When My Enemies Began to Regret Chapter 34 - 12. Personally (2)

Author: alyalia

“Fanora, are you taking what Rose said earlier seriously?”


“You mean if I marry you, what’s waiting for me will be a thorny road?”




“It doesn’t matter. We’re not even really married.”


“Thank you for understanding it, but what he said was true.”


Aloken clicked his tongue and titled his head.


“The reason why Rose acts like that’s… it’s something you should already know.”




“Have you already forgotten what you said when you tried to lure me down?”


If the reason why his younger brother is being hostile to him… There was only one thing to point out right now.


Fanora put the sentences that came to her mind before arriving at the dressing room. “Is it the succession issue? Even though he was born as the second son, he wanted to become a Duke, right? But his effort being overthrown again by you, that’s why he was trying to keep you in check?”


“Exactly. My little brother thinks that I will gain something by marrying you and securing my successor position.”


“Is he trying to break up this engagement so that you won’t increase your power?”


Tak. Fanora stopped at the corner of the hallway and looked up at Aloken. His face was still expressionless.


“Why does the succession problem get so twisted?”


Fanora also had a calm face and spoke with a light heart. “I knew that Duke Jalier is thinking about choosing the successor, but I don’t know why. According to the original tradition, you should have easily become the successor.”




“Is there any reason why you couldn’t become the successor?”


Anyway, the answer to this question was unavoidable. However, Fanora didn’t expect Aloken to come out this way.


“Is there any reason why I couldn’t become the successor? If that’s the case, why don’t you search for the answer by standing by my side in the future.” He had a seemingly impeccable smile, but those slender eyes somehow made her feel irritated.


Fanora shut her mouth. She didn’t want to be by his side just to solve her curiosity.


“This room is probably the room my maid is waiting for. Thank you for escorting me. I look forward to your kind cooperation. I’m going to get back after changing into my daily clothes, so about the next schedule please write it in a letter…”


It meant that she was done with today’s work. As Fanora was getting ready to go, Aloken spoke calmly as if he spoke about today’s weather. “Ah, I forgot to tell you. If you’re talking about getting back with the carriage you had been in, I already sent it back.”


“Yes, I underst… What did you just say?”


“In addition, all your family members are probably on their way home by now, so there’s no such thing as the Celsius’s carriage.”


At first Fanora didn’t think it was a serious matter because of the way he spoke. But the more she looked back, the more unexpected it was.




What the hell is he talking about? Sending my carriage back out of the blue?


As Fanora consciously placed two hands on her stomach, clenching them tightly,  Aloken stared at it and spoke softly, “Duke Jalier suggested this morning. He seems to want to have a meal with his prospective daughter-in-law. So, you have to attend our family dinner, which will be held in the next five days.”


“I didn’t hear it beforehand.”


“Because I just said it now.”


Look at this guy. For a moment, she had a thought of breaking his neck bone using Io’s power. After barely managing her emotions, she answered quietly. “It’s so sudden, and I never said that I would accept the invitation.”


That was a euphemistic refusal. But Aloken shook his head even though he knew she would reject it. “You must come.”


“Is there a reason?”


“The Duke won’t understand which noble lives on such a busy day, but I tried to protect your will. The proof that we could hold the engagement ceremony safely even though you didn’t even have time for it.”




“But somehow… There’s a limit to the excuse. If you don’t show your face even though you have already come to the North for the engagement ceremony…”


“Will he be suspicious?”


“He won’t only be suspicious. He’s going to find out why we held the engagement ceremony hastily even though we’re in love with each other, and he’s going to find out all of it was fake.”


If the engagement broke up, Fanora would suffer the most. So she couldn’t say what she wanted to say hastily. 


“Can’t you get back five days later in return for all of the consideration I have given?”


When Fanora thought about it, surely he made her feel more convenient. No matter how heartless the deal was, there were usually many things that the fiancée had to take care of in the engagement ceremony. But Aloken had prepared everything perfectly. Thanks to this, Fanora was able to act freely in the meantime.


Without his help, I wouldn’t have had time to meet Carl.


Besides, having a meal together was not difficult, and that was what her father-in-law was asking for. Fanora handed her hand to Aloken only after considering the advantages and disadvantages. Implicitly, it was a gesture for him to lower his head and kiss her hand.


“I can’t. If the Lord asked me to do it with more sincerity, maybe I will do that.”


It was already decided in her head that the invitation couldn’t be avoided. Nevertheless, Fanora showed an aggressive appearance. It was because she worried that if she forgave this incident, he might continue to make an appointment without telling her first as he pleases in the future.




Born as the little Duke in the Kingdom, this was the first time he had ever been treated like this. Aloken slowly retreated to his smiling face and returned to his cold look, but in the end, he didn’t refuse her request. 


