When My Enemies Began to Regret Chapter 100 - 31. So, (3)

Author: alyalia

Fanora didn’t feel guilty about this situation. A person’s mind could change at any time. Maybe this was some kind of revenge too.


Does she know that her fate mate has been taken away? Fanora looked at Vasago’s face for a moment. She looked more beautiful than anyone else in this century. But she showed a gloomy face as if she were worried about Fanora’s injury.


“I’ve got good medicine for the wound. Can you get up for a second?”


“Yes, Princess.”


Fanora was troubled as she looked at Vasago, who narrowed their distance. Will stealing her fiancé be enough for revenge? Would Vasago Guelder be her last victim? Or would she be the first one Fanora forgives before returning to her normal life?


“I think I’m feeling better now. I’ll take a rest.”


“Yes. Don’t overdo it…”


Shortly afterward, Vasago left the room to do her business. Fanora was alone again.


Even if Aloken’s love for me fades in the future, as long as I’ve amassed enough of my wealth, I’ll be fine with a divorce any time.


As usual, her mind was filled with unpleasant thoughts when she lay down. It wasn’t once or twice that she couldn’t fall asleep in anger as she closed her eyes and pondered over the injustices her enemies had done to her. But for today, a positive future came to her mind.


Or, like other couples do, we can develop a bond and just live our lives. It was a breeze to think of the option of quitting revenge.


Fanora imagined her future self as the duchess. She had no desire for power and wasn’t interested in that position itself. However, the fact that she abandoned the abusive Celsius family and created her own family was certainly attractive. It’s funny, given that I’ve already done a lot of cruel things.


Tap, tap. Fanora thought, tapping her fingers lightly on her stomach. Once I become the duchess, the Celsius family can no longer harm me… Come to think of it, they haven’t hurt me in this life, so for my future safety… I can let go of my family.  So what are the remaining issues?


What should I do with Vasago? Fanora started weighing Vasago’s life again. I’ve been working single-mindedly in the past few years to approach her. Weren’t all these efforts in vain? Or would she end her revenge by using the princess as her last target?


Fanora was troubled. But her mind was already leaning to one side.


* * *

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#1. Guelder Mansion (Day/Rain)

Vasago heard the news that Aloken was going to war. She expressed her anger towards the king with a shocked face.


Vasago: No matter how much holy relics have come into our hands, to make a new war when the old wounds from the last war haven’t healed yet?! Besides, you’re going there?


Aloken: What can I do when it’s the royal decree? Since the Marquis family is in control of this issue, even if you gather nobles, you won’t be able to use your strength.


Vasago: Every time like this, I hate the fact that my family has been loyal to the Balmong Dynasty.


Aloken: Your father wouldn’t think so.


Aloken motioned for her to come closer and whispered to Vasago.


Aloken: Because the king has finally reciprocated your father, who has been loyal to him for so many years.


Vasago: Reciprocated?


Aloken: Duke Guelder will be at the vanguard with the holy relic in this war.


Vasago: (hardening her expression) Io to my father? He didn’t give it to the knight who searched for the holy relic?


Aloken: He decided to give his most trusted servant the holy relic. It’s an honor, right?


Vasago: Oh my God. I’m shaking right now.


Vasago picked up the cold water nearby and drank it.


Vasago: That’s why he invited me to the royal castle. Not inviting me as an audience, but to make me a hostage of my father!


#2. Mansion Corridor (Day/Rain)

Upon hearing the news that Eyal would receive Io as a gift, Vasago was dissatisfied with the fact that his father had to defend this kingdom at the price of his life. At the same time, she dissuaded his lover, Aloken, when she heard that he had to head for a distant battlefield.


Vasago: Wait, don’t go. Stop!


Aloken: The notification would have ended earlier.


Vasago: But what if you don’t come back from this war? How can I live if I lose both my father and my fiancé at the same time!


Aloken: According to the records of the fallen kingdom, Io’s owner won’t lose their life just because they went to war once, so don’t worry.


Vasago: Aloken, but what about you? You…

Aloken: It’s better because I’ll stick close to my father-in-law. Is it really a holy relic that could turn the tide of the war?


She looked up at Aloken and saw the rain falling from the right side of the corridor.


Aloken: And… I have to head to the battlefield so the flies that aim for Io won’t be attracted to your father.


Vasago: …


Aloken: I’ve never felt attached to my family. I know that Duke Guelder is important to you. So let me protect him.


Vasago: (crying.)


Aloken: I thought you only had blood, but you also had tears.


(Aloken and Vasago hug each other).


That’s how Vasago sent his father and fiancé to the battlefield. The Duchess Guelder remained in the mansion and acted as the head of the family to protect her family. Vasago, the duke’s only daughter, was regarded as a hostage by King Balmong’s order to keep the duke, who was carrying Io, from having a different purpose.


In the blink of an eye, the conquest of the Nean Kingdom, the first step in the war of conquest, was declared. In the eastern tower of the splendid royal castle, imprisoned in a room with a comfortable atmosphere, Vasago was constantly worried about their safety.>


<#5. East Tower

Vasago was taken aback by the words and rose from her seat. She couldn’t understand why the conquest of the Nean Kingdom, which she thought would end easily, developed like this. She spoke loudly to her mother, who visited her.


