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In the silence where the soundless shock settled.


“Now, what did you say…?”


A beat later, Pavellian’s eyebrows wiggled.


“Lady, how dare you…”


That single word ‘dare,’ made Selleana feel even the last bit of her regret disappear. She wiped away her usual smile when dealing with him.


“How dare I? Your Highness, there are others who would be better suited for you. I recommend one of them would be a better match than I am.”


Selleana’s voice sounded haughty and arrogant, as if she was dealing with others, not Pavellian.


Pavellian’s eyebrows twitched more visibly. It must have been unfamiliar to him since it was the first time she had responded to him without considering his feelings.


“Consider it compensation for the benefits I’ve gained as your companion in return for the position Your Highness has attained.”




The damn impudence. Selleana laughed briefly.


“Compensation? How can you equate Elard’s loyalty to the imperial family with such vulgar logic? What’s left for you then?”


“Vulgar logic? Did we even love each other?”


The crown prince’s cheeks were twitching. “Is this how Elard betrayed the imperial family’s trust?”


“This is my decision, not Elard.”


Her decision. A life chosen entirely by herself, without fear of tarnishing her seemingly perfect life in the eyes of others or going against destiny called the original story. A life decided solely on her will, like her friends. In fact, this is the life she had been hoping for.


Selleana faced Pavellian’s cold gaze without flinching.


“Since childhood, Lady has been steadily crawling away.”


“Crawling away, you say.”


Ha. Selleana’s short laugh was clearly mocking. Seeing such an expression for the first time, Pavellian was again bewildered.


“I should have crawled away a bit sooner.”


“What?!” The flustered crown prince quickly became angry.


Selleana was angry too. However, unlike him, her anger had to be internalized, not vented recklessly. The buildup of years of grievances unrevealed in an instant.


“You once said that when many women gather, plates break. I should have thought about crawling away sooner, but my loyalty was so profound that I’d already broken many plates. I don’t think I’m suitable for Your Highness anymore.”


She didn’t have to put up with it anymore. If Pavellian couldn’t tolerate her, so be it. Selleana decided to fully reveal her true self for the first time in ten years.


“Haven’t you felt it? That I’m terribly unsuitable for you?”




In fact, it was difficult logic for Pavellian to understand. Compatibility? That had nothing to do with his decision-making. He had been told since childhood that he would ascend to the throne and the best woman would accompany him. When he turned ten, Elard’s daughter became his confidante. She was perfect in every way- family, beauty, education. He never considered anyone else other than Selleana to become his companion.


Despite a temporary shake-up due to the appearance of his half-brother, he overcame it with Elard’s backing. He never doubted in his life. So, the woman in front of him would stay by his side as the crown princess and empress forever. But now, that is changing?


He felt a rage called betrayal. “There’s no need to hear more. I’ll call the duke to severely punish for this disrespect.”


“It’s my affair,” Selleana interrupted him again. Pavellian’s forehead veins bulge.


“The head of Elard had nothing to do with this.”


“What do you mean…?”


“He has decided to accept the consequences of my actions. So talk about it to me.”


Their gazes coldly intertwined again.


“Lady, it’s been 12 years.”


12 years. Two years of excitement meeting the prince when she was young and ten years of constant disappointment after regaining the memories of her past life.


Selleana’s lips curved into a bitter smile, thinking of the wasted years. “After 12 years of deliberation, I’ve reached this conclusion. My mind won’t change.”


“No, it must change,” Pavellian insisted stubbornly. “You look tired today, so go back.”


“I’ll be back soon.”


“If you’re going to say the same thing, don’t come until I call for you.”


“Have a peaceful afternoon.”


Pavellian’s gaze stuck on the back of Selleana, who bowed respectfully following the imperial etiquette and then left.


* * *



It was that evening in Selleana’s parlor.


“Michi, stay inside.”


“Yes, Milady.”


Selleana quickly sent Michi into her bedroom at the sudden appearance of a visitor. They didn’t know how Michi’s reverse harem would be triggered, so she chased her away when male guests came.


“Am I an unwelcome guest?”


“You are. I never invited you.”


Ah, this is it.”


The man brushed his purple hair, which covered half his forehead. His well-trained body was evident even under his shirt.


“There’s nothing I want to say to Big Brother.”


Selleana had two older brothers, which is typical of romance fantasy novels. The man before her, Peredo, was her second brother and a knight. He was a ‘tsundere’ type, teasing his sister but occasionally caring.


“You caused trouble?”


“That’s none of your business.”


Tsundere brother usually scolded the youngest at such times.


“It looks like you really caused trouble. Do you know how displeased His Highness was? No less than seven people knelt down before him while sweating profusely in the training ground all afternoon.”




Anyway, there was no end to the true truth about her virginity. The pain the imperial knights must have suffered while acting out, ‘I lost but fought well,’ was clearly evident even without looking at it.


It was the moment a look of disdain crossed Selleana’s face. Peredo, who didn’t miss that, asked. “You’re serious… No?”


“Are you asking me if I really mean it?”


“How big—”


“The trouble I make? I know. But I’ve already asked father for permission. As long as His Highness understands, there is no need to participate in the selection contest.”


“Don’t you know how sensitive this is, seeing as father doesn’t come forward in person? It’s about Elard’s honor and loyalty to the imperial family.”


“I won’t let Brother suffer from it, so stop lecturing.”


“Lea, that’s not what I mean.”


“Can I say no at all?”




The face of her three years older brother froze. …Was this girl so assertive?


Peredo loved Selleana. In fact, to Selleana, he was a snappy but kind and good older brother. However, he was a knight, and his top and bottom clothes were engraved on his bones. He knew the duties of Elard as well as the privileges, and above all, he was also a Nepelsian man. Since the mischievous sister leaked secrets inside and also leaked them outside, he thought he must somehow manage and control her properly.


“His Highness is really a good person. He’s also generous.”


“A generous person is interfering with the training of the imperial knights just because he’s upset?”


“We’re loyal subjects of the imperial family, so it is always an honor to receive guidance like that.”


“I don’t want to marry out of loyalty.”


“Selleana Elard.”


Selleana’s amber eyes and Peredo’s light gold eyes were intertwined.


“Reconsider it. He will be the one who will ascend to the throne in the future. He’s handsome, excellent at martial arts, highly respected, and knowledgeable. What on earth is the problem?”


What on earth is the problem? Everything Peredo didn’t mention was the problem. But she couldn’t put any of them on her lips. He’s blond, warm-toned, too trivial, and the fact that his personality and values don’t match her at all won’t be an argument against Peredo.


When Selleana stubbornly kept her mouth shut, Peredo mistakenly thought that his persuasion was working. “He’s the best groom you can get in Nepelsian. A woman’s happiness comes from their husband’s love.”




How is this repertoire not going against her expectations? Today too, Agnesia earned 1 win. What followed was frustration that boiled up.


“Woman this, woman that, I’m sick of hearing it!”


At times like this, the best answer was ignoring.


“If you love him so much, marry him yourself! Then everything would work out with Elard!” Selleana shouted and stormed into her bedroom.


* * *

“I’m going crazy! You know we don’t even look good together!”


The next day, Selleana vented her anger to her friends. All she could believe was her friends.


“That’s right, he doesn’t suit you.”


Fyuh, that’s why our duke doesn’t support him.”


“Those b*stards.”


“And what about Peri saying a woman’s happiness is her husband’s love! Has he ever tried to be a woman?  Huh?”


While patting Selleana, her friends secretly glanced at each other.


I guess we should take action, right?


I know it won’t be easy, but…


After all, it can’t be helped… 


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