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Did I hear that correctly? Rakrensius’s eyes hardened.


“I don’t know if you’re aware, but during the last victory festival, there was a masquerade ball in the Arnum Hotel. I attended and fell in love with him at first sight.”




“It’s not that something happened between us, but there was a kind of… sparkling exchange of emotions, you could say?”


Although what happened was indeed a problem, Selleana smoothly narrated a slightly embellished story. After all, she would only see this man, whether he was the master of the tower or a prince, a few times.


“So, did the other party feel the same way?”


“The other party?”


“That sparkling thing, maybe the other person didn’t feel it, and that’s why you’re here at the magic tower?”


The Master of the Tower, who had spoken the longest so far, furrowed his brows slightly, his gaze becoming more serious. Maybe that’s why, despite his rude words, they felt somewhat considerate.


“Oh my, how thoughtful of you.”


Cough, the master of the tower’s aide coughed in the distance.


“But I’m sure there was something between me and him.”


If someone else had said it, that would be considered a delusion, but no one would doubt it when Selleana Elard said it.


“If not, it’s Elard’s way to make him think the same way.”


“If it’s Elard’s way…”


“Using financial, psychological, and physical means to make something happen, no matter what.”


“No matter… what?”


“Yes.” Selleana’s enchanting smile deepened. “But Master of the Tower.”




“Why are you turning so pale?”


Ah, that…” The Master of the Tower wiped his face with his palm, seemingly flustered. “It seems so.”


An awkward silence filled the parlor again. Having spilled out all her prepared stories, Selleana had nothing more to add. She just waited with a relaxed smile, expecting a positive response.


A little later, Rakrensius, having regained his composure, adjusted his posture. “May I ask you something?”


“You may ask me many things.”


“As far as I know, Lady Elard is in marriage talks with the crown prince.”


“It’s broken off. No, I will break it off.”


“Yes? How so?”


“I’ve decided not to participate in the selection because I’ve fallen for a man named Colin…?”




Rakrensius’s face colored with confusion. He was speechless, his mouth opening and closing.


What’s with that reaction? It wasn’t as if she proposed to him. In reality, she was looking for a husband to break off the engagement, but there was no need to explain that in detail to the master of the tower. It would harm her image, and besides, the fifth prince was still a member of the imperial family, so she had to be careful with her words.


“Does the imperial family just let you do as you please? With imperial and Elard bloodlines involved, can you change something that’s already been decided?’


“Isn’t the imperial palace that you know, Master of the Tower, a place like that?”


“That’s…” Rakrensius, who had said that far, kept his mouth shut.


Selleana carefully observed his reaction, pondering whether it could lead to a breakthrough in the deal. Is he still constrained by the imperial family?


He had lived quietly, pretending to be a fool in the imperial family, and barely escaped, but it seemed he was still being influenced. Selleana took this as a green light, lifting the corners of her mouth even higher.


“Don’t you want to break ties with such an imperial family?”


“I have nothing to say about that, but…”


Watching her smile, the master of the tower eventually averted his gaze, even pulling his hood over his head. Even though he’s shy, he’s too shy.


“Then, let me rephrase my question. Master of the Tower, no, Fifth Prince, aren’t you burdened by the attention from the noble society surrounding the imperial family?”


“I’ve already left the imperial family, so calling me the Fifth Prince is a bit…”


“Is it because you can’t sever ties that you suffer this way?”


At Selleana’s innocent question, Rakrensius’s lips pressed into a straight line.


“All this time, Master of the Tower, you’ve been threatened and caught in baseless rumors because His Highness Pavellian hasn’t firmly established his foundation.”




“If you help me find this man, I, as a loyal subject of Nepelsian, will fervently support His Highness Pavellian. I’ll invest everything I have so that no one pays attention to you.”


Selleana looked confidently at Rakrensius with a self-assured smile. A look that believed she could never be rejected.


