When My Enemies Began to Regret Chapter 43 - 15. The Protagonist, (1)

Author: alyalia

15. The Protagonist, 




After that, Fanora, who was taken to the widest bed in the mansion, lay still and looked at the ceiling.


It didn’t hurt anymore. It was just a fall from the not so high stairs. The bleeding from her nose has stopped for a long time.


People might mistake it as if someone is dead from their reaction. Still, Madam Maquil, who was sitting next to her, was crying.


Fanora spoke to her and smirked, “I’m fine, so don’t worry too much.”


The old woman, who heard those sentences, fell into remembrance. She had experienced the same scenery in the distant past. A young lady half was lying on the bed by the window where the sunset cast, saying words not to worry about her in her remembrance.


Madam Maquil, lost in the reminiscences, looked at Fanora with wet eyes. Beyond the tears, this moment seemed to overlap with the scenery of the past.


“When I see you, you remind me of my daughter.”


She reached out her wrinkled hand and placed it on the back of Fanora’s hand, feeling her raspy touch. 


“Yesterday, you asked. Why did I listen to Ronwe’s will?”




“It’s not because I owe him a favor. It’s also not because I feel sorry for him who died… but this was just because you looked like my daughter.”


Fanora understood her right away. A few days ago, the girl in the drawing in the book she opened was her daughter. Then, if she naturally asked, ‘Is your daughter in the estate?’ The conversation would continue. 


However, Fanora’s mouth didn’t move easily. It was because she had sensed intuitively that Madam Maquil was talking as if pointing out that her daughter had already died.


“You’re as smart as my youngest daughter.”


Godmother clearly taught her that it was a virtue for nobles to lead the conversation smoothly. Still, Fanora didn’t bring up my words. Godmother, who noticed her thought, smiled sadly.


“It reminds me of the old days when I taught her like this.”




“I have taught my children the virtues and culture by myself. But there was only one person who followed my education perfectly.”


“Was it your youngest daughter?”


Godmother nodded with a mellow expression. “She was a genius.”


A genius. That word reminded Fanora of that woman’s name. Soon after, that woman’s name was also mentioned by Madam Maquil.


“If she had been alive, she would have been able to match that Vasago.”


“She’s really a gift from heaven.”


“And you don’t know how kind-hearted she was. When she sees a wounded beast, she can’t just pass by it,” said godmother, sweeping the back of Fanora’s hand as she sat on the bed.


“The baby born from my womb is cute even when she stays still. Lady Fanora will understand it when you have a child someday.”




“And you don’t know how lovely she had been since she was smart and kind.”


It was said the youngest daughter of the godmother would not be defeated when compared with Vasago. Moreover, unlike Vasago, who had an arrogant side, she must have been like an angel because of her kind heart.


“…what happened to Godmother’s daughter?”


But how did such a lady die?


Fanora  asked carefully, godmother said calmly, “She died. Because of her kindness.”




Soon her hand, which had been placed on the back of Fanora’s hand, fell off. Sat upright, godmother continued. “I put everything I had into raising my youngest daughter. When she was about to make her debutante, I finally realized that she became the most perfect noble in this world.”


Well, of course, the blood of Madam Maquil could do that.


“It was my job to lead her on the perfect path. Because I believed that making her second to none would make my daughter happy.”


Godmother told the story still in a dry tone.


“But as soon as my daughter made her debutante, my mistake began to be revealed.”




“I was so obsessed with refining her skills that I didn’t teach her the bad intentions of people.”


No way…


“My daughter was in trouble for a while. She lent huge sums of money to the fallen noble who pretended to be pitiful. Misunderstood her kindness, she got involved with political affairs.”


The story was still fine so far. At that time, godmother had the strongest influence, so she could solve her daughter’s problems if she stepped in.


“And this story ends in a really pointless way.”




“My daughter got hit by a carriage one day while trying to save a young servant.”


Madam Maquil made a sigh. Hearing that, Fanora just closed her mouth tightly.


“Then everything went futile.” Madam Maquil, who was telling the story, looked at the distant window for a moment. Her eyes were filled with regret.


“I feel useless when the best child I raised with all my heart disappeared instantly.”




“I had my daughter’s funeral and never took a step out of the mansion in my estate. Did you think the same way when you were left alone?”


What if she hadn’t praised her daughter’s good character? What if she hadn’t liked the way her daughter sacrificed herself and helped others as a virtue? 


Parents felt worried when their beloved child was sick. It might happen because they didn’t treat their child healthily. Likewise, Iva Maquil also blamed herself for contributing to her daughter’s death.




The old woman, looking at the window, turned her eyes and called for Fanora. The girl’s appearance sitting there made her keep thinking about her daughter even though Fanora didn’t have any resemblance with her daughter.


“You look like my daughter.”




“When we fell down the stairs, and you wrapped me around, I couldn’t hold back my tears when I heard you say that your body moved first. Because my daughter often said the same things.”


Fanora bowed at the words and only wiggled her hands.


