When My Enemies Began to Regret Chapter 151 - 41. Into a Novel They Criticized. (6)

Author: alyalia

Haniel Felton. An unfortunate character who wasn’t even mentioned in ‘Dangerous Love,’ which is the foundation of this world. In other words, she was an actress who was never given the opportunity to go on stage. Still, this character had her own life.


That sister-in-law is destined to die soon?


Carl’s sister-in-law, who had been weak since birth, was more weakened after the death of her husband. Her death early was a perfect story.


“Well, it would have happened eventually.”


Carl also knew she wouldn’t live long. That’s why he wanted Europa to the point where he even did the foolish thing of placing an advertisement in the newspaper before Fanora regressed. Somehow, he wanted to deliver that holy relic before his sister-in-law died.


“Ever since I realized what guilt is, I have always suffered.  I can’t stop doing something I clearly know is bad.”




“Just like a drunkard. I really shouldn’t fight tomorrow. Let’s stop hurting anyone, whether it’s sparring or anything else. Even if I make up my mind like that, a few days later, I will start living like that again.”


Carl continued to talk and lightly swept his short hair. “Like I said last time, I was using my sister-in-law.”


“…As a tool of atonement?”


Did Fanora Celsius say that she hated her own black hair? Carl also didn’t like the color red he was born with.


“In a way, searching for Europa was an excuse.”


He is always thinking about looking for Europa. He thought he was better than his other siblings by doing such a good deed. Although he felt sorry for himself for not stopping fighting because it was his only joy, his goal of taking responsibility for his sister-in-law allowed him to endure without falling into a sense of self-destruction.


“But if my sister-in-law suddenly dies.”


However, Carl Andras’s self-justification didn’t originally come to a good end.


“After that, I have a rough idea of how I will ultimately act.”




“How can a person who cannot keep his brother’s will to live happily and still causes harm to others be of any use to this world?”


Carl was good with spears. His horse riding skills are top-notch, and he has never lost a bare-handed sparring match. Although he was a man with such a perfect body, his weakness ultimately lay in his mind.


“I chose a place to commit suicide because I felt ashamed of myself.”




“Yes, it may have been a bad choice in a moment.”


Carl explained to her why he died on the battlefield with Ganimede.


First of all, his sister-in-law died before the war broke out. After losing his only source of atonement, Carl Andras began to feel guilty. He felt ashamed of his behavior as a profession to hurt others.


What meaning is there in a life that only pursues pleasure? If he lives a miserable life for a long time, won’t the number of people shedding tears increase? Because of that, he can’t live the way his brother talked about.


“I’m the one who knows my feelings best in the world, right?”


So, the future Carl Andras thought impulsively during the war that followed. It would be better for him to live like that rather than become a person who only brings harm to the world…


Carl crossed his arms and smiled awkwardly. This was the truth behind his short life. He had a persistent skepticism about the good and evil nature of Andras. He decided to make his final atonement through Haniel Felton’s death. He sacrificed his life to lead Kasius, which was on the verge of destruction, to victory.


“Still, there is nothing more honorable than protecting the kingdom and dying.”


He went on to mutter with a smile. “It went well because I wanted to die on the battlefield anyway. In fact, I didn’t have much of an obsession to stay alive until now.”


The calm-looking noble lady standing in front of him said when she heard his murmur. “You’re more soft-hearted than you look.”




“To choose to commit suicide using Ganimede because of the shock of your sister-in-law’s death…”


She scolded him for intentionally facing death on the battlefield, even though it was an avoidable death.


Carl sympathized with what she said and tilted his eyebrows sadly. “It’s a bit pathetic, right? What a weak person on the subject of being Andras.”


It was not long before he joked about himself.


What do you mean pathetic? From Fanora’s POV, it was words she couldn’t accept at all.


“What’s wrong with that? I like your weakness. That’s why you’re so kind.”




“Moreover, the weak part of a person is often a lovely side.”


Fanora put her hands in the air to make a circle. “Think of a pet rabbit. Don’t you get attached to it because it’s weak?”


Does her hand shape represent a rabbit? Carl absentmindedly followed her actions and began to laugh without realizing it. “Then do I look like a rabbit?”


“No? If I have to pick something similar, you look like a dog.”


“Ah, dog.”


He wondered what he should do if she hated his weak side, but he was worried for no reason. Fanora told him that she liked his weak side. Her words gave Carl confidence.


“Dogs are good animals! Loyal…”


However, Fanora seemed to have no intention of continuing this friendly atmosphere. “No, it’s not time for this.”


The story deviated for a moment, but the main point didn’t change.


“Carl, anyway, do you understand now? The battle with Gamiel was one in which even you had no solution but to overwork yourself with Ganimede.”




“So, never go to that war. 2 years… Wait, was it 3 years? Anyway, during that period, Kasius was unable to come up with any countermeasures against the new weapon.”


How can there be no place to hide his body when the world is so wide? Fanora intended to take Carl to a safe place while the war raged. Because once she saved his life, she could think about what she should do in the future.




However, Carl didn’t take this matter as seriously as Fanora. There was a reason for this. The reason I died in the future was because I was feeling desperate, right?


