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The first thing she noticed was his evenly rising and falling black hair at the top of his head. His breathing was deeper and longer than usual. He seemed to be in a deep sleep.


Luize stepped down from the bed and observed Edward. He lay there with his head tilted slightly to the side, eyes closed. His slightly long hair fell over his eyes. The silhouette of his body revealed by the nightgown, his sharp jawline, and defined Adam’s apple showcased his beauty.


Luize quietly sat beside him, taking in the view outside the window that he had been looking at. Tinted by the moonlight, the clouds floated gently across the dark sky. It seemed different from the sky she usually saw, even though she thought it would be the same everywhere.


It was her first night in this unfamiliar room. Edward, dressed in a nightgown, slept beside her. Not knowing what made her heart flutter – the appropriate silence, sitting next to him, or gazing at the sky – she found the moment pleasing.


Luize turned her head again to look at Edward’s face. His head was tilted more towards her than before.


“What does Edward like?”


She realized she hadn’t asked this question during their long conversation. Unfortunately, it seemed she would have to save this question for another time. It wasn’t important enough to wake someone sleeping so soundly.


Luize reached out her left hand and gently brushed his hair aside. His expressionless face seemed a little unfamiliar. His dense, long eyelashes, perfectly shaped nose, and lips all spoke of his pride in his appearance. She gently stroked his face with her fingers. Although she had said she wouldn’t touch, his defenseless state tempted her to playfully reach out. His skin was indeed warmer and softer just after washing.


At that moment, Edward’s hand caught her wrist. As she panicked, his thick eyelashes lifted, revealing dark red eyes.


“Who sent you?” His voice, low and somber, resonated eerily. He moved swiftly, pinning Luize to the floor. Her hair spread out on the velvet carpet.


Edward, trapping her between his arms, slowly surveyed her face. Luize’s heart raced, thinking he might hear its loud beating.


“It’s me, Edward.”


Despite her answer, his expression remained unyielding. The feel of his gaze moving across her was dizzying. His eyes were cold emotionless, yet she wasn’t scared. It was an unfounded reassurance from the groundless belief that he wouldn’t harm her.




His eyes closed again. He collapsed onto her in a large, enveloping her. His breath became even once more. His hand, still firmly holding her wrist, didn’t move.


Luize, pinned under him, swallowed dryly. The feel of their bodies, separated only by thin nightgowns, was too distinct. She felt the contours of his muscles, the warmth of his body, the slight scent of roses, his rising and falling chest, even the beating of his heart.


Luize moved little by little to the side and laid Edward down at an angle. Even as their position changed, he still held her left wrist. It seemed difficult to return to bed alone with her wrist captured. She didn’t want to wake him; instead, she reached out with her free hand and pulled the blanket that was barely hanging onto the bed. She covered them both with it and lay back down facing him.


The floor wasn’t too cold, thanks to the warm weather and the soft carpet covering the entire room. She could sleep here just fine. Luize looked at his face a bit more before turning her gaze to the terrace window behind him. It was a beautiful, moonlit night. Tomorrow, the window would let in dazzling light, brightening the room. She was okay with it. She had no regrets, even if she would wake from this dream tomorrow.


Luize’s eyes closed. Soon, the room was filled with the quiet sound of their steady breathing.


* * *

It was early afternoon, and the room was already filled with sunlight. Edward’s fine brows twitched slightly. The heavy fatigue that usually weighed on his body seemed to have disappeared thanks to a good night’s sleep. He felt the firm floor covered by a soft velvet carpet at his back.


I must have fallen asleep on the floor last night instead of returning to the main building.


Edward tried to move but then realized something was in his hand. His dark red eyes opened, and he turned his head to see what he was holding. Before he could fully grasp what it was, his gaze was captivated by Luize’s face in front of him. Her silver hair was spread out on the carpet. Her features, from her silver eyelashes to her delicate facial structure, looked somewhat childlike rather than a mature woman, especially her slightly parted pink lips as she slept.


