How to Live the Life of a Demon Chapter 22 - No favor is given without expecting compensation (3)

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Lucius’ expression did not change even as Bahamut watched him stiffen and fidget for a moment.


Bahamut continued to groan and glance at Lucius several times.


Lennox, who had been quietly listening to the story, opened his mouth to the deeply troubled man.


“I’ve heard stories about this place. I heard that the library managed by Bahamut has some unusual rules.”


Rules of the Dimensional Library.


Those who do not work, shall not eat.


In order to obtain grimoires from the Dimensional Library, one must provide a suitable contribution. The Demon King either permits or denies the possession of grimoires by the respective demons based on this rule.


As Lennox recalled the rule, his gaze towards Bahamut was so disrespectful that it seemed to pierce him.


“We have already done what was asked of us. In return, we were promised one grimoire each. We cannot work without compensation.”


The way Lennox shook his head as if he was really disappointed seemed somewhat obnoxious. Lucius concealed his satisfaction.


‘He’s pretty quick-witted too.’


Lucius had planned to subtly provoke Bahamut to see if he could get the grimoire he wanted, but somehow, how did Lennox know and help him?


Lucius approached the bookshelf and decisively pulled out two grimoires. They were books that had been designated for them to receive when they agreed to organize the shelves.

One was a book on alchemy, specifically about elixir production.


The other book contains the legend of the magic sword.


“First of all, these two books.”


Bahamut examined the two books with a keen eye. His tense expression, as if anticipating a more dangerous item, gradually relaxed.


He sat down and extended his hand, saying, “Alright, I understand. If you find the drawing, I will give you just one more grimoire. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”


“Let’s do that.”


It’s too early to feel relieved.


Lucius lightly threw the two grimoires at Lennox. Lennox, who suddenly caught the flying grimoires with open arms, watched him with a sigh.


‘I think it’s around here.’


Lucius’ fingertips touched the thick column of the bookshelf. The magical energy engraved along the grain of the wood faintly spread.


“Mmm… Lucius, you.”


“You promised, didn’t you? You said you would give one more.”


Lucius’ index finger swept the bookshelf from top to bottom, infusing it with magic. As he did so, a rather ominous grimoire with a sinister energy revealed itself between the shelves.


Bahamut, with a groan, spoke from behind.


“No matter what, isn’t this going too far? It doesn’t compare to the two books you just picked. That’s a forbidden book. You can’t use it.”


“I’m not going to use it. You know that, don’t you?”


“The Code of the Dead… If he’s a shaman, he might be able to handle it. You had been hiding it carefully.”


Grimoire, The Code of the Dead.


The Code of the Dead, a forbidden book that contained the method of summoning and serving the being referred to as the king of the dead.


A forbidden book with unknown origins and usage.


‘This would be an appropriate gift.’


Demons who have reached adulthood often give their parents a gift just once to express their gratitude.


Of course, Dummett seemed to have forgotten that such an event even existed, but Lucius couldn’t just ignore it.


The corners of his mouth curled softly.


Lucius imagined the expression Dummett would make when he received the grimoire as a coming-of-age gift, and he couldn’t help but smile.


Bahamut let out a long sigh. He lowered his head wearily and flicked his hand.


“I get it. I understand, so hurry up and find the draw…”


“Here it is.”




It took two days to look through the grimoire and two days to organize it.


Bahamut, who thought it would take at least another four days, was handed a folded piece of paper.


He lifted his head and looked up at Lucius, who held out a piece of paper.


“I’m quite interested in books, so I found it quickly when I was organizing the bookshelf.”


His eyes widened like a surprised rabbit as he hastily unfolded the paper. Inside was a drawing, presumably made by his granddaughter.


Crooked lines sketched a tall bookshelf.


A beam of light is pouring down dazzlingly.


And an old man was reading a book there.


It would have been hard for Bahamut to find this painting without any magical processing.


‘She drew it pretty well.’


Demons rarely engage in artistic activities such as drawing or music. And if they did, they were often subjected to ridicule.


It had been a while since he had seen such an ordinary drawing.


Although it was a crude drawing, it was filled with the innocence of a child, and that alone made it valuable.


Bahamut, who was looking at the drawing as if moved, soon showed a look of confusion as if he had realized something.


Lucius looked down at him with a mischievous expression.


“You already found it and pretended not to. You’ve got some nerve.”


“Didn’t I keep something that could have been easily discarded? Shouldn’t you start with a thank you?”


“Do you often hear people say you have a bad personality?”


Although he was sarcastic, there was no anger in his tone in reprimanding Lucius, perhaps because he had found the drawing.


Bahamut quickly sighed and placed his hand on the book.


A small magic circle appeared there, and soon a bright red pattern flashed from the book.


It seems that His Majesty has given permission.


‘It’s His Majesty’s seal.’


He admired the familiar seal for a moment.


Bahamut issued a congratulatory order.


“I’ve got the permission. Now go. If you stay here any longer, all the shelves will be empty. Did you find the scroll?”


“Of course.”


