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“Brother. Could you please go out?”


Vendia crossed her arms as she looked at Kielbasa, who had recklessly pushed his way into her room.


“Didn’t you get anything, even one!”


Kielbasa rummaged through her luggage like a mad jerk, as if this couldn’t happen.


The luggage that hadn’t yet been unpacked fell to the floor of a narrow room the size of a warehouse.


“Does this make sense? Your account is empty and you received nothing as alimony? Are you crazy?”


When he overturned it and nothing came out, he threw her bag in a corner and got up. The glaring eyes were burning brightly, like a poisonous toad that was extremely poisonous.


It has been two days since she entered the count’s house, completely ignoring her father’s words to leave the mansion.


This morning, Kielbasa went to the central bank to check her account.


Funnily enough, this empire had a ridiculous law that recognized women’s assets as family property.


Now that Vendia was divorced and returned to the county, Kielbasa could check her accounts at any time, as long as their family connections were confirmed.


“2,000 Kranc? If you’re going to get a divorce, either get a big alimony or you shouldn’t have gotten a divorce!”


Thus now, Kielbasa was on a rampage when he saw that she had only 2,000 Kranc in her account. It has to be that way.


Vendia’s entire fortune of 2,000 Kranc was enough to dine at a restaurant three times at most. Yes. She didn’t receive a single penny of alimony. What did Denros say at that time?


[You were the one who mentioned divorce in the first place. There is no reason for me to be at fault, so don’t even dream of alimony.]


Oh right. He said such petty things.


There is no reason to blame. She was dumbfounded and tried to retort.


[The objection is a lawsuit.]


He absolutely nailed it.


At this point, there was no way her parents would help her in a lawsuit against the dukedom, and she didn’t even have a dowry with her when she got married in the first place, so it was as obvious as she would lose the lawsuit.


Of course she thought he would pay alimony.


For a moment, she thought if she received it, she would use it for business.


‘But there just had to be affection after one year living together. Petty bastard.’


Business novel, my ass. It looks like I’m starving to death right now.


She erased Denros’ face, which she didn’t want to remember.


“Because of your divorce, they said they would withdraw the business funds invested in our family. What are you going to do now?”


Kielbasa screamed with his face covered with evil.


“Did I run the business?”


“What did you say…”


“You’re the ones who borrowed the money, right? If there’s no other way, you can marry a wealthy noblewoman.”


“That unfiltered mouth!”


“Ah, my goodness. Brother can’t do that. Young, handsome men would be lining up for wealthy noblewomen, there’s no way they would date you, who looks like a plump sausage.”


Vendia, who was looking Kielbasa up and down, smiled broadly.


There was a reason for her mother’s extravagant outfits.


While she was a duchess, her father and brother sold the duchy name to raise money for their business here and there.


They had no interest in what her position was in the duchy or what kind of harassment she was being subjected to.


“…What happened to your head after you got divorced? Just who do you think you’re talking to right now!”




“Get out.”




“Get out.”




“Get out, sausage.”


Vendia hit Kielbasa’s snout a total of three times with the fan wrapped around her hand, pushing him away.


Even talking to him once or twice is so annoying, reallly.


“Hey, geez! You really!”


Kielbasa, who was struck by her unexpected attack repeatedly until his lips tingled, slapped away the fan and raised his hand threateningly towards her.


“Why, you’re hitting me too? Like father, like son.”


“Hooohh? Ugh!”


Vendia clicked her tongue and pushed Kielbasa’s shoulders with all her might before striking him.


He lost his balance and stumbled, landing on his butt in the hallway outside the door.


Bang! Slam!


At this point, she suddenly closed the door and locked it.


“You’re not opening this right now? Hey! Hey!”


“Ah, right.”


“Open the doo…! W-What!”


When she remembered something she had forgotten and opened the door again, Kielbasa, who had been knocking on the door ignorantly, was startled.


“Just letting you know. I’m the one who asked for a divorce.”


She pointed it out and quickly closed the door again. It was a face that was difficult to keep looking at.


“Aaaaakhgh! I really won’t leave you alone. You’re dead!”


Kielbasa walked away from her room, footsteps echoing down the hallway, advertising ‘I’m pissed’.


“I’m going to go and make fun of the Count again.”


Vendia sat down in front of the dressing table with a tired expression.


“Anyway, it’s too weak to be a family regret novel…”


Touching the tip of her chin, she was lost in her thoughts for a moment.


If she looks at it objectively, she has no money and no connections.


“I don’t have a husband anymore.”


She can’t get a refreshing revenge just by talking back to her family members who are talking nonsense, right? Is this not a family regret? Either that or.


“After all, am I not the main character?”


Vendia checked the old and broken vanity mirror in the narrow and dirty room, which she couldn’t believe was a noble lady’s room.


Golden hair and eyes as bright as wheat. Bangs that naturally fall to both sides near the eyebrows.


Big eyes with dark double eyelids, long eyelashes like the antennae of a butterfly, a small but moderately high nose bridge, and deep pink lips that are slightly thicker and plumper compared to the face.


