When My Enemies Began to Regret Chapter 103 - 33. Dropping (1)

Author: alyalia

33. Dropping

“Still, if you really need me, please send me a secret letter. Got it?”


“I’m asking you now… Did you get caught by your family that you’re working with me?”


“It’s not like that.”


Soon it was time for the two accomplices to say goodbye. Fanora finally realized it as she rode back in the family carriage. This time, which had been blinded by revenge, had come to an end.


* * *

It was two weeks before the kingdom’s New Year’s Day.


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<#1. Kasius Royal Castle / East Tower

Vasago’s mother, Horeis, told her she had something important to say.


Horeis: Listen to me from now on, My daughter


Horeis took out the letter sent from the battlefield by Duke Guelder and showed it.


Horeis; The kingdom of Gamiel, who had maintained a friendly relationship with us, secretly made weapons.


The letter contained horrific content. It was said that the new weapon introduced in the war by Kingdom Gamiel is vicious and can kill many people at once no matter how strong their armor is, no matter how tightly the fort walls are locked. Gamiel’s soldiers charge into their enemy camp with poisoned pouches in their arms, causing enormous damage. Kasius hasn’t yet come up with any solution due to Gamiel’s crazy attack.  


Vasago: Gamiel b*stard, how could you create something like this while avoiding our eyes!


Horeis: By now, the entire battlefield must have formed a mountain of corpses and blood, as the soldiers around the area die just by breathing.


Vasago: There is a reason why Gamiel intervened, as if they were waiting for the war.


Horeis: The only good news is that they don’t seem to be able to make them in large quantities… It hasn’t been used since the last fort was recaptured.


Vasago: What about father?


Horeis: (Silent).


Vasago: Could it be that Gamiel’s weapon also affects father, who holds the holy relic?


Horeis’s expression darkened. Vasago then fell in despair.


#2. Battlefield (Cloudy/Rainy)

Callisto, the king of Gamiel, who killed the knights of Kasius with a newly invented weapon, climbed to the wall and shouted loudly.


Callisto: Listen, filthy and vicious men of Kasius. Why are you trying to harm the descendants of the same god with the power of holy power! Now the blessing that followed you is over! I will pay for the tears shed by countless people with your blood! I swear, the destruction of Kasius will be the pushing force for a new era opened by Gamiel!



#3. East Tower (Evening)

It was a few days later.


Messenger: Gamiel once again brought out a strange weapon and annihilated our second-order knights.


King: What!


Messenger: The king of Gamiel, Callisto. Also said that he would destroy our kingdom in the name of causing bloodshed.


The words spoken by the messenger with a terrified expression caused a great stir. Inside the castle, rumors were circulating that Kasius’s army might be defeated by Gamiel in this war.


Vasago: I’ve already sent several letters to Aloken but haven’t received any reply yet.


Vasago crumpled the white paper on the desk.


Vasago: Why is this happening? There were many predictions that this conquest would be as easy as knocking down a newborn. Still, I didn’t expect we, the owner of Io, would be defeated by Gamiel!


Vasago’s monologue continued.


Vasago: If we lose a war like this, what will happen to our kingdom? If my father really came back as a corpse, or if I held Aloken’s corpse in my arms. I’m going to die.


As time passed, Vasago missed Aloken deeply. Sometimes she had repeated nightmares about him returning as a corpse from the war.


Vasago became thinner day by day, fearing Aloken’s death. As she went through the painful days, she suddenly realized how deeply she loved Aloken.




The war of conquest, which was supposed to be easy, intensified, and the Kingdom Kasius continued to conflict with Gamiel. Kingdom Kasius repeated its defeat without being able to stand against Gamiel. However, as time passed, a major change occurred in the situation.


#4. Royal Castle Hallway

Vasago, with a happier face than anyone else, grabbed the hem of her skirt and ran. At the end of the hallway, her mother greeted her with a teary face.


Vasago: Mother! Did you hear the news!


Horeis: Dear, don’t run like that.


Vasago: Indeed. There is no way that Andras, the spear and shield of our kingdom, would be easily defeated!


Horeis: It’s too early to rejoice.


Vasago: The third son of the Andras family came one after another with the head of the enemy commander. How can I not be happy about this?


Vasago held the letter in her arms. It was Aloken’s first reply. He is alive. In addition, it was written that the war situation was being overturned due to the Andras’s family performance.


Vasago: God, please let my loved ones come back safely. In return, you may take my life.>


* * *

After parting ways with Carl, Fanora went to the Celsius Mansion in the capital, not back to the Guelder Mansion.


So cold. It was because the warm winter season had ended. She had been living in Vasago’s mansion. However, she was seriously injured because of the last assassination and could no longer stay in Guelder Duchy.


