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Luize easily avoided his attack again this time.


The sun was setting. It was going to be dark soon, so there was no benefit in taking any more time.


It seemed that Luize wasn’t just a healer but was also good at avoiding. In any case, since it was about striking her sword and not her body, he decided to take his actions a little more seriously.


Edward realized that he was greatly mistaken for something at the third blow. Luize, who easily dodged his attack, stood with the tip of her wooden sword aimed at the back of his head. Edward slowly turned back, feeling a chill run down his spine.




Purple eyes resembling dawn shone behind the mask.


* * *

In conclusion, Edward couldn’t strike Luize’s sword even after the sun had set. Even though he started striking seriously at some point, there was no progress beyond merely brushing swords.


Maxion turned on magic lights throughout the training ground. He was watching their training from a considerable distance.


In the end, Luize sighed and held out her sword with one hand. “Strike it.”




Edward quietly looked down at the blade of the wooden sword held out towards him. He obediently struck her sword with his own. Only then did Luize take off the mask. She looked back and forth between the sword and Edward with an expressionless face.


“…I didn’t expect Miss Luize to have excellent swordsmanship skills.”


Edward smiled as he swept up his wet hair. His sweaty appearance was also handsome, but what was important to Luize now was not his appearance. She approached him with a sword around her waist.


“Your Excellency initially underestimated my skills.”




“Now, are you planning to take it seriously?”


“I shall do so.”


“But you didn’t seem particularly surprised even though I took off my mask.”


“I thought this was some kind of revenge from what happened in the inn.”


“It was similar. Was it that obvious?” Luize fiddled with the mask with a gloomy face on her face.


Edward took a slow breath. It was natural for him to notice. He was naturally observant, and Luize, in particular, was the person he had been keeping an eye on the most recently. Every detail from her physique, hair, and voice told him that she was Luize, so how could he not know that?


“A little bit.”


Even so, the fact that she was a swordswoman surprised him. He never thought she would be such an outstanding swordswoman.


Edward wondered whether he should correct his evaluation of Reiad. Considering that he continued to have affairs even with a wife like this, he might have had several lives. Did he succeed in studying the black magic of reviving the dead? Or that he has eternal life…


“Ah, please keep this too a secret from my husband.”


“Is it for the same reason just like before?”




“I see.”


“This too?” Maxion, who came up to them with a towel, asked.


Luize looked at Edward with a bewildered look. It was a story they decided to keep a secret between the two of them, so she gave a look if it was okay to tell it.


“You can talk about it to Maxion if you want.”


In response to his answer, Luize curled her lips and spoke softly. “I have treated His Excellency’s wounds before.”


“…You were the one who treated those wounds?”




“It looks like I’ve been blessed twice.”


Luize shook her head at Edward’s words. “This is the repayment for what I promised.”




“Anything you want and I can give for you.”


She made this condition with Edward when he approached her and pretended to be a gigolo. She made that condition without knowing it was Edward. Still, since he became her lover as she suggested, she gave the repayment as she had promised.


“I remember that.”


“Your Excellency seems to be tight-lipped as well. I’d welcome a place where I can freely move around. It’s been rather boring lately…”


Luize trailed off her words, looking back and forth between Edward and Maxion. Edward was someone she didn’t know well yet, but Luize was glad she got an acquaintance other than Reiad in the capital.


Maxion was still a good person, and Edward, the one whom he served, didn’t seem like a bad person either. From treating him to asking him to be her lover, the fact that he already knew a couple of her secrets put her mind at ease. Adding one more thing to the situation wasn’t going to make it any more serious.  


“Thanks to you, I can be free here too.” Luize smiled brightly.


Edward, who was looking at her, looked puzzled for a moment but then burst into laughter. His laughter grew louder.


Luize looked at Edward with a puzzled look. “Why are you laughing all of a sudden?”


Ahaha… I didn’t know Miss Luize had this side. You’re indeed beyond my imagination in any field.”


“Your Excellency, I’ve been feeling this for a while, but you seem to have quite strong preconceptions.”


“I’ve spent a long time in a place where every thought is punctuated with fixed notions.”


“Well, that’s true…”


Edward smiled and reached out to Luize. “Then let’s each do our best. I as Miss Luize’s lover. Miss Luize as my teacher.”


“Let’s do that.” Luize took his hand.


Ah, by the way, Miss Luize.”




“Aren’t we supposed to call each other by name from the next time we meet?”


“…That’s right.”


Hmm.” Edward stared at her, holding Luize’s hand.


Luize answered in a small voice, sneaking away from his gaze. “Lord Edward.”


“I think it would be a little strange for someone who will now be my teacher to use an honorific title.”




“Let’s do that.” Edward smiled beautifully at her.


Maxion, watching the two, lightly bent the tail of his mouth and opened it. “How would you like for dinner?”


“I’d like to have dinner with the three of us if Miss Luize’s schedule is okay.”


“Great,” Luize answered readily. It had been a very long time since she had dinner with anyone other than Reiad or his lovers.


The three of them headed to the main building together.


* * *

Luize’s outings had become more frequent. She headed to Edward’s mansion after breakfast every day for the past ten days. And today, she had breakfast with Reiad for the first time after a long time.


“Luize, I’ll be get goi—” Reiad, who was leaving the mansion, blurted his words when he saw Luize walking out of the mansion.


“I’m going out now too. Goodbye, Reiad.”


“Ah, then take the carriage that comes first. And Luize.”




“How about buying new clothes or a parasol? If you want, I can buy it and send it to you.”


After hearing Reiad’s words, Luize checked her outfit. When she thought about it, she had felt comfortable walking around lately because there had been a lot of days when she hadn’t run into Reiad.


“I’ll buy it.”




The carriage arrived. Reiad escorted Luize to the carriage.


“Let’s go to Grand Duchy Lindeman.”


The carriage set off slowly.


* * *

After changing her clothes in the annex, Luize headed to the secret training ground, where she taught swordsmanship to Edward. It had been ten days since she started teaching him. She had been going to this grand duchy every day, so she’s quite used to it now.


Edward arranged for people to clean the small annex the servants hadn’t used for Luize. After asking Luize for her measurements, he also bought some clothes she could wear comfortably. Thanks to this, the servants believe the two are having a secret meeting there.


“You’re practicing well.”


“I’m not really a disciple who gives my teacher a hard time.” Edward lifted his sword with a happy face.


Edward was really a faithful disciple. Within 15 days, his posture, which was terribly judged by Luize’s standards, improved greatly.


“Your basic skills have improved a lot.”


“Is that so?”


“It was a bit messy at first, but it was easy to correct because you learned the basics from a good teacher.”


“That’s a relief.”


“From tomorrow, you’d better ask Maxion to act as your sparring partner.”


“I will convey that.”




Luize looked at the empty training ground as if thinking about something else for a moment. The days have become much warmer. She had to prepare for summer. Now that she had thought about it, she needed to buy new practice clothes according to the season.


“I’ll need some new clothes.”


Edward reacted immediately to Luize’s casual words. He asked her with a bright face. “Then would you like to go shopping with me tomorrow?”


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