When My Enemies Began to Regret Chapter 38 - 13. Liked (3)

Author: alyalia

Four days later, 0 a.m.


<#3 In front of the burning fireplace (night)


In front of the fireplace, Vassago and Eyal check the letter that came for Vasago.


Vasago: I didn’t expect him to contact me first.


Eyal: Who’s the letter from?


Vasago: The arrogant man who I fought at the salon last time. Little Duke Jalier… By the way, it seems like he will apologize to me.


Eyal: If he lowers his head like that, there’s no reason to refuse.


Vasago: I have no choice but to accept the invitation.


so Vasago went to the dinner party in the Jalier Duchy…>


And then that evening.


“Aloken, are you close to Vasago Guelder?”


“You ask me something strange.”


Finally, the dinner party came today. Coincidentally or inevitably, the dinner party of Jalier’s family was also mentioned in the novel Fabira read last night. So she asked Aloken a question she had been putting off.


What’s the relationship between him and Vasago?


“I’ve been curious about it for a long time if people from the Dukes family were close…”


“If it’s the young Lady of Guelder, I’ve never spoken to her.”




“We are not that friendly with the Guelder family. I think I’ve seen her face at the King’s birthday banquet, but that’s it.”


But Fanora didn’t expect their relationship to be like this. She then mentioned the salon’s name, where the Guelder family participated.


“Well, have you ever been to Madam Creed’s salon?”




But the answer returned was not what she expected.


This is the first time that the content in the novel is completely wrong… According to what she had read until today, Aloken should have already met Vasago twice.


Did it change because I got engaged to him? Or is there a problem with the magic I’m experiencing?


Fanora thought the former was the most likely to happen from the two answers she came up with. As she regressed with memories from her past and took different steps from her previous life, she had no choice but to influence the world.


“What’s wrong? Don’t you like the dress I prepared for you”


“It’s nothing. Since your father is waiting for us, let’s go in.”


They soon entered the dinner hall in the Duchy of Jalier. As Fanora appeared with the escort from Aloken, the two men standing who were talking with each other, turned their heads. 


“Welcome, Lady Celsius. Seeing the two of you standing side by side, you two look so good together.”




“Rose, what are you doing? Not saying hello to them.”


When Aloken Jalier’s father and younger brother greeted with courtesy, a pair of men and women who entered responded. After a brief greeting, they quickly sat down.


Fanora glanced at the dishes spread out on the dinner table. Aged cheese, pate, tarts, various fruits, and sweet desserts. For meat dishes, sharks and baby foxes were served, but none of them could keep up with the dishes set in the center of the table.


As she finished her thank-you prayer to God, Fanroa asked, “What kind of meat is that?”


“It’s a snow leopard. Aloken said that he wanted to give a meaningful gift for his fiancée, and this is something Aloken had been hunting the other day. A snow leopard this big is rare even in our estate.”


The snow leopard dish in the middle of the table was simply grilled with many spices, but it looked grandeur by decorating it with its skin and head.


“Wow, I’m so happy.” As Fanora heard about it, she spit out a sentence that didn’t contain any sincerity, effortlessly and naturally. At this moment, She just wanted to go home as soon as possible.


But then, Duke Jalier, who had been watching Fanora happily eating her meal with perfect etiquette at a young age, opened his mouth. “Excuse me, Lady Celsius.”


“Yes, Father.”


“Since we already had an engagement ceremony, I think this is a late question… but please forgive me as my son and I hadn’t time to talk because of our work.”


“Of course. What question do you want to ask?”


“What is the best part you like about Aloken?”


Klang. Fanora’s hand, who was handling the fork, stopped at the question from her father-in-law. She exchanged glances with Aloken, who was sitting across from her instantly.  Aloken was smiling with his eyes bent into a half-moon shape as if the situation was funny.


“I-If I had to say what the best part I like about Aloken is… I can’t tell you because I like everything about him…”


“But what if you had to pick one? I heard that you were already on the verge of getting engaged with someone before you met Aloken. I wondered what was the reason you canceled the plan without hesitation.”




“It may sound old-fashioned, but… I’m worried that you may not be able to turn down his proposal because of our family status.”


The man who Fanora was about to get engaged. Naverius. When the man was mentioned, Fanora put down the tableware she had in her hands, looked in the direction of Duke, and made a clear declaration. She thought it was necessary to put the end here.


“The wedding conversations I had in the past were what my parents wanted, just like any other marriage. Unfortunately, I didn’t get along well with him, but I endured it because I thought it was my duty to not go against my parents.”




“But one day, I confirmed that there was a real relationship made by God. Father, did you ask me what’s the best part of Aloken?”


“Yes, yes. Tell me.”


“The reason I’m attracted to him is mostly because we have a lot in common. It feels like I have found my other half.”


Fanora’s current remarks were similar to those from books she had read in the past. If she had to tell the truth, she would say, ‘I approached him because of his power.’ That’s why she had to borrow the words from a romance novel.


“Hoho, your other half.”


“Isn’t he too good for me? I wondered where Aloken came from because he looked so handsome, but now that I see Father, I finally found out the answer to that.”


