When My Enemies Began to Regret Chapter 164 - 44. I Would Make Vasago Happy. (4)

Author: alyalia

She thought it would work if she took advantage of the opportunity when the marchioness was focused on Carl. Still, the marchioness’s reaction speed was faster than she expected.  She easily blocked the attack by turning the spear she was holding without making any preparations.


“Like a rat.”


Fortunately, I don’t think she noticed that I used Io…


The marchioness began to correct her posture properly, perhaps because she didn’t feel the need to talk anymore over this.


“Enough! That’s it. I’m already disappointed in you enough.”




“I’d rather end it with my own hands than see a fugitive come out from Andras’s family. I’ll kill you while you still have some honor left.”


There was a high shout of war horse as she grabbed the reins. Carl must have realized what was going to happen right after this as he grabbed Fanora next to him and spoke urgently.


“…This won’t do. Run away first!”




“Do that! I’ll catch up with you later with Ganimede.”


It seemed like Carl was planning to stay alone and try to hold the marchioness’s feet. But Fanora didn’t move her legs. Who could make such a decision like this? There’s a person she loves in front of her, and in front of that person is a marchioness holding a spear.


“You fool.” The marchioness kicked the warhorse hard in the stomach with her heel. Then, the horse she had been riding began to run nimbly. It was the Marchioness Andras’s fierce charge that drove many enemy soldiers to death.


Carl used the holy relic to settle the matter before her sword gained speed. The target point is above the marchioness’s head. He fell from the air and planned to stop her at once with the sword at his waist. However…


“You can’t beat me even if you use Ganimede.”


It happened in a flash. Carl, who grabbed her back with the power of a holy relic, swung the sword he had pulled out of the air, but before the tip of his sword could reach her, the marchioness’s spear pierced into Carl’s abdomen.


“You can’t run away from me.”


It was an accurate counterattack as if predicting the point of his movement in advance.




The narrow, hard end of the spear was thrust forward with the force to pierce through a stomach. Because of the counterattack in the air, Carl was unable to adjust his stance and fell to the ground.




He quickly changed his posture by rolling his body in a falling technique and immediately pulled out the power of the holy relic again. With the power of Ganimede, he moved to the side of the running horse in an instant and swung his one-hand sword toward the horse’s leg.


However, this time, the marchioness’ spear directly interrupted him. Marchioness held the spear with both hands, gave it a big turn, and struck him from the bottom up. It was to remove the sword from Carl. The elastic and slippery spear gained momentum, so cutting it with a single sword was impossible.




Soon, with a dull noise, the trajectory of the sword being swung changed. Carl continued his attack before the marchioness could regain her stance. Still, in exchange for leaving a shallow wound on the horse’s flesh, he had to sacrifice his bone.


The moment he attacked the horse, the marchioness quickly shortened her spear and aimed at Carl’s heart.


As expected, to go against a marchioness holding the spear… Even if you have the holy relic…


One drop, two drops. Red traces begin to fall on the green grasslands. Carl glanced at the injured back of his hand and took a deep breath. Thanks to his excellent reflexes, he escaped fatal wounds, but he injured his hands. The situation wasn’t good.


It would be different if I were armed too!


Choosing a simple outfit for escape turned out to be a mistake. At least she wished she had brought a proper weapon. No, if she only had at least a fast-moving horse, she wouldn’t have been so helpless. Nevertheless, in the end, Carl wasn’t prepared either. And here, Ganimede’s limitations became clear.




Marchioness Andras brushed away the traces of her brother’s blood on the tip of her spear and spurred on once again. This time, she still chose to go straight, even though Carl was in the east direction. Because her purpose has always been one person.


“So you’re not using a maximum range of Ganimede after all. Carl…!”




“Because you left your heart here!”


Then, a charge against the wind direction surged forward. The target on its trajectory was a noble with black hair. Fanora, who was looking for a stone to use as a weapon to assist Carl, belatedly noticed that she was the target. Terrifyingly, the marchioness’s charge wasn’t a speed one could avoid just by noticing it.




Carl urgently stopped her actions. His shoulder felt like it was going to be torn apart as he used the holy relics one after another, but he gritted his teeth and swung his sword.




However, there was no way that his skill in using holy relics would have increased in just these few minutes.


Marchioness must have guessed that her brother would appear at the top of her front, and without hesitation, she slashed his torso with the blade of her spear. Carl reflexively twisted his sword to defend himself. Still, even though he accurately blocked the spear blade, he could not withstand the force of the strike.


Then, Carl rolled on the ground. Now, there were no more obstacles left on her path.


Ah… She can’t avoid this. No matter how she moves, she will be pierced unconditionally. Fanora sensed her death when the marchioness’s spear was just in front of her nose.


Death can be decided in just 1 or 2 seconds. In a split second, it felt like a flash of light passed by.


War is when countless deaths like this occur.


