How to Live the Life of a Demon Chapter 3 - Lucius Kendrick (3)

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As the moonlight dimmed the lights in Lucius’ office remained on unwavering as night fell.


He had to finish the task that had been put on hold because of his confrontation with the Demon King.




He held a teacup in his palm, trying to shake off the accumulation of exhaustion.


The tea Hamel poured held a light citrus aroma.




He grumbled as he drank some tea.


He recently got in touch with the deans of each academy and told them to send in all relevant data, starting with a list of the students and teachers, on the curriculum, events, financial matters, etc.


He was able to learn specifics about each academy in less than a week.


Although there were a few students who needed special attention, there didn’t seem to be any significant issues in carrying out the instructions.




While muttering to himself, Lucius turned to face Hamel.


“By the way, there’s a big mess left…”


“I don’t like it.”


Hamel, who noticed Lucius’ eyes, quickly hit the suggestion out of the question. Unlike his eyes, which drew a line, his mouth was stiff.


“I haven’t said anything yet.”


“Wasn’t I going to be a teacher at the academy?”


Hamel’s dry eyes were filled with discontent.


“Tsk, what a quick-witted man you are.”


However, it was Lucius whom he had no expectations of. The response he had expected left Hamel stunned.


As he had previously stated, Lucius intended to suggest Hamel to the academy as a potential magic instructor.


Starting from the monster’s habitat and food to their weaknesses and ecology. When it comes to demonic beasts, there is no one in the entire demon world that can match Hamel.


That confidence was justified for a very good reason.


“Have you forgotten? I am a demon beast.”


He was Lucius’ contract demon, after all.


In the past, Hamel had a history of threatening the ecosystem by preying on numerous magical beasts, and for that reason, it was classified as a dangerous species.


Many tribes attempted to deal with him at that time, but they were thwarted by the struggle for supremacy and surrendered their bones and flesh.

T/N: Despite their best attempts, they are ultimately beaten and forced to give up everything, even their well-being.


The demons were afraid of him, calling him the Millennium Demon Beast Ephialtes, and the previous demon king sealed him.


And a few years ago.


When the seal was broken, Lucius made him yield and made the master-servant agreement that exists today.


“You must have eaten behind my back. I guess. It appears that you are not hungry from the way I see you beaming.”


“I think I ate a few demons in my sleep.”




The calling name has a powerful, frightening force behind it. Hamel’s mouth shut like the lips of a honey-fed animal.


Instead of continuing to talk, Lucius tapped the empty teacup with his fingertips, and Hamel filled the empty teacup again with the scent of citrus.

“I am aware that you don’t enjoy socializing with other demons.”


Hamel looked slightly resentful at his more subdued tone. It appeared that Lucius understood how he felt.


“But while I’m away, it’s annoying if you go wild. That’s probably not what you want either.”




Hamel woke up from a long confinement and was unable to eat anything.


However, it was because Lucius satisfied his need with his own blood and magic power that he was able to keep his sanity and avoid losing control.


So, if his hunger wasn’t satisfied, the consequences could be worse than anticipated. In order to prevent Hamel’s runaway, he had to be by his side in some form.


However, he can’t just let a magic beast into the academy.


There is only one answer.


“What’s the answer?”


Hamel sighed quietly as he felt the shackles on his mouth had disappeared. He responded in a low voice.


“I’ll be ready.”


In the end, Hamel was dragged to the Academy, following Lucius.


* * *


Cyrus Academy.


It resembled a lovely temple where the pure white light of ever-falling snow was present.


The enormous wall of floor-to-ceiling glass in front of the academy was as clear as ice, and the light beams coming through the vault were as dazzling as the sun after a significant snowfall.


The pillars, which support the corridor solidly and raise their arms up to the ceiling, have an antique appearance that displayed their exceptional grandeur.


It was a sight worthy of Cyrus’ reputation as the Demon World’s most gorgeous scenery among the four academies.


Plod. Plod.


Two men were walking across the corridor.


“It looks good, Lucius. What do you think?”


Dummett’s voice was pumped up. Anyone could tell how he felt by the tone of his voice.


“It’s definitely not that bad.”


Lucius agreed and took another look around.


Cyrus’ purity was more akin to a temple than academies. However, it was not excessive, so it displayed wonderful beauty.


Furthermore, the purity was exceptional, as it was untouched by dust.


Around the time when Lucius and Dummett were walking down the corridor with contented smiles on their faces.




Thud! Thud!


Crying and racing footsteps could be heard on the other side.


The abrupt sound drew Lucius and Dummett’s attention and from the other side of the hallway a figure could be seen running.


The man, or figure, had a cow’s head and two majestic horns protruding from his head.


It was Cyrus’ dean, Glenn.


With a pale expression, Glenn hurriedly adjusted his collar and bowed his head deeply.


He had the innocent, big eyes that the Minotaur were well-known for.


“Forgive my rudeness! Glenn, the dean, is here. I should have greeted you first, but I was impolite.”


Lucius looked down quietly at Glenn, who had his head down.


The bow was aimed at Dummett rather than himself.


Smiling as he glanced sideways at Dummett, he didn’t seem to have intentionally told his excuses.


Lucius opened his mouth after a few moments of thought.


“Raise your head. It was an unexpected visit, but I appreciate the hospitality. It’s earlier than expected, but I need to speak with you right away.”


Glenn’s face was flustered at the moment.


Glenn expected Dummett to be the superior of the two in front of him, but the answer came unexpectedly from the young, pale-faced boy.


‘What the hell is going on?’


No matter how confused he couldn’t stay silent as Glenn spoke he fixed his expression.


“I, I understand.”


