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“It’s just something memorable.”


“People sometimes fall in love over even more trivial things. The prince’s garden caretaker and a maid fell in love because their eyes met when he handed her a dropped handkerchief during their first encounter. Considering how often they argued, they probably would have broken up by now if they were still alive.”


His buoyant voice seemed to carry the freshness of his twenty years. This was what Edward used to be like. Luize thought to herself with a faint smile.


“I see.”


“Yes. So, if constantly thinking about someone, wanting to see them, and feeling excited to wait for them is love, then perhaps I have been in love with you since that day.”


“That’s an exaggeration. How can you say that when you don’t even know what kind of person I am? And Elliot, you didn’t fall in love with me at our reunion or our first meeting.”


“It seems the future me is even more of a fool with no discernment.”


“I thought you were wise and good.”


“I’m glad you thought well of me. I remember Miss Luize used to smile more brightly.”


Luize smiled softly. Edward from seven years ago seemed more honest and approachable than before.


“I used to be more outspoken.”


“And now?”


“I’m a bit less so. Though I did ignore Maxion’s advice and rushed into the black magic to save Edward.” Luize laughed awkwardly.


Edward looked at her with amused eyes. “You must be disappointed that the Edward who returned isn’t the perfect one.”


“I’m trying to adapt. I like this side too.”


Edward’s gaze drifted to the sword at her waist. “I heard from Maxion that we were in a contractual relationship. I would like to hear the details directly from Miss Luize.”


Ah, yes. I’ll tell you what happened.”


Luize’s expression grew somber. She recounted their first meeting, the incidents with Reiad, treating him on the outskirts of the capital, and how he became her lover. She also told him about how he learned swordsmanship from her and participated in a swordsmanship tournament.


“It turns out all that magic was directly cast by Edward. So, you lied about knowing a great wizard.”


“It’s not entirely a lie. If it’s a great wizard, then I know that person well, right?”


“Are you defending yourself?”


“I don’t particularly want to defend myself. But that sword, then, did you win it at the swordsmanship tournament?”


“Yes, that’s right.”


“Having received training from Miss Luize and still being incompetent, the future me really is useless.”


“It’s because I’m exceptional.”


Edward looked at her sword for a while, then muttered with a downturned face, “…Not coming to find me means it has already happened, hasn’t it?”




“Never mind.”


Luize continued her story. She summarized the events that occurred between them as best as she could. However, one thing she overlooked was her habit of concealing her mother’s identity and her lineage when speaking with someone. It was a habit she wasn’t even aware of, which is why the amnesiac Edward didn’t learn that Luize’s mother was Lensia. Neither of them knew what repercussions this omission would have in the future.


“It turns out Maxion and Miss Luize knew each other originally. It seems the three of us are fated.”


“Elliot is really unrestrained.” Luize chuckled and shook her head.


When the story ended, Edward nodded seriously but then paused. “Wait, we shared a bed without being lovers?”


Edward opened his mouth in shock. “To have saved such a reckless ruffian, how generous must you be.”


“There seems to be a misunderstanding… We just slept.”


“In the same bed?”




Edward froze for a moment, then slowly nodded with a puzzled face. “It’s good that I seemed to have kept some decency, but that’s also quite concerning in its own way. It seems like Robin is still my healer. Maybe we should have a few checks done.”


“…It should be normal.”




“Never mind. Rather than that, about the coup… Is that true?”


Edward responded with a nonchalant expression. “Yes. I see why Maxion was so flustered when I brought it up. The future me probably didn’t want to involve Miss Luize in this. If your ex-husband is close to the emperor, then inevitably, being with me would mean opposing him.”


“So it’s as I thought. After hearing that story, I’ve been thinking about it. The reason you kept it a secret from me, the reason you tried to keep me away…”


“Yet, do you still wish to be with me?”


Faced with Edward’s direct question, Luize fell into deep thought. After a silence, she finally spoke. “Will this lead to my ex-husband’s death?”


