Red Mansion Chapter 9

Author: nicotine

It seemed like the day was over as a command fell in a breath. Sung-kyung slowly got up. Having been on his knees for a long time, the movement was awkward, and with an erection, the motion was clumsy. Of course, Cheongrim didn’t even glance in Sung-kyung’s direction, only picking up the phone on the table without looking. It seemed like he was making a call somewhere. Sung-kyung pretended not to care and listened to his voice.

“Bring it.”

After a short command, he tossed the phone onto the sofa. Only then did Sung-kyung grab the table and stand up completely.

Cheongrim picked up an envelope filled with money, opened the entrance, and pulled out a ten-thousand-won bill. Then, he pushed a condom that had been lying on one side into the envelope.

“Come here.”

Stumbling forward, Sung-kyung took a step. Then, as if feeling frustrated, Cheongrim grabbed Sung-kyung’s waistband tightly and pulled it. Already a bit large in size, there was a loose gap. Cheongrim lowered his head, peering into it. Bulging underwear was visible, and the surroundings seemed darker, whether it was wet or just a deep color.

“Dripping all over the place.”

He laughed, shrugging his shoulders. At that moment, the front door creaked open, and footsteps approached. Cheongrim wedged the condom and money-filled envelope between Sung-kyung’s waist and the envelope. Then, he buried himself in the backrest, closed his eyes, and seemed to ignore everything. Unnoticed, a man had approached from behind.

“Hey, come out now.”

A touch on the lower back, tapping lightly, easily startled Sung-kyung’s body. Cheongrim, who had exposed everything, showed no signs of surprise. Even though his own body reacted with an erection to the air filled with his temperature, the man seemed unfazed by Cheongrim’s presence. It felt subtly strange.

“I told you to come out.”


Both men spoke simultaneously to the unresponsive Sung-kyung. He moved, pressing the envelope between his waist. At the moment the man opened the middle door, a voice still trailing from behind caught his ankle.


The rough voice, as if locked, clung to his ears.

“Who beat you up?”

It was the long-awaited question. Sung-kyung had written it in the notebook and had been pondering over it the whole time. The answer was easy. A fleeting joy flickered in Sung-kyung’s eyes. Once again, a thrilling sensation enveloped his entire body.

“…Room 110.”


Cheongrim waved his hand as if to say, “Hurry up and go.” The man, annoyed, tapped Sung-kyung. It was a signal to leave. Dragged along unwillingly, he exited the entrance.

The man who had walked ahead pressed the elevator button and glanced at Sung-kyung’s waist. Sung-kyung instinctively took out the envelope and clenched it in his hand. He pondered whether to answer if asked, but the man didn’t inquire about anything. Saliva accumulated at the corners of Sung-kyung’s mouth unconsciously.

As soon as they arrived at the Red Mansion, Sung-kyung opened the notebook. The boredom spent on the living room sofa waiting for something to happen was not recorded in the notebook. It couldn’t miss important details.

The scent of the cigarette he smoked, the heat of the erect penis he licked, the texture of the conspiracy that touched his tongue, the lingering sensation of the slimy and sticky feeling left in his mouth, and the thick veins of the throbbing pillar. Everything was not a dream. To turn memories into reality, he quickly jotted down notes with enthusiasm.

As Sung-kyung wrote in the notebook, a gleam of madness flickered in his eyes.


The air was becoming humid, as if signaling the beginning of the monsoon season. It felt uncomfortable, with the sticky skin making every movement unpleasant. Sung-kyung wiped the ice cream freezer with a dry mop. Even though it hadn’t been thoroughly cleaned, the long-settled dust had not been completely removed. Nevertheless, Sung-kyung vigorously moved the mop while standing in front of the freezer.

Even though it was still morning, sweat quickly began to bead. In front of a large fan occupying one side of the corridor, only warm air flowed. Sung-kyung briefly cooled off the sweat in front of the fan before habitually locking all the doors and heading to the bathroom. In his hands were a soap dispenser and a mop.

