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[The reason why the engagement of the crown prince of the Kaillon Empire is delayed is because he’s waiting for his true companion!]


[Where is Crown Prince Edward E. von Bellord’s true love?]


As a child, Luize’s parents often bought newspapers whenever they went to town. On those days, her mother read the newspaper to her, adding her own comments. Edward’s name always appeared somewhere in the newspaper.


“Is there anyone perfect in this world? The crown prince is far more mediocre than you think, so he is not someone you should pay attention to.”


He was a perfect crown prince who was loved by everyone, and it was written that there was nothing he couldn’t do, as he said with his own words. There were also many compliments about his dazzling beauty, to which her mother would often add her own comments. That’s how Luize knew him. She believed her mother’s words that the crown prince wasn’t as handsome as he was in the newspaper.


According to her mother’s words, the world was an unremarkable place, and their humble cabin was the safest. At that time, the only people in Luize’s world were her mother, father, and Maxion, who visited them for a while. But her mother’s world was a pure lie.


When she came out to the world, people said the place she lived in was the most dangerous place in the empire, and the crown prince in the newspapers was as handsome as in the newspapers.


Edward was such a handsome man that was worthy of all the fancy praises. In terms of appearance alone, he’s the only one who can compete against her husband. That’s what Luize thought, at least when she first came to the capital and saw him.


Until then, Luize apparently loved her husband. He was the only light and savior for her dark, damp, and lonely life. So she couldn’t see anything else at that time. Reiad was brighter and lovelier than anyone she had ever seen.


Her face darkened when she recalled him. At some point, whenever she thought of him, Luize felt uncomfortable, as if she were trapped in suffocating darkness. She felt like she had become the dark shadow behind his light. Luize wasn’t sure if she could call that feeling as love.


“Miss Luize, your face doesn’t look good. Our plans so far have gone perfectly smoothly.”


“I think so too.”


“But why do you put on such a face?”


Luize looked up and stared at the building in the distance. “Because it’s not fun.”




“With what kind of heart does Reiad have to mingle with his lovers?”


The wind blew. Edward, who was standing facing Luize, turned around and stared at the garden. He answered while looking around the garden. “I’m curious about that too. How does he feel when he does that?”


Reiad and his lover, who had just arrived in the garden, came into the view. It seemed as if he had deliberately positioned himself where their gaze would reach. Even when they were dancing, he looked at them from time to time. It looked like they get on his nerves.


Edward looked down expressionlessly at Reiad, who was enjoying his love affair with his lover. His cold, sunken red eyes were without any trace of warmth.


Perhaps the reason Reiad cares is because Edward is the one who is involved with his wife? Or is it just that he disapproves of the fact that someone approaches his wife? Luize would hope for the latter, but unfortunately, the probability of that happening was very low.


Edward turned around again with a smile. “Miss Luize.”




“Would you like to stand here for a moment? Don’t look at the garden.”


“…Reiad must be there.”




Luize headed to the railing with a tired face. Edward approached her as she stood with her back against the garden.


“Do you remember what we were trying to accomplish by coming here today?”


“You said it was to show myself falling in love.”


“Yes, so in the future, I hope that Miss Louis will call me by name too.”


“…Your Excellency mentioned that. Reiad seemed to be unfazed.” Calling someone by name means that they were really close.  Luize slowly spoke, avoiding Edward’s gaze.


“That’s right.”


“Maybe Reiad will change his mind just this once.”


“Well, I don’t know.”


“Do you think it’s going to be difficult for him to change his mind?”


“Unfortunately, that’s the case.”


Luize nodded with a helpless look. Well, he even said to bring in the lover first, but there was no way he would change his mind after only one attempt.


Edward, who was looking at Luize, opened his mouth. “I feel sad that you’re looking for your husband like that in front of your lover.”


Luize looked at him with a quizzical look. Edward came close to her. The eyes of the two met. He lowered his upper body and stopped so close to Luize that her breath touched him.


