Red Mansion Chapter 8

Author: nicotine

Cheongrim flicked his index finger, leaning back on the sofa. It wasn’t a simple offer. After hesitating for a moment, Sung-kyung stood up. Creak. The sofa that had been silent until now made a sound as it adjusted to its shape.

Not knowing how to stand in front of Cheongrim, Sung-kyung was unsure what to do next. He had never shared a cigarette with someone, making the situation awkward. Could he sit next to him? He hesitated and bent his knees. Then, his elbow grabbed him firmly. He bit the filter, squinting one eye. A question mark flashed across Sung-kyung’s face.


With force in his elbow, Sung-kyung crumpled to the floor, his knees biting into the ground. One slipper that had been loosely worn slipped off. Sung-kyung pressed his palms against the floor to prevent himself from collapsing. His heart pounded in large waves. Before he could even think about raising his head, a light force struck the back of his head.


His clenched fist hit his face, and fierce eyes stared down at him. The chandelier hanging from the living room ceiling pierced his eyes painfully. With so many glittering objects around, the light was even more dazzling.

As if clenching his teeth, Sung-kyung tightly shut his eyes. Just as he was about to finish the thought that he should raise his head, he felt a cool breeze on his forearm as something lightly fell beneath the sofa.


Smoke enveloped his face along with a bitter scent. Sung-kyung quickly inhaled his breath. The sensation of his constricted throat opening up was profound. He inflated his chest, sucked in the smoke, and held his breath. However, the intentionally swallowed breath mixed with a short moan and dispersed.


Sung-kyung wrapped his waist, gripping the leg that stepped between his thighs. Startled, as he pushed up his enlarged eyes, he could see through the towel. Muscular, split thighs, and a thick, well-defined penis visible with every step. The sight he had only imagined was now right in front of him. Despite the coolness inside the house, sweat streamed down his spine, and the heat rose.


“You want this, don’t you?”

Chuckling, his words made his chest sink. Because of the backlight, Cheongrim’s expression wasn’t clearly visible.

“You wanted this, right? That’s why you peeped like a pervert, didn’t you?”

As if ready to strike at any moment, a large palm flew towards him. Sung-kyung instinctively clenched his teeth. However, as if teasing, only the tip of his finger lightly touched his cheek. Like playing the piano, he tapped a few times on the point below Sung-kyung’s eyes, where a slight bruise had formed. Each time, Sung-kyung’s eyelashes quivered.


A low laugh caused a ticklish sensation beneath his skin. Simultaneously, a shiver ran down his spine as he watched his lips draw a beautiful curve, rising.

How did he know I was peeping? Was he aware of everything? Did Kwon Cheongrim also… acknowledge me?

“Why can’t you answer?”

Cheongrim pressed Sung-kyung’s inner thigh with his toes. Then, like putting out a cigarette, he flicked it roughly. Sung-kyung’s slender body, kneeling, trembled violently. Leaning back, Sung-kyung rested his forehead on Cheongrim’s knees.


“Damn it.”

Seeing Sung-kyung’s shivering body, Cheongrim held back the curse. When he lifted his foot, Sung-kyung, who had collapsed, raised his head. A cheek with a fading bruise, red eye sockets, a pouted lower lip. The extended shirt and the exposed knees, white socks with lint. Even the gloomy and sticky gaze hidden behind the bangs.

Looking down at the strangely erotic sight, his stomach churned. The hot breath scratched his throat and burst out. Cheongrim slowly grasped the rising lower part with both hands. He firmly pulled Sung-kyung’s nape towards him. Leaning his upper body forward, Sung-kyung rested his forehead on Cheongrim’s knees.


“Damn it.”

As he groaned, watching Sung-kyung’s quivering body, Cheongrim held back a curse. When he lifted his foot, Sung-kyung, who had collapsed, raised his head. A cheek with a fading bruise, red eye sockets, a pouted lower lip. The extended shirt and the exposed knees, white socks with lint. Even the gloomy and sticky gaze hidden behind the bangs.

Looking down at the strangely erotic sight, his stomach churned. The hot breath scratched his throat and burst out. Cheongrim slowly grasped the rising lower part with both hands. He firmly pulled Sung-kyung’s nape towards him. Leaning his upper body forward, Sung-kyung rested his forehead on Cheongrim’s knees.

“Open your mouth.”

Using his thumb, he pressed against Sung-kyung’s slightly parted lips. Warm flesh and breathing could be felt.

