When My Enemies Began to Regret Chapter 128 - 36. I Keep Coming Back (6)

Author: alyalia



It was two days later that Fanora Celsius opened her eyes again.




She managed to raise her body. It didn’t take long to recognize that this was the count’s bedroom. She knew who liked the heavy interior design with brown and red colors.


“It’s not because my eyes…aren’t fully awake.”


Her life was saved, but the aftereffects of drinking the poison were still significant. She rubbed her eyes and looked around her. Her eyesight deteriorated immediately. This was similar to before her regression when her eyes got worse by reading in a dark room.




But her poor health didn’t frighten her. It was something she did without thinking about tomorrow anyway. It was simply her luck that allowed her to open her eyes again.


But why was I moved to Bael’s room?


Fanora hurriedly stood up from her seat. She has indeed let go of all her expectations about life, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to live so much that she jumps out the window as soon as she opens her eyes.


My stomach hurts so much.


As expected, drinking poison hurt her more than she imagined. It was so painful that she wanted to vomit rather than cry. She still needed to prepare her mind to do the same thing.


Let’s get out of here now. I wonder what the count will say if he sees me using his bed…


She walked out the door, muttering in a low voice. Then, she saw a familiar hallway.






“When did you wake up?”


Meanwhile, a new servant passing through the hallway spotted her. The servant was startled at the sight of her. The doctor who checked her in the morning said there was no change in her physical condition today, but she woke up suddenly.


“Just now.”


Her answer was short.


Fanora has now decided not to care about reputation management for revenge. After deciding so, she trudged to her room.


Even if I’m lying on the bare floor, I feel more comfortable here.


But somehow. She opened the door and hardened for a moment.




When she opened the room that she thought would be empty, she found that the room was full. It was a feast of furniture she had never seen before.


“This is really my room.”


Fanora stared blankly at the shiny new furniture. At first, she wondered if Hanar had decorated her room as a parlor rather than a dressing room. But she belatedly checked the desk in this room. Familiar writing instruments were placed on top of it.


“These are my things too.”


The quill pens, ink bottles, and even her diary of ‘Dangerous Love’ sitting in a drawer. Only the furniture changed, but the room’s contents didn’t change much.


“Lady. That, Master restored this room.”




As she stood stunned, the servant who followed explained. When her father found out that her room was gone, he went on a rampage and prepared all the furniture with the highest quality.


Did I have another father I actually don’t know about?


It was strange. Count Celsius, whom she knew, couldn’t have done so. Moreover, there was one more strange thing in her memory.




It was when she fell down. She remembered the sight of Bael throwing away the poisoned drink and desperately calling out her name as he held her with a face full of despair.


I’m not sure if it was a dream or if it was real. Because she slept for so long, her memories were unclear.




“Ah, this isn’t the time for that. Please lie down, Lady! See the doctor! I’ll call the doctor!”


Fanora held her numb head and groaned. Then, the servant made a fuss and left the room.


“Let me see.”


Within a few minutes, Fanora sat down in front of the doctor. There was also another figure that came along unnecessarily.


“What do you think?”


Bael, who was standing next to her, couldn’t wait and said his words. The doctor immediately replied.


“I thought that if she drank this much deadly poison, she would be blind or lose the use of her legs even if she survived… Fortunately, there don’t seem to be any such symptoms. Mother Goddess really helped her.”


But Bael still could not be relieved. His miraculously awakened daughter’s eyes were like a living corpse.




She looked unhappy that she had woken up again.


It’s a shame that Mother Goddess helps me. Fanora sarcastically pondered over what the doctor said.


Bael hadn’t taken his eyes from before and said, “Your room has been restored to how it was before, so I hope you can relieve your anger.”


What? Take out your anger in just one room? Fanora didn’t feel worth answering his words. When she ignored his words and just looked at the floor, Bale looked embarrassed and continued.


“I-if you’re worried that you won’t be able to stay comfortably in your room, don’t worry.”




“I’ve heard everything about how Hanar and Purson have been treating you. As a punishment, they will live only in the annex for a while, so you will not meet them again for the time being.”


Hearing the people she didn’t want to see have been kicked out was a relief. However, Fanora didn’t look very happy.




Because there was another person she felt uncomfortable with in front of her right now.


Bael must have been shocked that she had drunk poison right before him to the point that he behaved somewhat differently from the past. But Fanora had already let go of all expectations and anger. Naturally, her father’s change in attitude couldn’t interest her.


“All right.”


Panora answered gently and rose from her seat. No one stopped her until she returned to her room.




But what’s the point of getting back to her room? There was nothing she wanted to do anyway. Fanora soon fell down on the bed like a wooden doll.


