I Opened it Wide Chapter 1.3

Author: CleiZz Editor: Aker



“No, hold it with your hands and spread it open. It’s good for fucking.”


Hyun-jae removed one of his hands from the wall and held one of his hips apart with difficulty.


“Spread it with both hands.”


He roughly pulled Hyun-jae’s hair giving the order, and now the upper body was left floating precariously back, held by the hair within the man’s palm.




Hyun-jae, who was grabbed by his hair, took his other hand and spread his buttocks wide. His neck was tilted back and it was difficult to breathe.




When a large dick that came straight into the gap scratched the inner wall and penetrated to the end, a painful groan burst out. No matter how much room he made, it was too big to accept it at once and he lost his mind.




The man who pushed his dick all the way to the root groaned lowly. The man stuck his dick in the back hole without making any movement for a while and savored the inside.


He could vividly feel his dick twitching inside the hole.


“It’s delicious.”


The man’s waist began to move slowly. The stuck dick slowly scraped against the inner wall and escaped.


“Ha, haha…!”


Puck. The dick that went all the way to the end of the hole went in at once.


“Ugh, ugh!”


It slipped out again and got thrusted in once more.


“Ha! Ah!”


He thrusted repeatedly.


“Ugh, ugh! Ugh!”


As the man’s waist moved faster and faster, Hyun-jae’s moans suddenly burst out.


Every time the dick was repeatedly plunged in and out, his current state of mind disappeared.


“Huh! Ugh, huh!”


Hyun-jae’s moans became harsher every time the hard dick hit the semen and made a loud thwack sound.




“Ah, huh! Hah!”


The man grabbed Hyun-jae by his hair and fucked him roughly. Because of that, Hyun-jae couldn’t lie down on the ground or fall down.


Every time the man’s heavy, solid object pierced deep inside, Hyun-jae’s whole body trembled and he struggled to accept it.


“Whoa… it’s delicious…”


The man didn’t even lose his breath as he rammed his dick into his hole. Only light and heavy moans came out of the man’s mouth, as if he were running lightly.


“Huh… Ugh! Ugh, huh!”


Every time the man lifted his waist, the sound that erupted filled the bathroom.


Hyun-jae, who barely touched the cold marble wall and was being pounded helplessly with his hair held. He felt short of breath and stuffy when a hard dick poked in from bottom to top.


“Ugh… Ugh!”


However, even during this rough sex, his current dick was so swollen that it seemed like it was about to explode.


‘Just a little more, just a little more.’


As Hyun-jae, who was on the verge of ejaculation, narrowed the gap between his legs, the man who stopped moving let out a long sigh.




The man’s dick popped out and Hyun-jae’s hair was let go.


“Ugh! Please, please…”


“I need to wash up.”


Hyun-jae looked back at him and spoke pitifully, but the man just squeezed out the body wash and gently rubbed it on Hyun-jae’s body.




The man’s hand glided and traced all over Hyun-jae’s body.


“It’s pretty tight for someone who sells their hole.”




He tapped Hyun-jae’s pride. However, it has been a long time since he put down his pride in front of his already filled desire and wallet.


“Thank you.”


Hyun-jae said with half-opened eyes.


“Open up.”


The man said as he squeezed the body wash into his hand again.


“That’s right. Now you know how to open it up a bit.”


As Hyun-jae leaned his head against the marble wall and spread his buttocks with both hands, the man said with a satisfied smile.


The man’s hand smoothed every inch of Hyun-jae’s buttocks.




Hyun-jae grabbed his buttocks and moaned as the hand swept up from the bottom.


“Don’t cum without my permission.”



His fingers slipped between Hyun-jae’s thighs.




As the fingers rushed in and pressed down on the lower part, Hyun-jae’s whole body trembled.


“Without my permission, don’t cum.”


The man’s low voice delivered a commanding order, but Hyun-jae, who had endured until now, seemed to have no intention of listening.


Finding pleasure in Hyun-jae’s resistance, the man chuckled softly and took his other hand to gently grasp his shaft, Hyun-jae’s hips jerked upward in response.


“Do you want to cum?”


“Ha, haah! Yes, yes… haa!”


As two fingers stretched out and pressed against Hyun-jae’s pleasant spot, Hyun-jae’s body began to tremble violently. The trembling legs were so pitiful.


“Then let’s cum somewhere.”




As the man exerted a force that seemed to grant permission without asking, Hyun-jae’s pent-up desire to release surged through him. The pre-cum that had been eagerly waiting to escape was about to pour out.


“Ugh! Ugh! Please, please…”


However, the man’s other hand grasped the tip of Hyun-jae’s dick tightly and did not let go.


“Oh, it hurts, it hurts… It hurts…”


Hyun-jae begged, unable to cum even if he wanted to. His painful, clogged dick begged him to let him cum.


“You… it hurts so much… Hmm…”


There were even tears in his eyes. Even though Hyun-jae wanted to twist his body and pull the man’s hand away, he couldn’t because of the force.




The man, seeing Hyun-jae’s expression as if he was about to cry, smiled slightly and soon released his hand.


