Red Mansion Chapter 10

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Whack! Even before he could finish his sentence, a large palm struck his cheek. His vision flashed. The area around the cheekbone stung. Sung-kyung flinched as his buttocks twitched, and his toes peeked out under the slippers.


He clutched his stinging cheek. The tender skin under the palm was warm. Sung-kyung’s dry shoulders shivered. He was used to violence from a young age. Getting hurt, healing, leaving scars. Although he had a strong character against such incidents, this time was different. A chill ran from the cheek area to the spine.

It wasn’t just the fear of pain. It was also the touch of Cheongrim’s hand. Perhaps due to that, there was an accompanying sensation of pleasure, with saliva accumulating under his tongue. As the fingertips that clung to his cheekbones exerted pressure, the color of the nail polish began to change.

“Did I do well?”

Cheongrim’s narrowed gaze pressed hard against Sung-kyung.


“Who said you could act on your own? Don’t do anything I haven’t told you to do. Got it?”

Sung-kyung nodded, spitting out a half-swallowed penis. Tears streamed down from the cracked lips, making the surroundings murky.

“Come here.”

The urgent touch forcefully confined the lean body under the cash register. The icebox, hitting Sung-kyung’s forearm, was pushed aside. The legs of the chair on which Cheongrim stood, Sung-kyung’s thighs, the low height of the cash register that touched his forehead. Everything was uncomfortable, yet none of it was unsatisfactory. Sung-kyung strangely became excited under this oppressive pressure that felt like captivity.

“Suck. Seeing the lips puckering, I immediately grabbed the pillar with both hands. The bluish and moist tongue swallowed the glans again. The cheek and lips stung. The glans delved into the burst cheek, and Sung-kyung pressed his body under the tingling sensation.

“Damn, without any discretion.”

Muttering irritably, Cheongrim soaked the curtain and pushed open the glass door. At the same time, Sung-kyung’s shoulders tensed, but the act of sucking him off didn’t stop. Squish, cold. The sticky sound pulled the small occiput forcefully to prevent any noise from leaking outside. Feeling the hot mucosa squeezing his cock, Cheongrim squinted one eye.

“Close the door a bit, kid. It’s annoying when it’s hot. Bring me a cigarette. And hurry, at the risk of injury.”

As soon as the door opened, indiscriminate irritation poured out. Sung-kyung remembered this voice. The man was often violent.


At the chilly inquiry, the man standing outside hesitated. He realized that it wasn’t the voice he should be hearing. The man quickly lowered his upper body. When his eyes met Cheongrim’s, he stepped back.

“Uh, where did the store go?”

Smiling awkwardly, the man mumbled softly. Cheongrim called him over with a low voice. It was a bonus to tap on the counter with bent fingers like knocking.



“Need a cigarette?”

The hesitant man nodded. Cheongrim reached for the cigarettes piled on one side of the counter. As he leaned forward slightly, Sung-kyung’s mouth became a sight of him thrusting his cock into it. Conspiracy buzzed at the tip of his nose.


Although a muffled moan burst from the constricted throat, it was overshadowed by the noise of the man tapping the counter to prevent sound leakage.


“Yes? That’s ₩4,000—.”

Sung-kyung tensed and tightened his grip on his erection.

“Ah, damn.”

Cheongrim winced at the mix of pleasure and pressure, swearing under his breath. The man outside paled.

“Ah, no….”

“Want more? Hurry up, pay, and get lost.”

Though frustrated, there was no way to express it. The man fumbled in his pockets. Even though he had the money, he insisted on paying. Cheongrim’s gaze turned intense as he let go of the man’s hair and reached for the cash register. Before the man could pay, he tore open the cigarette pack and picked one up. The man looked puzzled, but Cheongrim paid him no mind.

Taking the cigarette into his mouth in the usual manner and tilting his head slightly, the man fumbled for a lighter. As the flame flickered from the cheap lighter, Cheongrim lowered his now-free right hand. His fingertips brushed against the man’s graying hair.


The man, who had been unfolding the bills, paused. The breath had a subtly different texture than the usual exhalation of cigarette smoke. Wary of Cheongrim’s strange demeanor, he handed over four 10,000-won bills. The large hand snatched them, slamming the window shut just before it closed completely.

Just before it sealed shut, the sliding window opened halfway again. The man, ready to unleash curses, froze.

