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Author: alyalia Editor: sleepy bee

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She killed a person.


“Heuk… heuk.”


She didn’t mean to do this.  


A man in uniform lay beaten in front of her shedding red from his head. As that color seeped into the ground, she thought as she looked at the dying man. I feel relieved.


How did she end up doing this? She was originally born as a noble lady and lived a normal life. But reality wasn’t so simple.


Why is it? Why have people in the world been so cruel to her?


Because she was a spoiled brat that was abandoned by her family?


Was it because she, who was foolishly deceived, didn’t have wealth or power?


Or was it because her curly black hair looked eerie and she had such a gloomy and ugly face?


Anything could be the reason, but at the same time, she didn’t know if that was really the reason.


“Sa-Save me…”






Maybe these people were just having fun tormenting her.


“Urgh, please save me.”


She had suffered from terrible harassment over the past few years. Among them, there were many cases that hurt her body and some that left scars on her heart. Moreover, at the end of her life, her playboy fiancée, whom she thought was the only light in her life, broke all his promises and framed her for things she didn’t do and tarnished her honor. That was how she lost everything. 


Those who tormented her remained steady like a mountain. Meanwhile,  she was living through days where it felt like there was no hope of her living any longer. In the end, she was so afraid that the end would come tomorrow that she tried to kill herself first. Eventually, she stood on a cliff on the deserted beach one day.




She stood alone on the cliffside crying for a long time. The moment she tried to throw herself off, the cool, blue water filled her sight. At that, she was suddenly scared and unable to carry out what she’d decided to do. Her plans having fallen through, she squatted while surrounded by the cold sea breeze and sobbed.


Why am I the only one that has to suffer? It was then that she was hit with the reality. 




There had been countless people who have abused and deceived her  until now, but they get to live happily while she had to lose my life. Isn’t that really unfair?


It is unfair. It is really unfair.


“Heeuk… heeuk…”


So, she changed her mind. Her life was already ruined anyway. Rather than dying alone like that, let’s take the most unforgivable person who tormented her as her companion. 


She called out the man who’d made the biggest contribution in ruining her life to the garden. He’d stolen her fortune and accused her with false allegations. He wasn’t even wary of anything when he saw me. Because she was a woman with no muscle strength after all. Besides, they were just a few steps away from the ceremony hall that was full of knights and nobles.




Killing a noble was the heaviest crime in this kingdom. The man in front of her was going to die soon so she would most likely face severe punishment after beating him on his head with a stone from behind. But, only now did she realize that she was smiling despite it all. 






She killed him. Finally, she was relieved from the act of revenge she had committed.




The man in front of her, whose blood painted the garden red, eventually stopped struggling. Only then did it feel like she’d really taken his entire future away with her own hands. His face, which had persecuted her in the past, overlapped with his present appearance, and a shrill laugh came from her.


He couldn’t bother her anymore. 


He couldn’t eat the scones that he loved so much again. He couldn’t enjoy any happiness.




She finally regained her long-forgotten laughter with the sense of accomplishment that she’d finally gotten revenge. It was something worth celebrating, considering she hadn’t laughed even once in years.




She danced excitedly around the fallen man. She grabbed the hem of her dress that was ruined by the physical fight and circled around to swear at his body. Soon, the knights, who were suspicious of him not being back yet, would search the area. She gave up the impossible idea to escape from here in the first place and waited for this place to be filled with armored knights.






No matter how much sad things hurt her heart, was it enough to make her hallucinate? As she was dancing without a partner, a foreign world was reflected in her gaze. Like a breaking snow globe, some parts of the sky outside the castle began to twist strangely. In addition, she heard the sound of an angel flapping its wings in my ear.


“It’s not wings.”


But soon, she noticed what the noise was. That was the sound of turning pages. The world was shattered into fragments and ten thousand papers were scattered in the air by the time she realized it.


She gazed coldly at the scenery. Her life would end with the death sentence anyway. She laughed like crazy and tilted back in glee no matter what happened to the world. And finally, in a world that was collapsing, she really thought that both her ears and eyes were all filled with falling paper.




An unknown message was delivered beyond the darkening consciousness.


<File main character.sys could not be loaded.

The error code is 666.

Test cannot continue.

Press any key to reset.>


<Main character modification>


<New loading •••>


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* * *

Someone was lying on a fluffy and fragrant blanket on the luxurious bed made of high quality wood.


