When My Enemies Began to Regret Chapter 41 - 14. The Protagonist Characters. (3)

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I can’t miss this opportunity!


After Vasago later made her debutante, she would definitely participate in the salon hosted by Madam Creed. If Fanora didn’t make a connection with her there, it would be difficult to even approach Vasago. And the salon’s invitation was given through rigorous screening.


There is a rumor that the selection of the one who will receive the invitation is based on etiquette… so even if you suffer from the hardship of life, you have to pretend it was nothing.


As Fanora gave eyes that she was ready to follow any of her education, Madam Maquil stood up from her seat with a stern look. “All right. Let’s start our first class right from today.”


“Yes, Madam. Thank you!”


Up until now, Fanora couldn’t understand why she had a bad expression on her face. So, she couldn’t ask a question recklessly while thinking that Ronwe’s last will might have offended her.


A few minutes later, Fanora changed into a comfortable indoor dress at the orders of Madam Maquil. Afterward, she headed to the front of the tea table in the back of her mansion. There, Madam Maquil was already sitting and waiting.


Studying outside like this? The garden near the mansion’s back door had quiet scenery and many shades, and a cool breeze blew. However, Fanora, who was looking at the garden, suddenly received an order.


“Say greetings to me, Lady Fanora.”




They have already said greetings before. She almost asked her back why she should do that again. 


Madam Maquil coughed and spoke more authoritatively as Fanora stood silent and spaced out. “Today, I will evaluate the basic etiquette of Lady Celsius.”




“All socializing starts with greetings. First of all, I should look at how you greet others.”


Only then did Fanora understand Madam Maquil’s true intentions and properly greet her. With her right leg in the back and her knees slightly bent, she gazed down a little and put her hand on the collarbone, making her look like a flower that quietly withered to death. It was the same greeting that she repeated hundreds of times in her life until she was 21.


“Greetings, Madam. My name is Fanora, the eldest daughter of Count Celsius.”


“…” Then, the eyes of Madam Maquil, sitting in her seat, widened.




As Fanora finished her greeting and lifted her head, Madam Maquil straightened her expression and covered her mouth with a fan, then said, “This time, think of me like a royalty and offer your greetings.”


Fanora perfectly showed her the latest method of greeting.




When the evaluation of the greeting was over, Madam Maquil pointed to the table. As she sat down at her command, the next evaluation immediately began.


“This time, I want to see your tea-drinking etiquette. From now on, use the tools in front of you to fill up my teacup.”


“Is anything really fine?”


Fanora obeyed Madam’s orders without saying a word. As naturally as possible, she used the teapot carefully and moistened her throat with the tea without making a sound.


Oh? It’s delicious. In the midst of this, the tea prepared for her education was luxurious. It was so delicious with the soft scent of flowers drifting down her throat, and her thoughts were distracted for a moment.




The schedule after that went by slowly. Fanora sat at the table and discussed various topics to grasp the basic knowledge she had, learned table manners at lunch, and played various instruments until the sun went down…




And before she knew it, it was already the time for dinner at the mansion, leaving only the evaluation of dancing.


I remember the class I took when I was young. My mother always looked at me with a stinging gaze, so I couldn’t eat comfortably. She seemed to be having trouble digesting her food because she kept her back straight in etiquette that didn’t fit her body. However, Fanora couldn’t show her discomfort in front of Madam, so she quietly pushed the food into my mouth.


But then, Madam, who watched her eat my meal, quietly spoke her first words, “Honestly, you’re doing great.”


Thud. She put the glass back down on the table.


“Your understanding of art history and the language Gamiel still need to be improved, but your basic etiquette is beyond my expectations.”




“What was especially surprising was the greeting. I could even say it was ingrained in your body at such a young age… I wonder if Hanar taught you about it?”


For the first time in Fanora’s life, she was praised by her teacher. It made her feel strange for a moment, so she avoided looking at her gaze.




If Fanora wanted to, she could pretend to be a fool at this age, but… she had to show her best in every evaluation because it would put her in a higher class if she showed all the skills she had built. The only thing that made her look splendid now was that she was doing something like this at my age. If she had stood next to a real genius like Vasago, she would have looked like an idiot again.




If so, how should she  explain the good manners that have already been ingrained for her age?


“I just… tried. In order not to be a nuisance to my parents…” It was just a silly reason.


“Fanora…” However, Madam’s reaction to her expression was unexpected. Where did her stern face go so far as she gave Fanora an unfamiliar look for a while.


She looks like about to cry. Fanora realized that she had never seen Madam’s eyes being like that, even at the funeral. However, Madam’s expression became calm again.


“You’ve done a good job.”