Vasago: Isn’t there something wrong with the scout? Why did the Gamiel Kingdom, our ally, enter the war as an enemy?


Horeis: The justification they put forward is that we accidentally killed their noble during the war with Nean. As an apology for it, they demanded huge compensation from King Balmong, but… they got rejected… So they came forward and sided with Nean.


Vasago: I can’t believe it! Wherever I look at it, it’s an excuse to join the war!


Horeis: Dear, calm down. If you get angry in such a thin state and poor health…


Vasago: No wonder their traders suddenly withdrew several years ago. It’s really suspicious!


Horeis: (making a sad face.)


Vasago: (with a puzzled look) But will father be alright? Ah, did my letter arrive safely?


Horeis, Vasago’s mother, cried when she heard those words.

Horeis: Our kingdom is now at the crossroads of survival or destruction.


Said Vasago while holding the glass on the table as if she was about to break it,


Vasago: It can’t be. O-of course, the national power of the Kingdom Gamiel cannot be ignored. But we have Io in our hands. With the help of our allies, this situation…


Horeis: Knights are falling one by one on the battlefield right now.


Vasago: (shaking her eyes.)


Horeis: Listen to me from now on, My daughter.>


* * *

It was one month before New Year’s Day in the Kingdom Kasius.


“Oh my~ Look at cute things. So smart. It’s so smart.”


“Right? But the flaw is that it is greedy for food. Even though it is usually polite, its behavior changes when it sees food.”


“Lord Andras? Lord Andras should try to give your hand too. This kid is a quiet kid, so it’s not going to scratch you this time.”


It was at Madam Seiji’s mansion. The last meeting of the animal lover of this year was held in a snowy landscape. When it was New Year’s Day, the nobles were constantly on the move for 24 hours. They participated in various parties, so their schedules were busy. That’s why the club members made today the appointment day, which was at least free.




“As expected, the cat seems in a bad mood.”


The flow of the club had always been the same. Bring in your pet to brag about, compliment each other, and discuss how to stop dog abuse in the kingdom. As a result, time flew by, and today’s gathering ended.


It’s bland. The gathering was always boring because Fanora wasn’t really an animal lover. But she couldn’t avoid attending the gathering. Because there was no place like this to meet Carl naturally.


“Carl, the weather is cold. Aren’t you wearing too thin?”


“I don’t feel cold easily.”


Fanora breathed through the winter wind. Then white breath leaked into the sky. I’ll have to tell Carl about my future plans.


After the gathering was over, the two started walking in the park. It was to talk naturally.


“Carl, it’s…”


“Lady Fanora, that’s…”


It was then. The two of them spoke at the same time as if they had something to say.


“Speak first, Carl.”


“No, no, Lady Fanora first!”


“Do you think my words are funny? I’m your master.”


“Ah? Is this an order?”


Even though Fanora said it coldly like the winter wind, she soon smiled and said she was joking.


“Lady Fanora, it seems your atmosphere has become a little softer these days.”


Just like he said, Fanora had recently become more comfortable with smiling. Perhaps, it was thanks to the resentment that had been contained within her that had been resolved through a series of revenge.


“Anyway, um. What I’m going to tell you is something you asked for at my promotion ceremony last time. I brought it today.”




Then Carl took a small envelope of letters from his arms. The envelope had a somewhat three-dimensional effect of containing not only documents. It contained something poisonous.


“Ah… You prepared it quickly.”


“I hurried a little bit.”


This was the item she was preparing to kill Vasago. But when the poison came to her hands, Fanora thought a lot.




Fanora Celsius kept silent for a moment. She soon raised her head. Because she had something to say to Carl.


“Carl, maybe I…”


But this time, Carl cut her off and expressed his opinion first.


“Lady Fanora.”


Has he ever interrupted her? No, even if their voices overlapped by mistake, he quickly apologized. That was Carl Andras until now. He was a loyal and docile dog who listened well.


“I have a question.”


“Tell me.”


Fanora belatedly noticed that Carl’s expression was not good. Where are the corners of your mouth that smile like the sun?  He had an ambiguous look, neither smiling nor crying. He seemed to have mixed feelings.


“How long are you going to take revenge? Is there still much left for me to help you with?”


Fanora was bound to be even more surprised by the questions that followed. It was like…


“Why? Now… do you want to stop getting involved in crime?”


Those were the words of someone who just wanted to step out. Fanora tilted her head to his sudden question. The poisoned envelope was still in his hand.




Carl didn’t immediately respond to her words. He closed his eyes and reacted in a strange way. Fanora thought he might be feeling guilty.


Since he’s a good person, was it difficult for him to be used by me?  No, maybe it’s her who’s really feeling guilty.


Fanora said with a sunken expression. It was a good time to announce the result of what had been troubling her. “Maybe this will be the last time.”


She was trying to tell him why she wanted to stop taking revenge. Still, she wondered if he should know everything since he had been working as her accomplice for a long time.


But Carl brought up his opinion as soon as he heard her answer. “Thank god. Then let’s stop seeing each other in the future.”




“As of today, I’ll be out of this club as well.”


Carl finally smiled as he stood far away. He tilted his head slightly, looked into Fanora’s eyes, and then spoke. “If there’s nothing more to help, then there’s no reason for us to meet anymore, right?”


Carl suddenly changed his attitude. He, who always obeyed her suddenly acted as if drawing a line. 

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