How to Live the Life of a Demon Chapter 24 - No favor is given without expecting compensation (5)

Author: CleiZz


The desert has had many problems from the past to the present.


Among them, the most serious issue was the excessive concentration of magic during the dry season, leading to cases of severe intoxication.


That was the reason Rudd was built under the desert.


The natives of Rudd believed it was caused by the moon and sun being too close together in the demonic realm, so they built their buildings and lived under the desert.


As a result, they spent most of their time under the desert, cut off from the outside world.


Maybe that’s why the desert demons had a strong sense of camaraderie.


‘And yet so cruel.’


Just look at the Colosseum.


They would fight bloody battles in the Colosseum, which was large enough to accommodate all the villagers. To overcome the boring time under the desert.


This school trip prepared by the academy was similar.


An event like this has actually happened in the colosseum. At that time, they really killed each other and were said to be dead.


‘Because there aren’t many training options in a limited space.’


Lucius stroked the wall curving along the hallway and planted an explosive plant there before walking alongside Lennox.


“I don’t see any other students.”


Lennox said it in a low voice. Lucius took a look around and shrugged his shoulders.


At a certain moment, not only the students, but not even a single door could be seen.


The area was filled with too many traces of magic compared to other places.


It’s so blatant that Lucius doesn’t know how much he can pretend not to notice. Lennox must have felt the same way, as the look he gave him was unusual.


“It’s too early to move recklessly. We have three hours to spare. Besides, we were told to engage in combat, not to retire someone.”


Alternatively, they could just pick a side and spend their time fighting in moderation. Of course, there are penalties for that.


“Is that what you want to do?”


Lennox let out a small sigh at Lucius’ question.


Then he slammed Ophelia into the wall, cutting deep into it. The sword’s energy left a deep mark on the wall.


Boom, boom, boom!


As the walls around them exploded, daggers flew, the ground crumbled, and arrows shot up.


Lucius summoned a sturdy and sharp leaf and threw it at Lennox. The tip of the dagger, which passed through the wall and was pointed at his chest, hit a leaf exactly.




A clear sound echoed as the dagger bounced off, and Lennox immediately swung his sword towards the wall. The wall collapsed into a pile of earth, and from within, a crouched figure of a demon sprang out.


‘There’s another one.’


Thud! Clatter!


Icicles rose from below, along with the sound of stamping feet. When Lucius jumped lightly to avoid it, not only the floor but also the walls and ceiling were covered with thick ice.


It also created a wall of ice between him and Lennox, separating them.


As Lucius landed lightly, ice crawled up from his toes, grabbing his ankles. It seemed quite sturdy, and it would be difficult for an average student to break it.


Lucius checked the tie of the student who attacked him.


One vertical line in a small circle.


‘Alpha class.’


“Are you Lucius of Epsilon? The rumors about you have spread quite a bit.”


Take advantage of the enemy’s gap, divide them, and then destroy them individually.


Breathing steadily without easily being disrupted, he lived up to the name of the Alpha class.


He blew a chill out of his mouth and continued speaking.


“I know you’ve set up traps in the walls, but I’ve frozen them all, so they won’t move.”


“You seem quite relaxed. Shouldn’t you hurry up and deal with me and help your partner?”


“You should be in the same position. Well, anyway, dryads in a place like this, surrounded by ice on all sides…”


“Certainly the Dryads are at a disadvantage without land.”


The student, who was facing Lucius’ nonchalant response, furrowed his brow. It was not the reaction he had expected.


Lucius lowered his posture while talking. And without even a moment for the other person to express any doubts.


Crack! Boom!




A demon with a small but sturdy physique, like a dwarf, broke the ice wall and passed over Lucius’ head.


He flew with a poor stance and scattered in the air, disappearing. It seemed that Lennox had definitely overwhelmed him.


With his partner eliminated right in front of him, the panicked student took steps to run away.


At that moment, moss as transparent as ice grew around the area, one after another.


The moss that had already covered the area was emitting a beautiful light, like stained glass.


“Damn it!”


He cursed as he belatedly noticed the moss, then stumbled and slipped, unable to maintain his balance.


“It’s not like plants don’t grow in polar regions at all.”


So did Esmerida. So did this guy.


Why let your guard down because you have an advantage?


If anything, cold plants are more tenacious and poisonous.


Lucius summoned another plant.