“This was enough, and it won’t take long for you to adjust your posture. Classes will start in earnest from tomorrow… Yes, that’s right. I asked an acquaintance in advance to find you a teacher for the dance.”


“Thank you, Madam.”




Madam Maquil put down the tableware in her hands and spoke calmly. “How about calling me Godmother from now on?”




Fanora said calmly without thinking much about it, “Yes, Godmother.”


Madam Maquil seemed to be satisfied with that. The dinner was over like that.


It was said that the vitality to accomplish great things comes from health, and Madam Maquil sent her servant to send her herbs and good quality honey that are good for the body. The herbs were enough, but Fanora  wondered why she sent her honey. She must have thought that my skin is ugly.


Fanora was forced to lie on the bed even though she didn’t want to lie down yet, and her arms, legs, and face were covered with honey. Smell so sweet. As she lay down, she wiggled her sticky toes.


Still, if I learn properly here, I’m sure I will be able to successfully make my debutante. Fanora was scheduled to participate in debutante on 3rd February of the following year. Since there was only a short time left, it was better for her to focus on studies than to kill her enemies for the time being. Compared to her relatively easy-to-deal enemies such as Ronwe, Shuteri, and Seir, big players like Vasago, Naverius, and Hanar were still out of reach.


For the next two years, this Kingdom will be at peace. I’ll think about it carefully… She thought about it with her eyes firmly closed. Let’s think about how to kill them lightly.


Vengeance was like a curse. The curse that she had to suffer forever until she achieved her goal.


<#1. Training Ground (Dawn)


Vasago, who came out to the training ground at dawn for sword training, wielded a wooden sword. Some of the knights who came out to practice stared at her.


Knight 1: Lady Vasago is also beautiful when she wields a sword.


Knight 2: Besides, her swordsmanship is excellent!


Knight 1: She is also the daughter of the Duke and the only princess in Kingdom Kasius. What kind of person will marry her, who is like the God’s agent…?>


Fanora looked back at the diary that recorded the content of a midnight novel early in the morning. Today too, the novel’s content was only about ‘Vasago is really amazing.’


As Vasago in the novel passed the road, men who met her fell in love with her beauty and made a fuss that the fairy of wisdom appeared when she barely threw a single word at the salon. In the final, Vasago showed her versatility that she could do anything. A scene portrayed those around looking at her with admiration.


What a waste of ink as I copied it for nothing. What was the usefulness of the information of Vasago practice with the knights at the training ground every 3 days for her revenge?


Fanora got up from her seat with a sigh. Today’s schedule was not as tough as yesterday’s, so she had to finish the dance evaluation in the main hall first.


“You’re here.”


“Oh my god! What’s all this for, Godmother?”


“I already said I’ll see Lady Celsius’s dance skills today. In addition, the musicians here are the court orchestra members before their retirement, so they will teach you harp after the evaluation.”


However, the atmosphere in the hall when she arrived was unusual. The musicians lined up in the form of a semi-circle were waiting for only one person, Fanora, to dance.


“It will be your first dance today, so I will play the man’s role. Come on, Lady Fanora put up your hand.”


“Yes? Yes…!” Fanora was bewildered at first but was able to quickly focus on the Madam’s education at a rapid pace.


Fanora had to kill a few people. Even at this moment, when she closed her eyes, blue water approached her calmly. The anger that had accumulated over the years was already completely engulfed in herheart. Her revenge didn’t stop easily just because one season had passed.


I have to be a better person. Then I have to approach Vasago. The painstaking intent to kill became her ferocious motivation.


“Just 20 years ago, the act of two people dancing together was criticized for being vulgar, but under Princess Marina’s influence, there was a change in the trend of ballrooms from a group ballroom dance to a pairing form as it is today.”




“The traditional ballroom dance is still being done at parties hosted by the capitalists, but it would be helpful for Lady Fanora to learn about this.”


Fanora listened to Madam Maquil, paying attention to her words, so she didn’t miss a single word. Then after a while, Madam stood right in front of her as she demonstrated the man’s dance application etiquette. She soon asked her, “Fanora, do you know the basic movement of dancing?”


“Yes.” Fanora nodded quietly and put her hand on Madam’s shoulder while the other hand clasped with her hand. Asshe presented the first move as excellent in the textbook, a smile came from Madam Maquil’s lips.


“Then, let’s start with a slow song.”


One, two, three. The sound of the band’s performance began with the gentle voice of the Madam. In the shiny hall of the mansion, their steps were mixed.




But their dance didn’t last long. “Stop.” It was because Madam Maquil stopped all the musicians before they could even perform the fast tunes song. 


Fanora was then notified after a short conversation. “Dance lessons are not suitable for you. I will cancel all the classes about it.”


* * *

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