“Don’t act like a thug. Unless you want to get your ass kicked by a real thug.”

With a forceful slam, the door shut, and the partially drawn curtains swayed. The man bit his lip, holding back a curse. Why is Kwon Cheongrim there? Where the hell did the store bastard go? I can’t come here anymore, damn it. His anger and humiliation at being robbed of his money were directed at Sung-kyung, never imagining that the Sung-kyung he held in such high regard was engaged in intimate acts with Cheongrim.


Sung-kyung’s throat moved, and the sound of liquid overflowed. He exhaled, his lips smeared with the white substance. A crimson tongue licked across his lips, transferring the cum into his mouth.


Cheongrim moved Sung-kyung’s genitals several more times as if savoring the afterglow. The wet pillar, covered in saliva and semen, twitched. Each time the thin flesh on his palm moved, the area around the glans tightened, repeatedly wrinkling. Sung-kyung watched the scene as if mesmerized, trying to engrave every detail into his memory.

The sound of tearing tissues echoed from the cash register above his head. White tissues clung to the thick fingers as they caught Sung-kyung’s attention.


A sneer followed. Sung-kyung, distracted by examining the tissue messed with body fluids, didn’t really hear.



His head nodded slightly. Haha. A short laugh followed. However, there was no permission given to suck or touch him more.

A bunch of tissues went into the open snack box, covered with a black plastic bag. Cheongrim, who had been meticulous in wiping his face before, didn’t show any kindness now. Sung-kyung stole a wet kiss with the back of his hand.

“I want to wash my hands. The restroom here is too unpleasant.”

After adjusting his pants, Sung-kyung watched Cheongrim rise slowly, as if mesmerized. With only the view up to Cheongrim’s waist visible, still crumpled under the counter, it was evident that he was only partially present. Even though he was sober, everything seemed hazy, as if his mind were shrouded in fog.

While sucking down below, Sung-kyung asked the question that had been on his mind the whole time. With every touch, his lips felt sore.

“Did it unravel?”

There was a slight hesitation in Cheongrim’s movements. As Sung-kyung, half-crawling out from under the counter, raised his head slowly, Cheongrim paused. Whether it was from washing or sweating, wet strands of hair stuck to his forehead. The apricot soap scent had long since vanished.


Instead of spitting out the lingering bitterness in his mouth, Sung-kyung swallowed it.

“I said I was confused.”


“Did the confusion clear up?”

Cheongrim’s shoe kicked the counter leg. Kwik. Making a loud noise, the chair was pushed back, and he lowered his large body into a crouch. Bent at the knees, he leveled his eyes with Sung-kyung. Sung-kyung’s black pupils sharply scanned his face as if waiting for something.

Why is Kwon Cheong-rim making that expression? It wasn’t a smile, nor was it surprise. It was even like the eyes of a child who had found an amusing toy. Perhaps unable to answer the difficult question, a few empty breaths escaped through parted lips.

“You look so ordinary, but you really get under my skin.”

A warm sensation, like blood flowing beneath his lips, made him lick his lips. Cheongrim’s gaze briefly touched the tip of his tongue and then dropped away. Perhaps it was a difficult question to answer, as he didn’t easily respond. Instead, Cheongrim opened the icebox next to Sung-kyung.

As Cheongrim’s large hand rummaged through the icebox, the sound of ice and water rang out. What he pulled out was a bottle of spring water with droplets falling. There was no kindness in offering the open bottle to Sung-kyung’s swollen cheek. Sung-kyung lifted his hand to support the bottle.


The reason for seeking Red Mansion from early morning and waiting for Sung-kyung in front of the locked canteen door. Amidst the excitement reaching from head to toe, Sung-kyung realized one unpleasant fact with certainty.

Even doing such things with a guy doesn’t feel as shitty as he thought. Whether it was always his preference or he just realized it now. Or maybe that guy was an exception. Even though it was just below, it didn’t make him feel nauseous even if the other person was a man. For now, that was the conclusion.

“If it was because I was drunk.”


A somewhat tense feeling passed through Cheongrim’s gaze, which was intently staring at his own lips. Cheongrim, on the other hand, seemed to be feeling strangely. The exhilarating sensation he felt at the ‘first’ moment, be it during their first sex, taking drugs, or seeing someone’s blood on the fighting stage, surged to the tip of his head. It was as if he were looking at a guy with the same problem.

