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“Well, it wasn’t easy to find a weakness since he doesn’t engage in political activities. However.”




“Who do you think I am?”


“As expected, Big Sis!”


It was when Selleana eagerly hugged Doloret.


“Lea, could you place this shawl over there?”


“Yes, Mother…!”


Let’s talk when there’s no one around. Selleana signaled with her eyes before running towards her mother.


Charity work was Duchess Elard’s only social activity, just like most Nepelsian noblewomen. Among these, the orphanage of the Great Temple was a place the Duchess Elard regularly visited to volunteer. Thus, it was only natural for Selleana to participate in the bazaar to help her mother, even though she was technically running away from home.


Unlike with other family members, Selleana hadn’t properly discussed this event with her mother, so there was a need to see her. It felt regretful that she had only consulted her father and Theonis.


“I do want to place these cherished items somewhere prominent, but I’m worried they might get stolen.”


“How about near the donation box? The noble ladies coming to see Mother’s jewelry might donate more.”


“That’s a good idea.”


Selleana helped her mother prepare as best as she could.


“Madam, please have a drink while you work!”


“Thank you, Lady Doloret. Oh my, this tea is…”


“It’s imported tea leaves from the Principality of Gillosen. Does it suit your taste?”


“Yes…! It’s exactly what I’ve been into these days!”


Wherever money was involved, Doloret was there. Doloret supported Selleana and also made an impression on Elard by providing goods and a beverage cart for the bazaar.


Phew, Doli. I’m really glad you’re here.”


“Since Michi is having a hard time with outdoor activities, I thought I should help.”


“Helping? It looks like you’re about to make the highest profit at this bazaar.”


“Well, I have to show them, right? Lea, everyone should remember who’s by your side…” Doloret looked across with a leisurely smile.


The charity bazaar, held at the end of the holiday season, saw participation from all families in the imperial social circle, which was held by emptying the entire street from the front yard of the workhouse they were located to the front of the Great Temple…


“Those are the ones, right? The ones who messed with you at the Rondel party.”


The empress’s faction also participated en masse, hoping to lend strength to the empress, who was a saintess. All the profits from the bazaar were donated to the temple.


“Well, they don’t have you, and we do. It’s a clear victory for us without even trying.”


“I’ll show that strategy works even in bazaar sales.”


“I feel reassured, Shop Owner.”


The bazaar was almost festival-like. Nobles participated in doing good deeds, eager to buy the nobles’ collections, and commoners to see new things like Benichi’s beverage carts and ready-made clothes. During this bustling event, Selleana and Doloret were skillfully raising their sales when,


“Milady, hello!”


Oh, Saendi? Eddie?”


Two people in wizard’s robes appeared.


“We heard Elard was participating in the charity bazaar, so we thought we might see Milady here.”


“If you’re here, what about the master of the tower?”


“He went out today, so we took the opportunity to visit the capital. By any chance, are you the owner of Benichi?”


Ah, if you’re Saendi… are you the one who always sends the documents?”


“Yes, I’m Saendi, the secretary to the tower master.”


Doloret, a major client of the magic tower, and Saendi, the Tower Master’s secretary, had long communicated in writing. While the two newly met business associates talked, Eddie spoke to Selleana.


“Milady, is that the new product from Benichi you’re wearing?”


“Yes. You have a good eye.”


“Benichi’s ready-made clothes are so popular among wizards. It’s great to have the same outfit in different colors to save time choosing clothes.”


Eddie gave a thumbs up, and Selleana saw in him as a person who preferred to wear checkered shirts for convenience.


“I came to buy the olive color, exclusive to the bazaar, and it’s great to see Milady here.”


“I’m also glad to meet you all here.”


Eddie, having been asked by other wizards, bought several sets in every size.






“Pack everything from here to here.”


Eddie called, and a shaggy-haired porter opened a magic bag to pack the shirts Eddie had bought. But,


Nick…?  It was a familiar name. Where had she heard it before?


While Selleana pondered with a puzzled look, Doloret and Sandie finished their conversation and approached.


“Eddie, did you finish shopping?”


“Yes, all packed.” Eddie gestured towards Nick’s magic trunk.


“Shop Owner, Milady, thank you. It was something I had to buy anyway, but it feels meaningful to do it at the bazaar.”


“I’m also thankful that you enjoy Benichi’s products.”


Selleana responded as if she were an associate of Benichi’s shop, owning a share in it.


“Then, we’ll be going.”


“See you next time.”