As Lucius shrugged his shoulders and took out the travel scroll from his pocket, Lennox’s expression subtly contorted.


When did he find that?


It was as if he was thinking that.


“Then, if I have the chance, I will come again later.”


“No. Don’t ever come back.”


He frowned with a tired expression.


Lucius tore the scroll regardless. A burst of light emanated from the scroll and enveloped them once again.


As Bahamut looked at the quickly disappearing light, he lowered his gaze to the drawing he held in his hand. The wrinkled hand of the old man slowly traced the lines of the drawing.


His lips curled into a faint smile.


“Is this enough?”


A murmuring that seemed to be directed at someone unknown.


It seemed he wasn’t expecting an answer as he raised his head and looked up at the high ceiling.


Sunlight was pouring in through a small hole.


* * *


“It’s a bit suspicious.”


Lucius looked at the three grimoires in his hands and muttered in a low voice. Lennox, who was standing nearby, asked curiously.


“What do you mean?”


“I found the drawing of his granddaughter too easily, and then we easily obtained these books.”


He may have made a bold request, but he never expected to get permission for all of them. The Demon King usually issues meaningless commands, but he’s usually clear about public and private affairs. But this time, he showed inexplicable kindness.


‘The Code of the Dead’ is not something that can be obtained so easily.


Lucius, who had been glaring at the grimoires as if in a staring contest, put his doubts aside.


‘Well, worrying about it won’t change anything.’


It seemed the Demon King’s mind had been preoccupied with something for the past few days.


It was hard to understand the situation, especially since he couldn’t even justify enrolling in the academy and attending classes.


Lucius put the grimoires away and looked around.


The coordinates he had seen just before using the scroll bothered him.


“It seems we’ve arrived safely…”


A desolate land covered in endless sand.


A land where not a single blade of grass grew.


‘It’s not an official visit, so there’s no need to worry, but I’m not sure if it’s okay. He’s a difficult one to gauge.’


Lucius sighed. There was a demon living here that he didn’t want to encounter.


They were just following the school curriculum, so they shouldn’t have had any encounters.


The smell of the sand mixed with the blowing wind. The hazy sand rose densely into the air and quickly disappeared, repeating the process.


They were standing in the center of such a land.


Rudd, the city built beneath the desert.


It was a place with a unique culture, quite isolated from the outside.


“You both arrived safely. It took longer than I expected.”


A familiar voice and footsteps.


Lucius turned his head.


Arnold was walking towards them, scratching his head with a slightly tired expression.


“You don’t look too good, Mr. Arnold.”


Arnold looked at Lucius and let out a deep sigh before speaking.


“Field trips, I tell you. It may be fun for students like you, but for a teacher like me, it’s a tiring event. And if you guys get into trouble, it’s me who has to deal with it.”


“How many people have already had an accident?”


“Thanks to you, I have a lot to worry about,” Arnold said, pressing his narrowed temples with his hand. Then he shifted his gaze to Lennox, who was standing next to Lucius.


‘I thought their personalities wouldn’t mesh well, but surprisingly, they seem to be getting along.’


Both of them had strong personalities, so Arnold had expected there to be clashes. Not long ago, there had been a sinister surge of magical energy, and he had heard that Lucius and Lennox had gotten into a fight after hearing a story from Teacher Hamel.


‘I heard that Teacher Hamel scolded them severely, so there’s no need for me to say anything. It might backfire if I bring it up unnecessarily. But as their homeroom teacher, I can’t help but be concerned.’


Although their relationship didn’t seem as bad as he had expected, there might be a need for counseling later on.


Thinking so, Arnold gestured for Lucius and Lennox to follow him.


“Follow me.”


They headed towards a makeshift lodging on the outskirts of the village, where a building made of mud bricks, seemingly a joint effort of several teachers with various magical energies mixed together, was located.


‘It’s not the original facility.’


It seemed suitable for accommodating a large number of students, as the city of Rudd wasn’t too large to accommodate all the students.


‘Yet, I came here for the field trip…’


Lucius turned his gaze to the colosseum in the distance.


It was a circular building with several long arch-shaped doors.


Rudd’s Colosseum is the oldest building in the Demon World and has been used since ancient times as a place for ancestral rites, public trials, and free entertainment.


‘I can’t just pass by without taking a look at it.’


Lennox, who was looking around the scenery, seemed to have the same thought and expressed his short impressions.


“It seems like the dean seems to be very determined. Field trips weren’t supposed to be this intense.”


“I agree.”


Arnold suddenly agreed with Lennox and brushed his hair lightly. Then he stopped and pointed to a room.


“This is where you’ll rest. There will be an announcement later, so make sure to rest and regain your energy until then.”


“Thank you. Let’s go in, Lucius,” Lennox said, opening the door. Although the exterior was simple, the interior was neatly organized and clean.


Lucius followed him into the room and stopped, as he felt a sense of discomfort as soon as he took a step.




As he slowly turned around, he saw Arnold playfully smiling as he closed the door.


A faint smile appeared on Lucius’ lips.


‘It seems like they’ve prepared something interesting.’


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