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Reiad placed Lilliana’s hand, which he was holding, back on his forearm. “Just do it. It’s very rare to find someone you enjoy talking to.”




Luize held out her hand to Edward. He kissed the back of her hand.


* * *

When the dance song began, the center was empty. Many people turned to the center. Those who didn’t want to dance stayed back, but Edward and Luize had no choice but to head to the center. She had to dance at least once since he requested the first dance in front of everyone.


Luize stood facing Edward with a troubled expression. Nearby them was Reiad and his lover, Lilliana. It was a rare, fun sight for onlookers. The scene was worth going up in newsletters that liked gossip in society.


“It’s been so long since I danced that I think I’m going to make mistakes. I might step on your foot. And it won’t end once.”


“That’s an exciting thing to say.”


“…You have a unique taste.”


“I took it as a challenge to my lead.”




“Just in case, my instep is so strong that it doesn’t matter if Miss Luize steps on my feet as much as you want. I’m good at controlling my facial expressions, so just move comfortably.”




The dance began in earnest. The two bodies became as close as possible as Edward’s arms wrapped tightly around Luize’s waist. They were so close that they could barely breathe.


The two eyes came close together. Purple eyes that tremble slightly resemble flowers fluttering in the wind.


“Starting with such a song from the beginning. Their intentions are quite obvious.”




“The fact that we’re this close means that others are the same.”




Luize secretly avoided Edward’s gaze. It was still burdensome for her to face him close for a long time.


When she turned her gaze to the side, he added. “If possible, don’t look at other couples and just focus on me. I think the person seeking help is less sincere than the person who came to help.”


“It’s still difficult for me, Your Excellency. It’s kind of hard to make eye contact this close for a long time…”


“It’s difficult for me too, Miss Luize.”


Luize looked up with a puzzled look. After turning around, she fell into his arms again.


“Your Excellency finds it difficult too?”




“But you make good eye contact and talk well.”


“Just because you make eye contact and talk doesn’t necessarily mean you’re comfortable with the other person.”


“Then how do you make it not obvious that you’re struggling with someone?”

“I don’t know.”


The conversation between the two was cut off. Luize made eye contact with Edward and followed his lead. While Edward was silent, she wondered how she was making him feel uncomfortable. He approached her too easily for someone who said it felt uncomfortable.


“Still, I’m glad that I’m uncomfortable with Miss Luize.”


“What’s the good thing about that?”


Edward smiled at her. He added in a slick tone. “There is such a thing.”


“That’s bland.”


“To tell you something interesting, the count’s reaction isn’t bland at all.”




“It’s what you wanted, isn’t it?”


Luize nodded slowly. She smiled bitterly. “Yes, it’s what I wanted.”




“The music is over.”


The movement of the two stopped. They stood face to face and greeted each other. Edward said, naturally reaching out his arms to Luize. “You know what, Miss Luize.”




“In the end, you never stepped on my foot.”


Ah, come to think of it, Your Excellency is really good at leading.”


“Maybe we’re a better fit than I thought. I didn’t really focus and or push forward either.”


“In a situation where your toes might get stepped on?”


“I don’t think it’ll hurt much if you step on it.”


“Honestly, you’ve never been stepped on, right?”


“Yes. I don’t have a hobby of being stepped on.”


“It’s a shame.”


“…You have a unique taste.”


At his response, Luize made a surprised face and then soon laughed quietly. The corner of Edward’s mouth, who was escorting her, also curved in joy.


* * *

As Edward said, Reiad’s reaction was not bland. As soon as the first dance was over, he watched Edward and Luize towards the terrace and sneered. He was certain that the sly-snake-like dethroned prince was plotting something suspicious, using his wife as an excuse.


“Reiad, go a little slower.”


Ah, sorry. I’m in a bit of a hurry.”


“Oh my gosh. You’re in a hurry…” Lilliana followed him with a blush.