Looking back, she achieved most of what she wanted in this regression. She already achieved her desired goal of making her enemies regret their deaths. The remaining regrets are only a handful, but still. …I want to live.


Fanora struggled with a desperate look. Although it may seem ugly, she started running because she wanted to survive somehow. However, this escape was quickly overtaken by the legs of the swift horse, and she even tripped over a hollow ground.




To crawl on the ground and die by being pierced by a spear. How can she meet such an insignificant end?


Aah… in this brief moment, it felt like time had stopped. Fanora instinctively offered her last prayer. It was only at this moment, facing death, that a forgotten name came to her mind.




Mother Goddess.


Once she even tried to commit suicide and cursed this fake world as meaningless, and now, she wished to live. To the goddess’s eyes, she must seem incredibly foolish. But Fanora couldn’t help it. Her past life was nothing but pain. She’s a frail creature and couldn’t endure the trail. So, she tried to die. But now her mind has changed.

 Finally meeting the kind person, she began to slowly learn hope through that person. But to end it like this? Doesn’t the goddess find her pitiful? After going through two lives, Fanora finally thinks she wants to live.


If you pity me.


If you have even a little sympathy for my life, which is merely a supporting character in this novel.


Please, I beg you…


“Lady Fanora!”


With a scream bursting out, she extended her arm. It was a desperate attempt to block the end of the marchioness’s spear thrust towards her head.


God, give me strength.


However, even as the owner of Io, her physical capabilities were just that of a count’s daughter. By the time she grabbed the spear, its tip had already torn through the skin of her forehead. In other words, the marchioness’s attack went head-on. Fanora’s body flew backward as if hit by an oncoming carriage.




Her body, which had been floating in the air like a piece of paper described by Haures, fell helplessly to the ground. At the end of the marchioness’s spear, Fanora’s blood formed and dripped.




Carl was so shocked that he couldn’t even scream when he saw that. He even stopped breathing for a while. The marchioness also stopped in the place, pulling on the reins of her horse. There was a moment of silence in the meadow.




It was someone’s groan that broke the deeply subdued silence. The pain-groaning sound was made by Fanora. Carl thought this might be her death scream, but upon hearing it, even the marchioness’s eyes widened.




That’s how extraordinary things started. Fanora, who should have died instantly, stumbled and got up from her seat. Moreover, her appearance was even more shocking.




Her fair skin was revealed through the fluttering black bangs. There was a red scar on her forehead. At best, it was just a slight scratch with some skin peeling off.


“How could this happen…”


Carl once told her. Even though her birth hadn’t been blessed, she was still worthy of being born into this place. Maybe that was the starting point. Fanora’s unconsciousness gradually became imbued with Carl’s warmth, and over time, she began to think the same thing as her loved one.


“I couldn’t get her head pierced?!”




“No way…”


These changes have resulted in reducing her rebellion against the creator. Naturally, it also partially restored her faith in the Mother Goddess.




In other words, she is no longer bound by faith. She was able to use the original abilities of the holy relic.


“With Io, one can achieve great achievements! To think that someone possessing such a holy relic try to flee!”


Marchioness Andras began to panic. Not only had she not expected to meet the owner of Io in such a place, but if she really had Io, it meant she couldn’t be killed by ordinary means.




Fanora also noticed this, so the situation turned around. She ran forward in an instant, closing the distance between herself and the marchioness. What she was aiming for was none other than the war horse. Since there was nothing more annoying than the marchioness riding the horse, she decided to deal with the horse first.


But Marchioness Andras wasn’t an easy opponent. She kept Fanora in check as she tried to close the distance.


Fanora advanced regardless of the wounds appearing on various parts of her body. Still, she couldn’t simply ignore the monstrous strength that swung the spear blade horizontally with force.




How on earth does a person without Io have such strength? She rose again, looking a mess. Now that she had gained endless power through Io, she no longer had any hesitation.


“Why on earth do you have that kind of power…”




“The owner of Io has changed history from generation to generation. Is the future you chose nothing more than this!”


It was amidst the sudden appearance of a new holy relic. Marchioness stopped keeping Fanora in check and turned around.


“How dare you!”


This was because the interrupter, whom she had forgotten for a moment, intervened.




The average lifespan of the Andras family was ridiculously short. And the conditions of Andras, who died young, were mostly similar. They suffered a fatal wound due to a momentary mistake or a moment’s carelessness in a chaotic battle, leading to their death.


“This brat…!”


It was difficult to block Carl’s sudden attack. It was because she was extending her spear to block Fanora. She soon suffered a deep wound to her right thigh.




The damage did not stop there. Fanora took advantage of her distraction, lunged at her horse’s neck, and twisted it. When the horse she was riding screamed and died, the marchioness quickly lost her balance and fell to the ground.




The horse’s death and the marchioness’s lost balance presented a greater opportunity than ever before. However, both parties had no choice but to create a distance between them. Even in this situation, Marchioness Andras didn’t give any opening and attacked by swinging her spear widely. 


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