When My Enemies Began to Regret Chapter 137 - 39. Lately, There's Been a Story (2)

Author: alyalia

It was around the next year.


“Please stop, Kimen!”


“You still haven’t gotten over your habit of talking down to the head of the family, Killieon.”


“Is now the time to find fault with our way of speaking? War is not your plaything!”


The number of fights between the first and second children began to become more frequent. This was because Kimen, the second child who became the head of the family, agreed with the ideas of the Balmong dynasty and tried to start a war, but the eldest child opposed it.


“Then, have I been defeated so far?”


“You won’t lose, but what about the knights below you? Moreover, now more people are dying from starvation than people dying from war…”


“This weakling talks a lot.”


Their argument gradually became more heated, and one day, Kimen, unable to tolerate him, swung her fist. “If you’re that dissatisfied, you should become marquis. If you defeat me, I will immediately give you this position.”





“Be Andras and prove it with your strength.”


Killieon also strengthened his resolve this time. The warmongering king and marchioness would ruin the kingdom if things were left like this.




Unlike his other siblings, he had a finite temperament, but even so, blood couldn’t be deceived. He also learned martial arts that were superior to those of ordinary nobles. In particular, he had a natural talent for handling swords. So Killieon bit his molars and pulled out the sword from his waist.


“Are you okay?”




“Then why did you attack Older Sister?”


Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to beat the current Marchioness Andras…


After a fight with the eldest daughter, he spoke brightly to his younger brother, who visited him. “Actually, I knew I’d lose. But I couldn’t just stay still like this…”


“Do you hate war that much?”


“Because a lot of sad things happen.”


“Then what are you going to do now? Should you stick with Older Sister this time?”


But Killieon still didn’t give up. If only the Andras family, the kingdom’s force itself, changed its mind, the useless war would surely be reduced.


“No, it’s not good for family members to use violence among themselves. From now on, I’ll have to use my head.”


I hit my younger sibling hard while sparring yesterday.


“Thank you for your concern today, Carl.”


After much thought, Killieon decided to make a deal that would change the mind of the head of the family. Coincidentally, deep inside this mansion, there were enough items to be used as negotiation material.


I’m sorry to my ancestors, but… Considering our family’s sins over the years, it’s reasonable.


A holy relic. Ganimede. Even the Marchioness, who had a stone-faced expression, couldn’t help but move when she heard its name.


According to widely known information, it’s a holy relic that is said to be possessed by the Holy Kingdom, a neighboring kingdom of Kasius. However, the real owner of this treasure was none other than the Andras family. To find out the reason why the owner of the holy relic changed, you need to go back several generations.


* * *

Ganimede was often used for assassinations in the distant past. No matter how far away it was or how strong the walls were, it made it possible to reach the goal. Even if the ownership of the holy relic was transferred to the head of the Holy Kingdom, the use of it was the same.


If this continues, the most powerful kingdom among us, Kasius, will take over Io.


At that time, the holy relic war to take Io had just begun. One of the high priests thought. If they attack Kasius in the back during this chaotic time, all of their golden territory and Io would be his. So they ended up using their secret treasure.


He gave Ganimede to an assassin who had been brainwashed into sacrificing his life for this kingdom and had him assassinate the king of Kasius.


What is this?


Unfortunately, Andras’s second daughter was with the king at that time, guarding him. She dealt with the assassin, who appeared as usual. The assassin had no time to escape. As soon as she made eye contact with the assassin, she killed him with the spear she held.


The road here must be blocked… How did he appear?


Andras in the past searched for the body of a dead assassin. She wanted to find out where the sender was from. Meanwhile, the king was turning his head, catching his breath.




At that time, the ancestor Andras discovered Ganimede in the assassin’s arms. She could feel it at once just by looking with her own eyes. This is a holy relic of God, who governs the principles of the world.



At that time, the king trusted the Andras family more deeply than his own biological family. But on the other hand, Andras’s second daughter had a personality she didn’t trust and was suspicious of her master.



She ended up secretly taking the holy relic without informing the king. In this way, the ownership of the treasure was transferred from the Holy Kingdom to Kasius.


“Marchioness, I have something to report to you.”


“I told you just to call me ‘Older Sister’ when it’s just the two of us.”


“Anyway, I picked up something this time, Marchioness.”




“Isn’t this Ganimede?”


Of course, it was not done out of personal greed. Andras’s second daughter delivered the holy relic straight to the head of the family. She then briefly explained why she took the holy relic.


