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Why isn’t there such a saying.


‘You can only see as much as you know.’


Vendia was clearly feeling those words right now.


“Haa. Just keep things simple.”


Seeing the man saying these things to his wife who came to visit him.


“So what is it?”


She hadn’t even put her arse on the chair, but the annoying urging continued one after another.


But who she is. Didn’t she anticipate and see through this whole situation?


Vendia flopped down on the chair, ignoring her prickly husband’s cold treatment. Although at that moment she saw her husband’s eyebrows twitch in disapproval, she ignored it.


“This is important.”


“Main point.”


She calmly opened her mouth, saying she had something to say, yet all she got back was the two word answer.


What he meant was to cut out the noise and just get to the point.


‘Anyway, let’s go.’


Restraining her clenched fists, Vendia glanced at her husband. He had been looking at documents without even looking at her for a single moment since she entered the office. Still, she’s his wife in name, yet she’s treated worse than a pebble on the side of the road.


This added to her confidence. She knows which route she should take. In that case, she should speak even more.


What should she say to make that guy’s face get more cracked?


Vendia, who was choosing words with the greatest impact, caught her husband’s left hand.


‘He’s definitely wearing the wedding ring.’


He always ignored his wife, and incongruously, he wore a wedding ring on his ring finger.


Wouldn’t it be better for him to realize his feelings in advance before doing something he’ll regret?


Even as she thought so, Vendia couldn’t take her eyes off him, who was flipping through the papers in the sunlight.


Even though she has possessed this body for two weeks, this is the first time she’s seen his face this close.


When she looked closely, she saw that he was a beautiful person who looked better in sunlight than in shade. His unique silver hair shimmered softly like a river’s silk spreading under the sunlight.


A round, straight forehead with no scars and neat eyebrows located above the protruding eyebrow bones. The long eyes without double eyelids gave off a sharp impression, but the dark blue eyes reminiscent of the deep sea created a mysterious atmosphere.


Beneath the bridge of his elegantly stretched nose are red, plump tightened lips. Up to the neck that moves huge every time he gupls.


His facial lines were thicker than those of other men, but he had an appearance that could be described as beautiful.


First, unlike that pretty appearance, his shoulders are as dignified as a door frame and the firm chest…


‘Aakh! Stop!’


Vendia, who had been admiring his appearance without realizing it, hurriedly came to her senses. She almost forgot her duty as she was so captivated by that dangerous yet beautiful face.


The main character whose appearance was described with all kinds of rhetoric just now is Denros Kalvermer.


The head of the Duke of Kalvermer and the next in line to the throne after the Crown Prince. In many ways, her husband is the best man in the Empire.


In addition, he was the male lead of this world.


Judging by the comments about his dazzling face, he was definitely the male lead.


It’s fortunate that she had prior knowledge. Otherwise, she would have just looked at that face and tolerated it without knowing anything.


‘Haha! Praise my past self.’ 


There has never been a time when she has been more proud of her wallet, which has become thinner thanks to the numerous romance-fantasies she has read. Vendia resisted the urge to hug herself tightly and opened her mouth.






Her hand, with only a dark ring mark left on it, placed a piece of paper on the desk.


“We’re getting divorced.”




“I don’t want to be with you anymore.”


Denros’ gaze finally shifted to her, beating the wedge. The piece of paper she proudly handed him said that it was the divorce agreement.


‘Haha! How do you feel about your first divorce attack?’


His blue eyes, which until now had been motionless like castle walls, were slightly shaking.


By this point, everyone would have noticed.


That I’m the female protagonist of the world in this novel, and the genre here is regret.


What is a regret novel? 


It was a story about the male lead who, after inflicting all sorts of hurts, regrets it later and rolls around while apologizing to the female lead.


So what is this situation now? Of course it’s a cliche.


At the beginning of a regret novel, it was a national rule for the female lead to ask the male lead for a divorce.


The reason she was so confident was because there was a formula in the regret novels.


The female lead and the male lead got married because their interests were aligned. The female lead loves the male lead, yet the male lead exhausts her whole heart and emotions, and the left heartbroken female lead asks for a divorce, then the male lead naturally refuses the divorce.


From then on, the male lead becomes impatient as he sees the female lead becoming colder than before, and ends up chasing after the runaway female lead, rolling around and clinging to her, saying that she was his true love.


That was the case with all the regret romance-fantasies she had seen so far.


So this is a procedure to advance the story.


Moreover, after watching him for two weeks while he was possessed, Denros was the typical male lead of a regrettable drama.


Separate rooms.

Not showing his face at the meal just because he’s busy.

If you come across him by chance, he will sting you like one would a bug and then fly away.

Pretending not to notice his wife, who is ignored even by the servants due to her indifferent relationship with her husband.


There are many more, but she will omit them below.


‘How is he going to come out now?’


Would he tear up the documents like other regretful male leads? Or would he just coldly reply and tell her to stop talking nonsense and get out? Or is he the type that can’t communicate like a stubborn person?


Anyway, anything is okay. For she already expected it all.


While the bridge of her nose was soaring high in the belief that everything would go as expected, his mouth finally opened.




“I knew it would come out like that… Eh?”


“Let’s do it.”




What did she hear wrong just now? Her eyes slowly blinked at the unexpected answer.


“We’re getting a divorce.”




No, that’s not it. He has to tear the documents to shreds!


He has to tell her not to be so silly and to get out!


He has to yell at her for taking his time to say such useless things!


“Am I signing below here.”


While she was frozen in the unexpected and opposite situation, Denros picked up a fountain pen.


“It’s true that you need to sign it there, but do you really want to divorce now…”


“Yes. Please sign and submit today. I’ll tell the butler.”


She was so bewildered that in the moment she answered without realizing it, a signed piece of paper was handed out in front of her.


He even urges her to take it quickly as if his arm hurts.




She couldn’t even hide her dumbfounded expression and took the paper.


This, perhaps it’s a dream?


“I don’t need it anymore.”


However, as if it wasn’t a dream, Denros took off the ring on his fourth finger without hesitation. Then he mercilessly threw it into the drawer right in front of her.


Vendia’s shoulders trembled at his unstoppable behavior. She felt as if she had been thrown away like that ring.


“If you’re done with your business, you can just leave.”


“No… What I thought… .”




Denros cut off the woman who was muttering to herself and called the butler.


“Lord. Did you call me?”


The closed door burst open, then the butler came and stood in front of him.


“Take the Lady to her room and process the divorce paper later today.”


It was a heartless command that felt like they had already divorced and even changed their names.


“R-Really? For real?”


When she came to her senses, she was already being dragged away by the butler by the arm.


She looked through the closing door as she helplessly walked away from him. Denros returned to work without any emotion, let alone regret.


The blue eyes, which had clearly been shaking, weren’t only calm but cold. As if he was declaring that everything was her mistake.


This isn’t it, though…?


‘Wasn’t I the female lead of a regret novel?’


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