“If the count changes his minds and make an agreement with Miss Luize, you don’t’ have to look for me again.”




“But right now, I must do my job as a lover to share a secret meeting with you.”


Edward smiled. He put his lips to her ear and whispered. “It’s difficult to avoid skinship, so please excuse me for a moment.”


At that moment Edward’s hands wrapped around Luize’s waist and head. Although he didn’t hug her very tightly, from a distance it would have looked like Luize was completely trapped in his arms.


Luize took a deep breath. When she got close to Edward, he smelled like roses. S it the scent of the high-quality oil he has been using for a long time? Luize thought so as she awkwardly placed her wandering hand on his back. It was a familiar fragrance, one she seemed to have encountered somewhere before. Rather than just a scent, it felt like an instinctive warning.


She used to live with unparalleled bad smells as a daily routine. Perils. Why does the smell from the forest where she used to come to her mind at this moment?


While Luize was confused, Edward looked at Reiad. Reiad also didn’t avoid Edward’s gaze as he kissed his lover’s arm. He dared to indulge in such filthy acts at a distance where his wife might turn around at any moment. To have a hope in such a man, this person was definitely more foolish than he thought.


“They’re playing a fun game. Let’s try following along.”


Edward took away his hand and lifted Luize’s arms. A red gaze was reflected in her purple eyes. He looked at Luize and slowly removed her gloves from her hands. Her gloves disappeared and showed hands that were too rough for a woman of a noble family.


“What are you…”


Edward’s lips touched her palm. The two were still looking at each other. His lips were softly touched on Luize’s palm. The spot where his lips touched was only the size of four finger joints, but the touch was very vivid. It felt as if all the nerves in her body were gathered there. Her face instantly turned bright.


Edward broke the kiss and put her hand down. When he checked down again, Reiad and his lover were nowhere to be seen. Edward handed Luize’s gloves back to her, which he held in his hands with a nonchalant look on his face.


“They’re gone.”




“I’ll escort you to the carriage. It seems to me that the count has no intention of going back to the mansion today.”




Edward extended his arm to Luize. Luize hesitated and avoided his gaze. Holding her own hands together she slowly stroked the spot where his lips had touched with her other thumb. It felt strange. Since she had almost no experience in such intimate interactions with others, perhaps this was natural. Unlike her, Edward seemed to be very adept at such matters.


“Is there a problem?”


“No, I was just wondering if I’d run into them.”


“It’s been a while since they’re gone, so that won’t happen.”


“…I see.”


Luize put her hand on his forearm after putting on her gloves.  Now she sees his forearm was pretty solid as a swordsman. Edward looked at her hand on his arm slowly, then took the first step.


That day, Luize rode Edward’s carriage back to the Count’s house. The servants were excited to see her like that.


Just like Edward said, Reiad didn’t return home that day. It continued for several days. Reiad, who returned to the mansion with a tired face after a long outing, calmly greeted Luize, who had come out to meet him, and headed straight to his room. Nothing has changed.


* * *

“I’ll take it up with me.” Maxion took today’s newspaper, newsletter, and letter from the servant.


Ten days have passed since the banquet. The newsletter, which spreads gossip in real time, still covers the scandal of Grand Duke Edward von Lindeman and Countess Luize di Cloette. Although most of them were written anonymously, everyone knew that the story about those two was the main topic of the gossip.


First of all, they had to deal with the urgent matter. Maxion’s steps became faster.


Edward hasn’t been in good shape these past few days. When Edward heard that Reiad had returned to the mansion three days after the banquet, he thought Luize would send him a letter right away. But his expectations were wrong. One day later, two days later, three days later, four days later…


The longer he didn’t receive any Luize’s letter, the more uncomfortable Edward became. Moreover, it had been rained over the past few days. On rainy days, Edward couldn’t sleep easily.


Maxion headed to the second-floor bedroom. This was where Edward stayed. 


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