When My Enemies Began to Regret Chapter 145 - 40. About People Being Possessed (6)

Author: alyalia

It was that evening. Fanora returned to the mansion after buying her accomplice several colorful suits. As soon as she returned, her first job was to pack up.




The reason why she packed was simple. It was because she was determined to abandon this awful Celsius mansion.


“Cecil? Where are you? Please leave the firewood and come here right now.”


Fanora has planned many revenge plans. Some of them were complicated tricks, and preparations were sometimes required. It was so she wouldn’t be singled out as a murder suspect. However, there was one part where Fanora didn’t plan her revenge in detail. It was revenge against her family.


“Has she already gone down to the warehouse?”


From the beginning, she had decided that revenge on her family would be her last priority. It was because Celsius often gathered together in one place, so it seemed like she could slaughter them at any time.


She never thought about what would happen after that. She thought she would have nothing more to wish for if all her enemies were dead, so she originally planned to take the gallows.




But Fanora could no longer feel joy from the death of her enemy. Aloken’s funeral and the Count’s wounds convinced her of this.


If I were to twist the Countess’s neck right now, I probably wouldn’t be able to smile like before.


Now that she realized she had lost interest in revenge, she needed to find another way.


Let’s just prepare in advance. I guess it’s okay to think about my family later.


“Lady, I brought the firewood. I’ll start the fireplace right now.”


“Ah, you’re here! Don’t do that. Come and sit down.”


Thanks to knowing the future, she has built a lot of wealth, so it would be good to go into hiding and start somewhere quiet. Fanora thought so and handed her a pocket of money she had packed.


“I have something for you, Cecil.”


“What’s going on?”


This pocket of money was a thank you to Cecil, who has been loyal to her.


“Don’t tell others and take it secretly.”


“T-this… Is Lady giving me this money? I… I can’t accept it.”


Cecil waved her hand and tried to return the money she had handed her. But Fanora crossed her arms and shook her head.


“You’ve worked well since a long time ago. That’s why I wanted to give you an award, but I postponed it, and the amount ended up being large.”


Cecil thought this remark from her master was false. That’s what someone who drank poison herself and fainted said. Also, didn’t she suddenly tidy up her room? Fanora acted as if she had no regrets about this place anymore.


“Lady, you can’t do this. E-even if your fiancé passed away…”




Cecil wondered if Fanora was acting like this again out of bad intentions. Then her voice trembled.


“Lady is so young and intelligent. I’m sure you will find many other good marriage candidates in the future.”


Fanora smiled at Cecil’s appearance. “Sorry, I misled you. It’s not like what you think, so don’t worry.”




“Yes, absolutely not. This is preparation for a new life.”


In her past life, no one was worried about her. She decided to take back her words in the past day that this regression means nothing.


At least one of my wishes came true.


She recalled the past of standing alone on a cliff at this moment. Right. That’s what she thought at that time. When she died, she hoped her family would cry with regret. At that time, her wish was for someone to mourn her death.


“…If you were my servant from the beginning, would something have changed?”




When Cecil, who lowered his head, raised her gaze again, Fanora’s eyes had already softened.


Fanora continued in such a refreshingly sad manner. “Thank you. Still, make sure to take this money. I heard that a commoner maid sometimes feeds their entire family with their own salary.”


“Ah, yes…”


“Cecil, do you have a family member for whom you’re so responsible?”


“I have four younger siblings.”


Fanora smiled calmly at the fact that she had four younger siblings. “You’re much better than me to save four people.”


Cecil looked rather puzzled because of what she said.


“Anyway, I need a lot of cash. Can you go and arrange my things?”




“My dress and jewelry. In the spring, I will sell everything except a few pieces.”


Cecil realized Fanora was not thinking badly and returned to her usual demeanor.


“I understand.”




A noble lady suddenly emptied her wardrobe., It wasn’t something strange. Throwing away old clothes and buying new ones for the upcoming social season was common.


“What else is there to prepare?”


Fanora sent Cecil to the dressing room and agonized for a moment. Then, a forgotten item appeared in the corner of her memory.




Heart of Passion, the jewelry she obtained from the jousting tournament. As long as she sold that national treasure, she would have enough money even if she had to give up her status as a noble. Even if she didn’t have any business skills, she would be able to maintain her business for several years.


I feel even more uncomfortable because it’s an item that is entangled with Aloken. It would be better to dispose of it quickly.


If she wanted to sell Heart of Passion, should she put it up for auction? Or should she just sell it after fleeing to another country?


She headed directly to her dressing room to retrieve the ruby necklace.


“Cecil, are you still inside?”


“Yes, Lady.”


“You don’t have to come out. I’m here to take something out.”


Fanora entered the dressing room and opened a locked closet with a key. There were several boxes piled randomly.


“I’ll dispose of this on my own, so please sell the dress first.”


She took out the heaviest of the boxes. It was a box containing a national treasure. And when she took it and tried to go back to her own room…


“Why is it so loud?”


“Y-Young Master?”