“This is fucking crazy, really…”

Excitement rushed back from the tip of the penis. Cheongrim spat out the curse. The memory of the scene where this guy stabbed his nose into his jacket flashed. The faint moans that could be heard behind the locked convenience store door also echoed in his ears. Momentarily avoiding the discomfort and confusion, it was clear that this perverted guy had masturbated, smelling his scent.

“Fucking asshole.”

Even if at that moment he hadn’t thought of himself, now it was evident that this was all done by him.

The feeling of being the object of arousal for another man with a hard-on was surprisingly not bad. Even though he thought he would want to hit him until covered in blood and spit on, each time he brushed against him, Sung-kyung’s body flinched. Despite his incomplete sanity, a bitter laugh escaped continuously.

“You can take it when I offer it.”

Sung-kyung awkwardly adjusted only his own thigh with a hand that had nowhere to go. The back of his hand was swollen and trembling. Looking at Cheongrim, he felt a strange mix of admiration and jealousy. The excitement that had been scratching faintly disappeared. Seeing the desire rising from Cheongrim’s swollen organ, Sung-kyung’s throat felt hot.

“It’s the first time I’ve been given head by a guy.”

To his surprise, a sense of relief oddly washed over him. He had heard rumors about Cheongrim being promiscuous, but apparently, he had no experience with men. Sung-kyung bit his lower lip, savoring a light chuckle beneath it. Cheongrim elongated his voice, intermittently sucking on a filter and inhaling deeply.

“Well, give it a try. If it’s good, you might want to do it again. Right?”

Every time his bright red lips puckered, a faint smoky mist emerged. The pre-cum wetted the glans, bundles of nerves tingling. Raising his flushed gaze, he shot him a fleeting glance. His long, torn eyes remained open.

“Do something, suck faster.”

Sung-kyung swallowed the harsh words along with his saliva. It felt like he wasn’t fully awake yet. There might never be a need to ask him to suck his dick when he’s sober. When else would he have the chance to sit between Cheongrim’s legs, to suck that dick? Ironically, for Sung-kyung, this moment was an opportunity.


His heart raced excessively, echoing like tinnitus in his ears. Gradually, his head felt numb. Eventually, he wondered if he had also succumbed to the smoke. Sung-kyung swallowed another dry spit, slowly opening his jaw. His tightly stretched lips expanded, revealing the punctured cut that had reopened, oozing a taste of blood.

Sung-kyung cautiously took the firm organ between his lips. As the flesh touched his tongue, a shiver ran through his entire body. Holding the pillar with one hand, trembling shoulders, he teased the glans with the tongue as if recalling the image of Cheongrim’s bright red tongue while eating ice cream. Cold, chilly. The clumsy sound persisted, as if purposely.

“Hey, fuck.”

A fierce voice resounded above his head. Sung-kyung squinted his hazy eyes. Cheongrim tightened his forehead. When their eyes met, a strong force was felt on the back of his head.

“Don’t you do it properly?”


Ha, hoo. A moan erupted, making his throat clench. Cheongrim gripped the back of his head with one hand and shook it as he pleased. When the penis pierced through his throat, nausea overwhelmed him. From the tongue to the roof of his mouth, between his teeth. Hot and hard, it relentlessly pressed down.

His jaw widened heavily. The torn lips that had adhered were torn apart, and a taste of blood emerged. Ah, it was difficult to breathe with the blocked air. Sung-kyung tightly closed his eyes.

Unknowingly, Sung-kyung had grabbed Cheongrim’s thigh tightly. It was hard to breathe. However, the shortness of breath was on a different level than the nightly respiratory difficulties he experienced. As oxygen became scarce, a tingling thrill coursed through his lower abdomen.

“Harder. Like this, to your throat!”

Cheongrim wrapped both hands around the back of his head, encircling his nape. Then, he pulled and pushed his head forcibly, repeatedly. When pulled tightly, Sung-kyung’s nose was buried in the sticky glans.

A dense, tightly blocked sound didn’t seem to diminish. The glans were jammed into Sung-kyung’s throat, causing him to gag. As he pushed back the glans while sucking, Cheongrim pulled out the filter that he had been chewing on, revealing the grey ashes falling, brushing against his palm.

“Fuck, I’ll make you swallow it.”

“Ugh, huh, cough.”

Collapsed on the floor, Sung-kyung coughed forcefully, exhaling the blocked breath. Tapping his chest and choosing his breath, he panted. His neck was entirely red, and his top was already damp with sweat. Certainly, just a while ago, the living room was filled with refreshing air, but now it felt stuffy.

