When My Enemies Began to Regret Chapter 40 - 14. The Protagonist Characters. (2)

Author: alyalia

Hanar smiled brightly. Maintaining her youthful and beautiful appearance, she looked like a chrysanthemum flower. “Isn’t that child’s education up to me?”


Hanar thought that if she cut Countess Maquil coldly, Countess Maquil would give up. Since Countess Maquil was noble, she valued manners, so she wouldn’t hang around when Hanar turned down the job she asked for. But things didn’t always go the way you thought.




“Is there something wrong?”


“If Madam Celsius had properly treated her like your child, I would have listened to you and gone back.”


Countess Maquil rebuked with a calm face as if she was talking about wildflowers.


“The fact that I didn’t leave means that you didn’t do it like what I said.”




Those were clearly offensive remarks. Up until now, Countess Maquil has tried to be polite. As Hanar revealed her teeth, her hand holding the teacup trembled.


“What Madam is talking about…”


“Until Lady Fanora turned sixteen, you hadn’t even had a birthday banquet for her, nor had you tried to find friends of her age, didn’t you?”


“It’s because that child has a quiet personality…”


“Someone from this mansion, whom I know very well, didn’t say so. I heard you discriminated against your daughter.”


“Is that our employees? N-Now, are you saying that you’ve asked someone to personally check about it?”


“Didn’t I tell you? I know that person well. If you dismiss the news, I have been exchanging with that person for a long time…”


The more they talked, the less amount of tea was in the cup. Hanar was upset because the conversation didn’t flow the way she wanted.


“This is the business of our Celsius family, and it’s not a matter for a third party to interfere.” In the end, Hanar couldn’t stand it and made that remark. She also made an expression as if she would kick her out immediately if she continued her rude request.




The results would have been obvious if you were educated under these parents. Thinking so, Countess Maquil said as she took the last sip of her tea perfectly, without a single hair disheveled. “Is it okay if it has nothing to do with the Celsius family? What if it’s not the daughter of this family I’m trying to be a godmother… but the future Duchess Jalier?”


Huh, after being so sassy, she ended up doing something like this to make a connection with the Duke’s family! Hanar almost snorted at her remarks.


Was it because of such a snobbish reason? Now, she understood why the other party was trying to help her daughter. 


“Then there is a condition. Madam becomes the godmother not only for Fanora but to all my children—”


“Ah, but there is a small misunderstanding between us.” Countess Maquil suddenly cut off Hanar’s words. 


“I’m not here to ask a favor.” The remarks that followed were said in a serious tone with some pressure. “This is only a notice. A notice that I will help Fanora Celsius’s debutante as I please in the future.”


“…Madam Maquil.”


“I’d like to see her take her first step in perfect shape, but you will refuse it anyway.”


Shrug. Countess Maquil leaned her upper body loosely against the back of the chair and put a smile on her lips. “You’re a parent who’s blocking your child’s path. Don’t expect to get a good reputation from other Madams.”


That was a clear threat. As soon as Hanar heard those words, she glanced at the servants in the parlor. Then, the eyes and ears that were filling the room quickly escaped.


“Why are you doing this to me?”


“My reason for doing this? Hadn’t I said I would be your daughter’s godmother?”


“Yes, that child… that child…”


Hanar Celcius lowered her voice. “That child may be born out of wedlock, and if I let Madam be her godmother, Madam’s reputation will be greatly damaged. I’m trying to be considerate.”


Her words told Countess Maquil that their family’s first daughter might actually be an illegitimate child. It was a surprising enough remark, but Countess Maquil didn’t bat an eye.


“Do you think I don’t know where you came from?” Countess Maquil asked questions instead of answers, and Hanar was silent.


“It’s time for me to go.”Countess Maquil eventually prepared to leave the parlor, judging that she was no longer worth talking to.


“Personally, Lady Fanora is really… looks like a young lady from a family that I know. I fully understand why you’re worried about me.”




“But Countess Celsius, can’t you just follow my greed for this once?”


However, before leaving the room, Countess Maquil held Hanar’s hand gently. Hanar responded to it by nodding her head. Now that the story has come to this, it coudln’t be helped.


She’s being stubborn like this, but if she still has a conscience, she will help me in the future. It was wiser to take advantage of the reputation of having Countess Maquil as Fanora’s godmother.


“If Madam is persistent about it…”


“As expected, Count Celsius must have no worries for having such an understanding wife.”


“Hohoho.” Hanar laughed loudly as if to let the servants standing outside know about it.


When the conversation ended, Countess Maquil left the parlor. Hanar stood there for a few seconds, holding the empty teacup in her hand.


That child has been lucky these days. To the point that I have doubts… And a few seconds later, with anger inside her, she dropped the teacup she was holding to the floor and broke it.




Clang. The sound of an expensive gold cup being shattered rang out, and the servants waiting outside the door entered all at once. When Hanar turned her head towards them, her expression had already turned back to her graceful face.


“Ah, the cup slipped by mistake. Go ahead and clean it up.”