“It’s a long life.”


Lying alone in such a quiet room made her think a lot of thoughts. The main emotion was regret. After taking revenge, she may feel relieved for a while, but this is how it ends. It was a moment when she understood the ancestors’ words about nothing being left behind.


“At one time, I thought I could live happily just thinking about the end of my enemies, but now why do I feel nothing even when Aloken dies?”


If it was a regression that was bound to fail anyway, she shouldn’t have given this chance. Moreover, if she hadn’t regressed, she wouldn’t be Aloken’s fiancée…




She hasn’t completely gotten away from Aloken Jalier yet. When she closed her eyes, she still remembered the days they spent together. How could she forget it overnight?


“Fool.” She spat out disparaging words and buried her face in the pillow.


Fanora’s helplessness grew worse as time passed. I don’t want to do anything. However,


“Lady Fanora.”


Creak. The door opened with a small noise. The maid who entered her room carefully conveyed the guest’s visit.


“I’m sorry you just woke up, but there’s a visitor out there now.”




“Princess Guelder is here, Lady.”


Cecil held out a silver tray as usual. On the silver tray was a peridot ring that Vasago often wore.




When Fanora heard that Vasago had come, she stood up. She then silently headed to the window. When she opened the closed curtain, she saw the princess’s figure beyond the window.


Vasago. There was a time when she was someone Fanora hated so much that she wanted to kill her. Fanora hated her until just before her relationship with Aloken changed. She pretended to admire Vasago only to plot against her. However, once she gained Vasago’s trust…


She too has suffered a lot because of the scenario of this world. However, she’s not the only one whose life was designed to be betrayed by Aloken.


In Fanora’s heart, there was no longer any murderous intent towards Vasago. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get the same anger as in the past. Because the description of her being stabbed to death by the hands of her lover and her own situation kept appearing in Fanora’s mind.


In the end, you and I are just pieces of paper, just like Haures said.


What would she be liked now if she had killed Vasago hastily and hadn’t heard Aloken’s lies that Vasago told her? Would she be wearing the diamond ring Aloken gave her on her hand right now? Fanora thought for a moment. And soon, she came to a conclusion.


It’s not the situation…of thank you for telling me.


Outside the window, Vasago could be seen arguing with a servant. She was screaming with a look of great concern for someone. And it was none other than her that Vasago was concerned about.


Fanora looked at it with a complex expression, then closed the curtain again. The moment I felt sorry for her, it was over.


She hereby completely gave up her revenge for Vasago. She had been torn by it for a long time, but now she was sure. She couldn’t hurt Vasago anymore. When she faced her, she would definitely hesitate, and with these feelings, it seemed that seeking revenge would be difficult.




Besides, everyone in this world is just a piece of paper anyway, so what’s the point in taking their lives?


Fanora spoke dryly. “Bring me a cot. I have to go down and meet the princess.”


“I understand, Lady.”


Handed over her coat from her maid, she came down the stairs with quick steps. Then she walked to the main gate of the mansion and showed her face to Vasago.






Vasago was greatly delighted to see her coming out of the mansion door, but Fanora didn’t look very happy. Then Fanora, who left the mansion, ordered the servants standing by nearby. She will have a talk with the princess, so go away.


“I’ve been worried a lot, Fanora.”




“What happened to you that couldn’t see me for days?”


In no time, only two people were left at the entrance of the Celsius mansion. The black-haired woman exhaled and thought about something for a while, then finally said her first words.


“Vasago, I have something to tell you.”


“Oh, really?”


Vasago smiled brightly in this cold weather without showing any displeasure even though she had waited outside for a long time. She’s truly generous to her people.


Fanora watched her stomp her feet on the frozen ground. And she went on. “Now that Aloken is dead, I must reveal the truth.”


“As expected, you were being threatened by the duke!”




Princess Guelder had apologized once before. The reason was that she felt sorry for outwardly pretending to trust Fanora when she suspected she was a spy. So Fanora decided to repay her sincerity for what she heard back then.


“His warning was correct. I initially entered the salon with an evil plan in mind.”




“It’s all a lie that I wanted to get close to Princess because I admired you. In fact, I approached you to ruin the Guelder family.”


It’s not wrong to say that if Guelder’s only daughter had died, the family would have been devastated.


Fanora thought quietly with her eyes down. However, Vasago raised her voice as if she couldn’t believe her words.


“What are you saying now… I see. It looks like someone is still threatening you. I will protect you in Guelder’s name. You don’t have to be used like a puppet anymore!”


Vasago sincerely comforted her, saying that she would be by her side in the future. However, the kinder she became, the colder Fanora’s expression became.


“Vasago, when did I ever say my true intentions were different?”


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