“It was just an impulsive judgment to have you as my goddaughter, but seeing you say the same thing as her…”


This became heavy guilt that weighed on herself.




“It feels as if we were destined to meet.”


Madam Maquil, looking at Fanora, who avoided her eyes, reached out. Then she gently stroked Fanora’s hair and said, “I want to give you an education that I haven’t been able to teach my daughter.”


“What is it?”


“Don’t live to be a good person.”


At those words, Fanora widened her eyes, and Madam Maquil continued solemnly. “A kind and pure heart are useless in this world. Others know that too, so those who call themselves prestigious families are already in a hurry to care for themselves and pretend to be kind. That’s why I got sick of the society.”




“I was interested in you being good and becoming your godmother. But from now on, you must abandon your kindness.”


“How could I…”


Don’t live to be a good person. Fanora reacted with discomfort to those words.


Madam Maquil said firmly as if she finally made up her mind. “It’s okay to be evil. Never help others if there is no benefit for you. Even if you live like that, I will help you so no one can point a finger at you.”




“I’ve kept my distance because I was afraid I would get hurt again, but now I’ve made up my mind. I won’t make such a mistake again.”


Madam Maquil returned to her usual stern expression. But there was no longer sadness and hesitation in her eyes. “You will be my last daughter.”




“Even if your debutante is over, I will remain in this capital as your godmother.”


Hearing those words, Fanora felt something stuck in her throat. And a little later, she stepped in and took action instead of answering. She opened her arms and hugged her godmother.




In Madam Maquil’s arms, the warm body temperature of the young girl touched her. It had been years since she hugged a girl. Madam Maquil held her awkwardly at first, then she was overcome with strange emotions and held her tears.




Fanora, who leaned her cheek against her shoulder, spoke quietly, “I will do as Godmother’s wish.”


Out of the reach of Madam Maquil’s eyes, Fanora’s expression hardened. She seemed to ponder something deeply at that moment.


* * *

Their schedule hadn’t changed much since that day. Godmother still conducted the class strictly, and Fanora quietly carried out her busy schedule. But if there was one difference, it was this.  


“It’s perfect. Good job. As promised, you can hang out with your friend tomorrow.”


“Thank you, Godmother.”


Madam Maquil no longer had a stiff expression on her face.


“Then I’m going to check the letter…”


Fanora felt relieved that she had a strong ally she could use even after her debutante. It gave her more peace of mind. Now, all that remained was for her to plan for the future comfortably.


“Let’s see. There’s no letter coming from home either.”


Rustle. Fanora immediately ripped open a letter the servant had brought to her. There were short sentences written in messy handwriting.


[Good. I will see you that day.]


“It’s a relief.”


Fanora had told Carl immediately when her  break time was decided not long ago. She had break time every 10 days, so Carl would come to help her train. Naturally, she refrained from directly telling him about the training, and Carl sent a reply that there would be no problem if she wanted to be trained at any time.


“I can’t neglect this side either.”


Fanora read the books Carl lent her in my spare time, even during her busy days of studying. If she added the education from Andras’s family, who were good at knocking down people, there must be something she could gain in the future. She reviewed the book about the vital points of the human body again before the appointment.


…And the next day. It was 6 a.m. 




“Hello, Lady Fanora! Good morning.”




“This mansion is wonderful. There is a lot of planted grass, so it smells fresh.”




“By the way, are you very busy these days? In the meantime, the area under your eyes got darker.”


Early in the morning, when the sun had just risen, Fanora silently listened to the boy in front of her chattering.


“Lady Fanora? You look dazed. Are you okay?”


Usually, it was around 3 p.m. when the nobles of the Kasius Kingdom visited someone else’s mansion. You could meet in the morning if you made an appointment in advance by letter, but even in that case, it was common sense to come around 11 a.m.


But, now it was still 6 a.m.




Fanora remained silent for a while before spitting out her first word. “Why are you here now?”


“You told me to come today, didn’t you?”


“It’s still 6 o’clock.”


“Yes! The morning started now.”


After hearing Carl’s cool answer, Fanora thought. Is he crazy? She couldn’t even say that he was being rude while he talked to her with such pure eyes.


Godmother will be shocked if she sees Carl’s manners. Fanora examined the clothes of the boy who appeared at the same time. Normally, nobles wore attire that revealed their identity even when going out for a simple trip. But instead of looking elegant, Carl appeared sloppy in old and worn clothes. 


Fanora knew they met today to learn about fighting, so it was okay to wear comfortable clothes, but… Does he hate clothes with buttons on them? She didn’t expect him to wear clothes without buttons.


“Lady Fanora, you look tired. I think you should cancel today’s appointment.”


“No, I’m fine. I know a place to avoid public eyes around here, so let’s go there.”


But it didn’t matter? What was the big deal? It was good that they had mroe time to train as they met early. 


Fanora took the lead with a rather bright look. Carl Andras followed her with a smile as usual.


* * *


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