“…Isn’t she getting up by now? Is it really that serious?”


“She was conscious. It’s just that she fell asleep for a while.”


It was early in the morning. Amid the gentle rays of sunlight shining through the windows, those who came to the bedroom were having a simple conversation.


“If that’s the case, she won’t even know I was here.”


“Shall I wake her up?”


“Yes. What a waste of time.”


They didn’t seem to care that the person lying on the bed was on the verge of death. Eventually, the person who appeared to be a maid began to wake the person lying on the bed.


“Wake up. Wake up.”


As an unconcerned hand shook her shoulder, her skinny and small body shook here and there. And then, the person was forced to wake up.


Sleepy… She liked the soft feel of the blanket. She wanted to bury her cheeks in a soft cloth like this, but she couldn’t sleep at all because someone was violently shaking her from the side. She finally woke up to the maid’s voice that sounded like a shout.


“Lady Fanora! How long do you plan to lie down in front of the guest!”


Her name. When she heard it, her heart suddenly started racing and blood rushed to her head. Whenever her name came up, the conversation usually went to bad topics.






“Sigh, you don’t look good either. What’s all of this?”


The lady who raised her upper body from the bed and found out that something was strange not long after waking up. Aside from the strange feeling of having a terrible body ache, the person sitting next to her right now was…




She stared at the man who was holding her hand by the bedside. But no matter how much she looked, the image in her eyes was still the same. He was her fiancé.


“The young Naverius…”


While she’d pushed to get engaged to him, he’d cheated on her dozens of times and broken off their engagement as he got sick of her. A man that she wanted to tear apart and kill was in front of her eyes. Though… he looked quite young than before.  


As her fiancée began to reply to her mumbling, she stood up from her seat, ignored him, and called out the name of the person standing next to him.




“Yes? Why are you calling for me?”


Seir did not express any displeasure on the surface. But, Fanora already knew what kind of person she was. How can Seir be here?


Seir felt a sense of joy by targeting Fanora, a daughter of noble who had neither the support nor the strength to back her up, as a target of her bullying. Fanora won’t feel comfortable even if Seir switches sides and stops mistreating her. No, no. I’m sure I’ve already been through this situation once.


However, the servant named Seir definitely got married 4 years ago and left this mansion. So she thought about it, trying to understand how she was here before her eyes, and then slowly realized it. I’ve already been through this before. This was a very familiar day for her.


“What are you thinking about on your own there?”


She could still vividly remember how she shed tears at the words Naverius spit out on that day. Fanora was silent for a while, unable to vent my thoughts.


“Anyway, since I’ve seen your face, I’m going to leave now. Everything is okay now, right? Quickly get better.”


Then, unlike Fanora’s memory, Naverius left her room with a friendly goodbye. Fanora didn’t chase his back. She just sat in bed without paying attention to the servant who went out with him to send him off.


My throat is itchy, and I keep sweating. My head also feels heavy. Considering her physical condition and the few words from her fiancée earlier, today was probably the second month of spring, just before her 16th birthday.


My memory is clear. However, how can a day that she had already experienced repeat? Besides, right before she woke up, she was smashing Haures’s head with a stone. She just committed murder! But what’s with this peaceful room? And the sound of birds chirping outside the window?




While combing through her complicated thoughts, Fanora spotted a mirror hanging in the corner of her room.




As if possessed, she walked to the mirror and checked her face.




There was a girl there that looked familiar yet uncomfortable. It was a face that she hadn’t seen for a long time since she became an adult. This face was her from her childhood a few years ago.


This same thing that happened before my 16th birthday… Am I now 15 years old?


Is this a dream?


No matter how crazy she was, she had reached the point where she couldn’t tell the difference between dreams and reality. She pinched her arm without hesitation to find out if she was just being delusional. No. That can’t be true! I’m not that crazy!


After Fanora pinched the skin on her arm until it became red, she was convinced. This is not a dream… It’s not a dream! I can hear well too! Her body right now was definitely from when she was 15 years old. When she was 17, I’d gotten slapped on the cheek so hard that it made her not able to hear well, but now she could hear perfectly fine.


Then, was everything that I’ve been through until now just a dream…? She felt confused. If anyone opened their eyes and realized that it was a day from 6 years in the past, they would feel the same as her. So, Fanora did many things to prove that this wasn’t all currently a dream. 

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  1. I read this until the end. It was very good. A hidden gem! Thank very much for this!