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The Master of the Tower was the fifth prince, and the rumors about him being an idiot prince were just his act…!


And so, back in the parlor of the magic tower.


How did no one know the prince became the master of the tower?


Just like they welcomed the saintess as the empress, Nepelsian was an empire where the temple had significant influence. Although the temple and the magic tower didn’t oppose each other, the public was more familiar with divine power than magic. It was to the point people would seek a priest over a healer when ill.


Therefore, even though nobles memorized the names of more than ten high priests, they didn’t know who led the magic tower. But still.


An illegitimate prince and master of the tower, it’s such a grand setting. He’d be the male lead if he were in someone’s original story.


The price Selleana could pay him…


He said he wanted peace of mind, free from further interference from the imperial family.


“Even though he gave up his right to succeed to the throne and left the imperial palace, there are people who are telling Pavellian to execute him. On the other hand, some are eager to get him into politics.”


He seemed to be secluded at the magic tower, a kind of academic institution. Still, no one seemed to be leaving him alone.


It should work if I say I’d strengthen Pavellian’s power… Even if the marriage talks collapse, if Elard supports Pavellian more strongly, the last doubts about him will disappear.


That would reduce the number of eyes aimed at the fifth prince. Whether it be friendly or hostile.




So, the deal had to be successful. The power of Elard, influencing the imperial succession, was precisely that.


Selleana was celebrating her anticipated victory when suddenly. Knock, knock.  A careless knock sounded, and the door to the parlor opened.


Even the abandoned prince is still also a prince.


Suppressing a smirk, Selleana stood up and turned towards the door. Huh? Her heart dropped.


“I’ve recently acquired some information that Lea might find interesting. It’s about the fifth prince’s hair color.”


That man entered the parlor. That is, the master of the tower…


S-s-s-silver hair?


The master of the tower, with loosely tied hair reaching his shoulders and wearing a monocle, was brushing his long bangs aside in annoyance. His hair, entwined around his fingers, was unmistakably a pure silver, almost mistaken for white.


Oh my goodness. Why are they all appearing now when I couldn’t find them before?


Though the excitement about the man’s hair color had passed, it was a different story if he was a prince. Selleana’s childhood might have been more peaceful if he had been her companion! Even if he had talked nonsense for two hours like Pavellian, she could have endured it just for the purifying of her eyes…!


Then, the man’s eyes, previously downcast in irritation, turned towards her. “…Uh.”


His blue eyes, hidden behind the monocle and long bangs, froze. He awkwardly stopped in his tracks as if seeing her had short-circuited him.


Men freezing upon seeing her was a familiar occurrence for Selleana, though never a prince or a silver-haired handsome man. But Selleana, still resentful of having to tolerate Pavellian’s chatter for over a decade, failed to notice the master of the tower’s discomfort. She couldn’t recognize the warmth in his dumbfounded gaze.


As silence lingered,


“Hey, Milady.” Michi nudged Selleana’s waist. She realized Selleana was distracted by the silver-haired man’s entrance.


Oops.  It wasn’t time to be lost in thought. She needed to present a trustworthy image and seal the deal.


“I’m sorry for coming to see you so suddenly.”




Finally, the man seemed to thaw a bit and took a more polite stance opposite Selleana. Seated across the parlor table…


Why is he like that?


The master of the tower continued to stare blankly at Selleana. As the high-ranking figure and the owner of this place, he should have spoken first.


After an embarrassingly long silence,


“That, Lady… Elard, right?”


“Yes, that’s correct.”


Selleana greeted him as elegantly as possible as if she had been waiting. “Greetings to the owner of the magic tower. My name is Selleana Elard, the youngest daughter of Duke Elard. Pleased to meet you. This is my maid, Lady Michi Branto.”




Still, the master of the tower couldn’t take his eyes off Selleana. Such an overt gaze was unusual even for Selleana.


I know I’m quite beautiful, but isn’t that enough? Can we just get to the main point?


Perhaps sensing her unspoken pressure, the master of the tower composed himself. “I’m the master… of the tower.”


“Yes, I assume so…”


“Ah, my name is Rakrensius.”