As the quiet second-floor dressing room became noisy, onlookers became confused. The identity of the onlooker was Purson.


“Why did you take out your clothes all of a sudden? …Are you going to throw it all away and buy new clothes?”




“You must have gotten pocket money from father while I was away, right?”


Wheat-colored hair that resembled his mother. However, the boy who resembled their father with his mouth and nose appeared before her eyes. Fanora slowly looked at his features and opened her mouth.


“No, rather, I didn’t have any pocket money, so I tried to sell clothes I didn’t wear.”


The guy who believed he was loved by his father was locked up in an annex. Fanora thought it was natural for him to be on edge. So, she treated him generously.


“Anyway, don’t you mean to sell it and enrich your own pockets! Everything here is family property. How dare you covet Celsius’s property?”


However, Purson couldn’t overcome his anger and went straight into the dressing room and trampled on the dress that was spread out on the floor. Even though Fanora glared at him for that action, he didn’t flinch.


“Why? You’re going to take poison and faint again? Just do it.”




“But I can clearly see your thoughts. It was all done to get the family’s attention. Honestly, what’s so hard about you being in this house?”


He glanced at his half-sister as if she were pathetic.


“I thought about hitting you, but what did you do? I endured your vulgarity that ruined the atmosphere of the house… but what? You want to die because of me?”




“Then why are you alive now? Why don’t you go die?”


“Get out of the way. I don’t have time to argue with you.”


Fanora tried to ignore him as much as she could. It was more urgent to organize things than this meaningless conversation. But Purson had a different idea.


“Put down what you have in your hand. Before I let it be known that you’re stealing money like a rat.”


“This is the Heart of Passion I received from Aloken.”


“I know. You can’t dispose of such a precious thing at your disposal,” said Purson, blocking the door of the room.


Our family clothed and fed you until you became an adult, so of course, Celsius’s share of wealth you acquired. In short, they were ridiculous words.


“Aren’t you going to get out of the way?”


“Just touch the tip of my hair. This time, you’ll be the one who got kicked out of this mansion.”


She looked at her brother blocking the door, nodded her head, and lowered the box in her hands.


Did she accept Purson’s offer? Fanora then took out the Heart of Passion that was in the box.


I have to use harsh words so she can understand. Purson sneered as Fanora took out the Heart of Passion and placed it on the floor. But his sneer disappeared within a few seconds later.


In that short moment, Fanora firmly grasped the empty necklace box. Then, she immediately smacked Purson in the head.




It was a high-end box given by the king. The weight of the box itself was heavy except for the necklace. So Purson was unable to withstand the momentary shock and stumbled.


“I wanted to die because you’re like this. That’s why.”


But Fanora didn’t stop. She raised the sharp edge of the box and beat him as he stumbled. How on earth does this kind of strength come out of that arm? Every time he got a hit, he felt intense pain.


“T-this crazy—!”


“I’m crazy because you made me suffer like this.”


Purson made a brief attempt to counterattack, but that was in vain. Fanora’s violence couldn’t be stopped as long as she began to draw out the power of the holy relic.




Fanora swung the box whenever he tried to rebel. Even if she was scratched by Purson, she hit him without blinking an eye, and as they repeated the process, Purson was soon defeated. No matter how much he struggled, if the pain inflicted from outside didn’t change, everyone would become defeated like this.




It wasn’t until Purson fell to the floor in a mess that she stopped her actions. Fanora dropped the bloodstained jewelry box on the floor.


“I thought this would make me feel as happy as before.”


She didn’t look happy at all. She wasn’t even driven by the revenge madness, just like before. She just had a disappointed look on her face.


Yes. I don’t feel so good.


She glanced down at her fingernails, which she had broken after hitting Purson. She then turned her gaze to her brother, who glared at her.


“Purson, I have something to tell you.”




For a moment, Purson felt the gaze outside the door. A family butler who was passing by witnessed this scene.


“Tell? This is the end of you now. Butler! To my father right now…!”


He was delighted when he saw the butler’s face. And he tried to tell the head of the family about this situation. Of course, this didn’t go smoothly.




Because Fanora immediately grabbed him by the hair as he tried to get up.




“L-Lady! If you do this—:


“What’s the point of telling me I can’t do this? You have to come and stop me in person.”




She had already experienced firsthand how the servants of this mansion behave in violent situations. Like parrots, they just say, ‘Don’t do this,’ but never actively intervene.


She snorted and pushed Purson to the floor of the dressing room. “If you’re not confident in stopping me, just leave.”


Still, Fanora was not angry. She knew what kind of power nobles had. If they didn’t want to be harmed, they had no choice but to do so. It was completely understandable.


“Purson, you stay here.”




“If you want to go to your birthday banquet safely, it would be better to stay still. Ah, right. This birthday banquet is important because it’s an event leading up to your debutante.”


However, there was something else that she didn’t understand from a long time ago. It was Purson’s attitude toward her. Knowing that she would leave this family soon anyway, she decided to solve her question about Hanar’s son this time.


“But let me ask you one thing… Purson, why do you hate me?”


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