Lucius shrugged at him, like a child  who carries a commander on his back but knows nothing about the world.who doesn’t know the world behind his back.


“Please guide me.”


Glenn led them to the drawing room.


The drawing room was neatly arranged, perhaps they had been informed of their visit in advance.


Glenn bowed his head and gestured to the sofa.


“Please take a seat; refreshments will be served shortly. Do you have a favorite type of tea?”


“Have it your way.”


Glenn rolled his eyes as Lucius spoke naturally from his seat at the head table.


His bewildered eyes still seemed to be unable to grasp the situation.


Lucius was quite satisfied with the dean’s attitude of silently observing the situation and refraining from speaking, even though the sudden disrespect from the young demon was displeasing.


Glenn adjusted his expression and prepared the tea.


Lucius brought up the matter during the meeting, his face serious.


“I apologize for the unexpected visit. However, there are more factors at play.”


“Pardon? Forget it. It’s a vacation, so I was free. Is the person speaking now the son of the corps commander?”


“Oh, you mean this person?”


Glenn’s doubts soon turned into anxiety at Dummett’s unexpected honorific.


In his head, Glenn began to count the demons that Dummett, who was ranked 8th in the demon world, would be able to address with respect in public.


Then, as he poured his tea, his hand began to tremble.


Despite being apprehensive, Lucius took the teacup with the water still shaking on the surface.


“It’s a late introduction. As you might have guessed, this is my son Lucius Kendrick, who is currently the Fifth Elder, 71 years old, and enrolled as Cyrus.


“He is an elder…?”


Glenn gazed at Lucius’ complexion as he was rendered dumbfounded by his remarkable remarks.


At the head table, the young man in question was calmly enjoying a cup of tea.


Lucius, who felt the gaze, asked back lightly.


“Do you need more explanation?”


“No! I understand.”


“That’s a relief, then. I’ve already stated that I’ve started at the academy. I came here because I reasoned that telling the dean in advance would be preferable. Soon, an official document will be given.”


“Pardon? Oh, yes. I-I understand that.”


Glenn looked like he wanted to ask a lot of questions, but he didn’t add any more words.


Rather, he refined his posture and attitude toward Lucius to become more polite.


Lucius placed the teacup down, giving Glenn high regards.


“Dean Glenn.”




“You know who I am, but you must keep quiet about my identity.”


“Alright. How would you like your entrance exam? I can treat it as a special case, or you can take the test.”


“I have a busy schedule, so please handle it as a special case and send me the test results of admitted students. Over there they are called Hamel.”


Hamel’s expression was expressionless as to whether the circumstance was still unwanted.


He reluctantly raised his head to Glenn.


“Since he’s good with magical beasts, I would like you to use him as a teacher.”


“There’s a spot available. I’ll put him in place to teach freshman classes.”


Glenn was a demon who was quicker than expected and could communicate well.


Lucius stood up, satisfied.


“Then let’s go. Thank you for your hard work.”


“Yes! Take care!”


They returned to the mansion, leaving Glenn with his head bowed.


* * *


“Now you can enter the academy with peace of mind! Lucius, if you have a friend, you must bring him to visit.”


Dummett’s eyes were gleaming as if he were expecting something, and Lucius deliberately avoided looking at him. He then pursed his lips and stroked the end of the neatly tied ribbon tie.

He wasn’t confident, despite how confident he acted.


Can he genuinely consider the academy’s students to be friends? There was simply too much distance between them and him for it to occur.


He didn’t want to put off Dummett because he was so excited, but he couldn’t tell him to look forward to it.


Dummett questioned whether he knew what was in his heart without masking his excitement.


“What are you going to do when you enter the academy?”


Lucius also gave it some thought.


The top priority is not to be discovered, but the most important thing about carrying out this mission is…


“I intend to graduate as soon as possible.”


It was an early graduation.


Dummett was taken aback by the unexpected response.


“I assumed you would attend the academy with the utmost care.”


“It’s not that I don’t have anything to do, and I think the elders and Your Majesty will be very happy if I stay at school longer.”


Even if you put out your best effort, you will always be seen as a student within the academy. 


Unless concrete proof was produced, no one would assume he was an elder.


It was fortunate that his identity wasn’t properly revealed thanks to the strict monitoring when he became an elder.


Dummett nodded in agreement.


“That is also true. Don’t stress about work, though. I’ll take care of it as best I can. You can tell Hamel the crucial information.”


“Thank you so much. By the way, teaching students comes first and foremost.”


Lucius furrowed his brows as he recalled the Demon King’s command, delivered by Dummett.


How many capable and powerful students would it take to satisfy him, the strongest demon?


‘It is urgent to find new recruits for the Demon King’s army, but do you intend to hire them on the basis of elders’ recommendations?’


Lucius was convinced alone by the only fact that came to mind.


A level of skill that enables you to join the army of the Demon King and start carrying out your tasks with all of your might right away.


The Demon King and General Dummett would be happy if such were the case.


Dummett cautiously opened his mouth while he was silently glancing down at Lucius, who was deeply contemplating something.


His apparent focus on how to make friends made Dummett’s heart ticklish.


“It probably won’t be difficult for you. Do you recall how I looked after you?”


Lucius reminisced about the past.


Demons once conducted survival training in Camel Forest, a forbidden land, saying that the roots are important, and participated in the training of the Demon King’s army, saying that they should grow stronger.


There were many tasks that were a bit difficult for a young demon to endure, but in the end, it helped improve their skills.


“I remember. I can refer to that.”


Dummett smiled proudly at his answer.


It was only advice, and he obviously did not expect the successful results of his suggestion.


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