Edward pondered for a moment, then replied with a complicated expression, “That depends on the weight of his sins. I can’t promise, but if Miss Luize wishes, I’ll try to proceed in a way that can spare his life as much as possible.”


“…Thank you. For now, I’ll stay with you for the rest of the expedition. And I’ll need to think a bit more about what comes after.”




“I’ll go to bed first.”




Luize left with a stern expression on her face and headed towards her tent. Edward’s red eyes lingered on her retreating figure for a long time.


* * *

Upon waking, Edward’s first visit was to Luize’s tent. After getting her permission, he entered the tent and looked around in confusion.


“Do you stay here alone?”


“Yes. Since I’m the only woman, it ended up this way. I know we’re supposed to stay in pairs for safety, but I prefer to stay alone. Edward also understood that.”


“…I see. He understood.” Edward smiled ambiguously and nodded.


The incident occurred when everyone left the tent to eat lunch. Snap. A sound of fingers snapping followed, and Luize’s tent collapsed.


Hendrik panicked, “Oh? Oh? The support for Miss Luize’s tent broke! This is serious. She’ll have to sleep outside for a while. And now there’s a hole in the tent roof too.”


Edward spoke calmly, “Such a pity. And looking at the weather, it seems it will rain tonight. Then, Miss Luize will have to share a tent with me.”


“Yes? Oh, yes…”


Their eyes met, and he quickly nodded, understanding the situation.


While Luize was perplexed, searching for the source of the sudden rose scent, she looked at Edward in shock. “Share a tent?!”


“As you know, besides Miss Luize, I’m the only one who has my own tent. Is that not acceptable?”


“Th-That’s… no, there’s no helping it.”


“Don’t worry. We’ll use separate beds. If you need to change or want some alone time, I’ll step out.”


Huff, okay. How did this happen?”


Luize trudged off to gather her belongings from the collapsed tent. Watching her, Edward slightly curled the corners of his mouth.


“Edward understood, but Elliot didn’t want to. The future me will probably be satisfied.”


Watching them, Maxion silently shook his head.


* * *

Later that evening, as Edward predicted, rain fell in the forest. The light mist didn’t cause much inconvenience, but with the sky darkening early from the overcast clouds, they set up camp early.


“Are we really sharing a tent from tonight?”


“It seems that way.”


Edward mimicked Luize’s tone and playfully smiled. Luize shot him a sharp look but ended up smiling at his dazzling grin.


“According to my memory, you’re twenty, right?”




The man before her was no longer the twenty-seven-year-old who seemed much wiser and more mature. Now, he was a person who, in his memory, had just lost loved ones and was stripped of everything unjustly. He was a twenty-year-old Edward, somewhere between a boy and a young man, not filled with the excitement of adulthood but rather wandering in anxiety and instability.


Luize suddenly felt overwhelmed and straightened her back, speaking firmly, “Right. Sharing a tent seems best. If anything happens, consult with me. It’s okay to rely on people by your side when you’re struggling. If there’s an emergency, I’ll help…”


“Should I call you Sis then?” Edward asked with a ready smile as if he had been waiting.


Luize froze in confusion. “…”


“Or perhaps, Big Sis?”




“Why so, Sis? It was clear you were contemplating it.”


“I didn’t!” Luize protested with her face flushed red.


Watching her, Edward finally spoke, “Then, how about Big Sis…?”


“Stop it! I hope your memory returns soon!” Luize quickly covered his mouth with her hands.


Edward smiled, tilted his body forward, and took Luize’s wrists, guiding her palms to his cheeks. Inadvertently cupping his face, Luize was visibly flustered.


He locked eyes with her and whispered softly, “Lady Knight seems to be quite shy. Don’t just look for Edward. Enjoy the young Elliot too.”


As Luize stuttered in confusion, Edward let go of her wrists and stood up, heading towards the tent. “I’ll change first. If you want to peek, come inside. This might be your only chance while I’ve lost my memory.”

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