When My Enemies Began to Regret Chapter 166 - 44. I Would Make Vasago Happy. (6)

Author: alyalia

Originally, the head of the family, the Count himself would have participated in the war. However, Count Celsius was still recovering from his broken arm and leg. As a result, a disaster occurred, in which Purson was chosen to replace him.


Most nobles of the Kingdom Kasius viewed conscription as a natural duty. Still, for Hanar, who had become a noble overnight, no death was more miserable than dying in war. Hanar desperately wants to prevent his son from being conscripted. However, the only legal provision to avoid conscription was if that person was the only child. But in the Celsius family…


“You say the lineage will end? Don’t you have a daughter too?”


“That’s…” Hanar quickly exclaimed when Fanora was mentioned. “Ri-right, take Fanora, that child. She’s healthy and intelligent. Even if she can’t replace Purson, she’ll surely be of help if trained…”


“So, where is your daughter? Huh?”


“How many times must I tell you? She disappeared without a trace from our house! How could she at such an important time…”


Since the Celsius family has already announced their heir, it could no longer change without the imperial decree.


If only Fanora had been there. If only she had been there, they would have manipulated the documents to make her the new heir and sent her to the war in place of Purson.


“Even if Lady Celsius was the heir, if she’s missing, there’s nothing to be done. Madam, are you sure you aren’t hiding her? How can your child disappear overnight?”


“Gi-give me time, I will find her…!”


The king’s messenger only looked at Hanar with cold eyes. There were often nobles who claimed their child had disappeared to avoid sending them to war.


Eventually, the Celsius family truly regretted their indifference to their daughter. If they had paid more attention to her, they wouldn’t have gone through this situation where she disappeared like a mirage.


“I’ll somehow find the missing Fanora, please…!”


In the end, Purson Celsius was conscripted to the war with Gamiel. The Celsius family’s mansion was filled with the frantic cries of a mother who had lost her child.


* * *

It was dozens of days since they started running away. And so, the story came to today.


“We’ve finally made it this far.”


Fanora and Carl had been fleeing non-stop for dozens of days. They hurried their movements after realizing that the Andras family had sent pursuers. Fortunately, it seemed that the marchioness’s side hadn’t leaked information about the owner of holy relics, so the entire kingdom wasn’t after them.


They sold their exhausted horse and bought a new one at the domain they arrived at, leaving Kasius quickly in a manner similar to a relay station.


“I never thought my first visit to a foreign kingdom would be like this…”


In the meantime, the two really did everything to beat the pursuers. They crossed mountains and rivers and even changed their appearances to evade them. They had cut their long hair.


“What are you looking at?”


“Just that, when I put on my hand like this, it looks just like animal fur.”


“I see, animal fur.”


“But it’s Lady Fanora’s hair, so calling it animal fur is a bit…”


Carl was examining the bundle of her cut hair with an expression of fascination. But the hair’s owner herself was indifferent.


In Kasius’s society, long hair was a kind of fashion. Both men and women often had beautiful long hair. So, she had also maintained long hair, thinking it would lessen criticism as she followed the trend. This long hair had been a kind of proof of her being a noble.


It will make me look more like a commoner this way.


There was a lot of meaning in cutting her hair. She had now cut off not only the name of Celsius but also the noble demeanor of Kasius. From now on, she would have to live as a fugitive, giving up all the privileges of nobles, but this also meant she no longer had any duties to fulfill.


“Stop looking at the hair and make a wig already.”


Ah, yes!”


“The weather’s getting warmer, and hiding that red hair under a robe has its limits…”


With her hair cut short, Fanora awkwardly straightened it and looked back. At the end of her gaze was the border of Kasius that they had just crossed. They had now stepped into a new kingdom called Kollaeng.


“But, from some point on, we haven’t seen any pursuers.”




“Probably because the marchioness is busy with the war.”


As they set foot on the foreign land, the war between Gamiel and Kasius intensified. The territory seized from Gamiel was burning in the flames of war, and Kasius’s soldiers were giving their lives in a war that had already been lost. If they didn’t surrender, Gamiel’s army would probably take over the capital and seize Kasius’s land. Perhaps, out of resentment for Kasius having seized their ancestral land, they might kill all the remaining citizens.


What would happen to Hanar and Purson left in Kasius? Would they eventually die too? Fanora briefly imagined such scenarios and then gripped the bag in her hand tightly.