“Hohohoho, you’re so kind. You’ve found a good partner, Aloken.”


Hohoho. Fanora’s pretentious laugh and the warm smile between the father and his son enveloped the table. Who didn’t look happy in this place was only the second son, Rose, who was next to the Duke with a face that seemed to be chewing on a bug.


“Then Aloken, which do you like most about Lady Fanora?”


It serves you right! Go through the pain of squeezing out the reason that didn’t even exist.


After she passed the hardship, the arrow turned to her fiancé. Fanora, who had a sore mouth due to a forced smile, slowly returned to her calm look and looked at the man in front of her. Then Aloken looked at his father and replied with an unusual smile. “Her appearance.”






Upon hearing his reason, Rose, who had never said a word, laughed. It was immediately clear why the second son was happy. This was because the smile of Duke Jalier, who had an upper seat, had faded.


“Ahem. What do you mean by appearance? Son…”


“Why are you reacting like that? I fell in love with Fanora instantly. It must have been natural.”


However, Aloken showed a confident look despite her father’s words, slicing his portion of snow leopard meat and turning his eyes to Fanora. “I couldn’t take my eyes off her since the first time I saw her. I didn’t even pay attention to the eldest daughter of Guelder, who is said to be the most beautiful woman of the century.”




“Those black wavy hair, thick black eyebrows…” There was a reason why he showed confidence. It was because he was a good talker.


He’s good at lying. When we really met for the first time in the maze garden, he didn’t even look at me and disappeared. Fanora didn’t even laugh at the story he was telling.


Then Aloken sarcastically said this, “Especially, the calm expression that she makes when she looks at me is so beautiful. When I first fell in love, I fell in love with his appearance, and as I talked to her, I felt something deep inside me at this age.”




“If I didn’t hold this person in my grasp, I’d be upset.”


“That’s exactly what this father thought when I saw your mother when I was young. Like father, like son! Hohoho.”


He flattered me at first about my ugly appearance, but now he’s criticizing my facial expression? A tendon sprang up in hrt hand, holding the knife as she squirmed it.


“Ah, stop it, Aloken.”


“Fanora, does the food fit your mouth? Let me know whenever you need anything. Of course, if my beloved fiancée wants it, I will even pick the fruit of the gods.”


Hahaha, hohoho. Once again, the dining hall was filled with laughter from the family. Fanorathought quietly in this friendly atmosphere. If you don’t want to die, you better behave yourself. Her target lists could be updated at any time.


The dinner party at the Duchy Jalier ended like that. Fanora then returned to the Central Region of the Kingdom, sitting on the carriage all day.


“I think I slept in the wrong way in the carriage. That’s why I can’t even turn my head.”


“I’ll bring warm water, Lady.”


This week has been the worst week for Fanora. Even after the dinner party, she was called to Duke Jalier and worked hard to please him. She even had to go back to the capital with Aloken. Fortunately, they rode a different carriage. If she had sat in the same carriage with her fiancé, she would probably have opened the carriage door and jumped out right away.


“Haa, I’m tired.”


However, a servant stopped her from going up to my room.


“Lady Fanora, you’re back now.”




Looking at his face, he was quite young, but he was a person whom she did not know his name because she didn’t meet him often. The young servant then handed her a piece of a letter and said, “Well, this letter. It’s for you, Lady. The Count told me to deliver it to Lady as soon as you get back.”


A letter? Did someone send an invitation to her, who had been unaware of social gatherings since she was young? Fanora looked at the letter, which had already been opened once, and read out the contents. 




“Lady, I have prepared warm water for you.”


The servant who gave the letter returned to his position. As Cecil approached from the second floor, Fanora raised her head and said immediately, “Cecil, get ready to go out right now.”


“Yes? We’re leaving again?”




Where did her haggard appearance go before? Fanora grabbed the hem of her skirt and ran up to the second floor. Cecil also began to panic at her seemingly urgent action.




[Announcing the passing away of former butler, Ronwe.]


Good news has arrived for her.


* * *














As she had her tears falling like jade beads, her head was filled with laughter. The place where Fanora was currently standing was none other than Ronwe’s funeral home. Everyone was dressed in black and bowed their heads toward the small tombstone.


Dead. Butler Ronwe died painfully from Gustav’s disease. The funeral was originally scheduled to be held modestly with only his immediate family and relatives. Still, according to Ronwe’s will during his lifetime, Fanora was also invited.


Fanora didn’t have a black dress to wear for the funeral yet. So she covered her clothes with black cloth, which was as dark and modest as possible.


“That Lady… isn’t she from the Celsius family?”


“Yes. She often came to visit when he was alive…”


“These days, it’s rare for nobles to come to their servant’s funeral…”


Who would swear at this kind-hearted girl?


In the eyes of others, Fanora came as a noble lady who showed sincerity without forgetting the hard work of those who devoted themself to her family. Everyone gathered at that place, admiring her as she mourned for Ronwe, who had passed away.


I wish I had witnessed the moment of your death.


But who will know the truth of the matter?


The young lady from the Count family standing there was the culprit who made him die, and she was delighted at this moment. 


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