“I see, Lord Rakrensius.”


What a unique name. Selleana rolled the Fifth Prince’s name in her mouth. His presence had been so minimal that even his name was not well-known.


“Please, take a seat…”


Then, Rakrensius’s aide, following him, brought in some refreshments.  All the while, the master of the tower remained silent. The man who had previously stared so rudely now hardly dared to meet her eyes, just looking down.


Is he socially awkward in other ways? Like lacking social skills…


He’s tall, and his physique looks good, although hidden by the robe. And his face…


Monocle and bangs… What are you hiding so tightly?


His casually grown and tied hair felt somewhat cynical. Still, it was quite different from the hermit image she had imagined. The fair face and blue eyes were an undeniably cool tone. Unlike Pavellian’s warm-looking face, he looked refreshing to look at. In other words, he had the makings of a handsome man.


Is he lacking conversational skills… because he doesn’t have enough people to talk to? His voice seemed quite nice.


As Selleana observed his face for a long time, the master of the tower didn’t speak, forcing her to break the silence.


“I came here at the recommendation of the owner of the Benichi Tea Salon.”


Ah, yes…”


Then silence came again. Selleana was too impatient after several weeks of failure to beat around the bush.


“To get straight to the point, I have come to propose a deal.”


“A deal… you say.”


“The use of a wide-area detection magic owned by the magic tower.”


“A wide-area detection magic?” The man, who had been dazed all this time, suddenly looked sharp. “Do you know what kind of magic that is?”


“I know it’s a second-class confidential magic. It’s also true that its formula isn’t disclosed unless it’s for public interest.”


“Knowing that…”


It was the expected question. Selleana recalled her prepared lines, feeling a bit tense. The Master of the Tower’s gaze stuck to her lips for a moment.


“I need to find a person.”


“A person?”


“A man.”


His blue eyes cracked deeply.


“The name is Collin, as he identified himself.”




“His height is…” Selleana’s gaze sharpened, sizing up the master of the tower. “About your height, I guess? One head taller than me…”


The master of the tower’s Adam’s apple moved slowly, seemingly nervous.


“His build looks similar to yours.”


Broad shoulders and strong forearms were visible through his thin shirt… Imperial lineage can’t be ignored, right?


Careful not to let her eyes betray her thoughts, Selleana’s voice rang out more melodiously. “Black hair. Red eyes. Fair skin. Body size 42, 32, 23.”


The Master of the Tower’s lips quivered slightly, but Selleana paid no heed and added in a calm tone. “Ah, the last one is thigh circumference. It’s all just my guess. Anyway, compared to ordinary Nepelsian men, he’s taller, broader, and more robust.”


“…I see.” The man’s response was just vague.


“If you find him, I will grant your wish in the name of Elard.”


“Just to find one man, you’re requesting a second-class confidential spell from the magic tower?”


“Just one man? You’re underestimating my goal too lightly.”


Selleana smiled slightly at her retort, and the master of the tower looked somewhat awkward.


“…Does the magic tower have a reason to accept this?”


“I don’t know about the magic tower, but the master of tower… no, the fifth prince does.”


The master of the tower’s eyes froze as if someone was caught off guard.




Once again, Doloret was right. Excited, Selleana quickly continued. “I can do a lot for you, Master of Tower. I’m close with the heir to the Benichi Company, a high-ranking priestess of Orot, and Lady Glen, head of the neutral faction. And most importantly.”


Selleana’s crimson lips formed a picturesque smile. “I am the beloved youngest daughter of Elard.”


Her smile ensnared the master of the tower, his ears turning rapidly red, though hidden by his loosely tied hair.


“So, I can make your desired inconspicuous life a reality.”




The master of the tower once again looked at Selleana without a reply. It took a while before he showed any reaction, trying to hide his disturbance. He crossed his arms and leaned back into the sofa.


“…May I ask why you’re searching for this man?”


“I must meet him.”


Selleana’s crimson eyes shone. Perhaps because they seemed fierce, the master of the tower’s eyes trembled slightly.




“For marriage.”


Selleana’s hands on her knees clenched into fists with determination.


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