“Yes, see you.”


Waving goodbye to the wizards, Selleana thought about someone naturally associated with this situation.


The tower master went out? What for? She had always found him at the magic tower and thought he disliked outings, being an extreme introvert.


Could he be visiting the bazaar?  Imagining him mingled among many people was not easy, but Selleana envisioned him somewhere, hooded and struggling.


It would be really nice to see him.


Just as she chuckled at the thought, she felt as if someone was watching her. However, scanning the surroundings, nothing out of the ordinary caught her eye. Well, attracting attention wasn’t new. Selleana brushed it off and continued welcoming the guests.


As the day waned, more people gathered.


“Madam Elard, isn’t the collection you’ve brought to the bazaar too luxurious for charity?”


“Madam Elard’s compassion for the poor is well known throughout Nepelsian.”


“If anyone should be emulated by the hostesses of the noble houses, it should be Madam Elard.”


Especially notable were the lines of ladies trying to make a good impression on the Duchess Elard. Whether out of genuine respect or a desire to get closer to Elard’s power. If Selleana had a hold over the younger social circle of unmarried nobles, the world of the married ladies belonged to Duchess Elard.


“Those must be Benichi clothes. Limited edition for the bazaar.”


“That person wearing the shirt, with black hair and amber eyes… isn’t that Lady Elard?”


“Wow, she’s just as beautiful as the rumors say…”


“Then, is that the duchess? She seems to have the most grace among the noblewomen I’ve seen…”


“Being from Elard, the top noble house, it seems there’s the most to see.”


The admiration of the onlookers who came to see it. The product lineup attracted attention thanks to Doloret’s business acumen. Elard, as always, aimed for the top at the bazaar.


“Lea, those girls are about to explode.”


Those girls, the young ladies of the empress’s faction, had enough leisure to simmer in their discontent.


As if they could beat Elard at a charity bazaar.  Especially when they were situated right across, inviting direct comparisons.


When Selleana scoffed at them, a sudden cheer erupted from the direction of the Great Temple, and the crowd quickly shifted focus. Another reason for today’s bazaar’s success was because of the empress’s visit.


“They seem thrilled.”


Following Doloret’s gesture, indeed, the young ladies of the empress’s faction were smugly adjusting their attire.


“One might think the empress came because of them.”


“I know, right? Is this the empress’s first visit to the bazaar?”


“Right. The first since she entered the imperial palace.”


“She’s been quite active outside lately…?”


“With the selection coming up, there’s speculation that she’s setting an example for the new members of the imperial family.”


As Selleana and Doloret discussed the empress’s visit,


“Long live the Empress!”


“May Orot’s blessing be upon us!”


Ah, even her smile is holy…”


“To see the saintess up close…!”


“I’m glad I came to the capital for the bazaar!”


The empress’s approach heightened the adoration in people’s voices.


“Look at their pride swelling.”


In that chorus of cheers, the young ladies of the empress’s faction primly adjusted their dresses. Naturally, the empress approaching their side was to encourage them, or so they thought.


…But then,


“Greetings to Your Majesty the Empress. May Nepelsian’s full moon be under Orot’s blessing…?”


“It’s been a while, Madam Elard. And I believe Lady Elard has been well too, right?”


“Thanks to your care, Your Majesty.”


Contrary to everyone’s expectations, the empress’s first visit was to Elard’s section. Ignoring the dumbstruck young ladies of the empress’s faction, Selleana stood by her mother’s side and greeted the empress.


“Elard’s care for the orphanage has been well known since my days in the Great Temple, but seeing it firsthand as a member of the imperial family makes it even more appreciated.”


“We are honored, Your Majesty.”


The hostess of Elard addressed the Empress with grace and confidence.


“Upon hearing you had summoned our Lea recently, I was quite surprised. Despite the worries she might have caused both Your Majesties….”


“Worries? What worries? It was pleasant to have a close conversation after so long.”


“When Lea first started visiting the imperial palace, Your Majesty often looked after that child.”


“Right. She was such a well-behaved little girl, obedient to my words. When did she grow up so much….”


Both adults looked at Selleana at the same time.


Responding with a smile, Selleana suppressed her embarrassment. When I was a girl?  Meeting with the Empress often? She couldn’t recall, no matter how hard she tried.


Is it because I was too young to remember? But I first went to the imperial palace at eight years old, so there’s no way I don’t remember it…


Although Selleana had changed significantly since becoming aware of her past life, she hadn’t forgotten her early memories.

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