“Of course, you have to offer this to His Majesty…!”


“What do you believe in the royal family? Nobles fear our martial arts and always consider it a thorn in their eyes. Even the king would be no different. They’ll attack our family regardless of our bond if they think we’re too dangerous.”


“So? Are you saying let’s protect our family with this holy relic?”


“For the shake if the king betrays us…”


They didn’t even care that the Holy Kingdom was its original owner. King Balmong’s escort wasn’t limited to one or two people, so it would be difficult to determine who acquired it. Besides, what could they do even if they knew that Andras’s second daughter had taken the holy relic?


The late marchioness, who was scary even if she stayed still, even had the holy relic. So, there was no way for the high priest to retrieve it from her. The Holy Kingdom could only choose to pretend that they still had the holy relic to win over the public sentiment.


“You have a point.”


In this way, the Andras of that time immediately took the holy relic they acquired as a heirloom. Ganimede was hidden in a secret space and was only known to the family’s heir.


“If it can protect our descendants…”


For generations, the head of the Andras family was only interested in fighting. It was rare for them to abuse the holy relic for personal purposes. Successive family heads followed the will of their ancestors and carefully guarded the holy relic. In this way, the holy relic was safely passed on to the next generation.


* * *

However, the holy relic, which was preserved for generations, was stolen just a few years ago.


“What?! Older Brother has the holy relic…”


Shh! Quiet, quiet!”


The culprit was none other than Killieon.


One day, Killieon showed Carl the Ganimede he had stolen. It was originally a silver pendant necklace with an eagle embossed on it.


“If you get caught stealing it, I’m sure older sister will kill you.”


If your strength is lacking, you should rely on your mind to find a way to survive. Unlike his other siblings, Killieon prefers to hold a pen than hold a sword. He read all the documents in his family at least once. In the process, he became aware of the existence of Ganimede.


“I won’t get caught right away. Kimen doesn’t usually go underground.”


“Then what do you plan to do now?”


“I want to exchange this meaningless war with this heirloom.”


“Will she keep her promise?”


“Of course. Because she’s the type of person who sticks to her words.”


Carl actually didn’t like his older brother’s actions. If King Balmong IV is a warmonger, isn’t it a good thing for them? The more conflicts there were, the greater their family’s position in the kingdom, and he would often go to the battlefield and make many achievements.




Carl knew his older brother’s choice was morally right, but he didn’t like it. He felt like memorizing a book that he didn’t understand.


“Carl, do you by any chance want to object me? If the world becomes peaceful, you and our family have less to gain, right?”




“I see.”


But Carl agreed with his brother’s advice that followed.


“But that’s what being kind is all about. Sometimes, you live at a loss.”




“Of course, but it’s a good thing that your value will be recognized someday.”


Killieon smiled broadly. It was a smile that looked exactly like the smile Carl made today.


“So keep a secret for the time being. I’ll think about how to hide this before negotiations.”


“Yes, Older Brother.”


“Thank you, Carl.”


From a young age, Carl Andras was a person who was good at keeping his promises. He never told anyone that his older brother had stolen Ganimede.


It was a few days later when the winter cold was about to go away.


Why is the room becoming noisy again?


“Pathetic guy. There’s nothing more to talk about.”


“Kimen, wait…!”


“If you want to talk to me, take your damn steps first!”


How many days has this meaningless verbal battle been? Killieon, in the meantime, tried to persuade the marchioness again. He thought if he was being sincere, she would definitely understand. Still, the marchioness showed no signs of changing her opinion as time passed.


Older Brother is so considerate.


But Karl didn’t take their fight seriously. That was because the holy relic was in his older brother’s hand. If Killieon hadn’t been hesitant about using blackmail, everything would have been resolved quickly.


“Older Brother, Older Brother.”


“Yes. Carl, what’s going on?”


Carl was frustrated with this situation, so he called his brother to ask questions. “When are you going to negotiate? Are you still sorry for threatening your own family?”


“I guess so. She’s my younger sister all my life…”


“Then are you going to fight again tomorrow? I wish Older Brother and older sister would stop fighting.”


Killian had cold-colored hair as if to express his tendency to stand outside the family. He had light blue hair that he inherited from his father. However, his eyes were exactly like the grown-up Carl’s, so anyone could see they were siblings.


“…So am I. I made up my mind by arguing today. I really need to see the end tomorrow.”




Carl smiled happily at his brother’s words.


Although the other siblings didn’t trust him, Killieon was Carl’s most dependable family member.

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