* * *

After talking with Countess Celsius, Iva Maquil went to Fanora’s room.


“This is the Lady’s room.”


“Did you already tell her I’m here?”


“Ah, that, the Lady…”


They spoke a few words outside then the door swung open. Inside, a 16-years-old Fanora, already well-dressed, was waiting.


“Greetings to Countess Maquil.”


Fanora had already known that Countess Maquil was visiting today, so she had already prepared tea and refreshments in her room. Countess Maquil looked at the simple dessert placed on the table and said immediately, “Thank you for the treatment, but I have a busy schedule.”


“Madam doesn’t even have time to drink tea?”


“I’ll put it bluntly. Before you make your debutante, I will teach you the essential culture and etiquette, so come to my mansion to study.”


“Madam’s mansion? When should I start visiting?”


“Tomorrow will be fine. The duration of your stay is until the end of your education. So, it would be better to consider it as staying at your relative’s house and bringing your luggage.”




It was an unusual offer, given that a common godmother would visit their goddaughter’s mansion every few days to assist their education. However, this was actually because of Ronwe’s request.


This mansion is an uncomfortable space for her… If Countess Maquil could help her until her debutante, she just had to pass on what she knew so that Fanora could get through the rest. As she held her hand and finished educating her for her debutante, the wish of the one who passed away would come true.


Countess Maquil thought so and lowered her head toward Fanora. It was to make eye contact with her.


“You don’t like it?”


“I-It’s not like that. But I don’t know if my parents will allow it…”


“I’ve already obtained permission from your mother, who is in charge of your education.”


“Then there is no problem! I will prepare right away and see you tomorrow morning.”


Fanora accepted her offer to leave this mansion without any hesitation. Countess Maquil left her room with an expressionless face even though she was shocked. I can’t believe she agreed to leave this mansion without hesitation. The situation at this mansion may be worse than it looks. However, the reality was completely different from Countess Maquil’s thoughts.


This is it! If Aloken comes to visit me again for some reason, it will be painful to deal with him, so let’s go to someone else’s mansion. Education for my debutante is a good reason to avoid him!


The relationship between the two who worked together, even though they had different purposes, began. The next day at 9 a.m.,  Fanora packed up her luggage and headed to Madam Maquil’s mansion.


* * *

“Madam, Lady Fanora Celsius has visited us.”


In the quiet morning, Fanora looked around at the appearance of the mansion she had arrived at. The elegant ivory exterior wall resembled this place’s owner, and the garden was harmoniously decorated with only green plants. Although it was smaller than the Celsius’s mansion, there was no shortage.


“Greetings again, Countess Maquil.”


“…Is that all you brought? What about your maid?”


“Except for the clothes and accessories my fiancé gave me as a gift, I didn’t have many things from the beginning. Even though I have one maid… she’s not mine, she’s a servant belonging to the family, so I need my mother’s permission to take her outside.”




“B-But since I was young, there were more cases where I didn’t get help from a maid. I can manage my surroundings on my own.”


What Fanora brought was a large bag that seemed too heavy for a young lady to carry and another small bag. But it wasn’t Hanar’s fault that she didn’t bring any servants. It’s a chance to avoid the eyes of my family for the first time, so it would be better not to bring the servant who can report anything to Hanar.


Fanora admired Cecil’s work skills but didn’t fully trust her. Therefore, she persuaded Cecil, “If you stay by my side too much, you will be caught in my situation and get despised by others. So, stay in this mansion and help me with other things.” And when Fanora came there, she said something like she didn’t bring her servant because Hanar despised her.


“If the direct lineage of the Count has to do the chores by themselves, it will only be out of the etiquette. I’ll give you a new maid while you’re being educated here.”


Fortunately, as Fanora already expected, she would be accompanied by the servant of Countess Maquil. Soon after, a young servant with a mole on her face came to her side and took her luggage.


“Madam, I’m only here for education, so I only brought what I really needed… will it be okay?”


“Is that so? Let’s see.”


Click. When Fanora opened the bag she had brought, they could see only a few clothes to change, a comb, and at most a writing tool that she had brought to transcribe the midnight novel. Madam Maquil glanced over inside the baggage she had brought for a moment, then instructed the servant to move it to her room.


“Now, then, about education…”




In a few minutes ,they moved to the parlor of the mansion where the chairs were.


“Will Madam teach me about social etiquettes, such as how to greet or host a party?”


Fanora, who was looking at the comfortable room, said those words, and Countess Maquil spoke with a stiff face, “Not only such basic etiquette but also faith, court etiquette, singing, social dancing, performance, philosophy, and understanding of international affairs.”




“The culture that nobles should possess is broader than you think.” As Madam Maquil said so with a stern expression on her face, Fanora kept her mouth shut and listened to her.


“What Ronwe asked me to do is to make up for your lack of education.”




“My teaching method will be strict and don’t think I will always be on your side. After I help your debutante, I will return to my estate again. My help is only for being your educator.”




At her words, Fanora clenched her fists on her lap and nodded her head. 


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