When My Enemies Began to Regret Chapter 108 - 34. This Series. (2)

Author: alyalia

“…Hello, Duke Jalier.”


“Ah, Madam Celsius! You’re here.”


When he appeared, Hanar, who was nearby, also greeted him politely. Hanar, who had said hello to the duke, tried to take Fanora again, thinking she wouldn’t be rude to her mother in a place with so many eyes. But then, Aloken casually intervened between mother and daughter.


“Fanora, since this is your first New Year’s Ball, let me guide you. Follow me.”


“Wait, Duke Jalier.”


As soon as he came, he tried to take Fanora away. When Hanar blocked him, Aloken smiled and looked back.


“Yes, Madam, what’s the matter?”


“Could you wait a minute? Someone is expecting me to introduce her to my daughter.”


When Aloken heard that, he approached Hanar. He still had the perfect smile on his face and then spoke in a flat tone. “I don’t think it’s something important, so you can do it later.”


“It’s something I’ve promised a long time ago, so it’s difficult if it’s not now.”


“Well, what’s so hard about it?”


He smiled softer, like a son-in-law with a gracious nature. “In the time you take to change your son’s room 13 times, your daughter’s bed hasn’t changed for 20 years. So I think you can put away that job a bit.” The tone and expression alone seemed like a normal conversation, but this was an obvious attack.


Hanar couldn’t hide her embarrassment when he talked sarcastically.


“Hahahaha, I was just joking. Just a joke. Why is your expression so bad?”


But Aloken shamelessly began to laugh even louder. Fanora looked at him and the surrounding atmosphere and began to laugh along with her fiancé.


“Hoho, indeed, Aloken.”


“Hahaha, anyway, Happy New Year.”


They laughed so brightly that people around them also took this conversation lightly. After some time, Aloken and Fanora held hands and left the hall entrance.




As the prospective duke couple disappeared, the gathered nobles also scattered. Purson, who had been watching the situation from earlier, approached his mother and said, “Aren’t they completely crazy?”




“The crazy ones met very well together.”


Normally, Hanar would have scolded her son for using vulgar language in the presence of other nobles. But now, he couldn’t afford to do that as she was half-dumbfounded.


* * *

“Thank you for helping me.” Far away from her mother, Fanora belatedly thanked him.


Aloken tilted his head expressionless. “Thank you?”


“I was in trouble because of Hanar’s suggestion.”


He didn’t say that specifically to save Fanora, so he didn’t understand the sudden thank you. But he just let it go. “So that’s your situation. I said it because I was jealous that you were surrounded by other nobles.”


“What did you say?”




Aloken took Fanora’s hand tightly, escorting her around the venue. The royal hall, decorated for New Year’s Eve, had a completely different atmosphere from that seen during the social season.


“The first dance of the royal family will begin soon, so eat whatever you want before then.”


Wow. She was astonished at the feast of exquisite dishes that were incomparable to those at the summer ball.


“I think I’ll be full just by looking at it.”


Fanora followed his advice and began to eat the food she had put on her plate. She chose small foods that she could eat without getting her mouth dirty. It was at that moment.




This voice…


Behind the pillar, someone found Fanora and approached her. Smooth waves of green hair flowing like a river. Clear and refreshing facial features on a slender face. Even those warm gazes fixed straight ahead to Fanora. It was Vasago Guelder, the most prominent figure on this New Year’s Eve, who appeared affectionately calling Fanora’s name.


“Ah… Fanora, you were accompanying Duke Jalier.”




Vasago soon came to the front of the pillar, belatedly discovering that Aloken and her were together, and showed a somewhat strange reaction. Looking at her expression, she seemed to be unhappy that they were together.


Why is she like that? Besides, looking closely, Vasago was glancing at Fanora’s fiancé in a split second. Don’t tell me this woman…


To be honest, Aloken looked really cool today. Even though he was originally handsome enough to make anyone turn heads even with his casual appearance, he went all out in his New Year’s attire, making him even more eye-catching. However, seeing the female protagonist smiling at that man, who is Fanora’s fiancée, made Fanora feel unpleasant.


“Are you enjoying New Year’s Eve? Since today is my first time participating, I was being guided by Aloken.”


“Um, is that so?”


“Come to think of it, the dance will start soon. Who is Princess’s partner today?”


Vasago then glanced once more at the well-dressed Aloken and answered Fanora. “I decided to dance with my brother for the first dance.”


“There are many cases where you dance with your family on New Year’s Eve. I hope your family will also be harmonious this year, Princess.”


“Thank you.”


Vasago left this place with a certain sense of regret. “Then, have a good New Year’s Eve, Fanora. Ah, Duke Jalier too.”


So fast? Fanora set the edge, not knowing how she would respond after that. But she never thought that Vasago would step down from her seat like this. She thought that she was nervous for no reason.


“Is Vasago so beautiful?”




Aloken, who had been staring at Fanora, hadn’t said a word until now and finally opened his mouth. “It seems my fiancée likes her beauty more than my beauty.”


