When My Enemies Began to Regret Chapter 107 - 34. This Series. (1)

Author: alyalia



She was so surprised by what happened so quickly that she couldn’t even speak. However, Aloken’s voice, which held her tightly, was comforting as usual.


“I wondered what you were thinking about with that little head. It’s so lovely of you to offer me this just to make me feel better.” He then explained that’s why he wanted to hug her.


“I’ll do everything you want. Let’s go hunting after New Year’s Eve. I like the opera too if I can go with you.”


Where on earth did he learn such strange words? Can this behavior be learned from a book? Fanora felt strange again at his words and actions. It was a similar sensation when she was too nervous.


“If you touch me like this, the dress will be ruined!”


She felt uncomfortable with the strange sensation rising in her heart. So she pushed Aloken hard and slipped out of his arms. Her voice grew louder as she was shy.


“Ho?” He was a bit taken aback. He had hugged her with some strength, but she easily slipped out of her grasp. Her arms seemed weak yet full of energy.


“There are seamstresses around. What’s the big deal about the dress being ruined?”




“And you, don’t get scared when I raise my hand.”


Aloken began to smile broadly at her flustered state, clearly enjoying it. It was the foxy smile, with his eyes bent so much that his irises were barely visible.


“But why did you raise your hand while saying that?”


“What’s the matter?!”


It was a few seconds later. When Fanora spoke loudly, the staff, mistaking that something was wrong, opened the curtains. However, contrary to their expectations, the staff hurriedly entered the dressing room and saw Duke Jalier holding Fanora’s cheek.




“Ah, you’re just in time. My fiancée says there’s nothing uncomfortable about this dress.”


The staff said with their eyes wide open, just like a frog bitten by a snake. “Ah, I-I’m sorry for interrupting.”


“If you’re really sorry, why don’t you go out and call some staff? She has to change her clothes again.”


Fanora wanted to give some excuse to Aloken. Still, the staff, upon hearing Aloken’s command, immediately closed the curtains and left. Therefore, Fanora reluctantly decided to change her dress again and went out.


“Then I’ll change and come back. Aloken…”


Before long, the staff who had come to take off her New Year’s Eve dress began to talk in whispers. The staff who had just come to help her asked, “Are you really on such good terms with the Duke?”


Fanora closed her eyes tightly and remained silent. Then the staff burst into laughter when they saw her red cheeks.


* * *

A few days after that, it was on New Year’s Eve in Kingdom Kasius. The first day and first month of Kasius came. Today was New Year’s Eve in the Kingdom of Kasius. Looking out the window, she saw streets decorated with splendor, just like last time.


“Where did I put the invitation to the royal ball?”


“While cleaning, I moved it over here, Lady.”


The awakened Fanora waited for the evening to come. Other nobles would enjoy various parties that continued throughout the day. Still, she was only waiting for the royal ball she had promised to go to with Aloken.


“Should I use this string for my hair?”


“No, it looks too shiny. I want something calm.”


She spent time pacing around the room nervously. As she was full of expectations, the time passed slowly, and dinner came after a while.


Fanora put on her dress, which Aloken had gifted her, and diligently stepped outside. As the sunset was seen on the street, white breaths scattered into the air every time she exhaled. It’s not that cold, maybe because I’m wearing a cloak.


She didn’t hate the scenery on a snowy day. Looking down on the roofs of the town from the second floor of the mansion, the whole world was clean and beautiful.


The world would have looked more beautiful without those humans. However, Fanora’s mood soon plummeted. It was because there were lined up of people she didn’t want to see as she stepped out to ride the carriage.


“Are you coming out now?”


Hearing a greeting she didn’t want to hear, she stiffened her face to the fullest. Fanora didn’t like the current situation. Should I set Celsius Mansion on fire, whether it’s my future plan or not?


In her past life, even on New Year’s Eve, they didn’t care about their daughter no… Rather, they behaved in such a way as if she would get in the way if she followed them. How funny it was now that they were huddled in front of the carriage to wait for the eldest daughter?


“Come on, get in.”




She glanced at Bael Celsius, who greeted her. Fanora would rather die than go to the royal ball with them. That’s why she told them to go first because she would be taking a lot of time to dress up. However, the Celsius family held out, saying how could they leave the eldest daughter behind on New Year’s Eve, which was customary for the family to spend time together?


How can we leave our daughter behind to go first? Is that the sound that comes out of your guy’s mouth? Fanora was upset. If it were Fanora Celsius in the past, she would have been quite moved by her family waiting for her. However, Fanora had already understood how the world worked.


Now that I’ve risen in society, you’re treating me like a human being. Even though it was you who treated me like a ghost all this time. She let out a white breath and cooled her anger. It was because she couldn’t think of getting revenge anymore. If this family falls, it will be cut off, adversely affecting Aloken’s family.