Aloken then bowed his head and kissed the back of her outstretched hand. Bend his head by the words of others, not by his own. This would be the greatest apology he could ever show.


“…I beg you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you shine at the dinner party held five days later, Fanora Celsius.”


Yes, that’s right.  With that manner, Fanora felt like doing a favor.


* * *

The war of nerves with the little Duke was always tiring. After all, I’ve already made a deal with him.


It would be a problem if their relationship looked too shallow. Still, it was dangerous to give the impression that he was crawling over her head. So, it was difficult to fill the narrow gap.


“Cecil, I’m sorry for the suddenness. That’s what happened. I won’t do anything that will make you tired while we’re in the North, so call this as a vacation and rest.”


“No, Lady.”


Zrrrt. She could feel Cecil’s hand fixing the pocket over the fabric of the underwear she was wearing on the waist. Fanora thought something as I waited. 5 days. It would be a long time to feel bored, but it wasn’t that I couldn’t stand it.


“Are you done?”


“Yes. Lastly, I’ll fix Lady’s hair again.”


After wearing a simple dress, this thought came to her mind as she went for a walk.It’s surprising. I didn’t think Cecil would wait for me, instead of going back with my family’s carriage… Well, how could a maid leave her master behind? Poor thing.


Fanora was grateful for Cecil to stay with her in a foreign place. It was also due to the fact that she was comparing her with Seir day by day. Therefore, she decided to take good care of Cecil so that she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable during her stay here.


“Cecil, let’s go outside now. Lord Aloken has arranged a carriage for us to ride on, so when we arrive at the famous Duke Jalier’s mansion…”


“Fanora, are we leaving now?”


“You surprised me.”


However, Fanora might not be the only one who came up with this idea. For example, suppose that Aloken was in her position and she was in Cecil’s position, who was forced to remain in the North. If so, Aloken could have made his own calculations and decided to be nice to her so that Fanora wouldn’t be mad at him.


“It’s a happy day, but your face is not saying so. Anyone would think you had attended a funeral, not an engagement ceremony.”




Otherwise, he wouldn’t try to escort her the way out of the cathedral.


“But what happened? They left their daughter on someone else’s estate and didn’t even leave a single knight…”




“Is it okay if my father-in-law trusts me that much?”


That was how Fanora headed to the Duke Jalier’s residence. The luxurious prepared carriage didn’t take much time to move because it had strong wheels.


* * *

Before, I spent the rest of my time in the carriage, and in front of others, I pretended to be his fiancee who loved him so much. So, in what time period will I pay all my revenge? Is my revenge a joke?


Rattle. Rattle. The carriage, which had a soft cushion, shook greatly once. Whenever that happened, her impatient mind also shook to the fullest. Even at this moment, the garbage that caused her to give up her life must be doing well.




Fanora’s stomach turned upside down even if she stayed still.


It’s okay. I haven’t prepared it properly yet, but if I act hastily, they will find out that I have Io and get caught and beheaded by the King.


Rattle. Rattle… Outside, the sound of carriage wheels rolling down the shallow gravel road was heard. Fanora followed it quietly with her ears, leaning against the carriage wall.




And at this time, as Cecil had said, Fanora realized that she was quite tired. Until now, even when she tried to sleep, her mind still focused, but when the ceremony was over, her body was heavy like cotton soaked in water.


Sleepy. Fanora immediately closed her eyes and went to sleep quietly. Just before falling asleep, it was a bonus for her to imagine something like a dream. When I wake up, I wish I had the soul of a skilled assassin in my body.


How many minutes have passed? Fanora opened her eyes as soon as the carriage began to slow down. When she rubbed her face, the hazy vision became clear.


“Cecil, have we arrived?”


“Yes, I think so, Lady.”


Fanora, with her sleepy face, relaxed her shoulders lightly. And when the carriage stopped, the door swung open as if it was natural. Because she just woke up, she forgot that she was being escorted.




But what else is this…


“Welcome, Lady Fanora.”


“Welcome! Lady Fanora.”


Within seconds of getting out of the carriage, voices welcoming her burst out. It was coming from a group of about 20 servants.


Sstartled by the spectacle of the servants in neat uniforms lined up and bowing, Fanora stood still, and Aloken, who had already boarded the carriage in front of her, came down.


“Is everyone from the Duchy like this?”


“What do you mean?”


If she didn’t do anything right away, the servants who bow deeply won’t be able to straighten their spines later. Fanora took a step for now. At the same time, her mouth moved, and she spoke to Aloken in a small voice. “Do all the servants come to say greetings every time you bring in a guest?”


The splendid entrance ceremony felt somewhat uncomfortable for her. But Aloken, who was beside her, spoke as if it was no big deal. “The servants here are only a drop in the bucket, so what’s so fuss about?”




If this welcome ceremony was a tactic to show off the power of the Duke’s family and press down the lady’s nose from the Count family, it was a success. 


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