“I should change the mop.”

Initially thick, the towel was now as thin as summer mourning clothes. Sung-kyung wrung out the mop, then hung it on the bathroom window.

The bathroom on the first floor required carrying soap since many people passed through. Sung-kyung stirred up bubbles by rubbing the now worn-out soap between his fingers and washed his hands. The bubbles seeped into the dry cracks of his skin. Among the slightly damp bathroom odors, the refreshing scent stood out, and it felt quite pleasant.

Sung-kyung bubbled up foam again and washed his face. The cracked lips stung, but it was bearable. The dust and sweat were finally washed away. Sung-kyung smelled of cheap apricots.

“Why do you wander around so much, leaving the store empty?”

A low voice was heard as soon as he came out of the bathroom, brushing off his wet bangs. In-yeong leaned against the aluminum door with stickers, waiting. He was the man who had occupied Sung-kyung’s mind since yesterday.

His steps froze. Cheongrim’s atmosphere was different from yesterday. The relaxed eyes and dampened tone were nowhere to be found, and his appearance was neat as usual, without a hint of disorder.


Could he not remember? Sung-kyung stared at Cheongrim with tense eyes.

“Open it.”

He nodded slightly. Obeying the command, Sung-kyung stepped forward. Wiping his wet hands on his pants, he fumbled in the apron pocket for the keys. Meanwhile, Cheongrim turned his body, tilting his head. Perhaps due to his height, he easily cleared the door and his head touched the wall. In that position, he looked down at Sung-kyung.

“It’s the first time I’ve hit a man.”

The movement of inserting the key came to a sudden stop. The damp eyelashes trembled. Remembering… was it possible? The events of yesterday seemed strangely satisfying. How would he remember last night? What did he remember from where to where? Numerous questions surfaced. Electricity seemed to flow from the fingertips holding the key.

“It wasn’t as bad as I thought.”

It sounded as if that meant he had some value. Sung-kyung’s eyes glimmered with joy, hidden behind the wet bangs. His lips twitched upwards slightly, as if convulsing.

“But maybe I was too drunk, or…”

While holding the key, Cheongrim’s hand overlapped with Sung-kyung’s stiff backhand. Twisting the hand that met with force. Click. The sound of a loose lock echoed.

“I wasn’t sure if the store was worth it. So I came.”

The worn-out door creaked open, making noise. Cheongrim pushed Sung-kyung’s lower back, urging him to cross the threshold. As Sung-kyung followed, Cheongrim glanced around. The corridor was still quiet in the early morning.

Cheongrim only came to his senses in the early morning after sending Sung-kyung away. Headache and a foul smell hit him after the effects of alcohol wore off. However, unlike the clear traces of pleasure, it was hazy who the other person was. Vaguely, he recalled disheveled bangs, which seemed like they belonged to the convenience store, and yet, it felt like they didn’t. Later, he couldn’t distinguish whether it was a dream or reality.

It was only after seeing the shopping bag under the sofa that he realized. It was the seat where the convenience store worker sat, and inside the bag was the jacket he had left behind. Blurry memories were all real.

Stuck in the cramped convenience store, he masturbated, hearing moans from below. After that, everything became strange. Although he had never viewed a guy as a sexual target, he told him to suck it faster, whether he had something similar. It was all strange.

“I want to check it out sober.”

The only way to resolve the confusion was to experience it again. If he felt dirty after doing it again, he could just hit Sung-kyung as much as it got dirty. It was easy to pass it off as being intoxicated and forget about it as if it never happened. Since the convenience store guy wouldn’t go around spreading rumors. Scare him enough to keep his mouth shut, and there wouldn’t be any problems.

Cheongrim locked the door from the inside. Like he was in his own bedroom, he occupied a chair and sat down. Then, he gestured for Sung-kyung to come closer.

“Come and do it.”

