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The friends she had built a close friendship with over the past 8 years started nagging Selleana affectionately.


“Do you think Wilshe would be different? Don’t get too obsessed just because you don’t like Pavellian.”


Right. Affectionately…


“We don’t know. Maybe your story is actually a rom-com. All kinds of b*stards are there.”




“Your story is even less than 20 chapters long. Listen to this Big Sis, okay?”




“…Such unromantic people.” Selleana pursed her lips.


Michi, who was silently comforting her, also seemed to side with others through her gaze.


In the meantime, Selleana had been working hard to support Wilshe as a fan in many ways. Wouldn’t more books come out if she created an optimal work environment that provided unlimited grilled dumpli… no, fried ravioli? However, even with her own power or Doloret’s information power, she could not obtain Wilshe’s information.


Selleana’s desire for what she couldn’t have grew crooked. She wanted to meet Wilshe and be friends with him. If Wilshe was also a transmigrator, she would have felt a rapid bond as soon as she met him, just like they did.


Selleana blinked her eyes and put the cheat key in her mouth. “In a little while, Rosi will also immigrate to Laten, so how lonely she must be…”




When Rosalli’s immigration was mentioned, the atmosphere became solemn for a moment.


“Well, Lea,” Rosalli asked quickly to change the mood. “Are the preparations for the ball going well?”


“Of course, this is the first ball held under my name. You ask me that every time you see me.”


“It’s my last big event. Since the real lady will return in the fall, I just want to earn another 50 million reot and then make my exit.”


Every time Rosalli appeared at the ball, the gifts the gentlemen bought for her were a nice resource of extra income.


“…Rosi, if you are going to leave for Laten, how will you live without hearing these snobs?”


“I know, right? It’s going to be really hard to see you.”


Hiing. Selleana hugged Rosalli’s waist.


Doloret, who would become the head of Benichi, Agnesia, who could go on a pilgrimage, and Michi, who could take a vacation, were able to go to Laten. However, only Selleana couldn’t afford to go there as she would become the crown princess.


“So, instead of you, we should invite Wilshe to our gathering…”




“Cut it out!”


“Are we going to throw a Hong Gil-dong cosplay party or what?”


Selleana’s amber eyes glowed crimson as her friend continued to chide. “…That’s not a bad idea.”


* * *

“I think it’s better not to go.”


The man sighed as he checked his reflection in the mirror.


“I just said it would be fun. Really going is a different matter.”


He was dressed in the black knight uniform. However, the lack of any insignia made it clear that it wasn’t actually used for official purposes. With a cloak made for conquest draped over one shoulder and a sword on the sword belt, anyone could see that he had the appearance of a knight.


“A black-haired beast, that’s from that world, right? What are you raising me for? When you were thirteen, you thought you couldn’t sleep without hearing lullabies, right?”


The man held the handle of the sword on his waist and shook it as if to vent his anger.


“Royalties? Thank you. But thanks to the imperial pension, I already have more than enough money. Career advice? Thanks, but even without that, I can comfortably bury myself in the Magic Tower and just read books. Coffee? Ah, yes, I’ve become dependent on coffee. That day…”


The man’s voice, which had been monologuing nervously for a while, suddenly stopped. The tips of his ears, exposed between his loosely tied silver hair, were bright red.


That day, what was good about it was…


It was the first day he tasted coffee. Was it the taste and scent that made him fall in love with coffee, or was it because of the angel that day?


“You’re the first customer to ask about coffee. As a way to encourage you to come often, I will treat you to what you ate today.”


A clear voice that sounded sweet, a smile that was beautiful enough to take the soul of anyone who saw it.


He had no choice but to follow his master’s command, but he wasn’t in a position to visit the tea salon frequently. Although he didn’t get another chance to meet that angel, in any case, it was truly something he was grateful for.


“…Right. There have been times when listening to you has been helpful.”


The man turned his head away as if running away from his thoughts. At the end of sight, a letter was caught. Picking up what was the starting point of all this foolishness, the man let out a hollow laugh.


[To author Wilshe.

On this Victory Festival weekend, a masquerade ball themed around the world of the author’s work was held at the Arnem Hotel in the capital. You can forget all my previous suggestions. Considering my sincerity so far, how about stopping by? This might be my last letter.

Sincerely, Lea Kim.]


It was thick, expensive paper. The handwriting clearly indicated advanced education. There was a faint scent of flowers wafting from the letter paper.


I’m sure the person who sent this must be a noble.


It had been three years since his friend published his stories under the name ‘Wilshe.’ So it had already been three years since he received letters like this. The story was indeed interesting, but he hadn’t expected they would like it so much to the point that Wilshe has a devoted fan.


The first letter was asking about when the sequel <Herina Frodo> series would be released. Of course he didn’t answer it. His only promise was to publish the story to see if it would appeal to the people of Nepelsian.


Did that stimulate the reader’s competitive spirit? Lea Kim’s suggestion, which came with a short review every time he published a book, became increasingly bold.


Do you like fried ravioli?


