How to Live the Life of a Demon Chapter 1 - Lucius Kendrick (1)

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Author: CleiZz


In a silent room.


Rustle. Rustle.


The sound of  pages quietly turning lingered.


The office was shrouded in darkness, the light blocked by a red curtain. In front of a wide desk with his back to the window, he carefully turned over documents.


Surprisingly, the owner of the hand looked youthful, as if he had turned just of age.


However, despite his young appearance, his hands and gaze as he scanned the documents were calm and serious.


Silver hair fluttered every time he turned over a document.


Golden eyes scanned over the letters.


The tightly closed lips, expressionless like those of a stone statue, were as cold as ice.




How long had the silence continued?


Suddenly, the boy put down the documents as a noise interrupted that silence.


“Lord Lucius.”


Hamel, a man who hid his presence so as not to be noticed, said cautiously.


“We received an order from His Majesty the Demon King to come to the Demon King’s Castle immediately. All the elders have been summoned.”


He called all the elders?


A puzzled look flashed on his cold face for a moment.


At the words ‘His Majesty the Demon King’s order,’ the boy grudgingly stood up.


The boy’s name is Lucius Kendrick.


He was the Fifth Elder, one of only five elders in the demon world.


“Immediate summons are still happening.”


Hamel came over to straighten the ribbon as Lucius mumbled, adjusting his collar indifferently as if he was bothered.


With Hamel’s touch, Lucius asked, “Did you hear anything about the reason for the summon?” 


“I haven’t heard anything.”


A dubious answer.


Lucius gently furrowed his brow and complained softly.


“Damn demon lord, what is he planning?”


Hamel continued the topic while tying up the silver hair that reached Lucius’s waist.


“Isn’t there any idea of his purpose?”




Since he didn’t know anything, Lucius trailed off and started walking.


It’s already been two years since he became an elder.


In the meantime, there have been numerous incidents and accidents in the demon world.


But regardless.


As such, there has never been a time when the Demon King made an ’emergency call’ to all the elders.


This was because when the Demon King, who was considered the strongest in the history of the Demon World, intervened, any problem was resolved regardless of what it was.


Despite such history, such a sudden convocation…


He thought about it for a while, but he couldn’t come up with a plausible reason.


As he walked and mused about various things, he arrived at the warp gate leading to the Demon King’s Castle.


“Lord Lucius, to travel to the Demon King’s Castle.”




The two demons stood on top of the gate, and a magic circle was activated.


* * *


As the magic circle was activated, the light emitted faded gradually, and he saw a panoramic view of the Demon King’s Castle unfold before his eyes.


The gatekeeper guarding the front of the Demon King’s Castle recognized Elder Lucius and bowed deeply.


As Lucius lightly nodded his head in greeting and gestured for Hamel to wait, the gatekeeper opened the door to the throne room.




The huge door moved with a loud noise.


The panoramic view of the throne room was revealed. As the door was slowly pushed open, five gazes greeted him.


‘I guess everyone has arrived.’


All of them, clad in powerful demonic energy, had a strange aura.


Lucius fixed his gaze on the person sitting on the highest throne in the center of the hall, looking down at him.


A man with shadowy crimson eyes and jet black hair flowing like ebony.


He was overflowing with dignity and energy that was different from the other four.


‘Rugel Rwan Baal Beelzebub.’


The strongest Demon King of all time who tore apart numerous Demon King candidates and ascended to the Demon Throne in one fell swoop.


“Honor to Baal Beelzebub.”


Lucius knelt in front of him and bowed his head.


“It’s been a while, Fifth Elder. Rise.”


“Sorry for being late, Your Majesty. And elders.”


He raised his head and looked at the Demon King and the four elders before him.


‘From First Elder Mariella Rwan to Second Elder Rudiger Zakhar, Third Elder Leontine Negus, and Fourth Elder Irene Feo.’


Even the Third Elder and the Fourth Elder, who used to make excuses for being busy at regular gatherings, were present in their seats in response to the summon.


Lately, he’s been a bit neglectful in keeping up with central affairs because he’s been stuck in his office tending to his territory. Has anything major happened in the meantime?


He thought it was simply the Demon Lord’s whim… 


Judging from the atmosphere, this was not something to be taken lightly. The reason the Demon King did not inform the meeting agenda in advance seemed to be due to confidentiality reasons.


Lucius, fully aware of the seriousness of the matter, walked back to his seat with a stern expression.


“All five elders have gathered, so let’s hurry and start the meeting.”


In this heavy atmosphere, the person who struck the blow was unexpectedly Mariella, the First Elder and the sister of the Demon King.


Lucius can’t believe she, who has a very cautious and prudent personality, was doing something she had never done before.


What on earth is the matter of this summon?


“Yes, Your Majesty. Wouldn’t it be good to get to the point quickly, for the Fifth Elder’s sake?”


Irene, the Fourth Elder, also responded by flapping her wings strongly.


It wasn’t just Irene or Mariella.


Not only the Third Elder Leontine, who pretended to be polite and strict with dignity, but even the Second Elder Rudiger, who pretended to be blunt and maintained a heavy atmosphere, agreed with them.


At the urging of the elders except himself, the Demon King heavily parted his lips.


“Since that is your opinion, let’s get straight to the point.”


Lucius swallowed dry saliva and waited for the Demon King’s words.


“Fifth Elder, how old are you this year?”




But the question that suddenly came out was very unexpected.