He chuckled softly. They must have fallen asleep at some point amidst the long silence after their late-night conversation. It was strange. Despite resorting to sleeping pills and specially prepared bedding, he couldn’t sleep, yet here he was, deeply asleep on the floor.


He released Luize’s wrist, which he had been holding. His hand felt stiff from being in the same position for a long time.




As her wrist was freed, Luize moved her hand towards her face and turned, squinting slightly from the brightness.


Edward raised his upper body, rested his chin on one hand, looked at Luize, and blocked the sunlight with his other hand. Only then did Luize put on a comfortable face.


Judging by the amount of light in the room, it didn’t seem to be morning anymore. Since there were no special plans for the day, he decided to enjoy being her shade for a bit longer. It was unexpected to have such a peaceful morning in this room.


Luize, despite her strong swordsmanship, appeared weak towards her husband but wasn’t really weak. She was a bit foolish but a quick learner. She also enjoyed pranks more than he had realized.


Edward had lived a long time in boredom and a meaningless routine. Initially, he had become Luize’s lover to investigate her potential impact on their plans. Watching her closely, he found Luize to be a very ordinary person despite her immense power. Seeing her smile made him want to ensure she could live her life always wearing that expression. However, he was often in danger and couldn’t involve her in his life anymore.


At least, if she divorces with Reiad, she would be fine. There was a slim chance that one day Reiad would change and escape with Luize to avoid the emperor’s eyes. Of course, that was unlikely. Honestly, even if Reiad gave up everything and changed, Edward didn’t want Luize by his side. She had been hurt too much, and those wounds would torment her.


Edward thought of the scars on her body and her marriage contract. Luize was too good a person to live in misery. So, until he was ready to return to his place and Luize could regain a proper life, he would enjoy this relationship a bit longer. They were like this annex, neither too far nor too close to reality, making it not too difficult to return to their respective places.


“Why were you here, Miss Luize?” He asked the question he couldn’t ask last night, but there was no answer.


How much time had passed? Edward stood up, planning to carry Luize back to the bed, get ready, and then return to wake her. He gently laid her on the bed. Instead of sitting up right away, he gazed at her face. His red gaze lingered a bit too long on her lips. Unexpectedly, her silver eyelashes fluttered, and she opened her eyes.


“Edward… Are you awake?”  Luize spoke drowsily, still not fully awake.


He nodded. “…Yes.”


“It seems quite late…”


“It’s okay. You can sleep more.”


“No. I have to eat breakfast.”  Luize sat up.


Edward stepped back and stood straight. “Why did you come down to the floor? I would have understood if you had just left me there, even if it would have been a bit sad.”


As he teased her, Luize stretched and replied, “You were sleeping so soundly. Curiosity got the better of me, and I ended up getting caught by the wrist…”


“…So it was my fault?”


“Half of it?”


“You should have woken me.”


“It felt wrong to wake someone sleeping so peacefully. Plus, since there was only one blanket, I just decided to sleep on the floor.”


“…What if I had been a scoundrel? You’re too careless, Miss Luize.”


“You didn’t seem like that kind of person.”


“You can’t know a person just by looking, Miss Luize. What if I had harbored dark intentions towards you?”


“Did you have dark intentions?”


Hmm.” Edward averted his gaze and spoke, “I thought about it… but…”


Luize’s eyes widened in surprise, prompting him to chuckle mischievously.


“But I’m too much of a gentleman for that.”




“I’ll head to the main building then. Do you need anything?”


“No, you’ve already prepared everything I need.”


“Alright. See you later.”


“Yes.” Luize nodded, smiling.


Edward left the annex with a light heart. Despite sleeping on the floor, he felt surprisingly good after a long, deep sleep. Now, to change clothes and have the servants prepare breakfast… Ah, he felt like he was forgetting something important.


Arriving at the main building, he opened the door to his room.


“Lord Edward.”


Before he could fully enter, his gaze met Maxion’s, who sat at the tea table. His black eyes seemed darker today. Was it an illusion?


“You finally arrived.”


It seemed it wasn’t just his imagination.


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