Her face, with harmonious eyes, nose, and mouth tightly packed together, was a round, oval-shaped beauty.


“It’s pretty, but…”


Considering her ex-husband’s face, she thought she might not be the main character.


Because anyone could see that he had ‘male lead’ written all over his face.


“I don’t know.”


Her mind was confused as she had no idea what novel it was or what the situation was.


“But are they really my biological family?”


She looked in the mirror and narrowed her eyes suspiciously.


Of course, memories of her childhood remained, but no matter how many times she looked at Vendia’s face, there wasn’t a single trace of it that resembled her father, mother, or Kielbasa.


Well, their personalities are different to begin with.


Vendia, who was distraught for no reason, moved her body to get some air.


The room she lived in until her marriage was a shabby room located in the attic.


“A head maid won’t even be given a room like this.”


She came down the ladder cursing the dog shit family.


As she walked down the hallway and into the main hall, she heard a murmur.


She figured out the source of the sound and found that it was her father’s office. Just by looking at it, it seemed like Kielbasa and her father were having a conversation.


Without hesitation, she opened the door ever so slightly and pressed her ear close.


“Father! She’s crazy. Is she out of her mind? Now she has even put her hands on me! Look at my swollen lips!”


Kielbasa’s oppressed voice was very audible. He’s acting as if he has been robbed of tooth after only being hit a couple of times with a fan.


“If things go on like this, rumors will start. It’s only a matter of time before her marriage is blocked. She already has a record of divorce, and if rumors spread about her dirty personality…!”






“I already looked into it.”


At the sound of the Count’s voice, Vendia’s brows drew together and she focused her attention even more on her ears.


“Marquis Saxony. You know.”


“If it’s the Marquis Saxony, is it that grandfather? He has four mistresses.”


“Yes. The mistresses he brought in are all of unknown origin. So he needs a real noble wife. He says Vendia’s divorce history doesn’t matter.”


“Then how much will he pay for marriage…?”


“Two million Kranc.”


“That much will resolve the big worry, won’t it?”


“That’s right. He says he’ll be visiting in two weeks, so I guess we can send them off together then.”


“Looking at what she’s doing now, she clearly won’t go.”


“She will go. I will make it so. Even if it tarnishes the family name, it’s fine. Tsk.”


Whoosh, clack.


Vendia, who had heard the entire conversation, closed the door she had opened.


‘Look at these? Are they trying to get thei daughter, who just came back from her divorce, to marry again?


That, too, without my consent?


She was very upset at their consistent actions.


No, this won’t do.


With this development, in a romance-fantasy, she would have to propose a contract marriage to someone in order to escape the family.


But she had previously entered into a contract marriage with Duke Kalvermer. Another contract marriage? She has never seen it in romance-fantasy.


“Excuse me… Miss Vendia.”


As she was walking down the hallway past the office, worried, someone called her.


When she turned around, there was a woman standing there watching her with a wary expression. The petite woman, who was just a hand shorter than her, was wearing the clothes of the Count’s servant.


“What’s wrong?”


“I’m going to Soho Street to run an errand, and I was wondering if you needed anything.”


The servant asked.


The servants in this house ignore her and don’t talk to her, but she doesn’t know that, so it seems like she just came in.


“I’m fine.”


“Ah, yes! Then I’ll be going.”


The servant politely bowed her waist and walked.


Soho Street. According to her memory, it was a shopping street with all kinds of general stores. It is one of the three major markets in the Empire that handles everything from expensive boutiques to cheap goods, and even people from the slums…


Eh? Wait.




“Yes? If there’s anything you need…”


“No, let’s go together.”


Vendia grinned.




“Excuse me… Miss Vendia. Please tell me what you want to buy and I will find out where the store is.”


“No, no. I have nothing to buy.”


Vendia scanned the alley, not even giving Sasha a glance.


The name of the person she met on her way was Sasha. She was a year younger than her and, as expected, was a newcomer who had just joined the Count’s family.


“Then why do you keep looking here and there… Are you looking for something?”


“Mad dog.”




Sasha was very surprised. Vendia stopped in her tracks, brushing away her bangs, which was annoying to her continued vanity. She can’t even remember which alley it is, and even though she’s been searching through all the dark alleys in the market, she can’t find it.


“Sasha. Would you like to look for it too?”


“A mad dog? I’m scared of dog…”


“Not a real dog.”




“It’s probably at the entrance to the market, a dark alley, or somewhere with piles of trash. A scruffy man, with unkempt hair, frizzy, and thin as if he had been starving for a long time.”


“…A man?”


Sasha’s eyes were round as if she didn’t understand at all. If she just listens to Vendia’s explanation now, wouldn’t the person she was looking for be a beggar?


“The most important thing here is that even though he doesn’t look like that, his face should still shine. You have to be sure that when you wash him off, he will be the most handsome man you’ve ever seen in your life. Got it? If you find it, let me know.”


Vendia lit up her eyes and began searching the alley again.


Maybe this is a raising-the-male-lead genre by picking up the male lead!


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