Why are you asking my age without any warning?


Lucius hid his confusion and looked around.


However, unlike everyone else, they maintained a solemn attitude that did not waver even an inch.


Lucius answered cautiously.


“… I’m 71.”


The Demon King listened to the answer and nodded with satisfaction.


“Yes, the Fifth Elder is now old enough to enter the academy.”


“… Yes?”


“As you know, demons over 60 years old must enroll in the academy. There should be no exception to that. It is the meaning of the academy and the will of our late king that everyone receives equal education.”


Lucius’ lips pursed silently at the Demon King’s words.


Doesn’t that mean he should enroll himself in the academy now?


Demons undergo a total of three coming-of-age ceremonies, and on average, they complete the third coming-of-age ceremony at around 100 years old.


And because the latent magical power exploded every time a coming-of-age ceremony was held, a healthy body and mind were needed to handle that explosive power.


So the solution they came up with was the academy.


There was nothing wrong with what the Demon King said.


Obviously, he still had his third coming-of-age ceremony left, he was a demon over 60 years old, and he hadn’t even entered the academy.


However, unlike other demons, he had one major unique feature.


Lucius jumped up from his seat and shouted.


“Your Majesty, I am the Fifth Elder!”


A loud voice suddenly burst out in response to the absurd instructions.


The title of elder has never been comfortable or relaxing.


In addition to the important political affairs that oversee the policies and strategies of the Demon World, he also had to supervise and rule over the major and minor affairs of the territory entrusted to him as an elder.


He already lacks enough manpower, but on top of that, he has to enter the academy!


It was a relief but he was rather embarrassed.


He was dumbfounded.


However, despite the strong reaction, the Demon King did not flinch. Rather, the corners of his mouth were raised like a crescent moon.


“The Fifth Elder is capable, so I hope you can take this opportunity to discover promising students. How about it?”


“Your Majesty!”


He shouted again in confusion, but the Demon King seemed to have no intention of changing his words.


Lucius belatedly glanced at the elders.


The elders who gathered around him, especially, had a smile in their eyes. They spoke among themselves, all with hearty laughter, excluding him.


Lucius gritted his teeth, knowing he was trapped.


He wondered if it was an emergency call-up, but it turned out to be a trap designed from the beginning to be impossible to escape from.


“This is a ridiculous order. As an elder, I can’t believe you expect me to go to an academy…”


“Fifth Elder.”




The Demon King’s voice slowly subsided.


He leaned back on his throne and rested his chin on his hand. Then he opened his mouth in a slow but certain tone.


“As the youngest elder, you must be a better example than anyone else. I’m sure the Fifth Elder is well aware of that fact, right?”




Lucius’s fist trembled as he couldn’t bear it any longer.


The Demon King has often given arbitrary orders in the past. However, he always had a good reason for it.


“Of course, you are one of the five elders in the demon world. However, there is no provision in the laws of the demon world that states that minor demons do not have to go to the academy if they are elders.”




“If you say you won’t go to the academy, you will not only disobey my order but also the orders of the previous demon king. Can you bear all those sins?”


Because of the sudden summons, he forgot that the Demon King was naturally like this.


To him, the title of the first emergency convocation was simply one of the means of entertainment that could be usefully used.


He laughed out loud, feeling pathetic for worrying about something major happening in the demon world.


“Are you threatening me now?”


“Is that possible? This is all for you.”


The Demon King shrugged his shoulders and added, “If we changed the law, there was no guarantee that someone who would abuse it would not appear. If you are a smart Fifth Elder, you will definitely understand, right?”


It’s sophisticated.


Even if a guardian elevates the ward to a high-ranking demon in order to abuse the law, he or she will soon lose his or her life in a battle for rank.


This is simply an excuse given for the Demon King’s own entertainment.


Lucius stood up. He couldn’t simply follow orders like this.


“I am sorry, but in the demon world, those who lack skills cannot become elders. There has never been a young demon who covets this position simply to avoid going to the academy, and there will never be one again.”


As he blew out the complaints that had built up in his lungs through his mouth, his body and his mind felt much more at ease.


“I will disobey your orders, Your Majesty.”


The Demon King’s smile deepened, as if he knew that would happen.


The elders were also excited to see what would happen.


“It looks like the youngest elder’s dissatisfaction is skyrocketing.”


When the demon king stood up and snapped his fingers, a red chain erupted from the shadows and instantly wrapped around Lucius’ body.


The intimidation felt in his playful and languid voice was enough to make others suffocate.


“You know, right? The weak have no say, Lucius.”


“Even young demons know that much.”




Lucius gathered his demonic energy and cut off part of the chain that was wrapped around his body.


A clear provocation against the demon king.


Lucius’ purple magic energy rose like a haze and shimmered over the broken chain.


Considering his age, it was an unimaginably powerful force.


“I was wondering where I could find a proper punching bag.”


Author's Thoughts

Wonderful day everyone! CleiZz is here.
This is the start of a new series from me. I'll start with 20-50 chapters.
Please keep me motivated and encourage me with your feedback. Please notify me if you come across any erroneous grammar or terminology. I'll take care of it. There is no editor or proofreader on this project.
Don't be too hard on me T T.
If you want to join my team, please message me on Discord #CleiZz5160. Please keep in mind that this is a volunteer position. Thank you for reading, and have a good time!

Edit : Oct 12, 2023
The position for editor or proofreader is closed now. Thank you^^

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