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In any case, she’s the best at enchanting people.


“I get it, then please leave quickly.”


Rakrensius gritted his teeth and said something he had no intention of saying.


* * *

A few days later, on a day before the birthday banquet, at Selleana’s refuge located on the 5th floor of Rosalli’s building. Since Selleana’s ‘runaway’, her friends from the Transmigrators Club had been using this place as their hideout. All but Doloret, who was busy with guild and business matters, gathered to discuss preparations for the banquet.


“So, you’re going alone without an escort?”


“No? How can I go to the imperial palace banquet alone?”


Responding to Rosalli’s question, Selleana grabbed Agnesia, who was sitting beside her. “Our dear Priestess Agnesia has agreed to accompany me!”


“Oh man, such a hassle.”


“Please show some grace, Priestess, to a lost lamb of Orot wandering on the path of life and death. Will you?”


Selleana cooed at Agnesia, who grimaced over her entire face.


Since her debut in society, Selleana has always been escorted by her two brothers. Occasionally, she would partner with Pavellian at imperial palace banquets. Although Pavellian had three other ladies to escort, Selleana was most frequently chosen.


Now, Selleana couldn’t enter with any of them, so she chose Agnesia, the priestess who was considered a sexless being, as her partner. It was her first public appearance since drawing the line with Pavellian, so she needed as much support as possible.


Ah, if only I had found Collin, it would’ve been perfect.”


“Because of the stubborn tower master, I’m unnecessarily attending the imperial palace banquet.”


“Unnecessary? Aren’t you supposed to build connections with nobles at such times for donations, Priestess?”


“I already have connections with Mellisa’s group.”


Mellisa is the name of Michi’s former master, Lady Rondel. The group of ladies around Lady Rondel in society were strong supporters of Agnesia.


“Aren’t you worried Lady Rondel will get jealous since you’re coming with me?”


“Just one word with you, and she’d be pleased.”


Agnesia shrugged her shoulders. Somehow, her tone lacked spirit. Selleana, sensing something, subtly inquired.


“…Are you worried?”


“About what?”


“About running into your original story’s husband.”




Agnesia grimaced as if the mere thought was distasteful. Rosalli, usually more empathetic towards men, reassuringly stroked her back.


“Hey, at least he looks decent. If you see him, just enjoy the view.”


“Decent looking? Is there a guy in this country who isn’t b*stard?”


“…That’s true. But…”


All of Selleana’s club friends, except herself, hadn’t yet tangled with their original male leads, but they all knew who they were. Agnesia’s male lead was the most well-known among them. Due to the twisted original story, he had not yet been engaged and had been actively socializing in society for several years.


“It would be better if he just remains a bachelor, longing for his first love forever.”


“Lea, how about the tower master? Is he good-looking?”


“Tower master? Well…” Selleana tilted her head, her arms crossed. “He’s always hooded and wears a monocle, so I don’t really know what he looks like.”


“Right. I couldn’t tell from a distance. Maybe he’s insecure about his looks?”


“No, I don’t think so…” Selleana recalled the lower half of Rakrensius’s face she occasionally saw.


It was strange. Whenever she saw that firm jawline under the hood, she felt a weird sense of déjà vu. The way his lips pursed shyly or gazed at her blankly, the perfect ratio of his nose bridge and nostrils…


Have I seen him at the imperial palace before? But if she had seen his silver hair, she would have remembered. Now that she thought about it, she seemed to have glimpsed the silhouette of the fifth prince from afar at the West Palace.


Is that so memorable?  As she pondered, her friends’ eyes narrowed.


“Why? I heard the tower master has silver hair. Is he somewhat interesting?”


Oh, another prince caught your eye?”


“W-what are you talking about! I couldn’t quite remember what he looked like, so I thought about it.”


“I told you. I think the tower master likes Lea.”


As Selleana protested, Michi smiled slyly, her eyes twinkling without glasses in this private setting.


“How about it? Is he still the same?”


“Last time, he was so panicked about Selleana’s ‘runaway’.”


As Michi’s fuss began, Rosalli and Agnesia leaned in close to them.


“Do you know how scary the world is for a woman living alone? Take this scroll, take that scroll, and the barrage of gifts wasn’t all that crazy?”






Rosalli and Agnesia were amazed by Michi’s exaggerated words.


“So, Lea. Did you accept all of that?”


“Yes, she talked back, saying she’d rather have him use magic to find the man, but how could the Lark of Elard refuse a gentleman’s kindness?”


“Michi Branto, stop making things up, okay?”


Selleana rolled her eyes at Michi, who was happily babbling as if teasing her. Michi had always enjoyed exaggerating stories about her time with Selleana.


“But scrolls? Aren’t they expensive, hand-etched with magic by wizards?”


“That’s why our finance head is excited to copy that and is busily trying to make them.”


“He said they were prototypes. Just something lying around on his desk.” Selleana shrugged nonchalantly, but her friends’ eyes didn’t return to normal.


Oho, Selleana Elard.”


“Even when she goes to ask to find someone to marry, she enchants another man.”


“Milady, you’re amazing, as expected!”


“No, he gave them because they were there, not because he likes me.”


Despite Selleana’s protests against her friends’ fuss, she thought it was a bit strange.


“I can give you as many of these as you want, so rather than such unreasonable requests…”


“Why can you give me as many of these as I want?”




Well, what was the reason?


The man stopped speaking, swallowing his thoughts like a clam shutting its mouth. It was too obvious that his next words were just excuses. There was definitely something else he wanted to say.


Despite acting annoyed every time… he still hung out with her every time she showed up without notice. Wondering why she hadn’t come. Worrying about her personal affairs.


…Really, does he have an interest in me?


But then again, he panics a bit whenever we get a bit close…




Selleana suddenly remembered the man leaning on the desk, looking up at her during her last visit to the magic tower. His face was half-hidden by the hood and monocle, yet the shy look on his face shone brightly. Was it because it was the first time he approached her that her heart suddenly skipped a beat?


“I won’t allow it if it’s tower master.”


Oh gosh. Without much thought, the solemn words spoken by her father on the day she ran away came to mind.


Yes, that’s right.


It shouldn’t be the tower master. Especially since he’s the fifth prince. No matter what feelings he might harbor for her, once Collin is found, there would be no reason to see each other again.


It’s all because my father said something strange. Yes, that must be it.


“Lea, why is your face turning red?”


“I-I was thinking about Collin..!”




“In what context of this conversation?”


“Well, if only we could find that guy, Lea wouldn’t need to make such a fuss…”


Right. I have Colin. The tower master is just a stepping stone to meet him…  Selleana tried to calm her heart by eagerly recalling the handsome figure of the man from the memory of the masquerade ball.


* * *

On the brink of July, it was Tashur III’s birthday banquet. The lobby of the main palace where the grand banquet was held buzzed with guests from 6 pm, long before the sun was set to go down.


Today’s biggest topics of conversation were not the procession of foreign delegations, the rare gifts prepared by each family, or the luxurious dress of the highest Nepelsian designer that the empress would wear. And…


“Have you heard the story? About Lady Elard…”


“That’s right. How could a young lady of only twenty dare to run away…”


“So, she really won’t participate in the selection?”


“The imperial family postponed the selection schedule because of Lady Elard…”


“The story of Orot’s revelation was indeed tremendous.”


“So, did she run away because of that? She behaved as if the position of crown princess was guaranteed to her, but suddenly Orot…”


“Then today, here…?”


“Could she possibly come…?”


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