“I will realize the life the Master of Tower desires.”


Her expression was arrogantly confident, yet her posture perfectly matched the etiquette used when dealing with members of the imperial family.


How could you resist? Selleana eagerly awaited the words of acceptance from the man’s elegant lips, pulling the corners of her mouth even tighter.


“Sorry, but I…”


Sorry? Surprised by the unexpected response, Selleana was startled when the man slowly rose from his seat. His tall shadow casts over her, dimming her view. Unable to comprehend his actions, Selleana just blinked up at him.


“Have no intention of accepting Lady’s proposal.”


Politely excusing himself, the master of the tower then left the parlor.


* * *

“This is the first time I’ve been treated like this!” Selleana gnashed her teeth, biting into the ice of her iced coffee.


After being escorted out of the magic tower, Selleana and Michi immediately headed to their hideout, the manager’s office of the Benichi Tea Salon.


“To listen to my story and then dismiss me as if there’s nothing more to hear? I even had to leave first!”


Selleana’s face was fiercely combative as she chewed the ice. This was practically revenge since the ice maker was made in the magic tower.


“Just because he has silver hair? Huh? Is it all because he’s cool-toned?”


Argh! Selleana shouted in frustration, stomping her feet. The dazzling high heels she had worn to enchant the master of the tower had long been kicked off.


Doloret, waiting for Selleana to calm down, asked calmly, “Did he refuse because he dislikes using second-class confidential magic, or did he dislike the price you offered?”


“He just flatly refused without any reason!”


Recently, Selleana has become the embodiment of competitiveness. Everything wasn’t going her way, but even in the middle of the process, the fifth prince, who is the master of the tower, was holding her back, which made her even angrier.


Doloret signaled Michi with a glance, asking her to explain slowly.


“Well, from what I saw, it seemed like he fell for Lea at first sight…” Michi was smirking secretly. “So maybe he’s upset about that?”


“Oh my. Jealousy?”


“As expected from the Elard’s lark, always so spot-on.”


“As always, the b*stards here have a good eye.”


Michi’s report drew keen interest from the friends. It was much more entertaining than Selleana’s anger.


“He couldn’t take his eyes off Lea…!”




“His ears turned red, and he was too shy to make eye contact. Whenever Lea said something, he looked deeply impressed…!”


“Oh my, oh my.”


“That’s crazy.”


Michi’s exaggerated descriptions had the friends making a fuss.


“So what! He flatly refused me.”


“Really, just outright refused without any reason or basis?”


“That’s what I said!”


“That’s strange…”


Doloret frowned, tapping a pen on the documents. The recipient’s name, Rakrensius, the master of the tower, was written there.


Doloret had some information from guild investigations but had also made her own assumptions about Rakrensius over the past three years of dealing with the magic tower. Judging by the negotiation process, he seemed reasonable and open-minded. Although I’ve never met him in person…


The ice maker was produced after Rakrensius became the Master of the Tower. Much earlier, when the Benichi Tea Salon was just being set up, Doloret had requested it, but the previous master of the tower was skeptical about the commercial use of magical devices and had put it on hold. However, with an open mind, Rakrensius accepted requests, whether it be ice makers or engines for large ships. He seemed greatly curious intellectually, showing interest in her ideas even in written correspondence.


Of course, the huge investments Doloret made also played a role. It was unbelievable that such a person had flatly refused without reason.


Is he in love with Lea? But that doesn’t seem like a good approach if he made Lea angry…


Doloret asked gently, “So, Lea. What will you do now?”


“Do now?”


“You said the master of the tower refused. What’s the next plan?”


A brief smile flickered across Selleana’s upturned nose. “Right. I got rejected…”


Selleana gulped down the remaining iced coffee as if quenching flames. “But I have no intention of being rejected so easily.”


Selleana’s scarlet eyes sparked fiercely as she crushed the last piece of ice. “Do you think I’ll give up just because of this?”


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