Reiad soon stopped walking. When he raised his head, he saw black hair. The place where they stood was the garden below the terrace where Edward and Luize were. It was barely visible from below, but from their position looking down, they could see better than anyone how the two were spending their time.


Luize wasn’t the kind of person to act so boldly in a place visible to her husband. He didn’t know how the grand duke tricked her, but it was clear what happened earlier was Luize’s mistake for falling for his trick.


“My Love, let’s see how in a hurry you were,” said Lilliana in a languid tone, pressing her body against Reiad.


He leaned against the garden and wrapped his hands around her face. As much as you want.”


Reiad saw her face with gleaming eyes. The lips of the two overlapped. Lilliana’s hands began to unbutton Reiad’s uniform. He smiled low and took Lilliana’s hand.


“Lilliana, I can’t let you lie down in a place like this, no matter how urgent I am.” Reiad let out a hot breath and looked at Lilliana. He smiled softly and switched places with her. “Let’s play.”




“If you close your eyes and remember how many times I kissed you until I say it’s done, I will grant you one thing you want.”


“…Even if I ask you to stay at the mansion instead of going back tonight?”




Lilliana closed her eyes with a joyous face. Reiad immediately put his lips to her ear. Mwah, mwah, mwah. His lips moved down her neck. He removed gloves from Lilliana’s hand. Then he lifted her arm, rolled up the sleeve of her dress, and pressed his lips to her elbow. Lilliana smiled softly.


Reiad held Lilliana’s arm in his arms and stared out at the terrace. He could see Luize’s back standing on the railing. Suddenly, someone’s hands wrapped tightly around her waist and shoulders. It was Edward.


Reiad, who was kissing his lover’s arm, stopped moving. Red eyes looked down at him. The terrace they were on was on the second floor, and they were close enough that he could tell they were looking at each other. Reiad quietly made eye contact with him.


Edward’s eyes turned to Luize. He took back his arm, grabbed her arm, and slowly peeled off the thin cotton gloves from her fingertips. Edward lifted her hand and kissed her palm for a long time. Reiad’s face visibly hardened.




“Yes, Lilliana.”


“Should I open my eyes now?”


“Yes, we’d better move now.”


Lilliana opened her eyes. Reiad, reflected in her eyes, had an expression she had never seen before. A dangerous light appeared reflected in his eyes, which were as blue as the clear sky.


“I want to sleep in your room today. Let’s go there right now,” whispered Reiad as he looked at Lilliana.


* * *

As soon as he entered the terrace, Edward drew the curtain. Luize was standing awkwardly, looking at him.


It was the season when flowers bloomed in abundance. The strong scent of flowers flowed through the wind to the terrace. Although the cold hasn’t completely gone yet, the spring night has a strange effect on people’s hearts.


“If you do it two more times, I won’t have any heart left.” Luize sighed.


Looking at her like that, Edward headed towards the terrace railing. He stood leaning against the railing and looked at Luize. “If you feel like that because you’re excited for me, it’s a bit troublesome.”


“Did you have such a misunderstanding?”


“It’s a bit hurtful when you answer that without any worries.”


“I will never be excited by Your Excellency. To begin with, my preference is not someone like Your Excellency.”


“What’s your preference?”


Luize’s expression hardened at Edward’s question. “A bright person.”


Hmm, I see. I’m quite a bright person.”


“I like people with warm personalities.”


“That also fits with me too. It’s a big deal.”


“And last, they should be the person I can’t help but fall in love with.”


“Miss Luize, I can probably count only three women in the society who have never cared about me.”


“One of the three must be me.”


“Unfortunately, that’s still the case.” Edward laughed.


Luize looked at him with an unexpected look as he obediently stepped back.


Frankly, what he said was not a bluff. In the past, when he was the crown prince, all the women in the empire openly coveted him. The longer he postponed his engagement, the more rumors about him grew, and articles about him appeared in newspapers one after another. 

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