“What on earth are you talking about?”


“When you look at Vasago, you have this blank expression.”


He looked displeased for a moment. Of course, it didn’t last long either.


“Huh, no to anyone else but to be beaten by Princess Guelder.”


Aloken went on to reach out to her politely.


Why did he suddenly be polite while having a normal conversation? By the time Fanora felt a slight doubt, the melody created by the orchestra had begun to flow into Fanora’s ears.


“I can still take your first partner’s place, right?”





Soon after, in front of the distant throne, the servant announced the start of the first dance of New Year’s Eve. When she turned her head, the second princess came forward and was holding hands with the prince of another kingdom.


“Yes, Your Grace.” Fanora put her hand on Aloken’s outstretched hand and smiled.  “Because my dance partner position is always empty.”


How sad she was when she said these words in her past life. But now, Fanora no longer had to hide behind the pillar and cry. This New Year’s Eve, she had a fiancé to dance with.


“To think she could keep up with someone as agile as Duke Jalier.”


“Lady Celsius seems to be really good at dancing.”


After the first dance of the royal family, a waltz of nobles followed. Each nobleman took their partner’s hand and stood in a wide circle. And they moved slowly in one direction to the music. They also gently took turns to match the song.


When dancing, this dress’s skirt hem unfolds like a wave. Fanora realized as she moved her body, following Aloken’s lead. For what purpose were these clothes made? As a result, the crowd around her exclaimed each time she turned.


“I was thinking about how to make you look the most beautiful.”




“It was a good choice.”


As the song flowed to some extent, it was time for the men’s side to grab their partner by the waist and lift them up. The northern duke lifted lightly and turned to her right. The hem of Fanora’s skirt embroidered the air like an aurora.


“Even so, when I stand beside you, I’m like an ugly frog,” Fanora told a self-help joke as soon as she stepped on the ground.


Aloken smirked when he heard it. “It’s fine if you’re like that.”


“Let’s hear your reason.”


“Because there will be no morons who have their eyes on my woman.” He said so and looked to the right.


There were nobles who looked around the hall without dancing. A look of envy Fanora had never received before in her life. There was even a nobleman who saw her secretly and blushed among them. 






“People… you can’t kill them.”


Watching him coldly stare at one person without saying anything sent a chill down her spine.  Fanora stopped him in a voice of lack of confidence. Aloken then turned to her again.


“There are people in this world who deserve to be harmed. Because you have such a kind heart, you’ve been mistreated by insignificant people like Celsius.”


A loud song was ringing in the hall. Is that why? Aloken knew there was no risk that someone would overhear their conversation, and he made such a dangerous statement.


Right. He was always lax in ethics. Perhaps… When Fanora heard that, she missed her step. It was unusual for someone like her, who practiced dancing a lot, to step on her partner’s feet. But she couldn’t stop thinking about it in her head. He might understand if he knew my secret.


In the meantime, Aloken, whose foot was stepped on, hardened his face in sudden pain.


“Ah! Sorry. I was thinking something else…”


“Thinking of something else?”


Just in time, the last melody of the dance passed through the hall. Fortunately, he didn’t have to endure the pain while his feet were hurting. The nobles who came out of the hall greeted their partners gracefully amidst the crowd’s applause. After the dance, they returned to the table with the cold drink and chatted.


“Ah, by the way, Fanora.”




“At midnight, they set off fireworks in the royal garden. If you want to watch them, you’ll need to reserve a good spot in advance.”


Fireworks? Fanora was interested in what he said. That’s the kind of fireworks you can only see once a year.


“So, should we go up in advance?” When Aloken proposed with two glasses of champagne, she immediately agreed.


Soon they headed to the second-floor terrace of the winter palace, which was open to guests. Unlike other places, the terrace here was spacious, and gaps were left even with tables and chairs prepared in advance.


“What a great location! It’s an open garden right in front of you.”


“Is that so?”


“I also see workers preparing for fireworks down there.”


A cold wind blows in the direction of the terrace where they stand. Fanora looked happy despite the cold wind. It was because she was looking forward to seeing the fireworks from the royal castle for the first time.


“If you were going to like it this much, you should have come last year.”


“At that time, I was busy preparing for my debutante.”


Aloken tilted his share of the champagne glass and handed her the rest of it in his hand. It was raspberry juice. She quenched her thirst with the juice he gave her and sat on a terrace chair.


Aloken also sat with his chin resting leisurely. “By the way, Fanora. You’re not like you these days.”


“What do you mean not like me?”


“Your dance just now was a mess, and you often get lost in something else. Do you have any concerns?”


Get lost in something else. Fanora remained silent momentarily at his question, which he had thrown worriedly about her. Then she remembered his words when she accidentally stepped on his foot.  Can I express this as a trivial matter to be called ‘concern’?


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  1. So vasago have a crush for the Duc! I don’t like her since the beggining 😤