Sung-kyung’s lips were tinged with a pink liquid, a mixture of saliva and blood. The lower part that had been erect throughout the blowjob was throbbing painfully. Sung-kyung’s eyes were filled with excitement as well.

“Hey, stop exaggerating.”

Cheongrim stretched out his leg, giving a strong kick to Sung-kyung’s dry shoulder while taking a deep drag on his cigarette. Sung-kyung, to prevent his body from falling backward, quickly placed his palm on the floor. Then, he grabbed his swollen member, clumsily stroking it, and managed to sit up. The hazy smoke expelled by Cheongrim enveloped Sung-kyung’s facial features.


Cheongrim’s gaze fell on the bulging shorts. As his small hand rubbed and stroked below, the blood vessels became prominent. He burst into laughter, as if it was ridiculous. He talked big about cutting off someone else’s dick, but now he was enjoying it alone. Crazy bastard. Cheongrim flicked the shortened filter onto the table. The ember of the cigarette extinguished as the glowing spark subsided.

“Come back.”

Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, Sung-kyung crawled forward on his knees. It was a submissive and obedient movement. Still erect, his face pressed against the genitals dripping with saliva. This time, Cheongrim didn’t offer the kindness of sucking the dick.

So Sung-kyung had to grip the member himself and swallow it. He spread his tongue wide, licking the wet glans. Then, awkwardly taking the penis into his mouth, he lowered his head. Cheongrim, leaning against the sofa with his back deeply, chuckled softly.

“Even if you do it with your hand, you’ll come faster than this, right? Come on, do it properly. Why can’t you do it?”

“Uwup, cough.”

Though he said so, Cheongrim inserted his fingers between his nape. Stretching his arm out and firmly clenching the back of the sofa, his hand was filled with prominent blood vessels. Cheongrim’s Adam’s apple swayed heavily as he tilted his head back. As the furrowed forehead deepened, excitement thickened.

“Ugh, uwup!”

As fluid oozed slightly from the tip of the glans, a bitter taste filled his mouth. Nevertheless, Sung-kyung didn’t stop sucking the dick. Soon, Cheongrim’s thigh became rigid, and he forcefully lifted his hips. The movements were so intense that the glans mercilessly thrust into the narrow throat.


Sung-kyung closed his eyes tightly, tears streaming down. He struggled to pull his head back to breathe, but the hand gripping the back of his head prevented any movement. Something even larger filled his throat, and he was forced to swallow it. He swallowed the thick substance, coughing. Tears blurred his vision, blood and saliva mixed on his lips, and his nose stung.

Yet, Sung-kyung forcibly squeezed his throat, trying to swallow the semen. A warm sensation of satisfaction emerged in his belly.

“Swallow it all.”

The climax was agonizingly long. The member, now smeared with saliva and semen, dribbled down onto his lips. Still between Sung-kyung’s legs, Cheongrim kept chuckling, continuing to tease him. The penis, which was thick and hard, roughed against his face. Sung-kyung, struggling to regain his senses, bit down on his cheek firmly. He couldn’t forget the sensation when he swallowed the semen and felt the touch of the firm penis.

There was more to write in his notes. He licked inside his cheek with his tongue. A pungent scent still lingered. The partner who used condoms with Cheongrim must have felt this sensation, too. Sung-kyung rubbed his head lightly, trying to clear the floating thoughts.

“Oh, my head is going to explode.”

Cheongrim leaned back against the sofa, taking a deep breath. He tapped the area around his Adam’s apple with the bottom of his palm. After a while, he squinted his eyes, then reached out to pick up the tissues placed on one side of the table. His rough touch cleaned his dirty genitals. Afterward, he leaned down, tapping Sung-kyung’s cheek and jaw with a nonchalant gesture. It was an indifferent touch. Blood and saliva were smeared on the tissue. Still swollen between Sung-kyung’s legs, he glanced down, making a sarcastic remark.

“Finally tasted it, huh?”

Then he squeezed Sung-kyung’s cheeks fiercely, making their foreheads collide. Their eyes were too close. Sung-kyung felt his body heat and lowered his head. Cheongrim’s shoulders began to twitch.

“You fucking dirty bastard.”

Amidst the mixed sounds of laughter that seemed quite satisfied, he wiped away the bruises on his cheek with a slow swipe, then tapped his face briskly. The body temperature no longer lingered but dissipated.

“Move, now.”

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