I want to create a comfortable writing environment for the author. 


If you can’t reply because you’ve been treated unfairly by the publisher, please write a scene from the carrot harvest festival in the sequel of the <Herina Frodo> series.


And so on.


He refused to answer all those letters, and his friend was not much concerned. He just thought it was fun when the letter came again. Then, the most recent letter he received was like this.


Arnem Hotel…


In order to attract their favorite author, his reader rents the largest hotel in the empire and hold a masquerade ball themed around the world of his work.


The man chuckled and gently swiped the words ‘Lea Kim’ at the letter’s end. As expected, many people were doing interesting things in the outside world. And what kind of person his reader would be? His heart pounded like it did when he saw the sack paper of vegetables with the code of that world written on it.


But is it okay for me to go to a place like that?


It was by the time his face became quite dark.


“What are you worried about? I don’t know anything about noble society, so I’m afraid I might make a mistake. Why? I was so busy pretending to be an idiot that I didn’t even learn proper etiquette.”


The man chuckled self-deprecatingly and recited a spell. The man’s reflection in the mirror immediately showed his hair turning black, and his eyes turned red. As his hair got shorter, it revealed his forehead and neat eyebrows. The moment the hair strap that tied his hair fell off the back of his neck, his fair skin, along with the change in the color of his hair and eyes, exuded a decadent beauty.


Who would recognize this face as the prince from that gloomy West Palace? Especially since no one knew him in the first place.


The man looked at his face in the mirror and suddenly asked. “But why does it have to be black hair and red eyes?”


The man’s face hardened with a brief time difference.


“…Ah, according to the statistics, that was the most popular.”


He laughed as if it were absurd and put on the half-mask he had prepared in advance. The neat jawline revealed beneath the mask added to the black uniform, giving off an ascetic impression.


By the way, what if the banquet was held that big? That meant the entire noble family of the empire would attend.


…Will the angel come too?


Beyond his elegantly combed black hair, the tips of his ears were as red as before.


* * *

On the weekend of the Victory Festival that marked early summer, all the single men and women staying in the capital flocked to the Arnem Hotel in the center of the city.


The host is Lea Kim, and the masquerade ball is themed on the world of popular novelist Wilshe. The nobles knew that Lady Elard was holding this ball officially, but that wasn’t important anyway.


“This is the first time I realized that Lady El… I-I mean, Lady Lea Kim has a deep knowledge of literature.”


“She’s interested in popular art that even commoners can enjoy together.”


“It is well known that she’s bright from a young age, so she must have been very interested in romance.”


Despite the well-praising words that omitted the subject, the only reason Selleana held this wonderful ball was to attract Wilshe. If such a luxurious banquet was held with the concept of his world of work, wouldn’t he show up out of curiosity? Because they say, all writers are attention seekers!


Moreover, if Wilshe had noticed that she was a transmigrator, he would definitely have wanted to become friends with her. Her friends didn’t seem to think he was a transmigrator though…


“Lady. Your headdress is unique. Which boutique product is it?”


“I embroidered it one by one, imagining the female protagonist in Wilshe’s novel might be doing something like this.”


“Oh my, Lady is very good at using your hands.”


People looked with envy at the dangling flowers fluttering beneath Selleana’s braided black hair. Although there was nothing she could do about the dress, she was able to style her hair to make it look like she was in her past life. Rosalli, who was Selleana’s elegant hairstyle, criticized her as ‘really going the extra mile’.


Wilshe aside, today’s ball was a huge success in itself.


“The interior decoration is beautiful. It’s my first time to see so many illusionary magic tools used.”


“How did you cast the Arnyak Quartet? I heard it’s been 5 years since they came to Nepelsian!”


“Oh my gosh, isn’t this wine from the Barodonyu region sold exclusively to special customers at the Benichi Company? As expected…”


“Of course there would be Lady Elard, but Lady Glen was also in attendance? The attendees are much more glamorous than any other banquet.”


Wherever she went, people’s praise rang out and made Selleana intoxicated. Ah, this is the taste.


Elard’s wealth and power were able to hold such a splendid banquet. The resourcefulness of her close friends, who exclusively airlift even the rarest items. Her fame and the people around her transform any banquet into the best social attraction.


All that was left was to bring Wilshe to come here. Selleana is ready to be their faithful friend, whether that person is a woman or a man. Because sooner or later, she won’t be able to enjoy this freedom…


It was time that the night of the ball was getting deep. An abnormal phenomenon was detected in Selleana’s vision.  Huh?


There was congestion at the entrance of the banquet hall, which was crowded with people coming and going.


“Michi, binoculars.”


When she looked toward the entrance, she saw a man there. He came alone without any companions and was attracting the attention of everyone nearby. He’s tall and well-built enough to capture the attention of even drunk people, and his elegant jawline can be seen under the half-mask. Although his face couldn’t be fully seen because of the mask, his handsome aura was max. The most important thing is… He has black hair, a cool complexion, and a hard jawline.


Oh gosh.


He had an appearance that suited Selleana’s preferences enough to win an award.  


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