“…In the end, even the future I knew comes to an end like this.”


In the distance, a low mountain range crossing the border was visible. Fanora looked in the direction of the kingdom she had left and said, “Carl, now that we’ve made a new start, can you promise me one thing?”


“Say anything.”


“Let’s both live without killing people from now on.”


The red-haired man beside her widened his eyes at the promise she proposed. Seeing that, Fanora smiled faintly and continued her explanation.


“This kingdom has strict laws. In Kasius, if a noble kills a commoner, the punishment isn’t severe, but…”


“Is it different here?”


“If you kill even a slave without justification, you’ll face impalement.”




“It’s execution by piercing your body with red-hot poker.”


It was a more horrifying method of execution than you can imagine.


Fanora paused her walk as if she had more to say. Then, a subdued voice came from her lips. “If it’s not for any grand reason, but I’m sorry.”


That’s how the world was. If living wickedly is so much easier, who wouldn’t want to? In the end, it’s not the champions of justice but rational laws that prevent evil deeds, supported by thorough inspection and execution. Of course, avoiding crime due to the existence of punishment wasn’t truly virtuous.


In the end, Fanora couldn’t reform until the end of the story. Not only did she not reform, but she also didn’t fully pay for the crimes she had committed.


“Still, what can I do? I don’t want to go back to being the fool who just suffered in the past.”




“From now on, I’ll continue to be wicked and sly. If I have another enemy in life, I’ll get revenge even by deceiving Kollaeng’s investigators.”


Yet, Fanora was also ashamed of this failure to reform. She then self-deprecating added in a joking tone, “Anyway, I wonder if someone like me deserves to live well.”


Carl, who had been listening with his arms crossed, only spoke after she had finished. “You once said something like this, right? If the world is a big play, then Fanora’s role is that of a villain…”


Huh? Uh, um, I guess I did.”


Fanora seemed inwardly flustered that he remembered that play metaphor. But Carl continued without minding her reaction.


“But there are already so many stories where the kind protagonist lives happily.”




“So, maybe it’s okay to have a story where the villain is happy.”


It was bright daylight, but his hair seemed to be dyed with the red of the evening sun. Fanora looked at the red hue he possessed and then naturally lowered her gaze. Then, she saw the lively smile on Carl’s lips.


“Yes, one such story.”


She smiled broadly as if imitating the smile of the man standing next to her. Her lips formed a gentle curve, and her eyes curved so much that her irises were barely visible.


Carl watched Fanora’s smile and slowly approached her. He then whispered softly, “There’s something I want to ask you…”


When he cautiously brought up the topic, Fanora nodded, ready to answer anything. However, his question was unexpected.


“Can I hold your hand until we reach the village?”


To suddenly ask such a question.


Perhaps because of the harsh scolding on the terrace at midnight when they went to deliver the holy relic to Haniel, Carl had since asked for permission whenever he wanted to touch her. Whether it was okay to hold her hand or hug her.


Fanora had never thought much about his behavior, but now she changed her attitude. “Stop asking.”




“From now on, don’t say such things every time and just…” Slyly, her black irises shifted away. “Do as you please. I’ll push you away with Io if I don’t like it.”


There was no one listening now, but she spoke softly. Being embarrassed and unnecessarily adding extra explanations was also characteristic of her.


Carl seemed surprised at Fanora’s words. “Really?”


“How many times are you going to make me say it?”


Now, he didn’t have to ask permission each time. Knowing her words weren’t lies, Carl still acted as if confirming repeatedly. Touching her empty hand that was not holding the bag, trying a light hug when she stopped walking.


“Then, is this okay too?”


As if thinking she might crumble with any force, Carl carefully held Fanora’s shoulder and asked if he could kiss her. As he asked this, his face had already turned bright red.


Seeing such a reaction, Fanora felt her doubts about him melted away like snow. Thinking like that, she gently embraced Carl’s neck.


“Yes. From now on, I won’t ask for permission either.”


There are countless stories in the world. Among them, the stories that revolve around the theme of rewarding good and punishing evil have always been popular, regardless of the era. After all, there were many stories where the protagonists lived happily. And a novel, after all, a different world from reality. So, Fanora decided to accept the current ending without hesitation.


I’m not the protagonist.


Because this is a story where the villain ultimately finds happiness. 


The end. 

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