“I’m fine…”


“You’re telling me that when you’re in this condition? Say something that makes sense. I’ll visit you often, so you’d better return to your mansion.”


It was natural to recuperate in your own home for recovery. Fanora eventually returned to her family at Vasago’s urging.


New Year’s Eve is coming soon.


However, there was another reason why she returned to the mansion in the capital rather than her family territory.


“My Lady, you’re here.”


“Cecil, you’re in the capital too.”


“When Lady is not here, I’m taking care of Lady’s place…”


Soon, the capital welcomed New Year’s Eve in winter. Nobles living in the secluded territories far from the capital held their festivals in their own territory. Still, nobles living close to the capital usually gathered in the capital for New Year’s parties. That’s why Celsius’s people had already entered the capital. Perhaps Vasago would come soon too.


“It’s quite cold outside. Can you light the fireplace?”


“Yes, Lady.”


Anyway, the royal ball… Fanora thought as she sat in a chair while her maid went to fetch firewood. “Should I go?”


Unlike the royal family’s birthday banquet, the New Year’s party wasn’t a must-attend event. Still, many nobles flocked to the royal castle every New Year. It was because everyone gathered, from low-ranking nobles who asked if they could come to the royal castle, if not at this time, to high-ranking nobles who wanted to build connections with the royal family.


I don’t have any good memories of the royal ball, except for the death of Naverius.


Fanora had never enjoyed such a New Year’s celebration. Before her regressing, she seemed to attend it for the first year after making her debut. Even so, she only remembered that she returned when the sun was in the middle of the sky because she had only looked around throughout the party.


However, things are different now. She twirled the card in her head. It was from Aloken. It was written on the shiny card, ‘Please be my partner during the New Year’s celebration.’


“I’m going to be Aloken’s New Year’s partner…”


Fanora decided to join the party without difficulty. Then there was only a small problem remaining.


“What should I wear?”


The clothes Aloken gave her at the time of their engagement had long since not fit her. During the social season, she brought her own clothes, but after contacting Vasago, she didn’t even care about that. That’s why Fanora had an extremely small number of winter clothes.


I should have thought about New Year’s Eve in advance. I couldn’t think of this because I was so absorbed in revenge. But it was too late to fit the dress. Fanora decided to make some alternation to her dress, which she had worn repeatedly.


…Wait, to say that I was absorbed with revenge is kind of weird. Revenge is the reason why I’ve been living so far.


She rose from her seat. At the same time, the door opened.


“Lady Fanora.”


“Why? Did anyone come at this hour?”


“An urgent letter has arrived.”


Cecil opened the door and handed over a silver tray. There was a letter on the tray. A familiar family crest was visible on the sealing.


“I guess it’s from Aloken.”


“The duke’s butler is waiting for your reply right away.”


Did he send this to get a definite answer about her New Year’s Eve participation? Fanora opened the envelope with an indifferent face and checked. The content of the letter was concise.


“It’s not a big deal. Alright. I’ll write a reply soon.”


The letter contained two sentences in Aloken’s handwriting.


[I prepared a dress for you to wear to New Year’s Eve as a surprise gift. I want to adjust the dress one last time, so please let me know the date we can meet.]


You had prepared a dress? She was in trouble because she had no decent winter clothes, but it turned out well. However, as Fanora wrote her reply, she pondered. Wait a minute. Even if there is a need to slightly adjust it, in the end, the big frame of the dress remains the same, right? That means… he knew my measurements… How did he know when she obviously never gave him her body measurements?


Could he use the duke’s power to get my information… No, he couldn’t have done it for such a trivial task as choosing clothes. Fanora felt chill for a moment. She then shook her head and tried to ignore her sudden thought.


“Here you go, go downstairs and give the reply to that butler.”


“Yes, Lady.” Accepting the letter, the maid walked out of her room.


Fanora, who was watching her, smiled a little. “By the way, people have changed.”


In fact, she had made a small promise to Aloken. While she was still bedridden by Guelder Duchy, Aloken, who visited her, asked her if she had any complaints. He also added if there was anything that she didn’t like, he would fix it right away.


So Fanora replied after much consideration. I told him to stop popping up every time without an appointment. But she didn’t expect that he would do it right away. Aloken now sent a polite letter like other nobles and made an appointment. For some reason, a smile rose on Fanora’s face.


“Why did someone who is capable of doing something like this act so recklessly before being told?”


Then, there was no need to alternate the dress, so she had no special schedule today. Fanora canceled her plan to leave her room and decided to tidy up her desk.




Soon, she sat down at her desk and opened the drawer. There were many messed up things there, so she had to take them out one by one and arrange them.




In the meantime, Fanora paused while arranging the extra ink bottles in the bottom drawer. Of the identical black bottles, only one weighed exceptionally light. I got it from Carl…


It contained poison. The very thing prepared to poison Vasago. 


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