The command was not at all reflective of Sung-kyung’s intentions. Even in the convenience store, where customers might come at any moment. Nevertheless, a strange excitement and tension rose from the soles of Sung-kyung’s feet.

“Why? Don’t you like it?”

Sung-kyung had no reason to refuse Cheongrim. Moreover, there was no reason to reject being used as a stalking target. Sung-kyung nodded.

“I knew you’d say that.”

An obscene guy. Even at the mocking sound Cheongrim made, Sung-kyung’s heartbeat began to accelerate rapidly. Sung-kyung clenched his hand into a fist, which had become cold. As if possessed, he knelt between Cheongrim’s legs. Throwing away the soap dispenser he had been holding, he unbuttoned Cheongrim’s pants. The revealed underwear showed a solid outline. Sung-kyung swallowed hot saliva. To be sitting between his legs again was unbelievable.


He reached out towards Cheongrim’s underwear, moaning with delight. As Sung-kyung extended his hand, Cheongrim lifted his hips to make it easier to take out his genitals. Thump, the freed genitals from the underwear were solid. Since when had it been standing? Sung-kyung raised him as if seeking permission. Luckily, Sung-kyung could see the sight of Cheongrim’s bright red tongue passing through his lips and disappearing like a snake.

“What are you looking at? Swallow it.”

Despite the coercive content, the tone was warm, whispering like a seduction. Sung-kyung opened his lips as if under hypnosis, gripping the pillar. Hot flesh pushed in, pressing against the creases of his lips. The glans scratched the roof of his mouth, brushing against his tongue.

Due to kneeling, his toes peeked out behind his buttocks, twitching, but they remained hidden under the worn-out slipper soles. Perhaps acquiring some skill, a teasing motion followed, as he spread his tongue wide, grazing the pillar.


Cheongrim, who had explored the inside of his cheek with his tongue, grabbed Sung-kyung’s hair stuck to his buttocks. A problem arose. He didn’t expect to get excited about a sober guy sucking him off. The pleasure, felt for the first time, sharply embedded itself in his mind. This shouldn’t be happening.

The damp hair tickled the palm of his hand. He clenched his occiput so forcefully that veins bulged on the back of his hand.

In tattered clothes, an apron with a soju logo, cheap slippers, and a faint scent of cheap soap. A man who considered everything shabby and pitiful. But now, he seemed more lewd than anything provocative.

“Too modest-looking. Did you only do this in the back hole?”

Sung-kyung obediently opened his mouth, halfway swallowing the pillar. Tears welled up as the glans scraped against the throat. The area around the cracked lips was grim.


As he moistened the firmly grasped hair, Sung-kyung’s head lifted slightly. Cheongrim’s gaze met wet eyelashes, white, wrinkled skin, lips that had swallowed a cock, and a dark brown spot under the eyes.

Unknowingly, he touched the area with his fingertips. The eyelashes quivered, and Sung-kyung trembled. He had performed so well, even if he was drunk, there was no way he couldn’t remember. Did his blowjob skills improve, or was he pretending yesterday? Perplexing questions surfaced in his boiling mind.

Then it happened. ‘Bang!’ The noise of fists pounding the cash register’s shutter echoed. ‘Hey!’ A loud shout followed. ‘Bang bang!’ The curtain covering the cash register shook as the relentless pounding continued. Spitting out the half-swallowed penis, Sung-kyung turned his head backward.

“Wait, a customer…”

He silenced the sound that could be heard from outside. Annoyed by the unpleasant noise, Cheongrim licked his lips. Pressing Sung-kyung’s shoulders to make him sit down, he forcefully made him kneel again. It was a rough and coercive touch.


His face turned cold in an instant. ‘Bang!’ Simultaneously with harsh swearing, the glass door of the cash register shook again.

“Who told you to stop?”

Spitting out the penis he had been half-swallowing, Cheongrim tilted his head back.

“It’s not that I stopped. Just attending to the customer…”

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