“Ha… Aahh…”


Hyun-jae spilled the accumulated cum into the man’s hand.


“Ah! Ah! Please, please!”


As the man holding Hyun-jae’s waist tightly began to quickly rub his sensitive dick, Hyun-jae twisted his whole body and shouted.


“So why did you do that?”


The man standing close behind Hyun-jae whispered in his ear. The man’s eyes were beautifully curved.


“Please, please!”


Hyun-jae shouted and pleaded. He felt like he was going crazy as the man rubbed his dick, which had become sensitive from having just ejaculated.


His mind went blank. It was painful, and he felt like he was losing his mind so much that his legs were shaking.


But even with the current plea, the man’s hands did not seem to stop. A large hand tightly wrapped around the Hyun-jae’ waist and pushed against the wall to prevent him from moving.


“Hah! Hah! Kkeug!”


An unknown sound similar to that of an animal came out of Hyun-jae’s mouth.


“Ugh, ugh! Ahhh!”


As liquid other than semen began to gush out onto the hand that was rubbing the glans, a low laugh flowed from the mouth of the man close to Hyun-jae’s ear.


“You’re amusing.”



When Hyun-jae’s body, which had poured out everything, lost all its strength, the man finally released his tightly held hand.


“Ha… hmm…”


Hyun-jae’s body, flopping down on the cold bathroom floor, was shaking.


‘What the hell, what the hell did you just do…’


It was something Hyun-jae had experienced for the first time in his life. After ejaculating, his dick was rubbed like crazy and he peed even though he didn’t want to as if it was out of his control.


The man left Hyun-jae lying on the floor, squeezing out shampoo and washing his hair. Leisurely, as if nothing had happened a moment ago.


“Ha, what are you doing?”


Under the pouring water, Hyun-jae grabbed the man’s dick and bit into it.


“Ha… I guess you still have enough stamina left.”


Hyun-jae, who had his mouth full of the man’s stiff dick, moved his head. Actually, he didn’t have enough stamina left to do that. It was just a division.


“Okay. I have to work.”


However, the man was only focused on washing his body, not caring whether Hyun-jae sucked his dick or not. He carefully washed away the foam that filled his hair and lowered his gaze to look at Hyun-jae.




As the water that flowed down the man’s dick clogged Hyun-jae’s throat, he let out a harsh cough.


“Get up.”


The man ordered as he turned off the water in the shower.




As Hyun-jae tried to get up from the floor, his legs gave out and he stumbled.


“Hold my arm.”


The man wrapped his arms around Hyun-jae’s waist and opened the shower booth door. Hyun-jae tightly held on to the man’s arm that was wrapped around his waist.


As he went out through the foggy steam, the cool air enveloped his body.


“I’m fine now.”


Hyun-jae, who regained some strength in his legs, gently pushed away the man who had wrapped his arms around his waist.


“You need to be disciplined.”


When the man who was one step away smiled and spoke, goosebumps appeared on Hyun-jae’s body. He couldn’t tell if it was because the cold wind enveloped his body or because he was afraid of what the man said.


As he passed through the large living room, Hyun-jae’s body flinched every time his feet touched the cold marble. Strangely, his lust boiled over again as he glanced at the back of the man walking ahead of him.


It wasn’t something Hyun-jae normally liked, but he wanted to be crushed under that man, let out a whining cry, and be torn apart indiscriminately. The lewd fantasies he had in the car kept getting more intense.


With a click, the bedroom door opened. The bedroom was spacious and clean. The clean and luxurious interior that seemed to resemble a man was quite nice.




The man who closed the door spoke to Hyun-jae and approached the closet.


When the sliding closet door swung open, an empty closet was revealed.


The closet was pushed aside with a clatter as the man reached in the middle of the closet and pulled something.


Hyun-jae was involuntarily amazed by the hidden room that was only seen in movies.


“How much will it cost to use you freely?”



The gaze of the man who asked softly focused on Hyun-jae’s stiff dick.


‘It’s as a tool. That man looks at me like an object.’


Even though Hyun-jae thought that way, looking at the man’s smooth body and face, he had a vague feeling that it would be okay to be treated like an object.


The space inside the open closet was quite large, and the areas where the light did not reach were pitch dark.




“I like you. Your reaction is really good.”


The man’s gaze blatantly scanned Hyun-jae. Hyun-jae’s eyes naturally turned to the floor as if he was looking at a good product.


‘Are you saying you’ll give me more than three hundred?’


In fact, it wasn’t difficult to match his taste. Of course additional fees were often paid, but not more than the number of three hundred per night.


“Three days, it’s Friday, so I’ll get you out Monday morning.”


“Well, that’s…”


Is he declaring that he’ll keep me confined?


“How about this? Deducting the amount I gave you earlier, if I give you an additional 10 million won.”


Hyun-jae’s eyes were wide open. Ten million won in just three days? This was an amount he could never earn in his lifetime.


“Do you agree?”


As Hyun-jae nodded, the man asked.




“As soon as you step into this room, there’s no turning back.”


The corners of the man’s mouth curved up in satisfaction as Hyun-jae swallowed nervously.

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