“You probably got your ass kicked here.”

Quietly, Sung-kyung chuckled, the sound barely audible. Chills ran down his spine as he faced the face with only the corners of the mouth lifted. But I don’t know why I find his laughter amusing.


Droplets that clung to the water bottle trickled down his cheek with a slightly swollen bruise. Cheongrim raised his hand to wipe away the moisture on Sung-kyung’s chin. This guy is truly something else.

“Why are you laughing?”

Sung-kyung smiled, holding onto the water bottle tightly. He smiled so genuinely that his eyes sparkled with happiness. With that smile, his face looked different, less stupid somehow…

“Crazy bastard.”

Yeah, he seemed like a crazy bastard. That was the only fitting word for that face. Cheongrim cleared the table and stood up. Staying longer might lead to him doing something worse than what happened at the makeshift canteen.

With the door tightly closed, the air inside the shop was sticky and stale. Sweat trickled down his spine. Cheongrim kicked the soap gloves on the floor with his foot and started walking. He keenly felt the gaze that stabbed into his back.

As he forcefully opened the worn-out aluminum door, the corridor’s characteristic damp smell engulfed them. Sung-kyung thought that this smell would become quite familiar in the future.

Cheongrim headed straight for the back door. Red Mansion, where Sung-kyung, still not completely sober, drove after wiping off the lower guy. Despite the commotion, the task ended disappointingly. As they got into the car, the refreshing breeze from the air conditioner touched them. The sweat that clung to them cooled down. Seated in the back, Sung-kyung tilted his head and unbuttoned one more button of his shirt.

“Shall we go home?”


Cheongrim replied without opening his eyes. Between the slits of his closed eyes, the sight he had seen a while ago flashed vividly. The sensation of suppressing his genitalia that had been pressed by the force applied to Burton’s trembling lips, the feeling of the swollen cheek turning thin and wrinkling the pillar. Sung-kyung’s hazel eyes and the brown dot just below them kept flashing.



He had heard stories about guys doing it with other guys, but he never thought it would happen to him. What he found funny was that it didn’t feel much different just because it was with a guy. He hadn’t felt the urge to try something more than this, but imagining the bare, skinny body wasn’t difficult.


Thinking about sticking with another guy with the same thing. It was almost to the point of wondering what had happened to his head because of the drug. Absurd as it was, his chest felt surprisingly warm. When he rolled down the window, the humid air rushed into the car. It felt damp and nauseating, just like the makeshift canteen. Cheongrim couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“Are you cold?”


Despite the chill. His whole body felt hot, as if it would burn up. However, he couldn’t resist wanting to smell this damp air. As the outside wind rushed in, the car quickly became lukewarm. Cheongrim couldn’t hold back his laughter.

“By the way…”

The man who held the steering wheel cast a glance while concentrating.

“When you collect the entrance fee from now on, they said to include the outstanding amount from the canteen as well.”

“Outstanding amount?”

Nodding at Sung-kyung’s puzzled expression, Cheongrim smiled. The man lightly tapped the back seat with a confused expression. It was an unusual face.

“All of it?”


An unwelcome intruder who had rudely knocked on the door came to mind. Didn’t he casually say he would owe if he had money? It seemed like it wasn’t the first or second time something like that happened. Perhaps the makeshift canteen was being ignored because of its foolish appearance. Running a business like that, when would they be able to gather the entrance fee and pay off the interest? It was an absurd sight to imagine the helpless appearance of the canteen, which might be in debt due to its stupidity. It was fitting yet unfitting.

“Bring it all. What’s the point of owing between people who live without anything? It’s not fucking funny.”

“Oh, okay.”

Red Mansion was entrusted to them like a hand-me-down by the twin brothers, so there was no sense of responsibility. More accurately, it was close to not having the will to do anything about it. They were gradually reducing the supply of drugs from this side, and there was no need to care. All he did for two years was wander aimlessly, occasionally putting a face stamp on his own.

“I’ll take number 3.”

“Except for number 3… understood.”

However, it changed starting from today. The shabby Red Mansion piqued interest, precisely at Shop No. 3. What was his name? Although the name recorded in the ledger was ordinary, it didn’t fully come to mind.

Among numerous resident households, it took a full two years for the man from Shop No. 3 to be recognized as Kim Sung-kyung.

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