A lot has changed now because of Fanora Celsius’s regression. With Europa at stake, the two came into a business relationship, and most importantly, Carl was able to meet his loved one through that deal.


I don’t think I’ll make the same choice as long as this person is alive.


For him, Fanora became a reason to live tenaciously. He realized that he wouldn’t die from the same cause. So, he asked about the war with a light heart.


“Wouldn’t it be different this time? Since Lady Fanora knows the future, you might use it to shed less blood and end the war…”


“The future is uncertain. My knowledge is also limited.”


“But if you run away like this, Kasius will definitely fall.”


“That’s not my business…”


“What about your family, Lady Fanora? And my family?”


Fanora didn’t seem to care when the Celsius family was mentioned. However, her eyebrows flinched at the subsequent story of his family. Carl’s family lived in this Kaisus. Then, should they take them all and run away together?


It seems difficult to persuade them. If I reveal that I know the future, I will be caught by that scum, King Balmong, and appointed as a prophet.


“In that case, how about we join forces and attack Gamiel? It will definitely be advantageous…”


Fanora raised his eyes to the proposal he had brought up and fiercely opposed it. She soon silenced his voice, and a vein popped up her neck. “No! What are you talking about now? I told you that Kasius is no match for Gamiel!”




“Please listen seriously. And have you forgotten whose hands Io is in now? Even if I die, I will not contribute to this rotten kingdom.”


In the last war, at least Duke Guelder took the lead with Io. Now, without Io’s power, how can they win the war against Gamiel?


Fanora’s face hardened, telling him to stop talking nonsense.


“Without helping Kasius? Are you going to run away like this? Taking me with you?’


“Yes. That would be nice.”




Carl blinked at her black eyes.


“Actually, I’ve been questioning Lady Fanora the same question since a while ago.”


“What do you mean?”


“Lady Fanora said you wanted me to be by your side. Then you’re not saying that you love me, right?”


“Why are you saying that now?”


She didn’t know, but there was a small question in Carl’s gaze. As the conversation progressed, it seemed like she didn’t know the weight of her words. So Carl decided to point out that part.


“Is it worth it to me?”




“Lady Fanora, do you really think it’s right for just me to live and for the Kingdom Kasius to be trampled?”


Only after he asked Fanora widened her eyes and reflected on the situation. In the meantime, she clearly saw the future where Carl would die, so she was desperate to stop him, but when she thought about it, it was a matter of the kingdom’s survival.




It is no exaggeration to say that the future war was won thanks to the sacrifice of Carl. It was obvious what the battle would be like without the owners of Ganimede and Io. A human skull tower made of bones of the kingdom’s citizens flashed momentarily in her mind.


“Then, had Ganimede over to someone else to move instead…”


“I’m telling you in advance, there’s probably no one in Kasius who can handle Ganimede better than me.”


“Even including marchioness?”


“No, except for her for now. Even if I die, I will never return Ganimede to my family. This is my own form of revenge.”


He was right. In order to control the battlefield using Ganimede, deep faith was required in addition to one’s own military power. However, since Carl has a grudge, finding someone to transfer his holy relic would have been difficult.


Even if we give it to others now, how many people will die while using the holy relic for the kingdom?


As a negative thought came to mind, her frown slowly narrowed. Fanora soon looked at the ground with a dark face. Then Carl asked a question that confirmed her feelings again.


“Am I really more important than this kingdom?”


Even though it was a rather serious topic, his expression had a bright smile, just like usual. He seemed quite looking forward to Fanora’s answer.




Panora was silent with a contrasting dark face. It was a long time later that she came up with an answer.


“Carl, would it make any difference if I warned the marchioness in advance?”


“Yes? Warn?”


“I’ll try to squeeze out as much information as I can. If I inform those involved in military command and change the future…”


“You said earlier that the future is uncertain.”


“Of course, I have to run away in the end. It would be a good idea to help as much as possible behind the scenes and then withdraw when the war breaks out.”


Helping Kasius secretly change the future. This was a positive enough answer, but Carl reacted strangely to her words for some reason.


She doesn’t even answer this clearly. His smile faded, and his eyes shook, showing disappointment. I would have answered right away without even thinking about it if it were me.  


If she were to warn him that it was this dangerous, there would probably be a high probability that he would die in the war with Gamiel, even with Ganimede in his hand.


Carl honestly didn’t have much of a desire to go to this war. However, a moment later, what he said contradicted his decision.


“I also want to participate in the war.”




“Of course, I’ll do everything I can before that, but I think this is the surest way.”


She said several times that she was sure he would die, but he expressed his intention to join the war. Fanora was horrified and tried to stop him again.




“You already know how much I love battlefields, right? I was always risking my life anyway.”


Carl didn’t budge even after facing her bewildered expression.


“Besides, if Kasius loses, I’m no longer a noble of Andras’ family nor a knight.”




“My life and the future of the kingdom will change greatly.”


Soon, the red-haired man asks a question. His red eyes were staring intently at Fanora’s face as if urging an answer.


“But Lady Fanora, would you really be okay with changing everything?”




“For that one person you just want to keep by your side?”


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