Fanora approached the people who were waiting for her. Her expression was as cold as frost in the north. “I’m wearing a very expensive dress from the duke today. If someone else brushes against it, the fabric will deteriorate, so I will use this carriage alone.”


“What? Don’t you know the trouble you’ve caused for waiting for you so far, and you dare—”


“Purson, are you going to make me say the same thing twice, even after I become a duchess? Like a parrot?”


Blood rushed to Purson’s face as Fanora spoke in irritation. He seemed upset that a lowly person like her treated him badly.


“Stop it. Let’s get going.”


“Father! What do you mean stop? This b*tch was one-sided—”


“Purson! How can you say that to your sister?”


Fanora climbed into the carriage, locked the door, and looked out the window. The family screaming and fighting scene in the New Year was truly spectacular.


“…Listen to your father, Purson.”




“A new year has risen, but if you wrinkle your face from the first day, you won’t have a good year.”


But then, leaning against the window, her eyes caught a spectacle more interesting than the fight. Hanar hurriedly stopped her angry son, but as soon as Bael headed for the carriage, she immediately glared at the window where Fanora sat. Just by looking at her expression, she was ready to tear Fanora to death.




But her stepdaughter smiled. As Fanora smiled, Hanar looked at her with a questioning face. Fanora, who saw that expression, spoke quietly inside the carriage.


“I guess you’re lucky.”


The wheat-colored-haired woman standing over there didn’t know anything. The fact that the prospective duchess in the carriage would have been poisoned by her own hands. That the shock caused Fanora to go to the cliff. The fact that Fanora suddenly realized the unfairness on the cliff at that time, and all these events took place.


It wouldn’t have worked for my real mother, but it would have been pretty good revenge for that woman. Fanora’s original revenge plan was to show her son dying in front of her. Hanar wouldn’t have known anything.




A thick carriage door stood between Hanar and Fanora, so she had no idea what her daughter was saying. Hanar was about to approach the carriage and ask what she had just said, but unfortunately, the time didn’t let her do that. Celsius’s coachman shouted that they would set off to the royal castle.


34. This Series.


“The members of Count Celsius are entering!”


After a while, Fanora and her family entered the royal ball hall. I thought it would be noisy, but the atmosphere was different from what I thought.


As always, the ball hall was gorgeous. Upon arriving at the royal castle, the sky outside was already turned black. In a calm atmosphere, nobles gathered in groups of threes and fives to enjoy the conversation.


It’s my first time coming to New Year’s Eve, so I don’t know the situation. She looked around. Then, the nobles, who recognized Celsius’s eldest daughter had arrived, rushed toward the entrance.


“Lady Fanora, you finally arrived!”


“Are you having a good New Year? Amore.”


“Oh my gosh, I can’t help admiring Lady Celsius this way.”


Fanora tried to separate herself from her family by pretending to hang out with the nobles she was acquainted with. Since the beginning of the year, she had been angry seeing the faces of the Celsius family, so it was best for her to keep her distance if she didn’t want to be dragged to the gallows. However…


“Ah, Madam. You’re with your eldest daughter today.”


“Of course, because today is New Year’s Eve.”


“That’s right. You said it last time. That you will introduce Lady Celsius to me.”


“Yes… please wait.”


Hanar soon approached Fanora, who was talking to Amore. “Fanora, it looks like you’re greeting your friend. Can you give this Mother a minute too?”


What is this?


“There is someone I can introduce you for your future social life. She’s a well-known madam.” Hanar spoke softly under a social mask. “It will only take a minute.”


In response to Hanar’s attitude, Fanora began to clench her fists. I’m relieved she hasn’t done anything strange since I declined the invitation. In the meantime, she had to keep her reputation in order to approach Vasago. But should she still linger around her when she has already decided to give up the target named Vasago?






She stared at her stepmother and agonized. Inside, she even pondered how she had treated Hanar.


“Duke Jalier is entering!”


But at that moment, the resounding voice of the staff made people turn their heads all at once. Where they turned their head was a northern man dressed in New Year’s Eve attire.


“Oh my gosh.”


“It’s funny to say this again, but he really seems to have a halo.”


Aloken looked at the hall with a narrow gaze. When the chandelier’s light reached him, his eyes momentarily flashed an elegant golden light but then returned to their usual heavy colors.


“Did you two match your clothes?”


“You’re like a newlywed couple.”


The surrounding nobles began to make a fuss when they saw the duke appearing neatly dressed.


However, Aloken didn’t pay attention to the vassals of the Jalier family, who followed him, and went straight down the stairs and said, “Last year’s New Year’s Eve was so boring I thought I was going to die.”




“I’m glad to have you this year.”


He strode forward and showed his affection without hesitation. The young ladies standing by Fanora’s side began to make a fuss at this sweet sound, even though they weren’t the person involved. 


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