of her thighs.


Anna’s body temperature was steadily rising. And her vaginal opening was also writhing with a numbing sensation.


As if she wanted to eat his penis.


However, he pretended not to notice and continued massaging her thighs. The affectionate touch felt refreshing but also overly stimulating, causing her to struggle to catch her breath.


His slow-moving hand descended further and suddenly pressed against the sensitive area behind her knee.




Her waist involuntarily jolted upwards. A delicious aroma emanated from her nether regions. The rich scent ignited his appetite. He thirsted for that sweet nectar.


“I didn’t know this place was also an erogenous zone.”


While he didn’t directly touch her breasts or vagina, he constantly explored and caressed other erogenous zones. He gently scratched the delicate flesh behind her knee with his fingernails and massaged her tight calves.


Looking into her dilated pupils filled with excitement, he flipped her over like flipping a pancake. Naturally, he straddled her buttocks and proceeded to massage her back.


Applying lotion, he used his smooth palms to glide along her spine and gently kneaded below her shoulder blades. Her back, marked with patches and blemishes, was no exception to his attention.


Feeling the refreshing touch, Anna let out a long breath. As his hand descended along her spine, he caressed her lower back, eliciting moans from her prone form. With a firm press, her whimpering grew louder.

It felt like playing a high-quality musical instrument. His gaze became fierce as he discovered another erogenous zone.




Ironically, Lucino’s excited voice sounded more tense.


Having finished the back massage, he moved his hands further down her buttocks. With fingers bent, he pressed firmly against the protruding bones, extending down her legs, ankles, and even the soles of her feet. Anna withdrew her feet, ticklish, but her arousal continued to flow incessantly from the gap between her spread legs.


“It’s over. It was okay, right?”


Before Anna could turn around, Lucino climbed onto the bed and placed his body on top of her prone body. She was so hot that she was panting sweetly as if she was out of breath.


“You naughty bastard.”


“After offering such generous service, you return it with insults. How sad.”


“You knew what you were getting into.”


Her voice, tinged with resentment, trembled faintly. He chuckled and raised his upper body.


Lucino quickly took off his gown and was only wearing a condom on his naked body. He had been erect for hours waiting for Anna to wake up. Even though he hadn’t taken any medicine, his body was crazy with excitement.


If he didn’t know, he couldn’t help but realize how sweet Anna’s body was.


“Anna, I really like you.”


He whispered sweetly and spread her lower body to the side. He rubbed his erect penis against her wet, twitching vagina. The squishy sliding sound was obscene.


“Can we do it? Please, tell me it’s okay.”


“… Yes.”


Only after receiving permission did he push the glans head into the center of the wet pleasure.


She had to lie face down on the bed and helplessly accept him entering her from behind. This feeling of being crushed by a massive, muscular body was strangely like being tied, which made her even more excited.




A solid pillar came in, rubbing against the inner wall. The penis parted the swollen inner flesh and dug inside as it received him countless times. It was bitter and soaked and pierced gently inside.


He attacked her with his body as she lay down. He plunged his penis deep into her and moved his waist forward. Every time he moved his waist, her tightly pressed buttocks bounced around like pudding.


She tried this position yesterday, but she hated it because his thing was so deep and invaded spaces it shouldn’t be in.


To be precise, even though she didn’t like it, she liked being stabbed so deeply that it felt like her mind was going to explode.


A tingling sensation continued to run along her spine.


It felt like she was being electrocuted by hot electricity. Her fingertips and toes were itchy. The vagina was automatically tightening as if welcoming the incoming penis.


The inner walls, which were against her will, were strangling him as they attacked him harshly, trying to suck out all his pleasure.


Her whole body was completely crushed by him. It seemed as if her entire body was being conquered by the intense heat radiating from Lucino’s body. Even though he had occupied Anna’s private passage, he continued to poke inside like a man who knew no satisfaction.


“Y-you originally decided not to touch the v-vagina.”


It was good, but the boiling sensation felt like her nerve cells were burning up, so she whined even more.


“My innocent love. Did you believe that?”


“Ahh… Huh…! Bad, bad…”


“Eating dick so deliciously while making noises that leave you breathless.”


The man’s hands dug into her breast and grabbed it. A refreshing feeling of pleasure exploded in her head as his grip was so strong that it felt like her breasts were about to explode.


It felt like her clitoris would be pressed and turned every time he hit her waist hard and rubbed her deep insides with his penis.


“Ugh, I feel like your pussy is swollen and making me feel tighter.”


The pleasure exploded and spread sporadically like firecrackers. A rough, animal-like breathing sound pierced her eardrums.


As if massaging Anna’s breasts wasn’t enough, he sucked and bit her backside hard. Her eyesight was turning white because of the man who was cleverly stimulating her erogenous zones.


She was crushed and trembling. She couldn’t do anything. Other than feeling… 


Her whole body became a ball of fire. Her orgasm was coming. Colors faded before her eyes, and the muscles and nerves of her entire body were racing like crazy.


Once again, her entire body, even her hair, became a genital organ. It felt like the whole world, the universe, was made up of only her genitals and the sensations she felt.


Tears welled up and her vision became blurry.


While her whole body was melting, all she could feel was a large penis penetrating her deeply.


“Anna, I like you.”



Puk puk!

Puk puk puk puk!


The bed shook because the man was straining his buttocks and moving his waist with nothing but instinct. As he pressed it quickly like an electric drill, a loud scream came out from the woman.


The more he shook his waist, the more excited he got at the thrilling response from the bottom. He lost his temper.


She was moaning loudly. But to Lucino, it was just an exciting, sweet song.


The sensitive vaginal walls were trembling and swallowing him up. The sensation of being sucked from the glans to the pillar and base was an aphrodisiac that only she could give.


“My love.”


Lost in pleasure and losing his temper, he whispered in Italian. It was a word that came out without him realizing it. But Anna didn’t know that and just moaned as if she was crying. No, she reacted well by crying.


Every time he pulled out his penis and fucked her, the water flowing out from inside splashed everywhere. She was a spring of water that never dried up. When you put it in, it was easy to go back and forth through the shrinking passage because the fluid was flowing out as you put it in.


He pressed down on her convulsing body as if she were having a seizure.


Rough breath came out of his lips and nose. At some point, he knew. The person who was breathing and huffing like an animal was himself.


The inner flesh with its bumpy protrusions clung to and tightened the invaded penis as if trying to suck it. He ejaculated without even realizing it due to the overwhelming pressure that was unfolding before his eyes.


It was a terrifyingly fantastic climax.


He pulled his penis out of the pussy, which was continuously tightening as if it was holding him as he pulled out. He quickly took off the condom full of semen, tied the end, and threw it on the floor.


With the sound of a flaccid condom flying off and landing on the floor, he took a new condom out of the nightstand drawer and quickly put it on his penis.


He lifted her quivering buttocks and rammed them straight into the hole.


“… Ah!”


The hellish pleasure came again.


The second wild night was just beginning.


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