It was a tree that grew only in glacial regions, a tree that captured its prey, froze it, and slowly sucked the life out of it.


It was hard enough to cut through a sword, frighteningly resistant to cold, and moderately lethal.




His hastily drawn sword bounced in vain. The five-pronged roots and branches shifted and closed in on him.


“Oh, don’t come!! Ahh!”


As soon as the tree trapped him in the ice, he disappeared. Lucius sent the trees back and stood up.


The ice and plants disappeared without a trace.


Lennox watched him for a moment, then resumed walking.


“It looks like they’re starting to move. Let’s see if there’s a cafeteria.”


“Cafeteria…? Oh, right.”


There was such a thing.


Lucius forgot. The fact is that young demons need to eat at least one meal a day and rest.


Since he usually doesn’t feel the need to sleep or have an appetite, he doesn’t think about it.


When he was busy, there were times when he skipped meals and didn’t sleep for over a month.


Of course, Dummett would always yell at him and worry about it, so he did take some.


“There’s got to be a place with at least some food, maybe one, maybe several.”


“Indeed. There are those who are trying to monopolize that area.”


“Well, it doesn’t seem like everyone will go down without a fight.”


Lucius smiled slightly.


* * *


It had been three days since they’d been trapped in this space.


As Lennox had predicted, there were two or three areas where food was stacked.


Someone had tried to take over, but the other students were too strong for them.


Once the food was procured, Lennox and Lucius continued to move steadily through the halls, dealing with students as they saw fit.


To be exact, Lennox alone.


‘He’s like a fish in water.’


His swordsmanship was extremely fluid and agile. He swiftly incapacitated his opponents with his fast approach.


Both in close combat and at a distance, there was no student who could properly face him, given his exceptional skills.


It was easy to see why he was called a genius.


Lucius once again felt whose child he was.


Because the way he used a sword resembled his father more than anyone else.


When was the last time he fought Rudiger?


Lucius remembers struggling with his style of freely switching between close and long-range combat. Even now, Rudiger is still a formidable opponent.


If there’s one problem.


Lucius’ gaze drifted slightly to the side. Lennox’s hand, holding the sword, was trembling slightly.


Thanks to the occasional care, the internal injuries were healed, but the consumption of magical energy was very severe.


‘I think he needs to rest.’


Lucius understands Lennox not wanting to leave a debt behind. But he shouldn’t overestimate himself.


He asks him to take the rear position, but in the end, does that mean he’ll do everything himself?


Lucius stared at Lennox’s back.


‘Pace control is essential in training like this.’


Does he mean he’d rather do it all himself than let his partner do it?


It’s not that Lucius doesn’t understand, having lost a partner once before.


But if he keeps this up, he’s just going to be a bratty, rambunctious bully.


It seems like his sense of combat has returned to some extent.


‘How much longer can he hold on?’


As Lucius thought this, a golden dust drifted across his vision, the sweet smell of pollen wafting around him.


It was the pollen he had scattered along the way.


‘This energy…’


Lucius stopped walking for a moment. Lennox followed suit and stopped, looking at Lucius curiously.


“Lennox, over there.”


Lennox moved his gaze to the end of the right hallway that Lucius had pointed to.


“Is there something there?”


He couldn’t feel anything, but maybe he missed something.


Narrowing his eyes, Lennox focused on trying to sense anything. Lucius quietly opened the door next to him, looking at Lennox.


“It would be a good idea to act separately for a while to cool off.”


With that, Lucius forcefully pushed Lennox’s shoulder with his hand. Due to his carelessness, Lennox’s body leaned to the side and fell inward.


It was a mix of astonishment and confusion.


Two wide eyes were staring at him.


Lucius closed the door as if he were indifferent.




He let out a small sigh and turned his gaze towards the person who was approaching with a deliberate presence, as if he were asking for recognition.


“I know everything, so come out quickly. What brings you here?”


“Haha. Did you know?”


With a small laugh, a sandstorm briefly blew in. And from there, a certain demon revealed himself.


Thick grape-colored hair, unfocused black pupils. A man with a gloomy smile was taking a step closer.


“It looks like your situation has improved since you stayed away, Sir Tariq.”


Scorpion, a desert demon living in Rudd.


The ruler of Rudd, who rules over them.


Tariq Rahawis, ranked 7th.


“It’s been a while, Lucius-nim.”


It had the appearance of a demon that he did not want to encounter.


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