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“Will the lady not come today either?”


Rakrensius’s aide, Saendi, cautiously inquired, glancing at his superior. The man, who had been signing documents, abruptly stopped his hand in mid-air.




He dismissed the comment and continued signing, but the ink had already smeared on the troubled spot. Saendi smirked at the sight.


Why doesn’t he listen to her request even though I don’t know what it is? Why keep rejecting it?


Lady Elard, who has been coming and going every day lately, has been a tremendous boost to the magic tower. The mere presence of the Lady from Elard was a breath of fresh air, helping with the gloominess of research and improving the master of the tower’s mood. It was also entertaining to see the master of the tower, typically unyielding, rendered helpless. After all, the master of the tower is a man, so isn’t it possible that he fell in love?


Until now, whenever ladies came to see him, they were all sent away at the front gate.


Although the fact that the fifth prince is the master of the tower had spread only among the noblemen involved in national affairs, not everyone kept it as secret as the Elard did within their household.


After all, he was still the emperor’s son, even if he was illegitimate and had renounced his claim to the throne. Therefore, there were occasions when young ladies seeking to form a connection with him came to the magic tower, and all were turned away without even being seen.


If it hadn’t been for the business proposal, would Lady Elard also have been rejected at the gate?


Elard was still Elard after all, so perhaps the situation was a bit different? In any case, it was good. Feeling a sense of humanity from the master of the tower after serving him for three years, Saendi finally feels a bit of closeness.


“Then, I’ll send these documents to the telegraph room.”




Click. The sound of the office door closing echoed.


Sigh…” Rakrensius let out a deep sigh and buried himself deeply in his chair.


“I’m leaving today, but I’ll come back tomorrow.”


Why hadn’t she come? He had said he’d restrict her entry, but he hadn’t actually done it. No, it’s better she doesn’t come.


But still… Was the frustration about the situation or himself? Rakrensius sighed deeply again, rubbing his face roughly with his hands.




Rakrensius responded with silence to his friend’s sudden call to him.


[There’s something called ‘push and pull’ in that world.]


“Push and pull?”


[A term referring to the act of amplifying interest by properly adjusting the frequency of pushing away or pulling in psychologically.]


“So, now.”


[The daughter of Elard hasn’t shown up for two days, and you’re consumed with thoughts of her. Aren’t you the perfect example?]


“…There’s a limit to talking about nonsense.”


Rakrensius tried to dismiss the nagging, but it wasn’t entirely different from his situation. The sword without a tongue snickered.


Amplifying interest…


Did the angel need to go through such trouble? She wanted his illusion, not him. Then again, he had erased all traces of Wilshe to provoke her competitive spirit. Was that similar to ‘push and pull’?


…I’ve made a mistake.


Meeting Selleana was good. Every time she demanded something from him, his heart fluttered. It was exhilarating to be treated so unreservedly by a person for the first time since arriving at the imperial palace ten years ago. Such good things surely couldn’t last long.


“Just tell me why you’re rejecting my proposal. Why exactly are you refusing it?”


To answer her request, he would have to confess his pathetic position. Revealing what treatment he received from the imperial family and the reasons behind it – it was dangerous for her to know. So, silence was the only option.


Until she gave up searching for her illusion.


Until she stopped trying to persuade him.


Until she lost interest in him…


…It’s not a very pleasant thought.


His entire body felt numb, from his heart to his fingertips. This feeling was undoubtedly…


“Master, Master…!”


As Rakrensius was lost in thought, Saendi barged in, her twin braids fluttering.


“She’s here!”




“Lady Elard…!”


Realizing the situation as soon as he heard ‘she’s here,’ Rakrensius hurriedly stood up, straightening his appearance. Confused by his own reaction, he sat down again, pulling his hood down. The sword without a tongue tsked in his mind.


“Please come in, Lady.”


“Yes, thank you, Saendi.”


Hearing the voice he had missed, even for just a day, Rakrensius quickly grabbed his monocle. It was originally for reading complex formulas or diagrams, but since Selleana started visiting the magic tower, it had become a part of him, fearing she might recognize his face.


“Good afternoon, Master of the Tower. No one stopped me at the gate.”


“That’s unfortunate. I was sure I issued a restriction order yesterday.”


Rakrensius turned his chair sideways, glancing at Selleana and Michi sitting in front of the table. Selleana laughed, seeing him ignore her.


“Have you thought about it?”


“…Coming here after a long time and immediately talking about a deal.”


…Oh no


“Well, I didn’t come yesterday, so maybe it’s been a long time? Master of the Tower, did you miss me?”


Cough, cough!”


Rakrensius busied himself with some papers, signaling Saendi to bring tea. Saendi giggled softly.


“I came in a rush, thinking the Master of the Tower would be anxiously waiting.”


Anxiously waiting…? The emphasis on her words was meaningful.


Rakrensius rearranged already sorted papers, glancing again at Selleana. Noticing her appearance was quite different than usual. Black hair flowing naturally under a small cocktail hat, light makeup… Compared to her usually meticulously arranged hair and makeup that maximized her loveliness, it seemed less effort was put into her look today.


Lady Branto also had a simpler hairstyle than usual. But he couldn’t see her makeup because she was wearing glasses…


“Did all your maids take a holiday together?”


Selleana’s eyebrows twitched as she sipped the iced tea Saendi had brought. Oh my gosh, did he notice such details?


A good trade partner is appealing with many things to offer. Selleana let her eyebrows droop, giving a pitiful puppy-in-the-rain look.


“Yes, I was kicked out.”




“Just like you feared, Master of the Tower. My father found out I was visiting the magic tower to find a man.”


Though she was the one who spilled the beans, what did it matter? It was beneficial to gain his sympathy in any way. Because it’s best to find Collin and take him to the emperor’s birthday banquet…


Selleana assessed her perfect plan, wetting her lips. “Had I only visited the magic tower for a day or two, I wouldn’t have been caught. But visiting daily to seduce the Master of the Tower, the coachman told my father everything. Ah, my poor fate.”




“Isn’t it seducing? I’m putting everything on the line for the Master of the Tower, but you show no interest. If only you had considered my proposal a little more positively…”


“Putting everything on the line? There are many ears listening…”


Continuously provoked by Selleana’s choice of words, Rakrensius instinctively touched his forehead. “So, are you saying…”


“Yes, it’s all because of you, Master of the Tower. Take responsibility.”




Rakrensius swallowed hard.


“So, you left the duchy?”


“I had no choice. My father was furious.”


“Then where are you staying?”


“Staying at my friend’s house.”


“Lady Benichi?”


“No, no, another friend.”


Rakrensius’s series of questions continued like an interrogation, and Selleana was slightly startled.


W-what is this?


That reads as some kind of concern.


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